Bridget Moynahan at the drugstore

06/26/2007 at 12:02 PM ET

Pregnant actress Bridget Moynahan, 36, stopped at Long’s drugstore to pick up some essentials on Monday. She expects her first child next month — she and Tom Brady know the sex, but aren’t sharing.

Photos by Ramey.

Picture_1Bridget wears Tali Gillette’s large ‘mama’ pendant necklace in 14K gold ($550).

For CBB readers onlyemail with your choice of mama necklace (pendant or bar; gold, white gold, diamond) and receive 15% off!

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emmalee on

She looks good.

I really don’t think it’s necessary to list her purchases though.

Tracy on

She is just SO beautiful and classy!

raquel on

She looks beautiful, and I think she is having a boy.

Lynn on

It seems like she got big fast! She looks great. I’m just nervous because I am 16 weeks along & just started to show. I wonder how big I will get. But I haven’t gained any weight yet…

ST on

She is adorable. I hope everything goes well with the delivery. I hope she finds joy and peace with her little one. This is going to be one loved little bambino. I think she is having a boy as well.

PSB on

She looks so good pregnant it ought to be a crime!!

She looks like she’s having a boy–the baby is all up in the front.

madison on

Seriously, I bet there are alot of perks to being a celebrity – but having your pharmacy purchases posted on the internet is not one of them.

She’s looks fantastic, and happy. Good for her.

FC on

Well, it’s not like nobody else would’ve figured out what she bought. The sheer plastic bag her purchases are in tell what she bought. I can see the names clearly.

But anyway, it’s funny how her belly kind of vanishes in that second one, not so prominent. But far away and dressed in black= nice camouflage. And, yes, she does still look good, though I haven’t seen how she can look bad…

Can’t wait to find out what the baby will be, though. 🙂

emma on

i think they’re having a girl. i like ‘reading’ bumps though don’t know if there is anything scientific about it!

CK on

I also think she is having a girl. My mom carried both my sister and I in the front and she thought that we were both boys. When I was born she yelled, “We need pink!”

Veronica on

I can’t believe they posted what she purchased at the pharmacy.

Melissa Malcolm on

why do I get the feeling CBB is avoiding contraversy by writing “She and Tom Brady Know the sex but arn’t saying.” If he is truly involved in he pregnancy why has he been at such a lost for words when he is asked about fatherhood. Nice try CBB but I’m not buying it.

Angela on

I think its really creepy that her drug store purchases are listed. Shoes and strollers I want to know about, but it seems very unCBB to cross the line to personal care products (unless it were something more relevant to this sight like a pregnant belly cream). Just a thought.

CBB Note: Since numerous people were offended, we removed it from the posting, but we won’t be removing the photo even though everything in her bag is visible. Also if you see photos elsewhere, that is the caption from the agency so we assume it will be listed. We can’t please everyone, unfortunately.

girlie24 on

bridget looks great…. shes ready to pop… i feel she will have a boy..haha

terri on

Where was it said that they know the sex? Anyone? Thanks.

CBB Note: Tom’s Detail interview.

Annoyomus on

Personally, I hope Bridget has a girl. Now, don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t have anything against boys. However, it seems that almost all of the celeb babies that have been born recently have been boys (the only two recently born celeb baby girls that I can think of are Sam Woods and Ella Gordon). It is time for some of these pregnant celebs to have girls to even things up a bit. 🙂

Aura on

She looks so pretty! And I love the necklace.

Cindy on

I don’t care what she has as long as it’s healthy. She is the most stunning pregnant woman I’ve ever seen, including celebs. They usually pork up like the rest of us, but not Bridget. She should be on the cover of Pregnancy Monthly or something. Good luck to her!

Linnie on

She looks the same as usual…beautiful. I do wish she would wear some lighter colors sometimes though. She wore a beautiful white one a week or so ago and looked smashing.

Charly on

At first glance i thought she was Salma Hayek!
She has a certain ‘glow’ to her, as they say pregnant women have. She looks great and really happy.

Elaine on

I am in the UK so I don’t recognise the prducts she bought. When I was at the same stage or pregnancy, it would have been gallons of antacid, for terrible heart burn! I carried both my children to the front, and they are both girls. However so did my sister in law and she has 2 boys

Kathy on

Has there been any speculation that Bridget Moynahan may have gone into labor or had her baby?? There have been no sighting photos posted anywhere and there were often ones of her walking and she appeared to be due very soon. I am looking forward to seeing how Tom Brady will be involved in this child’s life. Hopefully, he will dump Giselle and see if he can go to counseling with Bridget to work on whatever issues they had and perhaps they can be a family for the baby. He dated her for a long long time so he must have loved her and hopefully they can find that again. I am a hopeless romantic and think it would be so beautiful for that to happen.

Sarah’s note: No, but she’s not due until the end of the month.