Samantha Harris at Ratatouille premiere

06/23/2007 at 12:55 PM ET

Dancing with the Stars host Samantha Harris, 33, attends the Ratatouille filmpremiere at the Kodak Theatre last evening in Hollywood.


Photo by Bauer Griffin.

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Principesa on

I know, I know.

You’re knocked.

Recycling is good. Except for poses.

Where are the ‘Go Fug Yourself’ babes when you need them?

Macy on

I love her dress and shoes. But the pose, not so much.

Frost on

That’s such a cute dress! Does anyone know who it’s by?

marisa frank on

Seriously…..she needs to strike a new pose. This is becoming annoying.

Lee on

[sigh] And we’re back. I had so much hope from the last pic I saw of her.

Well at least there’s ONE picture floating around out there where she took a break from her standard pose. It’s just not this one.

raquel on

She is carrying small, looks like she is having a boy IMO.

Megan on

She looks adorable…I realy get tired of people ripping on her for the pose…who care how she poses–she’s an excited expectant mother…it’s ok to show that off IMO Maybe the photogs are always telling her–Samantha, show us your belly…show us your progress–we don’t know…so to always bring up how she’s posing is a bit much for me. She’s a first time mommy…she’s excited–lets not condemn her for that–she looks adorable =) Can’t wait to find out what she has and see the little one =)

TwinMom on

Omg I have only seen two pics of this woman in my entire life and she’s standing with her hand cupped under her belly in both of them. Does she stand any other way?

It’s ok to be proud to be pregnant, but she’s REALLY obvious.

NicoleM on

I wish she would stop posing like that. I’m sorry but it is annoying me. I know she’s happy she’s pregnant but what’s wrong with putting your hand on the actually belly?

Annoynomus on

Did you guys ever think that maybe she almost always poses like that in pictures because the photogs ASK her to? It may not be her choice at all. Actually, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it is indeed the photogs who constantly want her to pose like that. If that is the case, then posing this way is certainly not her fault. For all we know, she may be getting as sick of posing this way as most of us are of seeing her pose that way (I say “most of us” because I, for one, do not mind the fact that she constantly poses like that).
Even if posing that way IS her decision, it is probably because she is extremely happy and excited about being pregnant and becoming a mother.
All of that said, I have a question for all of the posters on here who are either moms already or are expecting their first baby: How many times did you/do you cradle your belly just like Samantha often does in her pictures? I bet anything that, for the vast majority of you, the answer will be: Lots of times.

PSB on

It’s almost like she’s TRYING to annoy us. Maybe she reads CBB and thought “I’ll show them!”

It’s especially annoying because she looks great pregnant and I want to say nice things about her, but that pose is killing me.

I agree she’s having a boy 100%

Stephany on

I agree, Megan.

I love how she poses. Sure, it’s one pose but she’s so so so excited about being pregnant. She loves it! And I just love how she poses. It’s so cute and so ‘first time mother’. 🙂

TwinMom on

Annoynomous, actually, no I didn’t pose like that when I was pregnant. There isn’t one picture of me with my hand under my belly like I am trying to prevent something from spilling out of it. I was very proud to be pregnant, of course, but I think the most I did was made no attempt to hold in my belly once I started to show because that part was really exciting. 🙂

Laurie on

She’s extremely obvious in her attempt to show off her bump. Look how her back is concave from sticking her belly out. “Look at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m pregnant!!!!!!!” Woo hoo. Big deal.

Kim on

I doubt the photogs are asking her to show off her belly. They probably don’t even know who she is. She’s a celebrity wanna-be.

Acinom#1 on

I’m sorry, but I find her so annoying.

FC on

I’m one who didn’t like her pose in the beginning but I’m just going to say it’s something she wants to do. If she’s proud, good for her. Who am I stop her from showing how she feels she wants to? 😛

But I do love her dress and her whole look. And she looks cute in that color. 🙂