Celebrity kids wear hand-me-downs too!

06/23/2007 at 07:08 AM ET

Zahara Jolie-Pitt was spotted out yesterday with dad, Brad Pitt, wearing a Black Zee Sabbath t-shirt. Quite a few fans have noticed that this looks to be a hand-me-down from older brother, Maddox. Maddox wore it while out with mom and Z in September and then again when he went out with his parents for dinner. It’s nice to know that celebrities are getting a little closer to being normal.

Do you hand down clothes from your older children to the younger ones? And do they like it or not, and why?

Thanks to CBB reader Lost Girl.

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TwinMom on

My 6-year-old daughter wears a lot of hand-me-downs from her older cousin. She doesn’t seem to mind… at least not yet! Her twin brother doesn’t have any older male siblings or cousins, so we buy most of his stuff either new or from Value Village (which is a store here in Canada that sells used stuff!). I think as long as a piece of clothing is new or only gently used, it doesn’t matter where it comes from. That said, I don’t bother with used underwear, socks, or shoes. 🙂

Homemom3 on

I think the outfit looks cute on Z, and yes my kids get hand-me-downs. I have two girls that are three years apart and both are girlie girls so they look brand new.

sarawara on

That’s so awesome! When my 3 year old sees my 1 year old wearing something that was his it really helps him to be less possessive and creates a bond of “He’s like me; We’re the same” for siblings.

m on

I plan to do hand-me-down with baby #2 in the future. I have been very lucky to get hand-me-downs from my friends who are only having one child. Babies and children grow out of clothing so fast that it makes excellent financial sense to “recycle” clothing no matter what your income.

carrie on

There is 2 1/4 years between my 2 girls and the younger has always had hand-me-downs from her sister, which she loves, especially when she spies something she really loves and then wants to know ehwn her sister will outgrow it. When they are too small for her, they are then passed on to my eldests half-sister who we vivit regularly.

Heather on

Or Angelina and Brad could have liked the t-shirt so much they bought Zee one too.

tina on

ok, is it just me or do they dress little zahara like a boy all the time, she would be so cute in little dresses, instead of pants and t-shirts all the time 😦

Dayna on

I grew up with hand me downs and my children are growing up with hand me downs. What does it matter if Zahara doesn’t wear traditional girly clothes? I mean seriously, does wearing pink and frills mean she will be more loved? How about smarter? How about healthier? Will the smile on her face get any brighter? I’m lucky to work for a hospital where very sick kids are treated. I say lucky because it has taught me not to sweat the small stuff. Zahara Jolie-Pitt is happy and healthy and she gets to wear her big brother’s badass t-shirt. From where I sit there is nothing to complain about.

Amber Smith on

There are exactly 2 1/2 years between my twins and youngest. I started saving clothes from my twins when they were 18 months old because I knew we would have another baby in the next year or so. 2 months later I was pregnant. 🙂 Luckily with another boy so since he started wearing 18-24m clothes I think I have bought him 1 outfit. And that was only because I bought new clothes for the twins and would have felt horrible if I hadn’t gotten something new for my baby.

Lorus on

Tina – Just because a girl wears pants/jeans and t-shirts doesn’t make it boyish. My daughter was never really into dresses until she hit 4. I didn’t mind because she was a tomboy and played hard. I always thought she looked her best in a pair of jeans and a brightly coloured shirt.

Amber Smith on

What’s wrong with pants and t-shirts? Maybe she isn’t a “girly girl”. I know I wasn’t! I wasn’t the least bit girly until I was 17! Then all at once getting dirty was bad and pink was my favourite colour. But I always hated dresses. Even now I wont even wear shorts. It’s all pants and t-shirts for me. Big deal. Not all little girls have to wear dresses, or even pink. I grew up playing with GI Joes and Tonka trucks, and considering she now has TWO older brothers I would bet Z plays with those things too.

Ara on

Just wanted to leave a quick comment for those who keep thinking that it’s a bad thing to have a girl like Zahara in a dress — maybe dresses aren’t practical for her. As a child, I’d run wild with my eldest siblings, and I could always hear my father in the background, yelling things like,

“Arabella! Pull your skirt down!”

or, my personal favourite:

“Caroline! Put some pants on that kid!”

Not wearing a dress doesn’t mean they’re treating their daughter like a boy. Maybe they just don’t want the photographers to get a shot of her undies.

Alia on

I was the oldest child – also the oldest grandchild on both sides, so no older cousins – so I got new stuff. My sister is almost 2 1/2 years younger, so she got my hand-me-downs until she was about 3, at which point we were both the same size. I was smaller than average and my sister was bigger than average, so at that point, Mom had to buy (or make) us both the same size clothes. Child #3 was a boy (and the first grandson on both sides), so he got new stuff.

TwinMom on

My Mom is always giving me a hard time because I almost never have my daughter in a dress. But she’s 6 1/2 and not only is she a big boned, very tall girl (girls’ size 12 and no she’s not fat!), she has a twin brother and they play very hard and get dirty, so I don’t think she’s be too comfortable wearing a dress most of the time. That said, she does occasionally like to put on a dress when she feels like being “girly”. I’m forever telling her to sit with her legs together when she wears a dress and to make sure it’s not tucked into her underwear after she goes to the bathroom. LOL

Chiara on

It seems to me that Angelina and Brad are big proponents of individuality in their kids and I don’t see why clothes would be any different. I’m betting the clothes are Zahara’s choice, which I think is great.

Southern girl on

I wish we had someone to pass Hand-me-downs on to my children! I have an 11 yr. boy, 6 yr. boy, and 2 yr. girl…my boys wear their clothes out so quickly that by the time they are done with them, no one would want them! LOL! As for my daughter, we have about 5 different younger girls always waiting for my Isabel’s hand-me-downs, but there is noone to pass them on to us…and there was never anyone to pass boys stuff onto us either…we just missed out! I think hand-me-downs are great though!

Southern girl on

Ara…good point!
Some girls weren’t made for dresses…but I still don’t see why she can’t wear girl’s clothing sometimes.
There is another post of this picture and people are freakiing out over the dress/no dress…I did state they dress her a lot like a boy and was just wondering if they don’t like girl clothes or what…then someome brought up the dress/girly thing…imo you can dress like a girl without being “girly” (dresses, frills, ruffles, etc…)…everyone has their own opinion and that’s cool… also some people were saying it was a matter of ‘showing off’, money,etc…well, that tshirt is $50 dollars…I can get a shirt from the Target girls dept. for $6.99…so I don’t think being frugal is Brand and Angelina’s point…I also stated what mattered most was that all children are loved and cared for…Z is cute no matter what..even if she was standing there in a dipaer…

pink.lioness on

I remember this from my childhood – whenever my brother, who is three years older than me had a new nice looking jeans jacket or something like that, I was trying hard to get my hands on it. I was always like, ‘make sure you don’t wreck that jacket, cause that’s going to be MINE’! Or, ‘you can still wear it this summer, but after that it’s mine’. And when he finally succumbed and gave the item to me, I wore it very proudly *lol*
I’ve pictures from the 70s showing me in my brother’s old t-shirts as well so I guess nothing was safe from me back then. And it’s not like I didn’t have enough clothes of my own either!

Maybe Z is the same with her big brother Maddox? It would definitely make sense to me 🙂

Liz on

My son, up to 2 yr-old worn hand-me downs from his cousin. Kids that age went through clothes really fast, especially the first 12 months, to me personally I love it and saved me loads.

terri on

There were 3 girls in my family so some things got handed down twice. I was the middle daughter and I didn’t mind it at all.

Hannah on

Zahara has been photographed wearing dresses multiple times! Just off the top of my head I can remember her wearing a gray dress in the photos when Shiloh was born, and she was wearing a little white dress a couple of times in Mumbai, India, last year.

Zahara looks so cute in that shirt! I recognized it immediately as the same one Maddox wore a couple of years ago. These kids are too cool for school.

sil on

i also think it would be nicer to see zahara wearing girl clothes, but not because of the pants and shirts, I have a 2 yr daughter and she has more pants than dresses, but they are “girl” pants…not just pink, she has red, blue, green, jeans…etc, but are made for little girls (same with the shirts) That t-shirt zee is wearing was better on maddox. It seams they dress her with whatever comes out of the drawer.
And for the hand me down I will definetely do that but only if my second baby will be a girl, I will not dress a baby boy as a girl 🙂
I think angelina and brad have enough money to buy new clothes to all their kids and not make zahara wear her brother clothes….
Anyway, Angelina can dress her daughter the way she likes, is her choice, this is just MY opinion.

ps- i apologize if i make mistakes writing, i don’t speak english that well… 😦

Kat on

Not only do my kids pass things down to each other, but they hand across and down to cousins… and they’ve got clothes that have been worn by multiple cousins before them wearing it.

Hand-me downs are good for reusing to help the environment, helping the budget, and they also teach selflessness… “Hey, you’re too big for these clothes… lets give them to ____, who can wear them or grow into them.”

Or… “Look what _________ gave you! He/she is too big for them, but now you can have them… isn’t that nice??”

My kids LOVE it when someone outgrows something and they can give/receive a “clothes present”.