Rod Stewart, Penny and Alastair in Capri, Italy

06/21/2007 at 10:26 PM ET

Rocker Rod Stewart, 62, wife Penny Lancaster Stewart and son Alastair Wallace, 19 months, were spotted out in Capri, Italy today. The family is currently honeymooning there. More photos at INF Daily.


Source: INF

Thanks to CBB reader Heather.

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raquel on

He is cute, and I think they will have anther baby soon. Penny said after they would marry she wanted anther one, so maybe for 2008 they will have anther.

Stacey on

That baby is in a moving ( I presume ) car, and should be restrained, NOT standing. Not to mention, the baby is awfully close to that glass that has a squared end.

Drama Mama on

UM Hello is that child standing in the back seat of a car? There doesn’t even appear to be room for a car seat. If this was Britney everyone would be calling for CPS to come out.

Lorus on

I agree with the other posters. That boy needs to be in a car seat!

Sarah on

That is a BOAT, my friends.

Drama Mama on

That is not a boat it is clearly a car and even if it was shouldn’t he then be in a life vest?

Nadia on

overracting americans.
People in Europe DO NOT have laws for carseats nor any of them are manifactured in tehre.
My mom had seven, and we have NEVER been in car seats when we were little back in my native country. No one was ever injured and it’s very uncommon to have carseats and they look very akward “devices” for Europeans. Belive me, they are more concerned about little kids back hurting in the carseat from straps and sitting up when they are just newborn. Every country has their own belief and guess what?.. they make it work for them..

Sarita on

Nadia I don’t know which European country you are from but here in the Netherlands we certainly do have strict carseat laws.

Europe is not one country, with one set of laws no matter how much our politicians are trying to make it one!

victoria beckwith on

There are laws regarding children and car seats in Europe.

As we cannot see the whole picture it is not possible to know if any the little boy was in any danger. I am sure as precious as he is, everything was fine.

Stephanie on

Why would CBB want to put the kind of picture on it’s blog that clearly promotes UNSAFE Child Passenger Safety practices?

A child in a vehicle needs to be in a child restraint no matter what!! I don’t understand why they think it’s ok just because they are in another country.

m&m on

penny looks manly, rod looks board and baby looks curious, but should be in car seat for sure!

Abby on

Saw them at dinner