Larry Birkhead's first Father's Day

06/21/2007 at 12:25 AM ET
Larrycover_cbb_3Sunday, June 17th marked the first Father’s Day for Larry Birkheadand he and daughter Dannielynn Hope, 9 months, celebrated in style at Anna Nicole Smith‘s L.A. pad, into which they’re planning to move. In anexclusive interview with OK! Magazine, Larry gave all the details onthe big day, Dannielynn’s new milestones and how they remember Anna Nicole.

Read on for highlights, photos, and to see what Larry’s sister,Angela Birkhead Johnson, has to say about her brother and new niece.


Waking up on Father’s Day
: I just thought it would be one of thegreatest days of my life. You always give your dad presents and spendthe day with him. The best gift for me was just to wake up and haveDannielynn there looking up and smiling at me.

Sharing Father’s Day with his dad: He’s actually a little jealousbecause I have to divide my time up today for my own daughter. I’d bewith him, but this is kind of my day, so I had to say, ‘Sorry, Pops,today’s my day now too,’ but he understands.

How he and Dannielynn spent the day: We had breakfast in bed and played withtoys and went swimming. She loves the water; she’s a little fish andjust kicks away. If I let her, she could probably go and win theOlympic gold medal. Then she played dress up with her cousin Chloewho’s here. They were really cute together. Later, we had an ice creamcake from Cold Stone Creamery, and Dannielynn put cake all over my faceand ruined one of her dresses – but it was all worth it because sheloved the icing. She was wearing a shirt that said, ‘My Daddy is King’but had to take that off and slipped into a cute shirt from Kitson witha big heart on it and then a pink dress. She had more outfit changesthan J.Lo. She had a really good time.
Dinner plans: We’re going to finish the night with dinner, and I’mgoing to let her have her first French fry. It’s the only food she canmash up with her teeth.
On teething: She has two on the bottom, two on top and is getting twolittle ones coming in on top. She’s doing really well. She’s not evenbad teething. She’s really being a good sport about it. She’ll bite onmy fingers, and those teeth hurt – they’re like little saws. It seemslike every day I look at her mouth, there’s a little piece of whitepopping out of her gums, and it’s so cute. It might be hurting her, butif it is, she’s not letting on.
On baby foods: They have graduated stages of baby food, and she’s upto #3. It’s a lot of kiddie-type gourmet meals like lasagna with meatsauce, macaroni and cheese, and she likes to eat bananas right out ofthe peel; I call her my little monkey now.
On her first word: She says, ‘ging, ging, ging’ over and over. Whenshe sees me, she starts kicking her feet and stuff, but she doesn’thave a lot of words yet. I keep coaching her to say, ‘Dada,’ but ithasn’t worked out yet. I think it’s going to be any day now.


Remembering Anna: I show her pictures of Anna all the time, andshe grabs them! I show her photos of Anna on my BlackBerry, and shekisses the phone and tries to put it in her mouth. She doesn’t do thatwith other photos, so it’s really sweet. I don’t know if it’s somethingshe recognizes, but I tell her about her mommy all the time and we goout and look up in the clouds.
On having a nanny: When I hired a nanny, I didn’t get her to be areplacement or to mimic a female influence. She’s just there to assistme, not to take over any parenting. People think a nanny is areplacement for a mother, but that wasn’t my goal and it isn’t thecase. I want to be there for all the milestones and experience allthose things. I’m really hands-on, like too hands-on with my hand onthe baby, a hand on the cell phone, a hand on the diaper. I’m getting alot better at multitasking and learning to do more with one hand. Theold invention of the speakerphone is becoming a new friend again. Butit’s a good balance, and just because I have a nanny doesn’t mean thatI’m not constantly changing diapers. I have a supersonic sense ofsmell when it comes to diapers.
Dannielynn’s got rhythm: She has an ABC school bus that is now herfavorite toy, and she kicks her legs to the ABCs and really kicks whenI start singing along with it. She loves music, and she’s starting todance. She gets crazy when she hears singing. She loves it so much Ithink she’s going to be in the music business or something. She’s gotlots of rhythm.
On playtime: I think I’m her favorite toy in a way. I say thatbecause when I put her on my knee, she bounces up and down like it’s ahorse. That’s one of the only things that makes her smile every singletime. And she likes to play rocket. I say, ‘1,2,3’ and I shoot her uplike a rocket. She knows that three comes after two, and she waits forit and her eyebrows go up. When I bring her back down, I act like I’msnoring and she taps me on my face to wake me up.


On Dannielynn’s features: As she’s getting a little older, I’m seeingmore of me than I did when she was a little baby. More people aretelling me she looks like me now that they can see the side-by-sidecomparison, but I see Anna in some faces she makes at me and say,’Whoa, that’s your mom.’ And sometimes I see Daniel. Her hair isgrowing in, with some parts short and some long, and when it’s parteda certain way, I see Daniel, so it’s a good mix. She definitely has hermother’s legs and feet and toes exactly. She has long legs and chubbylittle toes exactly like Anna’s; it’s like a mirror image. It’s reallyincredible. And I think her lips are her mom’s lips; especially whenshe pouts, she has her mom’s lips. She also gets what she wants exactlylike her mom always did as soon as she’d pout.
On Howard K. Stern, who was in town on business: He and hisparents bought me a Father’s Day gift and a present for Dannielynn, andhe still has a car seat in his car so he drove her and the nanny frommy apartment to Anna’s because I had to drive the moving truck. He’sbeen really supportive, and we’re civil for the sake of Dannielynn.
On the paparazzi: I was a photographer and I understand they needa picture, but when they’re running you off the road and you’re in thecar with your daughter and they’re putting lenses up to the car so thatit’s like lightning in the car, it gets to be too much. I miss thequietness, but it feels good to be back home.
On moving into Anna’s house: I’m taking it one step at a time, anyday now hopefully. I’ve been working so many nights trying to get itready and perfect for Dannielynn. I want to get it so there’s a pieceof Anna but also a piece of me so that I’m not constantly seeing hershadow. I’m getting Dannielynn’s nursery ready. She’s going
to be thefirst baby with a plasma TV. I’ve got her a little music system and allthe little toys that were in her mom’s hope chest.


Larry’s sister, Angela, brought her daughter Chloe, 3, from Texasto visit Larry and Dannielynn and here’s what she had to say aboutseeing her brother as a father.
Larry as a dad: I always knew Larry would be an excellent fatherbecause he’s so good with all of our kids. My kid was the firstgrandchild, and he just took to Larry. My son (Justin, now 16) waslike Larry’s little brother. They even look alike. Larry is my son’shero. If he sees Larry wearing a shirt, he wears the same shirt.[Larry’s] so much more comfortable now. I think he has gotten in thegroove of things and he’s so comfortable feeding her and changing herdiapers.
Larry always wanted to be a dad: Larry always talked about wantingkids someday. Once his career took off, he always wanted to settle downand have children.
On Dannielynn: She looks so healthy and happy and has littlechubby cheeks. She was so happy just being on Larry’s stomach andlooking at him. Her overall demeanor is excellent. You would neverthink she’d been through everything she’d been through.
Parenting advice: Just lots of unconditional love.
Source: OK!, July 2 issue, pg 22-25


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Carisma on

I think this is really sweet. she looks like a happy baby and I do see a lot of him in her.

Natalie S. on

My god Dannielynn looks so much like Larry and Anna.. Glad to see them together and happy.

Posh_Fan on

What a beautiful little girl!

Melea on

I was all for Howard keeping Dannielynn but now I can see I was wrong. This child is loved so much by him and his family and Howard still too. I’m so glad she found something close to normal (considering no family is normal she did GREAT!)

Heather on

Is it just me or do people see a likeness between Dannielynn and Violet Affleck??

Jennifer on

Dannielynn is an adorable baby girl…such a cutie! 🙂 She seems like a very happy baby who is loved dearly by her Daddy.

WOW on

SO CUTE!!!!!!
I love Dannielynn so much. It’s great to see she has such a lovely family 🙂

Bella on

Hey Larry – your daughter is a beauty and Im glad you sare together and happy but feel free to ride off into that sunset you talked about to give her the quiet life any day now…

Dorkiee on

Oh my gosh, she has such gorgeous eyes. When i clicked on the bigger picture of them laying together, it was just “whoa”.

Dannielynn looks very happy, and im glad that she and Larry are happy and healthy and that even Howard can be involved.

Laurie on

Awww Dannielynn seems so happy with her daddy.The part about showing her pics of Anna and she kissing them…so sweet

annonymous on

she is so cute! don’t u just wanna kiss her? lol.

emzi on

Heather, I don’t think she looks anything like Violet. Violet is absolutely beautiful especially when she smiles. Dannielynn is cute though

Kathleen Tracy on

Thank You So Much Larry – for sharing DannieLynn with us to see that she is so Happy Being With her daddy – I think she knows even at that age YOU ARE HER DADDY – and Like you said she kisses the Phone with Pics of Anna – SHE KNOWS thats Her MOMMY

Isabel on

I’m so happy for him. You can see and hear the love and adoration he has for his daughter. God bless them.

TracyG on

So happy for Larry and Dannielynn. She is a doll…:)

brass on

I wonder how long he is going to sell himself and her portraits to magazines. I hope he is the loving father everyone says he is…but don’t you think it’s time to stop selling his face to the press? I hope it’s not just a money-making scheme. Maybe I’m being over critical, but I hope his love for her is genuine…she needs that right now.

Amy on

She is absolutely beautiful, and Larry sounds like an amazing dad. I do agree with Bella though–why all the publicity now, when he used to say it would be just him and his daughter in private?

I do love Dannielynn’s lips–they’re gorgeous. Has anyone noticed her eyes, though? One’s crossed and the other’s not. My daughter had that when she was born–as a result of being a 6-wk premie–and has worn glasses since age 3. I bet Dannielynn will too. Luckily they have cute kid glasses: My daughter is sporting metallic purple frames!

Jan on

I am relieved that everything seemed to work out between you & Howard. When all was said and done, Howard was just trying to do the right thing by Anna. So, now that he knows you are the father, it’s very good to keep a kind relationship with him. Dannielynn will someday be happy for that, as she begins to understand the tumultuous life of her mother and why you needed to bring her stability. Keep her away from the Hollywood degradation, if you can resist the temptation. It would be nice to see her grow up and NOT become an actress and become something more important than that!

Tracy on

I love the picture of her in the blue shirt! She’s so adorable!

I can definitely see Anna in her, but she is almost a clone of Larry!

It’s also so great that he’s allowing Howard to be a part of her life! Howard really wasn’t a bad guy, he was just stuck in the middle of something very bitter at the time. Things worked out well and now they can both enjoy her!

“BRASS”- I’m sure he did this photo op only because it was his very first Father’s Day and he was the number one father researched this past year… It’s nice that he does allow the public to see her every now and then also just to prevent the paparazzi from stalking their every move any more than they already do! 🙂

Nausicaa on

She’s. So. CUTE!! She’s so alert and happy. Larry and Howard worked this out so well. I’m so glad they’re at peace and Dannielynn is happy.

pink.lioness on

Violet Affleck??? Sorry but imo these 2 baby girls couldn’t look any more different! The only thing they have in common are that they are both cute little girls that are loved very, very much.

I’m SO happy for Larry and Dannielynn for how things have turned out.

Natalie on

oh my goodness!!

Dannielynn is sooooo adorable!!! she definately has her daddy’s eyes, what a lucky little girl!

awwww… it’s so cute that she kisses her mommy’s picture, I know Larry will tell his daughter only the best things about her mother… not what the stupid media thought of her.

I LOVE this family 🙂

Grayson's Girl on

Bella and Brass, I agree with you both. I’m unspeakably happy that Dannielynn is happy and healthy and wish her to stay that way forever, and while I enjoy looking at that precious face I think it’s high time to ride off in to the sunset Larry said he wanted to find. He’s been in OK! quite a bit, plus the Access Hollywood stuff, plus Larry King Live, plus Greta Van Sustern, plus Geraldo Rivera live on Father’s Day, all with Dannielynn in tow. If he wants to do them it’s perfectly fine but it doesn’t sit well with me that in the past two weeks alone she’s been involved in so many publicity appearances. Before anyone jumps on me YES I think Larry loves her and YES I think she’s happy. That doesn’t mean I have to be elated that she’s out there so much. Brad and Angelina don’t do this many photoshoots with their kids and they have the four annointed ones lol. All the big celeb kids we see are in paparrazzi shots the vast majority of the time save for the their introductory lay out, Violet Affleck, the Jolie-Pitts, the Paltrow-Martin kids, Ramona Saarsgard, you get the drift. Anyway, I think it’s time Larry take her out of the public eye and do what he said he would, give her a normal life.

jojo on

We wish Larry and Baby the Best…… She is so adorable…..

tink1217 on

what a beautiful baby girl she is!!! They look really happy!!!

Ava on

It’s a beautiful picture. It is Father’s Day and I was wondering why Larry and Dannielynn didn’t pose with 3 year old Chloe and HER FATHER, instead of her mother? It should have been two father’s with their daughters on Father’s Day.

Alyssa on

What a beautiful little girl.

You know, out of all those Suri vs Shiloh people on who is cuter.. I think by far Dannilynn beats them by far!!!! She is just so beautiful. All babies are cute in my opinion but theres something about this little girl taht is just tooo cute to stop looking at!

MuffThumb on

I knew if Larry was found to be the father of that baby, he’d pimp her for all she’s worth! It’s disgusting how he uses his daughter for his own benefit! That baby was much better off with Howard, who would have protected her like her mother wanted!!

Amy on

For all of those that say “TAKE HER OUT OF THE PUBLIC EYE” have you ever thought that once you avoid the press ant the paps they just seek you out even more. He is doing the right thing by doing media and getting it over with ~ if he stayed secluded the paparazzi would hunt him down even harder. This is just part of being a celeb parent.

amylamy on

ok, it really bothers me that he’s moving into anna’s old house in la. anyone else have a problem with this? not sure why but it totally rubs me the wrong way. sure, the baby inherited it, but it just seems like he’s using his daughter. shouldn’t he be able to provide for her without tapping into her inheritance? i guess we don’t know the real story about anything that’s going on, but still.

sara on

Her eyes are gorgeous. If you look at the one of Larry, Dannielynn, His sister, and niece up close they all have the same eyes!!



“getting it over with” ended about two OK! appearances ago. Sorry. As I said, I’m not doubting his love for her but lets be real. She’s not Shiloh, Suri, Violet or Apple, there’s no need for all these appearances with the baby. Brad and Angie have done maybe two photoshoots since Shiloh was born with the money going to charity. Tom and Katie did the one to satisfy the public and the rest were paparazzi shots. It’s one thing if we saw constant pictures of Dannielynn out and about in the tabloids, then I could understand the need for a photoshoot every once in a while. There’s no justifying intentionally having her be present and the source of this many publicity deals. Five OK! appearances from two different shoots, days of Access Hollywood coverage of her trip home and the first day, Greta van Sustern, Geraldo, and Larry King Live were not NEEDED to keep the paps at bay. I didn’t see any of Angie’s kids with her on her interviews, I haven’t Katie or Tom with Suri on their laps for interviews. It’s time to let this die and let her start to get a taste of normal. I can understand the first shots and then a long break til her firt birthday but the constant onslaught bothers me. That’s all. It’s obvious he loves her to pieces and his family does as well, but the time to bow out gracefully has come and gone more than a few times. One of these days I expect him to do it.

FC on

She’s beautiful, and she looks so happy and healthy. That’s all I really care about. And while he’s done a throng of publicity, I’m sure it’s just that people are curious as to how he and Dannielynn have been coping now that they’re together and have been fairly left alone for the past few months. And, well, US Weekly wanted to get the scoop on how his first Father’s Day went.

I don’t think he’s going to overexpose her. Hell, she’d been overexposed after her birth and the first few months of her life she lived under a microscope.

I don’t see this as being him putting her back out in the limelight to get a buck.

But anyway, those photos are adorable. And I really am starting to see more of Larry in her, especially in the eyes and they have the same eyebrows, even in the way she smiles.

Mary on

I don’t see anything wrong with him earning money with this. Would you rather that he goes to McDonalds and gets a job. It doesn’t mean that he is not a good father or doesn’t love his child. I say go for it Larry and love your daughter.

Rebecca on

She really is beautiful.

stranger on

3. Comment by Anne:
It is strange how people can not see how Larry uses his daughter for every photo opportunity that comes his way. The money seems to be what he cares about. Howard did not do this. After Anna’s death he protected Dannielynn’s privacy and did not exploit her. I have so much respect for him because of that. I feel Larry will use Dannielynn all her life to make his life what he thought his relationshipe with Anna was going to do for him I see Larry with custody of Anna’s beautiful little girl, living in Anna and Howard’s house, media attention of a superstar, and more money than he ever could have dreamed possible. He was a photographer living in a one bedroom apartment which was (based on some reports) filthy and unfit for a child.. I never saw anything impressive about him – ever!

Natasha on

Well,it’s better to let the world see her instead of having a ton of people mobbing you for photographs.Living in Anna’s house, so what,he wants her to know who her mother was and being that it is DANNIELYNNS’S, I don’t see a problem with them living there. Honestly, do you think he went to Access and Greta? Um. No. He’s a proud father. Deal with it.

raquel on

She is gorgeous that baby, and I don’t think he over exposes her too much. Anna showed her constantly the first few months on ET and even showed the birth on t.v. Larry seems to love that baby, and it’s nice he lets Howard see her. As for who she looks like, she defintley has Larry’s eyes, but her mouth and lips are Anna’s. She is beautiful, perfect mix of both parents.

helen on

Larry needs to get a job and support his child, she should not have to keep supporting him. How about a shirt that says “my mom The girl”, cause he is not “the man” by no means. I wish Anna had lived and she and Howard had the chance to raise her instead of this bum.

helen on

Also, the “posed” arm up to his face(he’s clearly holding her arm up) is plain silly.

Kyah on

I haven’t read all the posts, but am I the only one who finds it strange and a bit creepy that he ALWAYS dresses her up like a doll in frilly little dresses and those gawd-awful hair bows that look like they would be better suited on Anna’s dog?

She is a cutie though!

Rhonda Charles on

I was saying from the beginning of time that Danielynn was Larry B baby. from since that little girl was born and introduce to the public i was saying that Danielynn was Larry child. And She looks like him even more now that she is growing. She is just a piece of sugar. A beautiful little girl . It is just so unfornate that her Mom is not here. My God work in mysterious ways becuase Anna was lying to herself and the public saying that Larry was’nt that childs father for whatever reason and not allowing Larry to see that child and now,look what happened to her God took her away. The was all for the best. You just don’t do things like that. Anmd in the end Larry has his daughter. I just hop she doe s’nt turn out to be in the media eye so much that the poor child grows up to be crazy.

God Bless Anna,Daniel, DannyLynn and Larry

Natasha on

She’s a girl. What’s wrong with him dressing her in frilly dresses?

Justice for Anna & Daniel on

DannieLynn is now the replacement “gravy train” for HK$ & Larry.
Anna & HK$ pimped this baby from the moment of her birth…anyone forgetting all those ET & Insider “EXCLUSIVES”?

She is gorgeous but her eyes do cross a bit.

As for Angela Birkhead Johnson…she is divorced that is why Chloe’s father isn’t there.
Her son isn’t either.
Also Angela sure din’t miss a photo op when she got the chance…
I remeber a few months back when the “trashy tabloids” were saying Larry was gay that she was publically asking for a “boycott” of them.
NOW she is in one AND has this pic of them as her myspace profile pic.


Fran Ruh on

I think that they are such a gourgeous couple (him and Danielynn) and look absolutely very happy and content together. She is so beautiful,and really looke like him, Anna and
Daniel. I was thrilled when you were legally confirmed as her father. Every one thought you were. She is such a lucky girl to have a real family who is so grounded. I have real concerns about Howard Stern being in the picture. Like I have said before, I think he is man with some mental disorders. and don’t forget all the misery he has caused you. Just always have in the back of your mind, which I am sure you realize what he is all about. You dress your little girl beautifully.

LoweAngelEyes62 on

I think DannieLynn is so beatiful just like her mother,Anna was so beatiful,and its for sure that Anna is not gone she lives on in DannieLynn, and Larrys heart and Howards and the world. It is so kind that Larry allows Howard to be in their life, it shows he has a good and forgiving heart,even though im sure Howard did think DannieLynn was his or at least hoping. I do hope that Larry dont allow Virgie anywhere around DannieLynn, if she would put her daughter through what she did then if i was Larry I wouldnt take that chance with his daughter, Im sure he seen Annas tears about what she went through with Virgie, I hope this is one time he dont have a forgiving heart. Shes definatly Anna and Larry mixed and stands for their Love.

Heart on