Keri Russell and newborn son River out in NYC

06/21/2007 at 09:51 PM ET

Actress Keri Russell, 31, and her son River Russell Deary, 1 1/2 weeks, were spotted out in NYC on Thursday. The multi-tasking mama did her laundry, stopped at Whole Foods for a bag of groceries, and got an iced coffee. Keri and husband Shane Deary welcomed their son on Saturday, June 9th.



Photos by Flynet.

Pop_wave03Keri wears River in a PSling New York Avant Wave in blue ($350+; available in store only). Keri has the tail of the sling wrapped around the rings. She could wear her son a bit higher, but the fourth pic shows why we love babywearing — you get to use both your hands for other things!

Thanks to CBB readers Jessica and Heather.

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Kim on

She looks great! What a bod after 1.5 weeks from delivering. She looks to have the mommy thing down, multi tasking already! Congrats to Keri and her husband.

teagan on

$350 for a piece of blue fabric? Some people truly do have more money than sense, lol!

raquel on

She looks great, so skinny already in less than 2 weeks. I’m not surprised though, she didn’t get very big and never looked swollen or anything. As for how much she spent on her sling, if you have the money why not spend it on your child. She works for her money, so it doesn’t bother me how much she spends on her baby.

Scarlett B. on

Ok..LOOK at her! Gosh! She looks amazing! You would never think in a million years she just had a baby a week ago.

ekaterina on

WOW she looks great!

out and about and she looks so comfy with her baby- those slings are GREAT- but everythign with babe takes some time to get used too ( except if you are her!)
WOW- I am impressed!

teagan on

Spend money on your child, yes, but on things that matter – I doubt River could care less at his age what the sling his mother’s wearing costs – but I guess it’s her first child so she’s bound to want to express her consumerism, lol

Paula on

WOW!!! Keri looks great, for just having had a baby! I bet River is adorable!

Tess on

For the price of the sling she could have someone do her laundry for a year!

Alioop on

Why don’t these new moms wear these things correctly? It seems the way she’s using the thing she has to have a hand under the baby otherwise baby is going to be almost swinging in motion because she is wearing the sling so darned low. As much as they pay for the slings, you’d think the new moms would follow instructions.

She may as well have taken a sheet off the bed the way she has it tied on that way.

Lee on

Okay, I know this has nothing to do with maternity or kids, but I want to know where she got those shoes. They are too cute.

And probably too expensive. But still…

Heather on

I don’t see anywhere that says she bought the sling she’s wearing River in. It simply says that it retails for that price..She could have recieved it as a gift from someone.

Elle on

Also those P-slings are made by a great company apparently, who donate a lot of products and are just really friendly. At least that’s what I’ve heard in the sling world, lol.

I always notice that Kate Hudson looks super cute carrying Rider in one. It’s not true that all slings are created equal– just like jeans, they are subject to the whims of the wearer and baby. A good, long lasting sling is a great investment. I would rather see a mama spend $300+ dollars on a sling than on an $800 or $1000 baby stroller. And the last time I was in NYC, you couldn’t walk five feet without tripping over a Bugaboo.

Lilybett on

Hang on! We’re talking about what is essentially a piece of equipment for carrying your child. Why shouldn’t anyone spend a lot of money on it if it’s been well designed, of quality fabric and meets certain standards. You can spend hundreds on a stroller and something with lots of straps and bells and whistles – why not something simple and elegant and safe?

Erika on

She looks absolutely amazing! Wow! I’m guessing she needs to keep looking good to keep up her Cover Girl contract- well, she’s doing a fine job! 🙂

Alicia_22 on

OMG!! She looks amazing!! It must have been all baby!!Can’t wait to see what River looks like!

Dawna on

I went to that web-site where the PSNY comes from. Frankly the instructions on getting it set up are so complicated I can see how someone might not do it “perfectly.”

I also noticed from the model in the picture (Figure B-fetal) that Keri actually seems to be wearing the sling in the right position.

P.S. I actually prefer the Peanut Shell for its ease of “assembly” plus it is a heck of a lot cheaper than the PSNY!

Stephanie on

She looks fantastic, and really seems comfortable being a mom.

She might be wearing the sling down so low because she is used to carrying River’s weight at that point on her body. My sister’s baby is going to be 3 weeks old on Monday, and both she and my sister are still the most comfortable when Lilly is laying on her mommy’s tummy.

And as far as the cost, you have to think in proportion. No, nobody on this blog would spend $350 on a baby sling, but how many of you would pay $35-$50 for one that soft and comfy for both baby and momma? That’s about what $350 is to Kerri. Plus, you’re right. It could be a gift.

Come on, are you really telling me that if you had the money, and didn’t have to worry about being able to provide for your children and yourself, that you wouldn’t SPLURGE a little bit? I know that right now, I can’t wrap my head around the concept of extra money. If I spend money here, I need to worry about food, or bills, or saving for college, or…..the list goes on and on, but for Keri, (who earned enough money this year that if she lived like you and me, she would never have to work again), she’s got the ability to buy things without worrying about money.

ZBella on

Exactly – she probably did get it as a gift. Overpriced, no doubt, but very, very cute. And celebrity dollars are not even in the same world as normal dollars! It’s all relative.

I have the Ultimate Baby Wrap and it comes with an instructional video! I watched it several times and I LOVE my wrap. I also have the New Native Carrier that I liked for newborns.

I think she looks amazing and like a natural mom.

PingyPonga on

I love baby wearing…

Tracy on

Oh wow, she looks AMAZING! Though she did throughout her entire pregnancy I must add!

I don’t have children yet, so I have to ask what would proabably be considered a silly question by expert Moms:

When babies are placed in those slings, it appears that they are entirely wrapped up, which is good for safety, but do they ever get too hot being covered like that when it’s really warm outside?

Just looking for some future advice!

k. on

She looks fabulous! I’d like to point out that if she had a midwifery model of care and delivery… she may have avoided all the induction meds and post delivery shots of more meds that leave your system swollen and puffy for weeks (been there did that with my first who was a c/s). She looks great, because she had great care! And of course good genetics and luck make the rest of us nuts too huh? =)

Sue on

WOW . . she looks great – happy and just glowing! Congrats!!

madison on

It’s a piece of fabric, not a sculpted dress worn inside out and backwards. Maybe she’s more comfortable wearing him a bit lower – who’s to say that’s incorrect? As long as the baby isn’t being harmed….there’s no wrong way to use it.

sweetdiva on

Keri Russell makes a lot of money – so $350 is not the same to her as it is to me. And for all we know, it was a gift from another celeb friend.

nikkimonique on

WHy do you guys care so much how much she spent on her sling? Its her money not yours. On another note, I’m amazed that she’s walking around going shopping at just 1 1/2 weeks. That’s awesome! With both my babies I was still feeling really tired and weak. Some people bounce back faster I guess.

Dizz on

She does look great but I bet she’s wearing the big glasses for a reason. No amount of make up can hide the dark circles and bags we all have under our eyes for the first few months.

essie on

I think some people bounce back from delivery more quickly if they are active rather than indulging the tired feelings they have. Keri looks amazing.

Annabel on

She could not be more adorable. She’s totally sold me on those knee-length short things, too 😉

Melissa on

I have a PSling that I bought for my first daughter. I hate to admit that it was a huge waste of money for me. Pretty, yes, but I still really can’t figure out how to use it! I guess I’m a sucker…

But she looks amazing. Love the cute outfit. I didn’t look nearly that good at 1.5 weeks post-birth. Shoot, three months later I still don’t look that good!

su on

i think she looks great. and the sling is fabulous! i recently bought the p-sling. it is expensive, i know. but i really didn’t like the fabrics and colors of other slings. also the quality of the p-sling is fantastic — it is not a mass produced product. i also like the tail which you can drape over your other shoulder as a nursing cover-up. these are made with traditional japanese kimono handweaving, hand dyeing, and sewing techniques. there are no harsh chemicals — everything is natural. colors are very subtle and beautiful. also the linen or cotton fabrics are very breathable, soft but very strong –they hold up to 39 lbs (a 3yr old). to me it wasn’t just a utilitarian product, but also a handcrafted work of textile art — like a beautiful scarf. i think it would be lovely to pass it down as an heirloom.

Amy on

RE: the Bugaboo comment – I have one and I love it and use it every single day in NYC… There isn’t any other carriage I know that I can manuever with one hand through the narrow aisles of a city supermarket with one hand!!!! So maybe it’s pointless for some people but it was money well spent in my case – oh and it was a gift too – which maybe her sling was but in any case it’s nobody’s business… it’s not like she’s getting public assistance and then wasting money on expensive gear @@

CC on

I have to say I am completely jealous! I was still a wreck 1.5 weeks after my first. I could barely get a shower in let alone go out and about running errands and doing laundry!!! I am sooooo happy for her! She wears motherhood very well. Go Keri!

maggie on

She looks great, and good for her for getting back into circulation so quickly, with the baby.

And who needs to be so judgemental about how she wears it? If her and the baby are comfortable, it’s fine for them. I’m sure the baby would let her know if he wasn’t cozy.

Why are we so hard on our fellow mothers?

Hilda on

She looks sooooooooo sweet, that I’m about to get a toothache. How truly relaxed and comfortable she looks. If you are going to have nannies and maids, this is a reasons to have them, to have quality time w/ them. Unlike someone that shall remain nameless, she is spending time w/ her baby. If she has the money and well off friends and family, she can spend it however she wants. I also love what she’s wearing!

e on

does anyone recognize her shoes? they look so comfortable and stylish! i need to find shoes like that.

as for the sling, it’s really such a beautiful design object/textile art piece. it really completes her outfit without being too loud. such a lovely pattern.

PSB on

Hey Amy

I live in NYC and totally agree about the bugaboo. I don’t spend a lot of money on many baby things (I buy a lot of used baby clothes on ebay), but since we NYers have to walk everywhere and don’t have cars, a durable stroller is worth the money IMO. Nothing takes those cobblestones like a bug.

As far as the sling is concerned, I love baby slings, but this particular one (at least the way the celebs on CBB are wearing them) makes the kid totally disappear in all that rolled up material. It looks kind of dangerous! It seems like there really isn’t a baby inside of there, but maybe her wallet and some keys. LOL.

Anyta on

Whenever I take a look at the 4th pic I just *see* (in my head!) River falling to the ground…

I could never use a PSling, I’d worry way too much about my baby’s safety! It’s probably made out of some very resistent fabric, but still… I’m paranoid like that 😛

Ashley on

She IS wearing it incorrectly! As an obsessive sling and carrier collector, I can say this is THE WRONG way to wear it! This could be dangerous. Slings are designed to be worn up high for many reasons, and this is bad for her back! The baby isn’t well protected and will move around too much. I think she is doing it for a fashion statement. We wouldn’t be able to see her low-cut top if she wore the sling in the correct position.