Jennifer Garner and Alexia Barroso paddle surf

06/21/2007 at 08:12 AM ET

Alexia Barroso, 9, hitches a ride with Jennifer Garner,  35, as she learns to paddle surf in Hawaii. Also having a lesson were Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso Damon. Just Jared has additional photos.


Photo by Flynet. Thanks to CBB reader Jessie.

Blue_floral_rash_guardAlexia is wearing a Floral Print Xcel Children’s Rashguard ($35).

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Jory on

I do love Jennifer Garner, however even after seeing this picture I still think she could be pregnant! Guess we are all just waiting to find out, huh?

Amy on

yeah i agree, she does still look pregers in that pict and with her top like that it doesnt seem like shes worried about anybody noticing

Alioop on

After seeing this picture, I believe the pregnancy rumors!

ara on

Come on, people. An ill fitting top and/or a few pounds does not a pregnancy make. A woman shouldn’t have to be a stick all the time.

Dana on

I was thinking the same thing…I also thought she might be pregnant. In a previous picture she looked like she had a belly.

IG on

I don’t think she looks heavy or that her top is ill fitting at all. On the contrary, I think her belly has that very defined 12 weeks or so pregnant look.

heather on

I also think it looks like she may be pregnant. Not because she has a belly, but the shape of it. I may be wrong, but it looks like a strong possibility. She’s a great mom, and looks great either way!

Beverley on

I can’t imagine how awful it would feel if I had so many people speculating if I was pregnant or not just because I have a healthy looking body.

She is not a stick figure, she is one of the healthiest and most beautiful women in Hollywood and I am glad she is not anorexic looking.

It really aggravates me to think that all these people say she must be pregnant because she isn’t as skinny as other actresses. I would love to look like this. She is still at least 3 sizes smaller than the average American woman. Leave her alone and stop falling into the trap that you have to be super skinny and if not you must be pregnant.

ladymama on

What a nice life. Taking paddle surfing lessons in Hawaii with Matt Damon. Unfortunately, not on my summer agenda.

MMM on

While I agree with Ara that women shouldn’t have to be thin and we shouldn’t assume that they are pregnant for having a belly. That said, I have said that Jen is pregnant in the last few Jen threads, and this picture only reinforces my speculations.

Chloe on

God, I wish I had her figure! Still not that convinced she is preggers again though…. It’s weird seeing her without little Violet!

MMM on

Hmmm, just saw the full set of pics at Just Jared and maybe I am wrong. I would kill for a body like hers right now. I need to go for a walk.

stephanie on

Oh, how I love these families! They seem so down to earth, and remarkably tolerant of the constant invasion in their lives.


Not only is she taking a vacation in Hawaii with Matt Damon, she married Ben Affleck! Oh what a gloriously peaceful, perfect life!

Well, unless you consider that during their “vacation” no less than 3 sets of pictures of the families have appeared on this blog alone, and a single picture is sparking more pregnancy “is she or isn’t she” rumors.

Johnny Depp has said on more than one occasion that “privacy is expensive”. So while they may travel to exotic (hawaii?) places and lead extravagent lives vs. the daily 8-6, nanny- and vacation-free normalcy that haunts those of us on this blog, I imagine that some days the Garner-Affleck and Barroso-Damon families would pay anything to have a day of privacy that didn’t involve disguises or staying shut in at home.

I’m not trying to start the argument that this is what they get for being celebrities, or that if they want privacy, they shouldn’t do things like this. Yes, for the life they lead, they unfortunately have to deal with the demand for information about them. However, red carpets and public appearances is one thing. Going about their lives the way we do, and being stalked at the grocery store is another. Plus, I can’t imagine spending my entire life being watched and hunted, and spending my days hiding out just to get a little peace. I go stir-crazy if I can’t be outside at least a little bit every day, and I would absolutely lose my mind if there were photographers peering into the windows of my house or hovering in helicopters over my wedding, or standing on the beach as I’m playing in the ocean with my 18 month old child.

Tracy on

Pregnant or not, she is beautiful! It’s so nice to see celebs that don’t get sucked into the whole “Gotta Be Thin And Perfect ALL The Time” look! She’s so naturally pretty! Aaaand she’s having fun!

I would personally LOVE for her and Ben to have another baby just because Violet is SOOOO adorable and such a happy baby!

Lynn on

I like how everyone yesterday is saying she’s preggers when obviously it’s just the dress she’s wearing. She doesn’t look preggers today. I think people are seeing what they want to see.

Lynn on

If she was pregnant, wouldn’t she be taking it easy? I am almost 4 months & I wouldn’t be paddlesurfing.

Cheesy on

Every time I see this woman, I’m just so impressed. She carries and plays with her child, obviously adores her family and is also even an adorable “Aunt Jennifer”-type to Matt’s stepdaughter.

It’s the rare parent that actually wants to do something with your husband’s best friend’s 9-year-old!

brass on

I think she looks absolutely STUNNING, pregnant or not! Either way I’d love to have that body!

Jeanette on


LOL! Your comment is really funny. 🙂 And by thinking it is funny, I’m not saying oh poor me or that Jen et. al don’t deserve/haven’t earned their trip – on the contrary. I am lucky to have all I do and Jen comes across as so genuine and, well, normal regardless of how much she has.

I just think that’s a funny comment and thank you for making me laugh at work.

annie on

I watched 5 seasons of Alias, and Jennifer’s stomach has always looked like that- and people were ALWAYS speculating that she was pregnant. Some people with incredible abs build out in the center because of the structure of their bodies.

essie on

If this woman were pregnant there is no way she would be paddle boarding!! You can fall off those things if a wave hits and you can be hit by the board. Doing that while pregnant would be irresponsible.

Besides, Jennifer doesn’t look pregnant in the least. I don’t know what you people are looking at.

Dawna on

Didn’t anyone go and check out the Just Jared pictures? There’s a few there that show a very unpregnant Jennifer.

Good gosh, have we been so brain-washed by stick-thin celebrities that the moment one shows a bit of a “belly” we all say she’s pregnant. Some women just never get that “baby pouch” eliminated, and it looks like Jennifer might be one of those women.

Besides, doesn’t that paddle surfing look like hard work? I don’t know if a newly pregnant woman would try something like that even if she was physically fit.

PSB on

She’s awesome! I still think she’s pregnant. She has a very muscular, toned body and her belly has that pregnant “look”. She does not look like she put on weight at all, it’s protruding in that special way only a pregnant belly does. You can even see her ab muscles around the belly are perfectly defined, which is why I think she’s pregnant. If she’s not pregnant, then she probably has gas or something, because it’s not as if she’s let herself go!

To the poster who wanted to know if she should take it easy–why should she? Many pregnant women are active up until their due date, and unless you have a history of miscarriage or a special condition, there’s no reason a healthy person cannot be physically active during their pregnancy. There are Olympic athletes who train while pregnant, so Jen can certainly go paddling.

PSB on

PS – Does Matt look buff or WHAT? Wowza!

jen on

I don’t think she’s pregnant. I think her body still hasn’t recovered from having Violet. Or maybe she had a big lunch! I think everyone is just accustomed to seeing Jennifer’s body the same as it was when she was on Alias. She may be comfortable with her body now, even if it’s a little heavier. Good for her. She still looks great.

Marnye on

If she is pregnant most women are pregnant. That’s not a pregnant body!

Brynnan on

I love that she’s treating Matt Damon’s stepdaughter like a little sister. Good for Jennifer and for the little girl. Alexia obviously has four grown caring about her (Matt, his wife, Ben and Jen). She will do fine.

Alexandra on

If you go on Us Weekly’s website, they have a picture from this same day, but of her standing sideways so you can see her stomcach, and while I thought she was pregnant yesterday in the piks, Us Weekly’s pik changed my mind, her stomach is basically totally flat. It’s just the angle of this pik, if you ask me, she’s deff. not pregnant. But if she and Ben do have another baby I’m sure it will be just as adorable and happy as Violet, kudos to Jen and Ben for being amazing parents, and also Matt and Lucianna. What amazing celeb parents!

s on

Didn’t anyone go to Just Jared and look at the rest of the pictures? It’s painfully obvious that she’s not pregnant in the others. This pic is really bad representation of what appears to be a baby belly, but is just the way she’s standing and using her muscles to paddle. On the other hand, Matt is looking a little prenant. LOL

Allison on

If she’s pregnant, I am too because my belly is like that and I don’t consider myself very thin but I am no anorexic like all the people in Hollywood.

jackie on

Was I the only female who was wondering who the blonde guy was in front of Jen? He may not be a celebrity but you can paddle him my way! Yowza!

Anyways, I love that these two celeb families are vacationing together and really actually seem to be enjoyig each other’s company. Such cute kids and beautiful parents!

Sasha on

I agree with what ‘jen’ is saying. If it was me, I’d be so bummed that everyone was wondering, if I wasn’t even pregnant, not to mention the fact that she just had a baby like 20 months ago. I got a little caught up in the speculation yesterday, I need to get a life! 🙂 Happy first day of summer, everyone!

raquel on

I think she is pregnant, but I guess time will tell.

Layla & Finn's Mommy on

If you look at the other pics she is clearly not pregnant. She has been working her abs hard though. It’s all muscle girls. She IS NOT pregnant.

Jennifer is by far my fave celeb mom. She just seems cool and down to earth. I think a lot of celeb moms could take notes. *cough*katieholmes*cough*

Layla & Finn's Mommy on

All muscle…

Alioop on

“She is not a stick figure, she is one of the healthiest and most beautiful women in Hollywood and I am glad she is not anorexic looking.

It really aggravates me to think that all these people say she must be pregnant because she isn’t as skinny as other actresses.”

Gosh, Beverley calm down and don’t be so upset! Commentors are not saying that it’s a bad thing Jen isn’t as skinny as other actresses or anorexic looking!

We’re not saying she’s fat or out of shape, we just think that maybe because of the particular shape of the belly she could very well be pregnant. I think a few of us who go to this site are crazy about celebrities and especially their babies so if we even see the slightest chance that one of our favorite celebrity moms could possibly be pregnant again or for the first time, we all jump on the baby bandwagon!

My advice to you (sincerely) would be to forego reading the comments altogether – they could be hazardous to YOUR health.

Autumn on

I love jackie’s comment! LOL! Yeah that blonde dude’s pretty hot indeed! (Reminds me of a younger Matthew McConahay) I suppose though he got his muscles from being the paddle board instructor, and so forth. 😉

Jen, Matt, and Luciana seemed to be doing pretty well for just learning to paddle surf like that, although in the one pic it looked like Jen and Alexia almost fell off their board. Oops no one’s perfect!

Yeah they seem to have the life, being able to go on exotic vacations and so ofrth, but I agree too, I wouldn’t want to be photographed for the public as much as they do.

Amy on

Jennifer has publicly said that her body has changed since having Violet, and that she will always look like she is 9 weeks pregnant. I know I am the same way. I weigh less now than before I got pregnant, but my belly still looks a littly pudgy and protruding. I don’t think she is pregnant I think it is just residual baby fat.