Zahara Jolie-Pitt is cranky – Brad Pitt takes Z and Pax to school!

06/20/2007 at 09:58 AM ET

Brad Pitt takes Zahara Marley, 2 1/2, and her brother, Pax Thien, 3 1/2, to school at the American Embassy on Wednesday, in Prague. Zahara doesn’t look too happy. Maybe she didn’t get a cookie that morning!

Photo by INF.

Cc_ls_turq_star Zahara wears C & C California’s long sleeve star tee in opal ($36; 0-3 months-6).

Stride_rite_paxPax wears Stride Rite SuperBall Z Strap in black/silver ($54).

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popi on

Aww Zee is so expressive!!I love her pout!:))

Jessie on

Another school??? Is it just me or does it seem a bit unfair to keep bringing these kids to new schools??

CBB Note: Angelina said they attend The International School, so although they are in different places, the curriculum is the same in each.

K on

Poor Z, she is probably sick of the papparazi taking pictures of her going to school!!!

MommyX1 on

Lol, she is so damn cute. What a little drama queen in the making. I love it!

leni on

LOL soo cute. Looks like someone didnt want to get up this morning.

JustJared has new pics of Brad picking up the kids and Zahara is smiling big time in those.

this pic really makes me laugh though.

Grayson's Girl on

She is SO cute and so expressive! She looked happy in one picture and then it looks like she saw the paps and got her mean mug on lol. You can tell that’s the one who’s going to let her feelings be known! I love how her dad’s looking at her like “are we gonna be cool?” lol. Little man Pax is adorable too, Brad and Angie have four beautiful babies.

Meela on

They have a future actress on their hands, she sure looks ticked off. I love all her expressions (happy, sad and just pure pissed off) No pretense here, I’m glad that someone is not playing up to the cameras, somedays you are just not in the mood to deal with flashing bulbs in your face. She has got to be my favorite Jolie-Pitt child, she is always so animated. Look out paparazzi, I vote that she will be the one most likely to tell them where to get off.

laila on

I can’t wait until she is allowed to give them the finger!

leni on

Another school??? Is it just me or does it seem a bit unfair to keep bringing these kids to new schools??


This is the same preschool they have been attending since Angie started filming in Prague.

Trishna on

That baby is too much. LOL Such a diva. I agree she’s my favorite Jolie-Pitt.

meela on


These children are having an opportunity of a lifetime to travel the world and experience different people and cultures, which in itself is an education. Not having a traditional school setting is not that big of a deal, there are many ways to learn. They obviously have the means and I’m sure these children will not be lacking in the education department and besides Zahara and Pax have each other.

Angeline on

Even when she makes a mean face, she still looks cute. Lil Diva in the making. She probably didn’t get her way.

aimee on

LOL Zahara is probably thinking “how come shiloh gets to stay home?”

Seriously though, she is just too cute!

Lindsay on

Baby Z seems like such a great kid. I love how she has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.

stephanie on

She certainly is the diva 😀 I was reading the infamous UK Elle interview and while everyone was making a big fuss over nothing (the “blob” remark), they missed a funny anecdote about Z, that she throws tantrums whenever Brad starts dancing and screams until he stops.

Nausicaa on

I can’t take it! She’s so adorable I want to pick her up and squish her! Just like when I look at a ridiculously glamorous picture of Angelina and think, “Stop being so gorgeous; it’s not fair,” I look at Z and think, “Stop with the cuteness!! You’re blinding me!” Too much cuteness.

Sarita on

Love her expressions, so cute!

Charity on

This kid is so cute. I’ve never seen a bad picture of her.

And I think she is a little diva in the making.

Aprille on

It’s kind of sad how Pax is a whole year older than Zahara, but they’re almost the same size. I guess because they got Zahara when she was young, she benefitted from early nutrition that Pax probably didn’t get. I hope he’s on the right track health-wise.

Me on

Kids are cool. http://www.MyOnlyPage.NET is cool too.

Af on

How can anyone say Zahara is cute? She looks like a 80 year old primate woman. What is worse is she isn’t getting any prettier with age.

lora on


It might not have anything to do with nutrition. I don’t know but perhaps it is because of their ethnicity. Aren’t most Ethiopians tall and Asians shorter in height?


Am I the only one that thinks that Zahara is a black Angela Jolie? She looks like Angie..

She is so adorable.. I think she and Shiloh will be running things in that house!