Tom and Suri Cruise at Eden Roc Hotel

06/20/2007 at 03:29 PM ET

While out in the garden of the Eden Roc Hotel in France with dad Tom Cruise, 44, daughter Suri, 14 months, spots photographers and gives them a wave! Popsugar has more photos.

Photos by Bauer Griffin.

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Jbo on

Honestly, I’m not convinced that she is all that cute… HE’S gotten SO ugly in his golden years – or maybe it’s b/c he believes in aliens – you be the judge…

sil on

Tom looks younger in that picture. Suri is so cute!

Nikki on

Is that a Playtex Nurser bottle? I thought I also spotted a Playtex Nurser in one of the beachside photos sitting with Katie.

Heidi on

Popsugar has a few more – including another where Suri is waving. She really is a little cutie. What a cute personality too!

Danielle, CBB Publisher on

Oh my god, they have the same hairdo.

Posh_Fan on

She is just too precious for words! So cute!! I love her little outfit…super cute!

Sarita on

She’s very cute, I love the way they dress her too.

Kayah on

Tom looks like a scary lesbian in that first picture.

elisa on


Lauren on

Cute! She looks like a bit of a ham.

And I noticed the same thing, Danielle-the entire family has the same haircut now! As much as I think Katie’s new cut looks great on her, the fact that all three of them have the exact same hairstyle is a little…much, imo.

Jessica on

While I might doubt her dad’s sanity, that is one of the cutest babies I have seen. All that hair! Those eyes! She looks like Katie to me – adorable!

Momof2cuties on

Danielle, I was thinking the same thing but wasn’t sure if I should comment! Actually, all THREE of them are sporting basically the same hairdo these days!

momo on

i think suri is so cute but toms hair has got to go!

tink1217 on

they do all have the same haircut!!! I just noticed!!! Suri is just adorable!

J.M. on

I love love love love love love this little baby! omg I think she is by far the most gorgeous celeb baby yet! Look at them eyes and that smile! how can you not melt when you spot this child!

Amy on

suri is as cute as can be but tom looks kinda scary in that first picture

TwinMom on

Ok I have said some not-so-nice things about this family (mainly because of Tom’s bizarre antics), but OH MY GOD those are cute pics. Suri looks like she has quite a little personality. She’s adorable. (And I definitely see Katie in her!)

sarawara on

He must have gotten his hair cut last week when he was in Germany. I can’t believe Hitler’s barber is still alive.

But seriously… I liked his other hair-style better.

Scarlett B. on

She looks like a mixture of both of them but I definitely see more of Katie.

Dana on

Ok, is it just me or does Tom look like he has the same hairdo as Katie? When I saw the side view on the stairs it looks like Katie’s haircut. Is he trying to look younger or maybe a midlife crisis?

morgan on

Just when i thought she couldnt get any cuter!!

francesca on

One of the prettiest celebrity babies, so cute.

Carol on

Suri just mels my heart. Sh ei sjust the cutest angel and I don’t even think Tom and Katie can have another as cute as this girl. She has so much personlity when you compare her to other babies who are led around at her age. She is just the cutest doll. Tom looks very nice in both pictures I must say. His hair is also shorter. I just love it when I come to the site and find pictures of this family.

lindsey on

Yeah, it is kindof wierd that they like all have the same haircut, but did you notice they’re kindof wearing “matching” outfits again? Isn’t this the second time in so many weeks for that? Sorry, but it’s just kinda cheesy, you know?

TracyG on

Tom doesn’t look “Scary”..he’s laughing that Suri waved at the photographers….how is that scary???

His hair is a bit over the top, but he is preparing for a new role, maybe that’s why his hair is cut? He looks like he did when he was in Risky Business with that hair though> LOL…

I love this little girl…she is such a classic beauty. I can’t wait to watch her get more beautiful as she grows. 🙂

TwinMom on

I agree that Tom looks a little scary in the first pic…. He often has a sort of maniacal look with his eyes and mouth, IMO. LOL

Anonymous on

The family with matching hairdos. Just when I thought I saw everything…;) lol

TracyG on

Oh yeah, his eyes sure do look menacing behind those DARK SUNGLASSES!!!

Give me a break..anything to pick at Tom. *rolls eyes*

YaYa on

Suri’s so cute! I think she looks like a combo of Josh Hartnett and Katie Holmes. 😉

TwinMom on

TracyG, I didn’t mean that his eyes looked crazy in these particular pictures, but IN OTHER PICTURES WITHOUT SUNGLASSES. Re-read my post, you might get it next time! 😉

I guess I should have spelled it out in detail.