Tom and Suri Cruise in Nice

06/18/2007 at 05:48 PM ET

Tom Cruise, 44, and daughter Suri, 14 months, were spotted getting off a plane in Nice, France, where they will be attending a wedding. The family had just attended David Beckham‘s final match before he and Victoria head to LA. Just Jared has more photos.


Photo by Bauer-Griffin.

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Dawna on

Wow, another Suri sighting. I remember the fuss last year when people were wondering why no pictures of Suri, even doubting her existence. Now we’re getting regular, almost weekly pictures of Suri with her parents. Tom sure has done a turnabout as with his first two kids there weren’t any pictures for about two years after they were adopted.

lila on

i love this little girl
she is my fav baby

MuffThumb on

Suri is 14 months today!! Today is also Tom and Katie’s 7 month wedding anniversary!

I love this family!! Beautiful parents, beautiful kids!

lala on

with Katie’s new hairstyle, and tom’s ‘ever-growing’ hair, i could not tell who was holding Suri.

PSB on

I hate Tom but he and Suri look really cute together. I love those bare feet (hers, not his LOL)

stephanie on

regular? what are you talking about? the last pictures of Suri we got were from a month ago. we don’t see her as often as say, Violet Affleck or Heidi Klum’s kids.

leonie on

they wedding they are going to is james packer (the richest man in australia). tom and katie went to james packers father funeral while katie was pregnant with suri.

vb on

They are a beautiful family, but Suri seems a little thin, especially in her arms and legs. Is she having a growth spurt, or is the world esperiencing another version of Anna Nicole’s wanting a “sexy baby”?

sil on

Katie looks like Victoria Beckham with that new hairstyle…I think she look better with long hair.

Bella on

vb – I don’t think that Suri looks thin at all. We can’t even see her properly as Tom has one hand over her upper arm and it looks as though his scarf (or something) is covering part of her upper leg. In the most recent photos of Suri I saw (about a month ago with Katie on set) she didn’t look thin at all. As for the “sexy baby” comment – I had never heard that before (not saying Anna Nicole didn’t say it, just that I never heard it) and I find it disturbing. I am not particularly a Tom fan but I can’t imagine he and Katie would not be ensuring Suri was meeting all her growth requirements. Honestly, I think it is just a bad angle on the photo and Suri could very well be having a growth spurt. I know how much my son changed between his first birthday and now when he is 18 months(so different, so huge!) 🙂

Dawna on

stephanie, the “regular pictures of Suri” I’m talking about are not just on CBB, they’re all over the Internet and in magazines.

Anna on

They also were in Berlin last week to look at locations for Tom’s next film “Valkyrie”. Berlin newspapers have been reporting that Tom has rented (or even bought?) a villa in the city, because the family is going to live there from July to November, while Tom is shooting the movie.

Georgia on

There is something so “off” about this family. Tom Cruise has turned into such a weirdo, and I feel really sorry for Katie. She doesn’t seem to have her own identity and is now trying to look like Victoria Beckham.

Annoynomus on

Georgia- I don’t think that there is anything “off” about this family. I don’t even think that Tom is a weirdo (I will agree that the couch-jumping incident was a little odd, but I am not going to judge him because of it). In one of Katie’s recent interviews, for example, she said that he is an amazing father. Also, various friends of theirs (Jada Pinkett Smith for example) have stated that they are happy together, and that, in fact, it is Katie who “wears the pants” in the family. The stuff about Tom being controlling, Katie being in a prison-like enviornment, them not being happy together, etc., comes from tabloids.
In these photos and the ones posted today of Katie and Suri at the beach, the three of them look very happy!
I also doubt that Katie is “trying to look like Victoria Beckham”. My guess is that she got her haircut and stuff because she wanted to, not because she has a desire to look like Victoria Beckham.

stephanie on

What pictures were they? She’s only been photographed in ten to twelve different occasions (not counting the new pics) since the wedding seven months ago and most of them were at Connor or Isabella’s games. It seemed like a lot because they took pictures from every angle possible. If you look at a paparazzi video, they can get literally a hundred pictures from a one-minute appearance.

Raquel on

Cute family, suri is so cute.

David Hutchison on