Tiger Woods welcomes daughter Sam Alexis

06/18/2007 at 10:28 PM ET

Golfer Tiger Woods, 31, and his wife Elin became first time parents early Monday morning with the birth of daughter Sam Alexis.

Tiger writes on his website,

Elinand I are delighted to announce the birth of our daughter, Sam AlexisWoods. Sam was born early Monday morning, June 18th. BothElin and Sam are doing well and resting peacefully. Wewant to thank our doctors and the hospital staff for all theirdedicated and hard work. This is truly a special time in our lives andwe look forward to introducing Sam to our family and friends over thenext few weeks. We thank everyone for their well wishes and continuedrespect of our privacy.

He also adds that the couple will make photos of their daughter available shortly.

Tiger had just finished second in the U.S. Open on Sunday — babySam was not expected to arrive for another two and a half weeks.

Thanks to CBB reader Colleen, Karin, Yasmin, and Stephanie.

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FC on

Sam Alexis Woods? It works! šŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see this little girl. šŸ™‚

Megan on

YAY! Now this is the baby I’ve been waiting for! I am so happy for them! After the year Tiger and Elin had last year, to finally welcome their daughter must just be an amazing moment! I knew they’d have a little girl…she’s gonna be daddy’s little girl and have him wrapped around her little finger! I love the name =) And what a nice little present for Tiger–after almost winning on Sunday–to meet his daughter on Monday morning must have been a thrill!

Tiger and Elin will be amazing parents and I cannot wait to see pictures of beautiful Sam! Congrats to Tiger, Elin, and baby Sam…and no doubt grandpa Earl sent her to them straight from heaven…

PSB on

YAY! I can’t wait to see a picture!

Rachel on

lots of babies born on that day! well i’m sure this baby is adorable. congrats to them! now Sam and Henry Roberts can be friends..awww

Annoynomus on

Rachel- While I agree that Sam and Henry can be friends, I just want to point out that Henry’s last name is more than likely Moder, like the twins’, and not Roberts.

MB on

Hmmm…I’ve never heard the name Sam for a girl before? Is it comman where Elin is from (she’s Swedish, no?)? Or is Sam short for Samantha?

Sarah’s note: Yes, Elin is Swedish. Sam’s not short for Samantha, it’s the whole name — like Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen’s daughter Sam.

Hea on

Congratulations to them! I was hoping for at least one swedish name though but Sam Alexis is quite pretty.

Lissette on

aww. Cant wait to see pics of the baby! Congrats to them!

J. on

Welcome to the world of never having to work a day in your life, Sam! šŸ˜‰ You just might be one of the luckiest kids alive. Well, you and the Gates’ kids. šŸ˜‰

Heidi on

I was wonfering if they gave birth here in Pittsburgh or was she even here? Because he didn’t even finish until late Sunday.

TwinMom on

Congrats to them! I bet this little girl will be gorgeous!!!! I think this is my favorite celebrity couple.

Emma on

I am a huge Tiger fan and have followed his and Elin’s relationship since she first stepped on to the golf green.

All along I said to other fans (concerned with Tigers playing timetable) that Elin was due in June as I doubt Tiger would have announced the pregnancy at the end of December if they had not had the all clear from the 3 month scan.

However, with him playing at the weekend he was really lucky to get home in time to see his little girl coming into the World.

I am so happy they will share a picture with us, they are private people but many people wish them well and it is nice to share your happiness.

The name is not my style, I love girly names, funny if it was Samantha I would be be fine with it but I find it hard calling any call ‘Sam’ even close friends.

I was expecting some sort of Swedish name, not sure why but just thought they may go down that route.

Good luck to them all and fatherhood can only be a good thing for Tiger’s game and life!

Heather on

Wow, so many new births!! Congrats to them. This little girl is going to be stunning. I like the name Alexis Woods; would like Sam if it were short for Samantha.

Echo Jansen on

To Tiger, Elin, & Sam,

CONGRATULATIONS to Tiger and Elin. I am so happy for both of you! What a wonderful blessing this is for each of you. The two of you will be great, loving parents.
Tiger, you are truly my most favorite golfer in the whole world
and I wish you the best during the remainder of the golf season.
I have a friend whose name is Samantha, and goes by Sam and
I love the name. I wish the Wood’s family only the best. Your daughter will grow up so fast, so enjoy every minute of her.

J.J. on

Congratulations to Tiger and Elin and the entire Woods family on the birth of a little girl!!! I really like the name Sam Alexis whether or not it’s short for Samantha and think it’s perfect for this little one. Looking forward to see a future golfer taking after her father’s footsteps in a couple of years!!

Summer on

Congrats! They Seem like such a sweet couple.

Lynn on

Why did you take them off the post of the day so fast? They’re much better than what you have up there today. That is awesome news!

Sarah’s note: Because Tiger’s news had been up for 12 hours, and it’s not an exclusive. Exclusive things tend to be featured since we are the only ones with whatever it is. The Tiger news is still featured as a hot post.

friggin_boobs on

Haha! I wonder if their General Hospital fans.

Laura AS1 on

Congrats on the new little cub! I can’t wait to see her!

meela on

Iā€™m not a fan of Tiger Woods nevertheless I do wish them the best. I thought his speech was a bit odd that he and Elin were doing well. As if he did any of the work to birth their daughter. I thought it was weird that he included himself in that quote. I find him to be a tad bit narcissistic and this just proves it more.

Jeannie on

He said that Elin and Sam are doing well, not Elin and himself.

Meela on


I stand corrected, I went back and reread the quote and you are right. I must be imagining things but I could have sworn that I read that earlier. I just remember thinking that it sounded odd.

Jeannie on

Meela, I know what you’re saying. I read things too fast sometimes and then say to myself- “wait a minute!”

CJ on

Maybe they named her after golf legend Sam Snead??

natalie on

yeah! congrats for a normal, traditional name!

tamara on

i am so happy for ya both

Raquel on

Congrats to them. Don’t like the name Sam though, it sounds so plain and more suited for a boy, Samantha would have been cuter or alexis as a first name.

kemi on

1/3 Japanese, 1/3 black and 1/3 white makes Tiger’s baby a real cutie. mixed babies are so fine that there shouldn’t even be a thing such as racism!

Laura UK on

So glad to hear Tiger and Elin’s little one arrived safely. I had been keeping an eye out for any news. The name is pretty too. Can’t wait to see pics!

So many celebrity babies born on June 18th! That was my 18th birthday too.

Callen on

Kemi! That was a comment uncalled for! My Grandmother on my dads side is chinese( her husband was white). I dont feel like my ethnic background makes me prettier than any other ethnic group out there.Im sure tigers and elins baby will be cute regardless of ethnic backgrounds!

Lauren on

Come on, Callen. Kemi’s comment was completely innocent and actually very positive. Why do you have to turn around and make it seem negative when she was positively and politely stating an opinion? I remember another post about Shiloh months ago where a reader jokingly said, “Admit it, everyone, Shiloh’s cuter than your own kids!” You really took the comment personally and got all bent out of shape over that, also. It’s a website. Chill!

David on

Actually, Tiger is a self named “cablinasian”, his father was part African American, Caucasian and Native American. His mother is actually a native of Thailand and is Thai. So, she is a human being of all colors of the rainbow twice over. Congrats, Tiger and Elin! And by the way, enjoy watching the best golfer of all time, there is a one in a billion chance you will ever see a golfer like him again.

a fan on

congrats to TIGER! that is so awesome i remember seeing you, you were sooo nice to me like you would be to your little girl, too bad i don’t live where you live to babysit her. haha
Have fun