Update: Keri Russell welcomes son River Russell Deary

06/18/2007 at 07:08 PM ET

Ao8x2563666_cbbUpdate: Keri and Shane welcomed son River Russell Deary on Saturday, June 9th, in NYC.

Originally posted 5:30 pm: Actress Keri Russell, 31, and her husband Shane Deary recently welcomed their first child — but no details have been released. A Gawker Stalker reader spotted Keri, Shane, and a bundled baby at 9 pm last evening listening to music in NYC, and said mom and baby were ‘both adorable.’

Keri was due last Monday, June 11th, and had planned on a midwife-assisted birth.

Sources: Gawker Stalker; Us Weekly

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Heather on

Congratulations! I can’t wait to hear a name.

lilkunta on

Congrats Keri ! I still watch you on Felicity reruns and you were great !

lilkunta on

@ Sarah,
Is this gawker staker 100% sure?

How did u confirm the baby’s birthdate and name ? Hospitals dont release that info do they?

Is Mare Winnningham a soft/mellow singer bc I dont think loud music is good for souch a new baby, just 2 weeks old !

Sarah’s note: Gawker Stalker is a column where people write in their celebrity sightings. The name and birthdate are from Us Weekly; we did not confirm anything, we only asked Us Weekly to check with her rep, which they did, and then posted the news. Click the source links for more information.

FC on

Congrats to Keri and Shane on their son River. I like the name they chose for him. Funny she had a boy after the girl speculations running rampant! ๐Ÿ™‚

Paula on

YAY!!!! Congrats to Keri! She’s my favorite actress, and I’m glad she had a healthy boy! I knew after the girl speculations were out there, that she’d have a boy, because that’s how it always is.

I’m sure he’ll be beautiful, just like she is.

Callen on

I thought she was having a girl! But I love the name. I wonder if Russell is is Middle name, or is that just a second last name? Anyhow, Congrats!

Bohemian_me on

iยดm so happy for them – the babyยดs sure going to be gorgeous!

cassopolis on

Congratulation for her, it seems celebrity having their kids at the same time ๐Ÿ™‚
I really don’t like his name “river” why celebrity have to give kids weird names, at least this time Julia Robert gave a “normal name”

Steph on

I had a feeling she had it “him” and it was just not announced. Because for a while she was everywhere and then disapeared. Congrats to them. I really thought it was a girl myself. Cute name… very close to Kate’s Ryder Russell

Yonni on

River Dreary sounds like a book.

Dreary is a hard name to find a first name to easily flow with however…

Congrats to her and her hubby!

Sarah’s note: The last name is Deary; Us Weekly has it wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚ Still a hard last name though!

Scarlett B. on

I love the name River! I bet he’s adorable and I hope her having a son with the name River doesn’t make it used a lot more. Hehe. It’s my name! ;o]

Robin M. on

What a great name; I love it. Congrats to them.

natalie on

i don’t like those types of names. hopefully, he will get a huge inheritance because that name doesn’t work in the business world.

Ana on

Love that name! It’s in my top list too!! For my first or second son! River rocks!!!!

Jacquie on

Great name … thats my little brothers middle name! ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to see her adorable little bundle! Hope he comes out with her infamous curls.

Raquel on

I knew she was having a boy, she was carrying so small and her face, arms, and everything else looked skinny, which often happens with a lot of boy pregnancies. I love Keri and congrats to her, hope we see a pic soon.

Maxine on

River? RIVER? Just name the kid “water” for goodness sakes. I pity that kid.

Shanna on

Well, I guess if he grows up not liking the name River he can go by Russell.

Also, I really wouldn’t compare the name River to Water. River is actually a legit name and you have the actor River Phoenix along with quite a few celebrity parents who used the name.

Nicole on

Reminds me of Kate Hudson’s son Ryder Russell.