Julia Roberts welcomes third child — son Henry Daniel

06/18/2007 at 01:07 PM ET

15907pcn_julia01_cbbJulia Roberts, 39, and Danny Moder, 38, welcomed their third child this morning at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. Henry Daniel weighed in at 8 lbs, 8 oz, and joins twin siblings Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus Walter, 2 1/2.

Julia’s rep says,

The Moder family is doing great.

Source: People

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Erin on

People reports that the middle name is Daniel, not David.

Sarah’s note: Yes, it was corrected as soon as I posted it, but sometimes takes a minute to show.

Madeleine on

How exciting! I am sooo glad it is a boy! I hope he gets blonde hair though, sorry Phinn!

Steph on

aww.. Congrats to them! Henry sounds good with Hazel & Phinn.

Devon on

Yay! I was wondering when she was going to have her baby. Henry is a lovely name and it fits perfect with Hazel and Phinnaeus.

Congrats to the whole family!

Jennifer on

Congratulations to Julia, Danny, Hazel, and Finn! Henry is a great classic name…can’t wait to see pictures of the new little one 🙂

Say on

Henry? I’m a little disappointed, but I bet he is at cute as the twins.

Megan on

YAY! How exciting for the Moders! I love the name and as everyone else said–it goes great with Hazel and Phinnaeus! I wonder if it’s a family name like Hazel and Phinn were–and we can assume the middle name is after daddy =)) Can’t wait to see who he looks like! Congrats to Julia, Danny, Hazel, and Phinn on the new addition to the family!

Gigi on

As a red-haired mother of a red-haired son, I just have to ask:
Why do you hope Henry has blonde hair?
Why would blonde hair be preferable to Phinn’s red hair?

I genuinely want to know why you say that.

annonymous on

cool stuff. congrats to them. that’s how much i weighed, eight pounds and something.

Summer on

Congrats to Julia! Love the name 2!

Sophie on

Gigi she probably only likes blonde hair more, I think she said it nicely enough.

Lola on

I am glad she picked a normal name.

Natasha on

As normal of a name as it is, I wish they would’ve picked something a little more modern. I’m glad they gave him a strong name though, and someday he could go by Daniel, Danny or even Dan if he doesn’t like his name 🙂

Kelli on

I have red hair, as does my daughter and my son. My reasoning for hoping that my son would not have red hair is because red headed boys get picked on more. As a red headed girl, I was picked on and for any boy with red hair it was 10x worse. I just wanted to spare my son that little hardship.
That said; my little red headed bout is just the cutest thing ever so for me, it was never about looks or anything, just the teasing.

Sand on

WHAT IS WRONG WITH HENRY?????? I LOVE it! I think it is a classic name and what does it matter what we think of the name? Obviously his parents like the name or it wouldn’t have been chosen. Judge not…..

alecia on

I bet they call him Hank!

Ana on

I looovee the name! Celebrities have used them quite a lot in the last 2 few years (like Rachel Weisz’s and Heidi Klum’s sons), but I love it. I like the middle name Daniel a lot too, perhaps after his daddy.
I’m so happy for them!

Aleah on

Congratulations to the Moder family!

Nausicaa on

Congrats to them!! I was expecting a more unusual name (Hazel and Phinneaus are quite uncommon), but Henry’s a cute name and goes well with them. I can’t wait to see him! I bet he’s going to be on the cover of People next week.

Rebecca on

Henry is an excellent name. It’s a classic. Julia and her husband have great taste.

Lynn on

How did her twins weigh when they were born?

Josie on

Congratulations to the Moder family! I bet Julia’s happy that this baby is out! It felt like she had been pregnant forever! Great name, great family. I bet the twins can’t wait to help take care of their baby brother.

J.J. on

Congrats to the Roberts-Moder family!!! I bet little Henry will be as adorable as his big sister and brother and will look like Julia finally!!

brenda on

im so happy for them! congrats julia+ family!

Dawna on

Congrats to Julia and Danny on the safe arrival of their son Henry!

Tonia C on

Congrats to both of them. their children are adorable and im sure Henry is to.

was Henry born by C-section or Naturally?
given that i dont know if she had the twins c-section or naturally… just curious about how she delivered henry.

She had the twins by emergency c-section, but we don’t know about Henry.

Heather on

Before I got to this website I thought to myself, “I bet Julia had her baby today”! I don’t know how I knew (wishful thinking maybe!).
Congrats to the Moder family. I was so thinking/hoping it was going to be a girl. Henry is a cute name; goes with the other two very nicely. I bet he’s as cute as his brother and sister.

Kelsey on

Henry is a wonderful name, i love how the good strong names are coming back, along with new unusual ones. and i think it’s very amusing how some of the women on here get into arguments, very immature 🙂

Malla from Finland on

Congratulations to Julia, Danny, Hazel and Finn! I’m so happy for them.

I think Henry Daniel is a really beautiful name. It’s classic, and it is similar with Hazel and Phinnaeus.

Orli on

Congrats to Julia. Kind of cool we were pg together for a total of 10 wks…and we both knit also. I’m pleased with the name choice…it’s more main stream.

jennifer on

Congrats to Julia and Danny the new baby will be beautiful like theirs brother and sister Hazel and Phinn. I like you so much and thank you to make me happy

Jessica on

Yeah! I just love little boys.
I am agreeing with GiGi’s thoughts. Many people have almost criticized Phinn’s appearance. My little Holden has the same coloring and I find myself defending Phinn almost everyday when I read something. Us fair redheads are just as beautiful as our blonder haired blue eyed counterparts!

stephanie on

Congratulations to the Moders! Their twins were born on my oldest son’s birthday – November 28. Now thier son’s name Henry Daniel is the opposite of my youngest – Daniel Enrique (Spanish for Henry). I think she has great taste!

Raquel on

Very normal traditional name, compared to Phinn. Congrats to her, I knew she was having a boy this time around.

Karen on

I can’t believe that grown ups would sit here and put down a little boy. And we all wonder what happens to the Hollywood kids as they are growing up. They are criticized for ridiculous things, like the color of their hair. Guess who needs to grow up? Not him!!!