Father's Day of the Future for Celebrities

06/18/2007 at 01:08 PM ET

Very Angry Neighbors imagined what a video Father’s Day card of the future might look like for celebrity dads. The "Suri Cruise" of the future really cracked me up, as did "Blanket Jackson."

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tink1217 on

that was the funniest hing I have seen in such a long time!!

Akilah on

Too funny for words. This is actually how i pictured these kids in 20 years too.

r9lee on

k-fed asking sean for $ ^^ LMAOOO….and suri saying her parents contract was over which lead to divorce…. oh man 🙂 too many to name

romie on

Funny, especially Suri and Blanket. I was waiting to see Zahara still glaring at the camera.

sarawara on






Crying… crying now…

Margaux on

that was amazing

Nausicaa on

Hahahahahahaha….. Blanket :0 that was the funniest!! And the end with Sean. And that’s actually how I picture Shiloh looking like in 20 years!! funny how she was naming all her siblings and was losing track. I can see that happening!! 🙂

Dawna on

That was funny! I wonder if that video will still be on YouTube in 2032?

Annoynomus on

Anyone else notice that Sean Preston is incorrectly referred to as Sean Preston Spears in the video? I say incorrectly, because, as we all know, his last name is, in fact, Federline. This is the second time I have seen this happen with one of Britney’s boys. The first time I saw it, it was Jayden who was incorrectly referred to. I went to X17 to see some pictures that CBB had linked to recently…and spotted a link to pictures of Jayden (the ones that were posted on CBB a few weeks ago). The link read: First clear pictures of Jayden Spears. Now, the funny thing is, the people at X17 obviously know that his and Sean’s last name is Federline, because they have referred to the boys as Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline before.

Charity on

That did seem a little too right on. It was so funny. Thanks for sharing, CBB! 🙂

Annoynomus on

It kind of bothers me that Shiloh was the Jolie-Pitt child chosen to be in this video. I realize that the siblings of Blanket, Suri, Sean and Rocco aren’t featured either. However, the fact that, out of the 4 Jolie-Pitt kids, Shiloh was the one chosen to be in the video, makes me think that the people who made the video were being prejudiced against her siblings or simply think Shiloh is much more beautiful and more special than her siblings.