Brooke Burke explains her body after baby

06/18/2007 at 05:23 PM ET

Mr_fp_128269_cbbAfter the ‘cute baby’ reaction to these photos, many people’s second thought was, ‘Why does Brooke Burke have that body after three kids?!’ Brooke explains in the latest issue of People.

At 35 and having my third baby, I didn’t know if I was ever going to get back in my bathing suit! I worked out up until a week before delivery [on January 8th].

Brooke gained 30 lbs during the pregnancy, but says she ‘didn’t do anything crazy’ to lose the weight. Days after Heaven Rain‘s natural birth, Brooke begin Pilates classes three times a week. She also eats several small low-carb, low-sugar meals a day. Brooke, who is nursing Rain, 5 months, also munches on almonds and protein shakes to increase her milk supply [supply issues can be common in women with implants].

The best post-birth tip, however, came from her mother-in-law Christiane Charvet, who suggested Brooke wrap her post-partum belly in an ACE bandage for a month to help reduce swelling.

I swear it helped everything go back — I definitely got in shape quicker the third time around.

Brooke says that she’s 10 lbs away from her pre-pregnancy weight, but is pleased with the way things are shaping up.

I’m happy with the way I am right now — but I have a little ways to go!

Source: People, June 25th issue, p. 145


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Heather on

I think Brooke looks fabulous!! Most of us would love to look like Brooke, even if we’ve never had children, let alone after 3!! I think that’s why some people have negative comments or are questioning her body. Aside from looking amazing, kudos to her for being so healthy and taking care of her body. She works hard at it and deserves to look that amazing! Also, plenty of women look like that after birth b/c they also work hard, they’re just not famous so we don’t see it or hear about it.

Dawna on

Good gosh, if that is “10 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight,” I’ll take that kind of weight! Interesting thing about the ACE bandage. Probably uncomfortable, but worth a try!

FC on

Forget the ten pounds she “thinks” she needs to lose! I don’t see what else needs to be lost. She already looks fabulous and everyone envies her enough as it is, lmao. 🙂

PSB on

She looks totally amazing and I think she’d look too thin if she lost ten pounds more. She looks perfect right now and I’m going to try the bandage trick after my next baby.

Sarita on

She looks great! I’ll probably be too lazy to excercise after giving birth.

What is an ACE bandage?

Sabina on

I didn’t even know Brooke had implants, and usually you can spot those things from a mile away- hers have been done very well, she looks in proportion and fabulous!
I just had to post to say I laughed with delight at the picture accompanying this post, little Heaven Rain looks like a cabbage patch doll, she’s absolutely adorable!

Anna on

Thinking about it, David Charvet’s mother’s suggestion makes real sense; we should all thank her for the tip…
Definitely worth trying anyway as it does no harm, even if not really sexy!
Brooke was indeed lucky that at this time, hubby David was still shooting a movie in Morocco: she was already perfect when he came back home: great job!!!

Hea on

For a Swede like me, could someone explain what an ACE bandage is?

Sarah’s note: A long elastic bandage that you usually wrap around sprained ankles or to hold gauze in place, etc. It’s used for compression and support.

Jodi on

After the birth of my second baby, my baby nurse recommended the same thing. However, post c-section, it really hurt way too much to do.

Devon on

Brooke was married to a very good and well known plastic surgeon. If she does have implants, there is no doubt she got the best.

Coco on

I’m from Romania and the ACE wrap was something that every woman did in the hospital, my mom’s doc even examed her to make sure she was wearing it. She looks great! I don’t have any children and I don’t have that body.

Kat on

That suggestion is definitely a good one… it’s one that many women have utilized for generations… before tummy tucks and such…

They also make post partum belts that are similar, but don’t involve so much wrapping… you can pick them up at Babies R Us (they no longer carry the breast binders, so if you need those, you have to go to the manufacturer’s website…. I couldn’t breastfeed due to the medications I take and don’t know what I would have done without them).

supporting your belly not only helps the muscles, but helps keep your uterus in place and eases the discomfort from recovery.

My mother learned the hard way after having me that it is all too easy to wind up with a tilted uterus without proper postnatal support of the belly.

Mimi on

I wore my maternity belt during the 1st month after giving birth & thought it helped, but I wonder if works the same as a tight ACE bandage wrapped around?

I still have a little belly bulge & recently read in a parenting magazine that sucking your belly button in towards your spine will help tone that inner muscle and get your stomach flatter.

Raquel on

Heather you are right, there are woman that look good like brooke right after giving birth. Off the back I know 2 woman at my gym, who both had 2 kids within 2yrs and gained at most 30lbs, within a month they were wearing their skinny jeans like nothing. They were both like brooke, worked out while pregnant, didn’t gain a huge amount of weight, and worked out after pregnancy too. Brooke looks amazing, she has an awesome body. And that ace bandage works, I know people who did it.

misty on

I used the ace bandage around my breast as soon as I came home from the hospital and never felt the pain of milk coming in and I will for sure try in on my stomach with the next child.

Wolf on

Brooke I think you still have a really hot belly and you should not worry about it, because if I was your boyfriend I would love to eat your belly up because I think you are so cute and really love your beautiful belly.
Love Wolf