Shiloh and Maddox Jolie-Pitt pick up a Father's Day gift for Brad

06/17/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Angelina Jolie took daughter Shiloh Nouvel, 1, and son, Maddox Chivan, 5 1/2, to Lee’s Art Shop in NYC yesterday to pick up a Father’s Day gift for dad, Brad Pitt. WOW! Look at those lips; she says Angelina all over. There are also new photos of Angelina, Zahara Marley, 2 1/2, and Shiloh leaving a restaurant after lunch.

Who do you think Shiloh looks like?

Mr_fp_131189_cbb Mr_fp_131190_cbb
Photos by Flynet for use on The Celebrity Baby Blog, Inc only.

Just Jared has more photos:
First set. Second set.

100241_1_alv Shiloh wears Stride Rite’s Katy Stage 3’s in white ($43).

SauconyMaddox wears Saucony Kids Nitrous in grey/orange ($55).

Thanks to CBB reader Jessie.

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S on

Wow — Shiloh looks almost exactly like her Mommy!! She is such a beautiful child. Seems like she has perfect DNA!!!

Megan on

Oh wow…she is too gorgeous for words…I mean really…STUNNING…as for who she looks like…this one is so hard…it’s like she’s such a combo–I really see both of them in her…definitely those Angie lips–Brad’s blonde–it’s the perfect face of both of them…in this picture though, I think I see more of mom in her…she is so freakin cute…and how adorable is Mad…like such a little man…ADORABLE…almost in that protective stance of his mom and sis…TOO CUTE!

megan on

i do see a lot of angelina, but much of brad as well. she’s absolutely gorgeous.

Queenie on

For me it depends on the picture. Sometimes I swear she’s all Brad and in the next picture I think she’s a mini Angelina. Either way the girl has some good genes and can’t go wrong. Oh check out the video on splash. The paparazzi is nuts and the crowd is just as batty. They’re screaming and cheering as if they’ve just seen the Messiah. I don’t blame Brad and Angelina for keeping their youngest under wraps. I thought the response Brad got when he took his boys out was over the top (check out those videos if you haven’t seen them already) but this video takes the cake.

emzi on

I think she resembles Brad around the eyes but her mouth is definately Angelina’s

Matilda on

Beautiful little girl, and gorgeous little boy. What a sweet family! Shiloh’s getting so big, I can definitely see she is walking by now. Maddox always looks so calm and gentlemanly.

The video is a strange insight into their world – all those flashbulbs going off just for a little outing to the store! But I guess they’re used to it by now. It would be scary for us but Maddox probably doesn’t know any different.

Sarita on

I love seeing these photos, but watching the video I felt bad. These photographers are truly acting insane when they spot them; screaming etc.

Shiloh does look very cute though and so does Maddox, in one picture you can just see him thinking: crazy people!

kendrajoi on

She definitely has her mom’s lips, but she looks more like her daddy Brad Pitt to me…

Viv on

I think she has Brad’s eyes, but the lips scream Angelina!

SJ on

I am going to be controversial here, but the fawning over this baby unsettles me. To me she is just another cute baby, certainly nothing special. She doesnt “set the trend” in cute celebrity babies. I think if AJ and BP were not her parents, there wouldn’t be this strange fascination over her looks. I am not referring to you good people in here, but I am referring to a lot of other celebrity blogs. The comments those pictures of Shiloh get are really OTT and as a result, I can see why BP and his girlfriend refuse to let their natural child out of the house. But then again, they are setting her apart from her foreign siblings. They may resent her as a result.

Sabina on

I’ve thought Shiloh looks like Brad since the first time we saw a photo of her. She has his head/face shape and as far as we can tell, his colouring. Angelina had lighter hair and eyes when she was very young but she wasn’t quite as blonde as Shiloh. Also, Shiloh definitely has Brad’s ears and eyebrows, and I think his eyes too. She has Angelina’s lips and nose. Ultimately though, she’s a baby, not a jigsaw puzzle! We’ll see as she grows up which one she takes after the most.

Sabina on

p.s. I actually think Maddox looks more like Angelina than Shiloh does! It’s so adorable how he’s picked up some of her facial expressions.

Dawna on

Oh I saw all Brad Pitt in that picture! For sure those lips are Angelina’s, but everything else about Shiloh is Brad! Such a cute baby and big brother. I had to go check out the video to see what Sarita was talking about. Oh dear, it really is too bad the “craparazzi” is acting like that, no wonder Shiloh looks startled. Aren’t all those flashbulbs bad around young children as I’ve heard the lights can invoke seizures or something like that? Didn’t Victoria and David Beckham request no flash photgraphy around one of their sons because he has epilepsy?

Orli on

OMG she is such a pretty girl and I can really see both of them in her. Mummy’s lips for sure, but daddy’s hair and nose.

popi on

Shiloh is a doll!What a cutie!Depending of the pic I think she looks like Brad or Angie, but here more like Brad with Angie’s lips!
Maddox is so cute also! And big now!He’s going to be a heartbreaker lol!

sarawara on

I think she looks more like brad. Brad’s face shape, eyes, nose. She only has Angie’s (striking) lips, IMO. Zahara, on the other hand, looks identical to Angelina. Round eyes, full lips, round face. It’s uncanny. All of their kids are gorgeous.

I love CBB on

I agree Kendrajoi, she has her Mom’s lips but I think the rest is all Brad. What a sweet little girl. Maddox is such a little man! He appears to be such a gentle little boy and I am sure he is a fabulous big brother.

Christine on

Oh my god, she really is an angel. She is cute as hell !!! For me Shiloh is a great mix of both. She’s had some good DNA, damn I really want my son to marry her later lool

Those paps are crazy !! It doesn’t look to annoy Maddox or Shiloh but poor kids…..

me on

That woman screaming in the video freaked me out. No wonder Shiloh looks a little scared in the pictures.

No wonder they try to keep Shiloh away from the cameras usually. I suggest to those who constantly question why we don’t see Shiloh more often, go take a look at the video and you will have your answer to why Brad and Angelina take extra precaution with Shiloh.

Shiloh is adorable. In these pictures she looks like Angelina. Angie was a blonde as a little girl too. She’s a great mix of her Mom and Dad.

The video is at this link. It’s crazy.

Marthe on

She is beautiful and a wonderful mix of both parents.

Anne on

Actually, I’m going to disagree with most of you and say that she’s got Brad’s mouth. Look at him (especially younger pictures)–he’s got a plump kisser, for sure. The shape of Shiloh’s mouth is more like the shape of Brad’s. Angelina’s bottom and top lip look the same…not true for little Shiloh at all.

She’s all Daddy, to me.

maz on

she is all angie and grandpa voigt but with brads blondness and bue eyed goodness! she is so beautiful!

Jean on

I dare anyone to watch that video and then criticise “hot” celeb parents who choose to go out with one or more nannies for one or more children. I cannot imagine the fear of walking through that crush of strangers NOT holding my 5 year old’s hand, or having someone trusted hold it. I will never critique a comfort object of one of these children in public at any age (blanket, pacifier, bottle) nor will I complain that they’re too old to be carried/in a stroller if that’s what keeps them safe (or feeling that way at least). I cannot even imagine.

Susan on

For starters this is just a beautiful family as a whole. Maddox is a handsome little man and in the video he looks to be protective of his mother and sister. Pax though we don’t see much of him I am sure has his advantages to him. Zahara is just to cute for words and Shiloh well aside from those Angelina lips she is all her daddy Brad.

K on

She is beautiful, all 4 of their children are. I felt really bad watching the video – I can’t imagine how awful it is to face that everywhere you go. I only hope it I happened to be near a store & they walked in, I would remember this video & just turn the other way!

SJ – by the way, it is bad adoption language to use the phrase ‘natural child’ because it suggests the adopted children are unnatural. As a family with adopted and biological children it can really hurt people’s feelings.

Jolie Pitt fan on

To the staffers at CBB, there are more pictures of Angelina, her friend Holly, and daughters Zahara and Shiloh having lunch at St. Bart’s Cafe. Pax is there to and he’s holding Holly’s hand. You can’t see his face but he’s a wearing a blue shirt.

Here are the pictures:


Jolie Pitt fan on

To the staffers at CBB, there are more pictures of Angelina, her friend Holly, and daughters Zahara and Shiloh having lunch at St. Bart’s Cafe. Pax is there to and he’s holding Holly’s hand. You can’t see his face but he’s a wearing a blue shirt.

Here are the pictures:


Jolie Pitt fan on

To the staffers at CBB, there are more pictures of Angelina, her friend Holly, and daughters Zahara and Shiloh having lunch at St. Bart’s Cafe. Pax is there to and he’s holding Holly’s hand. You can’t see his face but he’s a wearing a blue shirt.

Here are the pictures:


Jolie Pitt fan on

To the staffers at CBB, there are more pictures of Angelina, her friend Holly, and daughters Zahara and Shiloh having lunch at St. Bart’s Cafe. Pax is there to and he’s holding Holly’s hand. You can’t see his face but he’s a wearing a blue shirt.

Here are the pictures:


tink1217 on

I think she is a mix of both parents..but I think she resembles daddy more!

Suess on

I feel absolutely horrible for those children. All that screaming and yelling and comments thrown at them! Imagine having to go through that everytime you go to the store. Photograph the parents – leave the kids alone for crying out loud. What happened to privacy? Would you want your baby or children plastered all over the front of the magazines and t.v. for the world to see. These actors/actresses appear in movies and then we are entitled to look at pictures of them when they appear on a red carpet – not a crafts store with their family. On their own private time – they shouldn’t have a camera thrust in their face or ESPECIALLY an innocent child’s face!!! Leave them alone!!

Queenie on

Here’s another crazy video. It’s of Brad’s sister Julie, her twin daughters, her nephew (Doug Pitt’s son), Pax, Maddox and Zahara fleeing from the paparazzi.

Karen on

Shiloh definitely has Angelina’s lips and Brad’s face. A perfect 50/50 mix.

ann on

She looks like Brad to me. These aren’t the best pictures to show that though. But she does have some Angelina in her. She def. has Brad’s light coloring. Angelina even when she was a child was darker. Shiloh also has Brad’s eyes, eye brows and face shape. I also agree she might have his lips. People ignore that he has really full lips as well, especially the bottom one which I think Shiloh has… Angelina’s lips are a bit different. I can’t imagine why people act like that.

Lauren on

I still think she looks like a real blend of both of them. IMO, she has Angelina’s facial features with Brad’s coloring. She’s getting more and more gorgeous as she gets older!
SJ, I can’t speak for other people, but my comments regarding how beautiful Shiloh is have nothing to do with who her parents are. I think she’s a stunning baby and would think the same if her parents were two ordinary people walking down the street.
And I’m surprised by how calm Maddox (who is very cute also) is in these pictures. If I were him, I’d be hiding behind Angie’s skirt crying. But as someone already said, this is the only life he knows. It actually makes me sad to see video and pictures like this. Yes, the parents chose to be in the spotlight, but to have attention on this level with kids involved is just not right.

Liz on

WOAH! Isn’t she just beautiful? And look at how tall Mad is!

I think she looks like the perfect mix, one way you look at her in some photos you see Brad. But in this photo you see Angie. Either way she is beautiful, so angelic and cherub like!

Also, how cute is Z? She’s gotten soo big too! Its amazing how fast they grow 😦

Melea on

She does look like both parents. I think just like Brad with Angie’s lips.

But getting back to the important part. I KNOW she is a celebrity but my gosh! Too many people taking photos and videos. It was a little much for anyone. I LOVE seeing photos of celebrity kids but not when they are taken like this. This is the life she chose for herself and her children but others, including people getting right in her face should realize what they are doing.

There really should be a law about how close they can get to the celebrities to take photos. They have zoom lenses. I’ve heard so many celebrity’s quote that (not word for word but you get the idea), “I don’t mind them taking photos but do they have to get right up in my face??”. It’s true, go across the street or get 50 feet away at least. Not 3 feet in front of them flashing away.

Once again they did choose this for themselves and its all a part of their lifestyle/job but still. Something needs to change, if not for the adults, at least for the children so they can have a semi-normal life.


how do i watch this video

ellie on

how do i watch this video

Posh_Fan on

Did somebody made a clone of Angelina and shrinked it and pretended its her daughter? :-p Look at those precious LIPS!! She’s so beautiful!

popi on

OMG I’ve just see the pics with little Zahara what a doll!
And I swear Shiloh and her share features…Like twins with different skin tones 🙂

Erin on

MMM on

I think she looks a lot like her grandpa jon voight. she definitely looks like Angelina too though. very cute!

i feel sorry for the family constantly being hounded though. i hope that one day soon the fascination with them dies and they can go out of the house in peace. i love celebrity blogs but I truly feel that pictures she be limited to premieres and events. I don’t like looking at pictures of them shopping, in the farmers market, or of them on their property. It is just sad to me.

Aleah on

I think Shiloh is the image of Brad, except for the lips. She’s really adorable!!

Nina on

She looks just like her granddad, Jon Voight.

Daisy Kay on

Zahara and Shiloh do have similar features. Amazing! So adorable..

Grayson's Girl on

Am I the only one who sees how much Maddox looks like Angelina too? He’s such a brave and handsome little fella! As for Ms. Shiloh, she’s a living porcelain doll. That’s no surprise of course, look who her parents are! She’s the perfect combination of both her parents. Some shots she looks like an Angelina clone, some shots she looks like Brad spit her out himself. I saw the pics with Zahara as well! She’s ADORABLE! Her little facial expressions are the best. They’ve been blessed with four beautiful children for sure.

I saw the video and I have to say I feel all kinds of guilty now. If that’s what they have to go through for us to see them it’s horrible. They way they clapped and screamed you’d think the child was the second coming of Christ. I totally understand why they try to keep her out of the camera shot so much. I’m an adult and that would have scared the bejesus out of me, it’s sad to watch little Maddox soilder his way through the throng and Shiloh look around like “who the hell are all these people and why are they taking my picture?”. Not cool. Such is life I suppose, Brad and Angie seem to be handling it well and teaching their kids to deal with it.

ola on

I cant get over how calm these children seem to be amid all this crazy chaos. I think it has a lot to do with their parents. If they act calm, the kids will pick up on it. Still, that video is crazy. You really can’t compare this family to other celebs right now. The afflecks, for example, are allowed some distance. There is no histeria or people clapping and calling out to the baby!

This may be an answer to all those silly questions about “why dont we see shiloh more”

BTW, I think Shiloh is a perfect mix of both her parents. I see a lot of Brad but I am beginning to see a lot of Angie in her as well.

J.M. on

It’s hard to tell. She def. has Angie’s lips but she resembles a lot of Brad too. She’s adorable. I also don’t see the fascination with her either. I still say Suri Cruise to me is the most stunning looking baby over Shiloh. Shiloh does look like your typical Gerber baby though w/ the pudgy cheeks and big lips and blue eyes! She’s def. a cute baby!

I think the paps are crazy when it comes to this family and those poor kids don’t know any different. This is the life they know. Crazy camera flashing screaming adult men who shout out them wherever they go. They will never have a so called normal life. But I think that Brad and Angie are doing their best to give them what they need. Even if Brad and Angie quit acting today – fast forward 10 years from now and people will still be obsessed with them.

iris on

I think she is so beautiful. Just a doll! Maybe because I have dark hair and blue eyes, so suri is common looking to me. Both are cute babies.

Shiloh looks very alert and curious.

Gillian on

What a gorgeous little girl. To me, sometimes she looks just like Brad and other times, I see a young Angelina in her face. She has her dad’s eyes and chubby cheeks and her moms eyelashes and lips. Although Brad’s lower lip is big too.

I have to say, I have a soft spot for Maddox because of the calmness he projects. He just looks like a big brother and always remains cool in any situation.

Zahara and Shiloh could be twins if not for their different skin tones. (I don’t mean that in a bad way). They both have the same exact features.

It’s so interesting to see how even adopted children can start to look like their parents.

NausicaaofWind on

FREAKIN’ ADORABLE!!! I can’t get enough of these kids! I could eat them up.

Shiloh and Zahara are adorable seperately, but doubly adorable when together, and with the same expression! They’re both staring at the camera with the same wide-eyed questioning look. I can actually see the family resemblance between the sisters. They definitely have the same lips. 🙂

When I saw Shiloh for the first time on the cover of People magazine, I thought she looked like Brad. But after seeing old photos of Angelina as a little kid on a fansite, I think she looks more like her mother with a little Brad. In these pics especially she looks like Angelina.

leni on

I dare anyone to watch that video and then criticise “hot” celeb parents who choose to go out with one or more nannies for one or more children. I cannot imagine the fear of walking through that crush of strangers NOT holding my 5 year old’s hand, or having someone trusted hold it. I will never critique a comfort object of one of these children in public at any age (blanket, pacifier, bottle) nor will I complain that they’re too old to be carried/in a stroller if that’s what keeps them safe (or feeling that way at least). I cannot even imagine.
Posted by: Jean

Good post. I defy anyone to watch that video and then post another comment about “why won’t they let their child walk?” “why aren’t they in a stroller?” “why does she hold her children all the time?”

The important thing is that they keep their children safe, no one knows better than the parent how best to do this.

Bella on

You couldn’t pay me enough money to put my children through what is in that video every time I left the house with them. Angelina and Brad chose this life, their kids didn’t. It almost makes me feel bad for wanting to see these photos!

As for who Shiloh looks like I would’ve gone with a Brad clone with Angelina’s lips. But I saw a shot of Angelina as a child alongside Shiloh in these shots on Perez Hilton today and my goodness are they alike!!

Annoynomus on

My goodness, Shiloh just gets cuter each time we see her! I can’t believe that she finally has a head of hair now! In any case, Shiloh is just the sweetest little cutie-pie, and I hope we get to see more of her now that she is older!

Annoynomus on

Bella- I just went to Perez Hilton and saw that photo for myself (ordinarily, I wouldn’t go to Perez Hilton if you paid me, but I just had to see that pic!), and you are absolutely right! Shiloh is an Angelina clone!

Daphnee on

The paparazzi are nothing but bottom-feeding scum, but somehow I feel they would view this as a complement. How dare they force themselves into the personal space of these people. And Shiloh is a little doll, but hearing “OHMAGAWD Angelina she’s beautiful!! An angel!!” made me feel bad for [gorgeous] Maddox. Hello?? He’s there too! I never make comments to a stranger-parent about their beautiful baby without also acknowledging the proud and beautiful siblings who are also present.

Scarlett B. on

In some pictures I think she looks more like Angelina but in others she looks like more like Brad. She is a perfect mixture of BOTH. She is soo pretty. She is going to be gorgeous when she is older. I would bet she will be prettier than Angelina.

FC on

Don’t know if my other post ever got through (technical difficulties)…sorry, if it did.

But I do agree that Maddox is looking at the papz like they’ve lost their minds and that he’s used to it and tired of it at the same time, but he knows that it’ll never go away most likely, so he deals with it. Shiloh is just like, “Who are these people? Why are they taking so many pictures? What’s the big deal?”

But in the ones of with Angie and the girls, the girls look so much alike again, even down to their matching pouty expressions. Too cute! They take after their mother more and more…;)

And I think Shiloh is just a mix and has her days of looking like Brad and the other days of looking like Angie.

Justine on

Shiloh looks like Grier, and why her mouth is always open? Definitely not the most beautiful baby on earth. I have eyes, i do not go with hype.

smh on

Justine, you are such the ray of sunshine in the morning. Good luck with that.

Natasha on

I think aside having Angie’ lips, baby Shiloh looks very much like her grandfather, actor Jon Voigt.

Raquel on

Shiloh is a gorgeous baby, looks like a gerber baby. She looks just like Angelina, same exact features. And Angelina was blonde as a child too.

Anonymous on

I think that Shiloh looks just like Angelina

roxy on

people often get a bit suss when celebrities keep their children out of the spotlight and in the house but after seeing that video it is so easy to see why. it is just frightening how loud and even violent people can get when in the presence of celebrities and their children. but shiloh and maddox both are stunning, and, like everyone says, shiloh has angelina’s lips but most of the rest of her is straight from brad. it’s odd how shiloh and zahara look quite alike even though zahara is adopted. but all of the jolie-pitt children are 100% adorable. looking forward to seeing more to come!

Kaley on

Shiloh is a perfect mix of Brad and Angie. All of the kids are just too cute.