Kalina and Kitin pose again with Simeon Hassan

06/17/2007 at 06:15 PM ET

Princess Kalina of Bulgaria and husband Kitin Muñoz posed for the second time with their newborn Simeon Hassan.

Source: Hola

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Rye on

wow her nose is messed up. cute baby though.

silentgirl on

I just have to say it. Whoa they have really messed up noses.


HELLO!!!….The Princess just had a baby and that puts stress on your body so i think it’s okay for her not to look like she just stepped off the runway. I thought the focus was about the baby get off her nose

Sabina on

I’m meaning this in the least nasty way possible because I’m just curious, but do we know what actually happened to her nose? Was she in some kind of accident or is it a botched nose job? The baby (Prince Simeon?) is a cutie. 🙂

Bella on

Such a cute baby! The family seem very sweet together.

I am not used to seeing such dark make up on royalty (English and Danish are the royals I see the most photos of) That probably sounds silly because of course it would differ with the person but it was the second thing I noticed (after the cute baby)!

As for the nose comment – are you serious? This site is about celebrity babies! There has been a lot of judgemental comments lately but that one nearly takes the cake! Are we really reduced to commenting on someone’s NOSE looking “messed up”? I hope that was just an offhand remark…

Petra on

Princess Kalina still looks like that without regard to giving birth. She had some serious inflammation in her nose years ago and had to undergo operation when the part of her nose was removed.

Autumn on

Baby Simeon’s cute indeed, but his parents look like 19th century royalty, decendants of Vlad Dracula, and the original inspiration for goth.

(I guess not everyone who’s royal looks like the classic Princess Di and sons.)

egads on

The site is about babies and the baby is cute but are we supposed to be blind to everything else? Those parents are just…. they are just, I don’t know. They’re royalty but their faces sure ain’t.

Anna on

Actually Princess Kalina looks a lot like Régine Chassagne from The Arcade Fire.

ME on

I don’t intend to be mean but IMO the parent’s look like vampires, her pale face and dark red lipstick and her nose. The baby is cute though.

PSB on

Autumn, you took the words out of my mouth!

Tiffany on

Wow! Is all I can say…

esther on

WOW, Judge not….. do you all live in glass houses?

Giadana on

Very cute little one.
The parents DO look like they stepped out of a Van Helsing movie. I’m not saying that to critisize, I’m facinated by them.

sfl on

The baby is very cute and has really interesting parents:

Princess Kalina of Bulgaria

Antonio “Kitín” Muñoz Valcárcel

Marujita on

For those wanting to know what happened to Kalina’s nose, she underwent a botched rhinoplasty some yeras ago, which is a pity because her original nose was quite normal and she looked pretty. My best friend’s mum worked at a hair salon in Madrid and she said that just days after the surgery Kalina went to have her roots done wearing big sunglasses with the plaster still on, something you musn’t do the following weeks after the op.

neves on

Wow…what unique ( cough, cough ) looking parents….Let’s try to hold the baby more securely.

sandy on

Has anyone taken into thought that the picture was taken at a bad angle? I just looked at the links on SFL’s post and Kalina actually looks very nice. The pic posted on the one site to announce the babies birth was a really nice picture and I think Kalina is actually very attractive there. I agree with Esther tho, who are we to judge??????