Brad Pitt says he's having 'the most fun,' and Angelina Jolie defends her bodyguards

06/17/2007 at 08:09 PM ET

In the June 25 issue of Newsweek — hitting newsstands tomorrow — actress Angelina Jolie expressed her frustration with the media’s handling of an incident which took place in India while she shot her new film A Mighty Heart.  During a scuffle with paparazzi, it was alleged that two of her bodyguards hurled racial insults at Indian school children; Although the charges were almost immediately dropped, the backlash lingered, and clearly struck a nerve with Angelina the mom.

We’ve become so eager to accuse people of being racist, but I would rather they make up almost any other story — about me sleeping with someone, anything — but that.  It’s not only a crazy accusation, but it’s the most insulting thing you could ever say about me, that I would employ someone who would be disrespectful to someone’s race or harm a child.  [The bodyguards] take care of my kids.

Also in the interview Angelina — who has four children, Maddox, 5 1/2, Pax, 3 1/2, Zahara, 2 1/2, and Shiloh, 1, with boyfriend Brad Pitt — said the couple wants "to have as big a family as we can."

Our only restriction is making sure we have time for everybody, and we’re finding that we have the ability to do that.

Brad acknowledged that the couple tends to "do things in extremes," but added that he’s "always embraced big changes, and this feels very natural."

It’s just the most fun I’ve ever had.

Source: MSNBC via Newsweek



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ADA on

i love this family so much. good for her for being so vocal about this incident… i can imagine her anger at being involved in something as unsavory as these accusations. she is working very hard to make a difference in the world and something like this really has to sting.

brad got 1 million times hotter, in my opinion… seeing him with a family and with children really pushed him over the top! he is clearly so in love with being a father; what a beatiful thing to see! if only all men would embrace the responsibilty and cherish their children like this.

those children are going to be remarkable adults with parents such as these! i really think that maddox, pax, zahara and shiloh and any other children they have will be amazing individuals.

JMO on

I think they got a raw deal in India. I honestly believe some people wanted to make money off Brangelina by crying foul. Then the worldwide media ran with the story without looking at the history of false claims in that country. Before anyone gets on my case I’m not bashing India. Where I’m from, the USA, our court system is rampant with people suing to try to make a quick buck too. Not long after Brad and Angelina left India, similar accusations were made against, Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai’s bodyguards. The charges here were also dropped. After this happened I read a newspaper article written by an Indian reporter living in India. He basically said a lot of these claims are basic extortion attempts. Cry foul, call the police and media and hope the celebrity will make it all go away with a monetary donation.

rhen on

I wish someone would give a nice publicity with celebrities like their good humanitarian deeds. If the rumor is true about the bodyguards, I wish she would straighten them up instead of tolerating them. It is not a good thing to hurl racist remarks at innocent children.

Dazzlar on

Are Brad and Angelina married? I heard a reporter refer to Angelina as his wife but thought nothing of it, ie: they are as good as married!
But then I heard George Clooney refer to them as being married too and I remember the rumours that were going around that they were going to get married and I figured that I had missed the announcement!!


The bodygaurd that was accused of saying racist remarks is Mickey, who has been Angelina’s body gaurd since she worked on the first Tomb Raider movie. He only goes with her on overseas trips. In the U.S, they have different bodygaurds. There is one very private Brad and Angelina forum that you can only join if you are emailed an invite from the adminstrators. Mickey has responded on that forum and told them, he couldn’t have possibly said those things because he was on the other side of school when this incidence took place.

Mickey definitely has a hot temper, which Angelina knows about, but if you have seen the pictures of Mickey and the way he treats Zahara and Maddox, you would know, he would never say those kind of insulting things about anyone’s race.

heidi on

The Newsweek article is great. Click on the MSNBC link above to read the whole thing.