Ryan Phillippe picks up Deacon at preschool

06/16/2007 at 09:13 AM ET

Actor Ryan Phillippe, 32, takes care of the blankie and the school folder while picking up son Deacon Reese, 3 1/2, from preschool on Friday.

Photos by Flynet.

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tink1217 on

Ryan Phillippe ranks right up there with Brad Pitt and the HOTTEST celeb dad around!! I love it that he is so involved with the kids and always has been. I wish he and Reese could have made it work. Its too bad!

ladymama on

I didn’t know he had tattoos. That’s kind of hot, although he isn’t my favorite. I triple quadruple heart Reese, though. She is my v v v favorite celeb.

NausicaaofWind on

It’s Ryan and his mini-me! Very cute. Too bad about Reese and Ryan, but at least they seem to be doing right by their kids.

Scarlett B. on

He is so cute and he seems like such a good dad. When Ava is older her friends are going to want to come over ALL THE TIME! Hehe

ellen on

Deacons adorable, i hear people keep saying hes a mini ryan, but seriously, that boy resembles his mommy a lot more.

stephanie on

there should be a rule for dads to not look so hot while picking up their kids from school. can you imagine the other parents’ face? yowza.

lexnext on

He is the hottest daddy and he seems to really love his kids.

Daphnee on

I love Deacon’s stance in the first pic, so confident! What a cutie.

Southern girl on

Deacon and his Daddy are soooo cute, and Reese and Ava are beyond cute, as well. Why couldn’t this relationship work out? Do you guys think we could sign a petition that they should get back together and send it to them? 🙂 HA!

Gabriella on

Deacon looks just like ryan, both are cute.

FC on

I agree with Ellen. He looks like Reese, and he and sister favor each other in the face, but he just didn’t inherit his mother’s prominent little chin,heart-shaped face. But he’s such an adorable little boy.

And Ryan isn’t looking too bad there. The arms and his chest in that tank is what gets to me. 😛 It seems like he’s gotten a new tattoo on his left shoulder. I don’t remember seeing that one.

brookefan on

This is so cute. I love hunky Dad carrying the little blankie/lovey!!!

preesi on

Ryan’s Mom ran a Day care and Ryan helped out all the time so hes a natural with kids!

Niki on

The two of them have the exact same look on their faces. The lips are exact. So Cute.

Leslie on

lol Stephanie! I’d probably get all dolled up everyday to pick up the kids if it was his turn 🙂

I think they’re doing a good job with the kids these days, I like that he’s doing the everyday stuff not just a weekend dad.

Jacquie on

I completely agree with Ellen, Deacon resembles Reese a lot more than he does Ryan. However, you can clearly see he’s got Daddy’s expressions and mannerisms 😉