Brad Pitt brings Maddox Jolie-Pitt to Mars 2112

06/16/2007 at 09:09 AM ET

Brad Pitt, 43, brings oldest son Maddox Chivan, 5 1/2, to NYC theme restaurant Mars 2112 on Friday. The pair were surrounded by paparazzi, but still paid the admission fee and waited in line chatting with other patrons!


Photo by Flynet.

51iyadfgl0l_aa280_Maddox wears Saucony Nitrous in mid-gray/orange ($50).

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NausicaaofWind on

Such a beautiful boy.

Stephanie on

I have to say, in the pictures I’ve seen of Maddox, he seems very wise for his age. When I say wise, I mean he always seems to be absorbing everything going on around him, rather than reacting to it. He is an absolutely gorgeous little boy, and it will be fun to watch him grow and see who he becomes.

beth on

I very much agree with you Stephanie… He seems very aware of what is going on and tries his best to not let it in!!
Beautiful boy!!!

paperhearts__ on

ha i just noticed he’s had the same hair cut his whole life, pretty much.

leni on

so nice to see Maddox having a special day with his dad.

Heather on

I think it’s great that they paid the admission and stood in line like everyone else. They didn’t expect special treatment. They didn’t expect to go to the head of the line and get anything for free.

syd on

Here is another Angelina interview she did. I’m only going to put down the questions and answers that relate to the Jolie Pitt Kids. The whole interview is at the link provided. Is there a way to put it up? It’s really informative in regards to the kids’ education and culture. Facinating read.


A couple of scenes showed you portraying Mariane chanting prayers as a refuge from her ordeal. Did you have conversations about Buddhism?

She has a beautiful shrine that I believe Danny built for her before he passed. I think her Buddhism was one of the reasons that she was able to think about the world around her and not focus on herself, on her own pain. It’s probably one of the great things that helped her. It’s also one of the things we realized we had in common, I am not a practicing Buddhist but I have a great interest and respect for Buddhism. I’m teaching my sons about it, about all religions, but especially what’s relevant to their countries. With Madd, we visit monks when we’re in Cambodia. It is something that Mariane and I talked about. I asked her questions for Madd, about shrines and meditating. I’ve learned to meditate and it’s very helpful. It helps center me. Maybe in the future, especially with my kids, it might be nice to learn to really think outside yourself and look at the entire picture.


You’re a global citizen. Do you foresee a future where more borders will disappear?

I do see myself as a citizen of the world. At the same time, I feel a certain sadness. There are so many languages that are disappearing. There are so many cultures that are becoming like other cultures. As much as I like that we can all be connected and share, it’s sad when people lose who they originally are, when their culture is destroyed. We have a mixed-race family. But at the same time, my boys are very aware that they’re Asian. They are learning their languages. My daughter is African. She knows it, I like that people are different. I think people should be prouder of who they are and not feel that they need to adjust and blend together.


Right now, your kids are little so you can bring them along wherever you go. How about when they start going to school? How will you protect them from the pitfalls of growing up with celebrity parents?

We are never going to stop traveling. I think the greatest education I can give my kids, especially because they are international children, is to keep them traveling. They can spend six months in Africa and then they come back to LA for a few months. Then they spend a few months in Asia or they go to live in Prague where they’re going to school now. On the first morning they went to school there, they were fine and it wasn’t unusual. When we’re in Africa, they go to a local school with the bush kids. They’re fine.

I think that just by showing them the world, understanding, tolerance and the beauty of different cultures, they’re not getting stuck in this town. Because their parents are actors, I am cautious about raising them too much in the States where other kids would say, ‘I saw your parents’ movie.’

Madd is in the Lycee Francais which has branches around the world. The other kids are in International School so we can travel and they’re on the same program.


So home is where the parents are?

Yes, home is where your family is. I’m sure at some point this will be their rebellion: They will just want to live in the suburbs and never travel (laughter).


You just celebrated your birthday. On your kids’ birthdays, do you talk to them about how you first met or saw them?

I talk to them about that usually on their birthdays. But we talk often about how we all came together. Madd and I always talk about the fateful day we met. I have yet to talk to Shiloh about it because she doesn’t understand me at the moment (laughter). My mom always did that, too. She called me on the hour, the moment I was born to say this was when you were born.


There’s a rumor going around in Europe that you will adopt another baby, and this time in the Czech Republic. How do you think the rumors started?

Because I adopt and I travel, people usually assume, they either say Brad’s buying a house wherever he goes and I’m adopting a child wherever I go (laughter).


Nicole on

They’re so cute together…and Maddox does seem very smart and very wise.

FC on

I would have loved to have been in that line with them, been able to say a few words to them maybe.

And I agree that Maddox does seem to be a wise one, besides a wild one at home, lol. He just seems to be a great, well-rounded kid. 🙂

holly on

CBB I really loved how you worded the blurb above the photo ‘Brad Pitt, 43, brings oldest son Maddox Chivan, 5 1/2, to NYC theme restaurant Mars 2112 ‘…it’s nice when people call Madd, Brad’s son..most people say brad’s adopted son, or his stepson or his girlfriends son…

KC on

I’m somewhat suprised to see Brad taking Maddox to that resteruant. I’ve been there and it’s like an alien themed Chuck E. Cheese’s – quite the place for a headache. Good for him though that he’s taking his son to a normal kid place.

ann on

I think that place might be special for them. Back right when Brad and Angelina were public or maybe before Brad took him there. This was way before Angelina was even pregnant with Shiloh. I think it’s very sweet they spend some time together just the two of them. It’s really nice they do seem to give all the kids quality one on one time.

Adore1 on

Brad takes Madd to this restaurant whenever they are in NYC

sarawara on

FINALLY! A celebrity who is teaching his child to (GASP!) wait in line and have (GASP!) patience! No doubt Brad and Angie are NOT teaching their children that they are “entitled” to everything. Major kudos to them. Major.

Jacquie on

I really love this family and just how down to earth and genuine Brad and Angie are. They have instilled wonderful values in their children. 🙂