Update: David Hasselhoff awarded full custody of daughters

06/15/2007 at 03:30 PM ET

Update:  David Hasselhoff has been awarded full custody of his two teenage daughters, according to his attorney Melvin S. Goldsman.  Goldsman says Superior Court Judge Mark Juhas granted David’s ex-wife, Pamela Bach visitation rights for alternate weekends and Wednesday nights (for dinner), saying,

If, down the road, the kids are comfortable seeing her more, Mr. Hasselhoff has said he will let his children see their mother as often as they want to.

This decision seemed to be a shock for Pamela, who did not comment, but was seen crying in the hallway of the courthouse. David was obviously thrilled telling reporters it was "a beautiful day to go to the beach," and,

The judge said today, ‘Enough – enough is enough, these children have been through enough.’

Source: People

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Originally posted on May 21st: People is reporting that David Hasselhoff has regained his visitation rights and will again share custody with his ex-wife Pamela Bach. The only comment the navy pinstripe-suit-wearing actor gave was,

It went well today, and the truth was told.

Pamela’s lawyer, Debra Opri, says she was given a gag order by the court and would only say,

We’re happy.

Orginally posted on May 16: Actor David Hasselhoff recently (temporarily) lost any access to his two teenage daughters with his ex-wife Pamela Bach, after a judge was shown a video of him in a drunken state filmed entirely by his oldest daughter, 17-year-old Taylor Ann. David and Pamela have been involved in a continuous bitter custody battle over their two girls, which includes their youngest daughter, 14-year-old Hayley, since they split in 2006. As Pamela’s lawyer Debra Opri says,

What we saw on the tape was a tragedy. This man is going to kill himself, and we don’t want his children around when his does.


The publicly released video has now thrown the ball into Pamela’s court, exemplifying the erratic behavior she has been accusing David of having due to his drinking problem. An insider says Pamela had told officials that he assaulted her and the kids when he was drunk, and that the kids have been so terrified they’ve called the police.’  Now that Pamela no longer has to prove to anyone just how outrageous David’s behavior can become, the insider says she is completely focused on her daughter mental and physical well-being.

She’s now worried sick for her girls. She doesn’t want them to have to waste years of their young lives covering up for their father’s drunkenness.

Pamela herself told In Touch,

For the sake of our daughters, I hope this will finally force him to address his problem and get some help he desperately needs.

Pamela’s lawyer says her client is content with court’s decision and hopes to reunite her daughters with their father eventually, but only after he seeks help for his problems.

We’re very happy with the judge’s orders and we want to reconcile Mr. Hasselhoff to his problems before he hurts his daughters.

The family will reunite in court again on May 21 for a follow-up court hearing to establish long-term custody plans.

Source: In Touch, May 21, pg. 28-29

Photo Credit: Yahoo Movies

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Lorus on

I heard he got full custody of the kids for the next two weeks when they go back to court.

Laura on

You have your legal terminology wrong- he never lost his parental rights (that only happens when you voluntarily give them up so the child can be adopted or your rights are terminated by a dependency court because of abuse or neglect, and then it’s basically impossible to get your rights back- it completely severs the legal relationship). He only temporarily lost his visitation rights. There’s a huge difference.

Sarah’s note: Thanks — I corrected Nisha’s post.

Audrey on

I just watched the video and I almost cried for his poor daughter trying to make her dad stop drinking. I feel sorry for his family, I hope he gets help.

Monkeycox on

After seeing that video of him I’m completely shocked that he would be awarded custody. There must be something terribly wrong with the mother. I feel for those children.

ericka on

Is the judge on crack!!?

Why don’t the girls want to be with their mom? Why would they want to live with an Alcoholic?

Is there any kind of explination as to why they want to live with David over their mother?

Judy on

I saw the video and I must admit that I don’t understand why he was awarded full custody. Why has the mother only visitation rights?? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

preesi on

Id have rather lived with an alcoholic Dad then my Narcissistic Mother!

NausicaaofWind on


I thought his wife and daughters made it pretty clear – or even crystal clear! – that David was an alcoholic, unstable, physically and verbally abusive, and overall completely unfit as a parent! This is an outrage! How could the judge do that!? He should be fired! I haven’t heard of such a bad judge since that man who denied some woman a restraining order against her abusive ex-husband, and she was burned alive as a result!

Stacy on

There is no way we can understand all that is going on in this custody case from one video of David in a weak moment. Obviously the judge and the daughters, despite that seemingly damning video, felt that David was the better choice for full custody. Considering judges are usually very pro mothers there has to be a lot we don’t know so maybe we shouldn’t start screaming for the judge’s head just yet.

preesi on

Nausicaa? I dont know where you are getting that.
The “Mom” refused all drug and alcohol testing and Hoff didnt refuse…
Hes clean!
The kids reported stuff the Social Workers and the Judge and obviously they dont think SHE is fit.
Also, after the age of 13 kids have a right to decide where they wanna live and obviously they decided dad!

Debra Opris Site:

NausicaaofWind on

preesi – who could be so guillible as to believe anything that self-obsessed leech Debra Opri has to say? After the stunt she tried to pull with Larry Birkhead? The judge must’ve had an IQ in the negative numerals to base his verdict on what that pit bull spat out at him and the wife and the witnesses and whatnot.

mae on

Has he maybe visiting the AA’s? When Taylor Ann filmed him drunk, she spoke surprisingly open to him. It didn’t seem to me that she was scared of him. She’s worried about him and obviously cares about him getting better.

preesi on

Nausicaa? Debra Opri is Pamela Bachs attorney, not The Hoffs.
According to everything I read last night THE MOM was the abusive one, The Hoff was just a Drunk.

preesi on


Hoff’s Ex Gets Dinner and Movie, But Just Barely
Posted Jun 16th 2007 8:44AM by TMZ Staff

TMZ has learned what went down with David Hasselhoff and ex-wife
Pamela Bach Hasselhoff in court yesterday.

Hasselhoff won primary physical custody and sole legal custody of the
former couple’s two daughters. Sources day Pamela will have the kids
from Friday to Sunday every other weekend. She could also have dinner
with the kids Wednesday night, but that’s it.

We’re told the judge indicated he might be willing to change the
ruling to a fifty-fifty split, but only if Bach attends anger
management classes for a year and submits to drug and alcohol testing.
Sources tell TMZ a special master (a psychologist) appointed by the
court interviewed the family extensively and determined that Pamela
was abusive to her kids and refused to submit to drug and alcohol
testing. The Hoff has voluntarily agreed to submit to alcohol testing.
So, the Hoff turned one of the messiest burger meals ever into a major
courtroom victory.

Judy on

I feel incredibly sorry for these girls!!! It sounds like custody is being awarded to the parent who has the least number of problems. I wish these girls had some clean and sober relative who was willing to raise them until both David and Pamela got their acts together.

Gabriella on

The mother always seemed unstable on interviews I saw her, so I’m not surprised.