John Travolta compares family to the Fondas, talks about acting heritage

06/15/2007 at 08:40 PM ET

John Travolta says in the latest issue of Parade Magazine — on newsstands this Sunday — that he envisions a long and successful career for daughter Ella Bleu, 7, who will make her acting debut alongside her father in the upcoming film Old Dogs.  John even drew comparisons between he and Ella and yet another well-known father-daughter acting duo.

Not bad to think I’m like Henry Fonda and (Ella’s) Jane Fonda.  Let it be heritage, the family business.

But the comparisons don’t end there.  In the same interview, conducted at 2 a.m., John likens his family — including wife Kelly Preston and son Jett, 15 — to the Addams Family because of the hours they choose to keep.  According to John, Kelly and the kids routinely stay up with him until the wee hours of the morning, going to bed when the sun comes up, in an effort to escape the intrusive lens of the paparazzi.

We’re … living a sort of odd, nocturnal life.  My kids probably stay up too late.  My wife goes to bed around 3 a.m., and I follow around 7 a.m., but it works. 

Sources:  StarPulse, Monsters and Critics



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sarawara on

Uhm, that’s jumping the gun a little, don’t ya think? She’s SEVEN. Why not let her be a kid while she’s a kid and let her decide what she wants to do when she’s a grown up? Seriously, with these kinds of expectations she’s being set up for serious emotional problems.

j. on

They have an Addams Family life? What’s Jett then? Lurch? I’m sick and tired of them talking like Jett isn’t an equal member of their family. Come on, John! 😦

lulusass on

I’m sure Ella will be beautiful and talented but i can’t help but get the feeling that he is counting his chickens before they are hatched. All we have heard is how incredible she is from her father, which is a wonderful thing, who doesn’t think there child isn’t the most amazingly talented person in the world? I’m all for encouragement there isn’t enough of that in the world but there seems to be alot of pressure there…let here take one step at a time and see.

lulusass on

And I agree with j., my opinion of John Travolta has rapidly diminished and he’s digging himself deeper and deeper. I’m finding it harder and harder to find any redeeming qualities about him…I used to like him so much! My brother is mildly autistic and he is as equal as the rest of us, not one of us is more important than the other unfortunately thats not the feeling i’ve been getting through interviews over the past few months.

Marilyn on

I take it they only keep these hours in the summer when the kids aren’t in school (at least I hope so). When do Ella and Jett get to play with other kids if they’re sleeping during the day, unless they wake up around 12:00 noon/1:00 pm, then they still have time to play but I don’t think the papparazzi are that interested in John/Kelly anymore — they’re after younger/newer celebrities these days.

denisse on

i like how john is always talking and thinking on ella but what about jett the pics that i saw of he was before ella born he was always with them but when ella born i never (just me doesn mean someone else) saw a pic of john with jett this is so sad

Giadana on

John’s got it all planned out, doesn’t he?

Maybe all this baby talk has to do with them needing a “Peter Fonda” to complete the family & Jett just won’t do. I feel so bad for this boy.

The crazy schedule has got to be effecting their kids’ education. What could they possibly be doing at 3:00AM besides watching TV & eating?
These two need a parenting class!

zaoli on

He gets more and more creepy with each interview.

Michelle on

Marilyn posted “I take it they only keep these hours in the summer when the kids aren’t in school”

I’m not sure, but I think maybe they’re home schooled. I thought I remembered reading a few years back that Kelly doesn’t let her kids get any immunizations. And I know where my kids go to school your shots have to be up to date in order to attend and I’m assuming that holds true for all schools.

S on

“I thought I remembered reading a few years back that Kelly doesn’t let her kids get any immunizations. And I know where my kids go to school your shots have to be up to date in order to attend and I’m assuming that holds true for all schools.”

Unfortunately, all you have to do is sign a waiver saying you have religious beliefs against vaccinations, and your child can attend school. It is not fair when parents choose not to vaccinate…they are depending on the rest of us to vaccinate our children, so THEIR children won’t get sick. Do these parents ever think about the fact that we no longer have life-altering illnesses in our society (measles, polio, hepatitis) BECAUSE of vaccinations?

I agree with statements regarding John Travolta… I continue to lose repsect for him.

Stephany on

Wow, putting just a little bit of pressure on Ella, are ya, John?

I used to really like him but all these interviews are really wearing on me. He seems really creepy.

Lauren on

I’m with you, S. I hear/read parents say they refuse to vaccinate their children, and I have to shake my head in disgust. Many people choose not to vaccinate their children nowadays because of fear that vaccinations cause autism. But anyone in the medical field will tell you there is no proof of that. It is simply a theory people have run with. It disturbs me that people would actually risk their children dying of preventable illnesses in order to prevent a disorder that may or may not befall them.
And as for John Travolta, I really don’t want to punish the entire cast of Hairspray by not seeing the movie just because of him, but he is seriously getting on my last nerve. The way he is constantly talking about Ella and not only ignoring Jett, but denying his autism is sick, and the way he talks about Ella in this interview is just weird. Thankfully he’s exposing his true colors and will be out of everyone’s hair if he keeps this up.

NausicaaofWind on

“We’re … living a sort of odd, nocturnal life. My kids probably stay up too late. My wife goes to bed around 3 a.m., and I follow around 7 a.m., but it works.”

That is NOT healthy, no matter what age you are.

This interview is cringe-inducing. I agree with what’s been said about him “counting his chickens before they hatch.” Sounds to me like there’s some pressure involved here. Ella is 7. She’s still exploring her career options. Right now acting interests her; who knows if she’ll still be interested in it years from now?

nurse betty on

Lauren & S. – you need to educate yourselves on vaccinations. is a good places to start. You might not totally agree with things on the website, but you need to realize (this is not to put you down, but just to caution you) you are in the dark in terms of healthcare. Start questioning things. I am a nurse and you cannot believe the medical atrocities (in a hightly reputable medical hospital)I have witnessed first hand and NOBODY is responsible, it just gets swept under the carpet and people’s lives are altered or ended like you wouldn’t believe. As far as Travolta, it’s his & his wife’s personal decision to vaccinate or not. I don’t know their reasons, but I do know my own.

Patty on

Why would ANYONE want the kind of relationship that Henry and Jane Fonda had?

Lauren on

nurse betty, I don’t doubt what you say about the accidents that occur in hospitals, but although I am not involved in the medical field, I also don’t consider myself to be “in the dark” regarding vaccinations. I have one cousin who is a nurse and another who is a professor of Pediatrics with a doctorate in the subject. Both say there is no real proof that vaccinations cause autism, cancer, or any other illness/disorder. I have also heard doctors from Columbia and other highly reputable universities say the same-there is no evidence that vaccinations are more harmful than not. I read about four articles on vaccinations at, and they are hardly convincing of anything. There were almost no statistics or hard facts to support this guy’s claims that vaccinations cause cancer, AIDS autism etc., and when he did use stats, they were at least 10-15 years old. Sorry, but I won’t be taking my kids to visit a guy who uses nothing but scare tactics to get people to see his pov.

PSB on

LOL @ Patty

That was my FIRST thought too! There are lots of acting dynasties, but he chooses the Fondas, who had the most frigid father-daughter relationship? Why not throw the Barrymores in there too, just so we know just how messed up you see yourself John. Jeez.

I also agree with the poster who said he gets creepier with every interview. I can’t believe I used to like this man. He doesn’t even realize how myopic he is. Even his seven year old’s interests are spoken about in relation to himself. Ick. Give the girl a break. Didn’t every little girl go through a number of phases?

RE: Vaccinations

I agree with the posters who think it’s selfish not to vaccinate. I can understand the point of view–but they’ve removed most of the mercury from the shots and you can request single dose vials (most doctors where I live only give those now) and space the shots far enough apart.

This country has a lot of immigrants coming in over the border, and they frequently are not vaccinated. Their kids go to school with yours and you shop at the same grocery stores and ride the bus together. There is a good chance that we will see a resurgence of things like polio and measles if kids aren’t vaccinated. Remember the mumps outbreak last year in Chicago? I just don’t want to play Russian roulette with my kids.

DWS on

Re: vaccinations being blamed for causing autism, cancer etc….how many children get these every year? Wouldn’t there be more children with all of these ailments if this was true. I think the benefits of vaccinations out weight the extremely, extremely small risk they supposedly have. Also, I agree with PSB….there are ALOT of immigrants in this country now that are not vaccinated and carry who knows what. Look at the resergance of whooping cough…

cbb lover on

Regarding vaccinating: Just because an idea isn’t popular doesn’t make it wrong. Just because an idea is popular doesn’t make it right.
Sounds like many cbb readers are brainwashed by the medical “experts” and don’t want to allow others to think outside the box. Do what you think is right and allow others the freedom to do the same. Mark my words, years and years from now our medical practices will be looked upon as barbaric. So if someone else has another idea, live and let live. Just because someone is in the medical field means only that they have been fed information — very few have done the research or looked beyond what is taught to them in textbooks. So yes, they will only agree with what they have been taught. Question everything.

P.M.S. on

There have ALWAYS been a lot of immigrants in this country. Hundreds of years ago they were called “settlers” (or “slaves”). And guess what sort of diseases were spread around since 1492.
Let’s not start with racist/redneck talk here. Please.

And yes, I agree. Not vaccinating IS selfish.

Laura on

I have a daughter who is 4 and was diagnosed with autism around age 3. She was a perfectly healthy, normal child until 18 months. After her MMR she got very ill, ran a high fever and had flu like symptoms for a week. We didn’t think too much about it other than she must just be sensitive. A few weeks later she quit calling me ma-ma. She soon quit talking at all. My babbling, outgoing, happy child that always giggled suddenly was gone. After consulting with neurologist, immunologist, pediatrician, allergist and having numerous tests, including blood tests, urine studies, and MRI she was diagnosed. I am certain her autism was brought on my her MMR. Her blood shows extremely high levels of Rubella intibodies. Her immunologist believes her body could not handle the Rubella vaccine. I know her autism was not caused by anything I did during pregnancy or after. My daughter is a twin and her sister is not autistic. Her sister did not have the same reaction to her MMR. She ran a low grade fever for about a day and was back to normal. I urge every parent to double think and research before giving the MMR. I am not totally against vaccinations, I just feel that we are giving our children too much too early. I wish I would have known to give the vaccinations after age 4 and seperately. Until you have a child with autism I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself.