Angelina Jolie on Larry King Live

06/15/2007 at 12:53 AM ET

Angelina Jolie, 32, appeared on Larry King Live this evening, and although the show focused mostly on her new film A Mighty Heart, Angelina did speak a bit about her children, media attention, and rumors. Here are the highlights:

On Shiloh’s name: You name a baby and you hear from across the world that it means…apparently it’s a lot of things. There are a lot of songs, there is [a movie].  It was just, for different reasons, a name we love.

On if she brought home Mariane Pearl’s French-Cuban accent: [laughs] No, I think my kids would have found that really weird. Mad always found it really funny that I looked like Adam’s mom.That’s all he kept saying — that he thought I was goofy that I keptdressing up like Adam’s mom and that that was my job. It was just weird.

On switching off work schedules with Brad: When one of us isworking, the other one is with thekids. You know, when we shot A Mighty Heart, he was figuring out funthings to do in India with the children. It can be challenging, butit’s fun. It’s always harder and more fun to be home with the kids.

Click below for more on Pax’s name, his behavior, how Angelina feels about adoption and traveling, media attention, her candidness, and how they want to raise the Jolie-Pitt clan.

On Pax’s name: My mom wrote a list of names when we weregoing to have Shiloh. And one of the names that she suggested was Paxbecause it meant peace.He’s anything but at the moment. [laughs]

On Pax’s behavior: It took us about a year [to get throughthe adoption process]. He’s wild. He’s beautiful and wild. You know, hehad no freedoms for three-and-a-half years. He had lived in thesame place in the same cot along with 20 other cots and did things atthe exact same time and had no chance to have an opinion himself. Helived a very structured, structured life. And now he has a lot offreedoms. And so he is a very good boy, but he’s also suddenly veryfree.

On adoption: I consider it an honor to have these children in my home — they’re a joy.

On traveling: My family comes with me to these places and there’s no greater thingthan I can teach my children than for them to see that side of my lifeand that side of the world. It’s very important. And weall stay together.

On her candidness: The only things I’ve ever tried to control are [that] I’ve tried to have someprivacy with my family…[like] I don’t want to say whether or not I’mpregnant right now…I am veryopen. I just…have tried to…protect my family, and to try to have some [privacy] aboutthings that I think are my right, because it’s my family and my kidsand my pregnancy, or my whatever it might be.

Media attention on the family: It’s just one of those things that’s best not to think about toomuch. And I hope, as our children grow up, that we will be less andless in the public eye, and they will have less and less that they willhave to live with as they become impressionable adults. Andthey won’t see too much of it. Hopefully we can fade away asthose years approach.

But, you know, they went to a museum the other day, and [Brad and I] weren’t there. We were working andfound that they were followed. Especially when we’re notthere, it seems that [there’s] something wrong with that.

On how she and Brad want to raise the kids: We talk…often with how we’re going to raise our children. Andwe want to make sure that we raise them to have as much respect for,and as much comfort in, the village with no video games and no comfortable beds and sheets and fancy this or that, and that theyhave just as much fun, and just as much respect for thosepeople as they do for somebody in a big city with all these otherinteresting things.

And fortunately, we have discovered thatwith all the traveling our children do and all the different places weall spend time in that we do have that balance, that they don’t see itas different, unusual or less than to be in another country. They seeit as different and wonderful things.

We’re trying to instill compassion and understanding and tolerance. Andhopefully they will have that by looking at each other as they grow up,and learning about each other’s countries and just being a family. Butalso, we don’t want them to be spoiled and we don’t want them to beattached to things. And we don’t want them to be attached — or takefame seriously, or anything like that. We want them to be good people,like all parents.

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Amber on

She is such a wonderful lady

Carol on

If she wants to do have more privacy then she should stop treating the public as her confidants. THose children will carry the burden of her actions and those of her partner. She should be more careful and realise that the more she talks about them, the more interest she generates about them. Otherwise, wish them the best.

Emily G on

I saw the interview last night and it was just wonderful. I just love her as a person – she seems so down to earth and so genuine. I am dying to see “A Mighty Heart” next Friday! =]

Ally12 on

hi im wondering recently pictures of angie and brad there saying their married did i miss out on some insider news or what

Nicole on

I’m sorry, but I think she brings all of the “spotlight” on herself. I can only see her for what she is.. a homewrecker. Brad’s divorce wasn’t even finalized when she became pregnant. If she doesn’t want the spotlight on herself so much, then she should think about staying away from other people’s husbands and using protection until the dust settles. JMO. I’ve read somewhere that she doesn’t like to be considered an “actress”.. she wants all the attention on the work that she does. Personally, if she feels that strongly about it, then she should quit making movies and use her money to help others. Of course, she’s not going to do that, because the fame is what she lives for.

Clarity on

Rumors now are that she is pregnant again. She just hinted that she was. And yes, her talk of “privacy” amounts to only the most stunning hypocrisy, when she sells photographs of her children – HALF-NAKED AND IN BED TOGETHER – less than one week after adopting them to major national magazines.

macarti on

Love angie she is incredible.

LaurenT on

Great interview. I don’t feel as is if she confided anything too personal or anything that her children will suffer for hearing played back ten years from now. And given how much press some stars get when they don’t ‘show’ or ‘talk about’ their children, and the wild speculation that follows (either the child has some ailment that their ashamed of or that the star doesn’t really care about said child); I don’t think there is any one thing Angelina (or Brad) could do that would lessen the interest in them or their kids right now. Will it last forever? Probably not on this level, but when it does fade, it won’t be because Angelina and Brad have changed the way they live or what they say in the press. It’ll be because someone either hotter, or more controversal, comes along for the press to follow.

Prior to doing press for their movies, Angelina and Brad spent a good portion of the last year going about their lives, not giving interviews (no reason to), and not answering questions or rumors about them. Their children were still followed to school or to the park. They still had their faces plastered on the cover of tabs and mags.
Such is life for them now. It’ll fade, maybe never completely (some stars don’t), but however much it fades, it won’t be because Angelina did or didn’t tell us that Brad is a wonderful Dad or that her kids love to sleep with them on Sundays.

Lola on

I loved the interview last night. I love how intelligent she is. I wish more hollywood women were like her and would get over that whole ‘it’s okay to act dumb’ thing that these recent girl stars think is cute.

lulusass on

Angelina should be able to talk about her kids though, she’s proud of her family…if I could shout from the roof tops about my boy I would. I’ll tell anyone who will listen how great my boy is! That said she should be allowed her privacy, she and Brad accept that they are public figures but I agree if they are not with their children does that make them public figures, does that make it ok for them to be followed and photographed?

NausicaaofWind on

The interview was wonderful. I missed it at 8:00, so I watched the 11:00 showing and stayed up till midnight watching it 🙂 It was worth it. She’s such a great speaker and impressively passionate about everything. Her kids are beyond lucky to have someone like her as their mother. I can’t wait to see A Mighty Heart.

She looked tired, though. Who can blame her, with four wild kids, a filming schedule, and her duties as a philanthropist, she obviously has a lot on her plate.

Kim on

I disagree, Carol. If she had the kids in hiding and never talked about them, the would generate much more interest. Look at how everyone flipped out when they hadn’t seen Shiloh in forever between her first photos. If she controls what gets out it’s much better for her and the kids

sarah on

I think the reason she talks to the media about her family is to get all the mystery out, if she kept to herself they’d probably bother them more. I think she is a great Lady and has an adorable family. I watched Larry King last night, and you can tell how proud she is of her family. When she started answering questions her face just lit up and eyes sparkeld!! I truly believe she is a great Mom, and isn’t, as some would say, a baby collector!

Josie on

yeah but there are alot of celebs who talk about their families and none of those celebs are as hounded as the jolie-pitts even when they weren’t talking to the press they were hounded 24/7 so sadly to say i really don’t think not talking about her family would help. i remember a while ago people were saying maybe if she opened up more maybe the press will back off and lose interest and it didn’t happen now we say stop talking and maybe they will lose interest i just think another popular couple is going to have to come along in order for this poor family to catch a break.

Noelle on

Angelina is such a great person. Compassion, tolerance, understanding, and love are the primary things I try to instill in my children as well. To me, that’s the most important thing, is to have my children appreciate all kinds of people and know that every culture is beautiful. I don’t have the luxery to travel with them as much as she does, or to adopt children from other countries, however I would love to go to Africa with my kids. I went during college and it was so life-changing. I don’t think we’ll ever adopt, but I applaud Angelina for doing what she does. Those kids will never know how lucky they are–not only to have a home with loving parents, but to be exposed to so many countries and taught about their homelands. It’s beautiful.

Mads on

I’ve never been able to put my finger on exactly why, but I just can’t bring myself to like or support her. I think she’s full of it. And for her stunt with Fox News, I hope the movie fails terribly. Leave it to celebrities to always paint the wrong picture of the truth!

Devon on

Clarity, I think you misunderstand.

Angie does not profit off the sale of photographs. She donates the money to charity. That aside, she does let them be photographed but she has control over the photos that are taken. I see it as a way of the public and photogs getting what they want in the hopes that they will leave their children alone at all other times.

It’s not hipocrasy as you put it. She’s looking out for the best interests of her children. That whole “half-naked in bed together” comment was a little rude if you ask me. I’m almost positive that if you have a sibling you’ve probably slept in the same bed with them when you were younger. Mad is 5 and Pax is 3. I don’t see anything wrong with two young brothers sharing the same bed.

Scarlett B. on

Angelina has gotten so thin that she looks really unhealthy.
I love all of her interviews but I do find it odd how she never used to talk about anything and now she is giving interviews to tons of magazines it seems weekly?

It’s because she’s doing press to publicize A Mighty Heart. Most actors have it in their contracts that they do press to support their films. Of course, being CBB, we only post the kid-related highlights, so it may seem as though that’s all she’s talking about when in fact it’s not.

lora on

Half naked and in bed together?

OMG, they were wearing pajamas. they are little kids. Someone has some major personal issues.

That aside, I loved this interview. Angelina’s love for her family, and her intelligence just shines through.

She is truly an amazing woman.

Long Time Angie Fani on

I have been a long time Angelina fan. Since she first appeared on the scene. One thing I can say is she’s always been extremely candid and open. What was strange was when she was quiet for the first year she was with Brad.

This open and talkative Angelina is normal for her. Please go back and read her interviews before passing a judgement on how open she is now.

If you know about her past it’s because Angelina let people know herself, not because someone did an investigation on her. She’s not ashamed of her past, she acknowledges it.

So, I just think people should do some research before saying that Angelina was this private person who is suddenly talking. She’s always been one of the most open celebrities and her fans absolutely love her for her candid interviews.

FC on

Great interview. I always love when other people ask her basically the same questions, things about her family, she gives different insights each time. I just love knowing how the kids are getting on, etc.

Gabriella on

Pretty boring interview IMO, but movie looks good.

SandyS on

I’ve never been a fan of Angie due to past behavior, I found it difficult to respect her. I do admire her desire to help humanity and understand her need to help as many children as she can and to surround herself with as many as she and Brad can handle. I hope for the children’s sakes that she has the emotional maturity she’ll need to bring them to healthy adulthood.

Judy on

I respect Angelina precisely because she has put her past behind her. People do grow and change. It’s called maturity. I think traveling to third world countries had seeing how the bottom ten percent is forced to live was the best thing that ever happened to her. It helped her get her priorities straight and to realize that her own problems were really quite trivial compared to what those people have to face every day in their lives, and yet they manage to live their lives with grace and dignity.