Trista and Ryan Sutter talk pregnancy, labor plans and more

06/14/2007 at 09:07 AM ET

A newly brunette Trista Sutter and husband Ryan relaxed with OK! Magazine at their favorite local hangout, the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa, near their Colorado home, and talked about impending parenthood. Trista is due in mid-August with their first child. Here are the highlights:

On the baby’s sex: Trista: We want to be surprised. We’ve talked about names, but we haven’t settled on anything yet. I really would like to meet the baby first.

Favorite part of being pregnant: Feeling the baby kick is pretty cool.

Least favorite part: Watching her body change, she says. I love the fact that I’m pregnant, but it’s kind of hard to get used to the changes that happen to your body. But I’m not complaining in the least.

On the possibility of a reality show for the new family: Trista: One hundred percent no! When it comes to cameras being in your private life 24 hours a day, that’s something we’re in total agreement will never be happening again. That’s how we met and we’re really appreciative of that, but that won’t be happening. Sorry to the public if they were wanting to see any of the birth!


Source: OK!, June 25 issue, pg 58-59

301_blessedbelly_tealTrista wears a custom ‘Blessed Belly’ tee she was gifted with by Blessence Maternity. You can get your own non-blingin’ version for $36, either in teal or the berry color Trista is wearing.

Click below for two more pics and more from the interview!


On morning sickness: I was sick for four months. I couldn’t really move or get out of the house.

During that time, Ryan made sure every need of hers was attended to. He says, Fora while she was living off of saltines, so I made sure she had enoughof those. She likes her back rubbed and scratched, so I would try to dothings like that to help.

Cravings: I ate fruit before, but I crave it more now.

On labor plans: Ryan has 24-hour shifts as a fireman, but he plans to make it to the birth no matter what. If we’re getting close to the due date, I’ll try to make sure I have coverage for work. But if the baby comes at a time when I’m not expecting it, we’ll figure it out. The firehouse is one minute from the hospital.Trista adds, He can get off work if I go into labor for sure!

On the nursery: It’s not all pink…yet! She says, We’re working on that now. We’re doing neutral colors and then we’ll add girl or boy accents.

Ryan hasn’t had to lift a finger as Trista’s been at the helm. He says, I didn’t really have much to do with the nursery, to be honest. Trista has strong feelings about what she wants, so I give into that.

Nervous about becoming parents?: Trista: No, not really. I’ve worked with kids for a long time and I’m really excited to meet him or her.

Ryan: I’m excited but nervous. You want to be a good dad but you worry about the health of your baby and being able to raise it so they become a good person. It’s a lot of responsibility and I don’t take that lightly.

On having more children: Ryan says they may try for one more, but Trista just wants to take it one step at a time. She says, I’m just focusing on this one. I’m happy to be pregnant. If we just have one, I would be tickled pink. We need to get through this one before we can go there.


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Lisa on

They are a cute couple! So down to earth and real. They’ll make great parents. One question, doesn’t her shirt say Blessed Belly? The second word looks like belly not baby.

Sarah’s note: Yes, this is a case of me rushing to add the pics and info when I’m late for work! I fixed it.

Jessie on

They are such a cute couple. Good luck to them when the time happens.

mollie on

I love them. I grew up with ryan, his mother was my librarian in elementary school and I am still in contact with her. They will make wonderful parents!

Jenny on

I had morning sickness for the first four months as well so I can see why she is hesitant to want another one, at least right away. The thought of having a busy child and then enduring weeks and months of morning sickness is very unappealing.

Tracy on

Their’s was one of the only reality shows I actually watched the entire way through! I also watched their wedding! How sad am I?! Haha!

I’m so happy for them and their next step! They’d been trying for so long, so it’s obvious they wanted this badly!

Trista looks a little nervous in the last picture, or perhaps uncomfortable with her changing body… She is stunning though and has the most adorable little belly!

Alexandra on

This is just wrong. Ryan is supposed to be with me!

But since he’s not, congratulations!

Emily on

I heard that she used ov-watch to get pregnant. has anyone used it? I have been trying for 15 LONG months.

lilkunta on

“newly brunette”.

I thought preg ladies RNT supposed to dye their har ?

Kim on

Your right pregnant women arent suppose to dye there hair unless they are farther along then there 1st trimester!!! If she’s due in August she’s almost there!!

gigi on

that is her natural hair color

Staci Mathias on

I am so Happy for Trista and Ryan. I know the last time I saw her interviewed on t.v. she said they had been trying to get pregnant and it wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

I am very, very glad they were able to get pregnant.

With the love the two of them have they will love this little one enormously. And my bet is that once they experience the joy and love a child brings into their life they will want another one. Sick or not.

My cousin has terrible morning sickness, but she and her husband make the cutest and neatest kids. They had a little boy, then two years later had a little darling girl, now she is preggers again with her third. She is a terrific mom (they are terrific parents) and I think Trista and Ryan are pretty grounded people with a real love connection. They have so much to offer a child. And with their genes, they will probably have a cute baby too.

My cousin gets so sick she lays on the couch with her head in the garbage can, but she loves her kids so much and wanted more so she is willing to go through it.

My hope is that once she feasts her eyes on that little person she will forget all about the morning sickness and labor. It’s all about love at that moment.

And, if they decide to just have the one (which as I say I am betting they have more than one) it will be a lucky child to have such loving parents.

Congratulations Ryan and Trista!!!! I know how hard you tried for this baby. (I tried for one of mine for over a year too, and when he asked if he was wanted it was great to be able to tell him we worked really hard to get him here!!!)

Carrie on

I am glad to hear they are together, pregnant and happy! I like them as a couple and they are the ONLY reality show people I have ever cared one thing about! Good luck!

cara on

Congratulations to the happy couple! Being a parent is the biggest blessing in the world. Trista and Ryan obviously love each other, so the parenting will fall in with that love. I wish them only the best!

Lisa on

Congrats!!!! I will be so happy to hear the news!

Lili on

Congradulations on Max and wish you both all the health & happiness. Good luck!


I loved watching Trista & Ryan’s romance blossom on TV. I know it was tough on them to be in the public eye so much. But, it warms my heart to have been able to watch this “fairy-tale” grow. Now they’ve produced a baby to continue the “happily ever after” for us. I understand why they would like to keep their life private. But, I do hope they will show us the baby and at least do yearly updates. I feel like I know them and want an annual “Christmas letter update”. All the best to the three of you!


Melinda on

OH MY GOSH! When I saw the front page of a magazine that Ryan and Trista had a baby, I was so excited! You get to know so much about people when they are on TV, whether or not it’s by their choice.

I didn’t even know Trista was pregnant – where was I? I’m so thrilled for them. I’m sure they fell in love all over again with each other and for the first time, in a new way, with little Max.

Much love and congratulations to the growing little family.