Denial: Shar Jackson not pregnant with Kevin Federline's baby

06/13/2007 at 09:46 AM ET

Update: Shar and Kevin’s reps have both denied that this is true. It originated in Star Magazine — enough said!

Originally posted 10:46 am: The New York Post’s Cindy Adams is reporting that Shar Jackson is expecting ex-boyfriend/baby daddy Kevin Federline‘s fifth child.  According to Cindy, Shar is seven weeks along, but Kevin doesn’t know.  Poor guy- first wife Britney Spears ends their marriage via a text message and now he’s going to find out he’s going to be a daddy again via the blogosphere and tabloids!

Kevin and Shar have two children together, Kori, almost 5, and Kaleb, almost 3.  Kevin has two sons with Britney Spears: Sean Preston, 21 months, and Jayden James, 9 months. Shar has two children from a previous relationship: Cassie, 12, and Donnie, 16.


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C on

I have been sticking up for Shar but if this is true…

Cassie & Donnie have the same father. I am not sure of his name but he was her high school sweetheart.

Michelle on

Have they never heard on contraception!

This will be child number 5 for both of them and they are not even in a relationship.

Sorry but if this is true they are nuts!

Lola on

I don’t believe this rumor.

Dommie on

I hope this is not true. Birth control, anyone?!?

Melissa on

I hope that is not true. How come every one is always giving Kevin crap about how many children he has and Shar has the same amount and she started when she was 15.

Beverley on

I have often wondered about these two. I think they concocted a plan for Kevin to marry Britney, have kids, get divorced, and then Kevin and Shar could get back together. They will both be set for life off of Britney’s money and it’s not like either of them actually want to have real jobs.

The only skill either of them seem to have is baby making. I would think by now they should know about birth control, what with now 7 kids between them and only 2 born out of a marriage. There’s only so many times I am willing to think you can get accidentally pregnant.

Hilary on

Crazy if this is true. Goodness, doesn’t this guy know how to wrap it?

Grayson's Girl on

Why Lord, why?……… If it’s true, a baby is a blessing so I wish them the best. It’s just, goodness, they don’t need anymore drama in this neverending craziness. Good luck to Shar.

tink1217 on

are you kidding me??? If this one is true…not that I ever had much respect for Shar…but now I really have none.

ChristineM on

I don’t buy it but who knows crazier things have happened

Becky on

Gosh, is this the most fertile man in America or what!!!???

Lilliness on


I’m in tears I’m laughing so hard!

Roger on


Dear, Lord…

Principesa on

No way!





Lola on

Shar is denying she is pregnant, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Lyn on

People is now reporting that Shar Jackson has denied this rumor. She says it is completely untrue.

Katy on

Looks like Shar’s older kids are from the same dad.

Jackson has two children with her former high school boyfriend. Their son, Donnie, was born in 1993 and their daughter, Cassie, was born in 1995.

Stephanie on

Okay seriously. If this is true……..





Angie on

I doubt that it is true this time. It wouldn’t surprise me if it really does happen later on. How would these gossip blogs know anyway? It sounds like wishful thinking on their part.

NausicaaofWind on

Ridiculous. I watched one interview with Shar and I was impressed with how down-to-earth she is. She forgave Kevin for cheating on her, but I can’t see her going back to having a relationship with him, let alone having another kid with him!

Tracy on

Um… Maybe I missed a step, but I wasn’t aware that they were together like that anymore! What’s going on?! Luckily I see the update that it’s not true, and thank GOODNESS! I like Shar on “The Ex Wives Club”, even though she’s not an acutal “ex-wife”, but whatever. I just hope Brit doesn’t hear about this, she doesn’t need to add this to her plate!

Melanie F. on

I hope that is not true. How come every one is always giving Kevin crap about how many children he has and Shar has the same amount and she started when she was 15.
It’s really hard to compare mothers to fathers in this sense. But, IMO the difference between her and Kevin is she has always supported all four of her children, she didn’t go from one relationship & have a baby and then a month later hop into another relationship and get pregnant again.

The reason Kevin met Britney in the first place was because Shar told him, “he had to get off his butt and find a job”. She didn’t sit around and expect welfare to pay for her children, even when she worked on the Moesha show, she had just had her second child and was taking care of them. I have no problem with a man or a woman having 20 kids if they are supporting them, than more power to them. Now what I don’t support is a leech beit a mother or a father. If you have children that you have decided to raise no matter how young you are; you made and adult decision and the result of that is get up and support your child and that was what Shar did.

Kevin seems to really have grown up though, so I’ll give him that much.

tink1217 on

I am so glad this rumor is not true. And what is with Shar being on that ex wives club show??? She isn’t his ex wife! I’m sorry, but she seems to be a baby making machine.

Melanie F. on

I did wonder why she was on the show because it is called “Ex-wive’s club” maybe it was because they were engaged. Thank GOD this week tabloid’s gossip about her is false and she isn’t somewhere showing her boobs or panties again for the 50th time. LOL

Callen on

tink1217! You seem to say some off the wall things.

Baby making machine? hmm thats kinda rude dont you think?.

What is Kevin then. A baby machine operator

he operates and she makes. huh! *rolls eyes*

Lauren on

Tink, I am by no means a fan of Shar’s (I think she loved having her name in the papers acting as an authority on Britney and Kevin’s marriage, and the fact that she considers herself an “ex-wife” when she was never married shows how deluded she really is), but I wonder: do you consider Britney (whom I know you love) a baby making machine for having two babies in one year? What about Kevin, for having four kids in four years? You’re all over people for judging Britney, yet you take it upon yourself to judge Shar. At least Shar doesn’t drive with her baby on her lap, go clubbing without panties every night, and check in and out of rehab and blame her drinking and drug problems on people who try to help her.

Lola on


Bella on

Judgemental much?

And as far as Britney driving with Sean on her lap, that happened (I think) at least a year ago, she got plenty of critism (and rightly so) for it then but I don’t see why people still feel the need to bring it up. As far as her partying, rehab etc, we don’t actually know the whole story so it’s fine to think she should have been home with her babies but at least she seems to be improving her behaviour. I think people should be supportive of that and not always look to critise only certain celeb mums.

Melanie F. on

Judgemental what?
Wow I couldn’t agree with you more, Shar son is what? Almost 3? But as far as Britney changing her behavior? She really was doing good but for the past week (7 days) I’ve seen two panty shots and a breast shot. Yeah I know Paps are hard on people. But, knowing this should make a celeb 1,000 times x-tra careful. I wish her and the boys luck!!

judy f. on

i think that the moviestars/actresses, should all beable to live without the press interfering all the time. the poor people cant even eat without getting a snap shot. leave them alone, and let them live their lives to the fullest without our harrassment.