Jennifer Garner and Violet out on Tuesday

06/13/2007 at 06:31 AM ET

Jennifer Garner, 35, spends Tuesday morning out and about with Violet Anne, 18 months. Mother and daughter went to Kidnasium Children’s Gym in Santa Monica, then made a stop at Brentwood Country Mart. More pics at Just Jared.

Photo by Andrade Jones for Pacific Coast News.

Splk6909Violet is wearing a Splendid Littles French Terry Hooded Romper in ketchup red ($62).

Max_daniel_plush_hot_pink_rosebuds_Violet has a Max Daniel Rosebuds and Satin security blanket in hot pink ($20).

1396374121pViolet wears Adidas Kids Superstar 2 Comfort I IS in white ($55).

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Amanda on

I just adore this little girl! She’s probably my favorite celebrity baby. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a picture of her where she wasn’t smiling. She just seems like such a happy kid. They also seem like a very normal family, and those are few and far between in Hollywood today.

grace on

And where´s her so called baby bumb there?I must admit she looks really fat in the white blouse but it´s just disadvantageous and these throusers but here she´s again very thin and the other day she,Ben and Violet where on the Farmers Market(also on this site) she wears a very short pink sweater and where´s there her “bump”!She´s not pregnant again!She weared that white blouse also when she and Ben attend the babseball game in Boston and she can´t look prgenant at one pic and not on another pic only 1 day before!Like you can see her with the black shirt!If she´s pregnant I´m pregnant my whole iife!

Annabel on

Agreed! Jen and Ben are obviously doing something right.

NausicaaofWind on

Again, the SAME expression on their faces!! Too cute! I’ve been seeing that a lot lately.

Liz on

LoL. I know that maneuver so well. That’s the “No you can’t have mommy’s drink pull-back.” Haha. 😉

Grayson's Girl on

She’s SO adorable! I just want to reach through the screen and hug her!

Melissa on

That picture is so cute. She reminds me of my nephew who has to have a sip of whatever you are drinking!

Rashida on

Violet is too adorable ! Ben and Jen seem such good parents we see them all the time so cute.

MMM on

i love them too, they seem so normal in such an unreal environment. i can’t imagine having to run errands and being hounded by cameras. it must get old.

on a side note, Violet sure does have a lot of blankets! 🙂

sarawara on

I never get tired of seeing Violet. I love that Mom and Dad are always just taking her along for regular errands just like you and me. I really think she should be modeling for something… she is just a doll.

Megan on

Ok how adorable is this picture! First of all Vi in her workout gear…so freakin adorable! And the look on her face–playing the old game with mom where she wants her drink but mom’s not giving it up! TOO CUTE…Violet is absolutely delicious…I just want to lay a big kiss on those cheeks…too cute! LOVE this family! A trip to the gym and the store just like every other family!

ChristineM on

MMM I had the same thought Violet must have every one of those Max Daniel’s blankets! I have seen her with ones in butter, lavender, celery, pink and now hot pink! But she sure is cute so I can’t complain lol

Robyn on

Her shoes are adidas Kids
Superstar 2 Comfort I IS

FC on

I’m sure Violet has every color of those Max Daniel blankets, though I’m sure that’s fairly easy to come by with the help of her parents, grandparents, etc. I know I think I’ve seen her with just about every color, lol.

But that photo is cute! She seems determined to abscond with her mother’s drink. 🙂 She’s looking like, “Aww, come on, Mom!” and probably thinking, “I’ll get it sooner or later!” 😉

melanie on

I do think Jen and Violet are adorable. The whole family is precious. But- please! Enough. I have never seen anything as boring as 10 million pictures of Jen and Violet running errands and at the park.

Sorry…If the photo agencies take them, we’ll post them.

kimberly on

does anyone know where the cute red outfit that Violet is wearing can be found?

Bella on

Melanie – I on the other hand love to see photos of this family often. Violet is by far my favourite celeb baby. If the pictures “bore” you I can’t understand why you would take the time to look at them and then leave a comment. If you’re not interested, just skip over Violet and let those of us that find her adorable and like to see her often get our Violet fix! 🙂

Judy on

This is my favorite celebrity family. They seem to lead such a normal life running errands and going to the park like any other family. This is probably why there are so many pictures of them. I love seeing pictures of celebrity family’s doing ordinary things. Violet is such a little doll I could never get enough of her.

Jane on

I understand that as long as photo agencies take pictures of the Garner-Affleck family you will post them. Obviously there is a huge demand for them judging by the amount of comments their pictures get. I like Jennifer and Ben, but Jen knows these pictures are being posted all over the Internet and I have to say many of the comments on other blog sites are extremely mean towards her and her daughter. I know she has errands to run but she has to shield her daughter’s privacy at some point. This “over exposure” with her and her daughter will hurt her career, if it hasn’t already, and it is also not good for her daughter to be exposed this way. As a parent she needs to draw the line somewhere or better yet move from LA if she and Ben truly value their family’s privacy.

Robyn on

Jane, Jen doesn’t have to do anything. I love that she is just out living her life – just the atmosphere to raise Violet in. Life goes on, hopefully the photogs will get bored with the errands. I admire her for not hiding.

Megan on

Robyn ITA…why should she have to hide from people and not live her life? That’s not helping Violet either…she is living her life–running errands and going places like any other parent…I love how celebrites are damned if they do and damned if they don’t–if they take their kids with them, they are exposin them too much and if they don’t take them, they are considered neglecting them or not being with them enough…they just can’t win…I say KUDOS to both Jen and Ben for giving Violet the best life they can–they are spending time with her and being NORMAL…something you don’t see very often in Hollywood–she’s one lucky girl!

Jane on

Thats fair Robyn. In the beginning I loved seeing pictures of them and still do, but not everyday?! There was a very unflaterring photo taken of Violet a few days ago, although she is cute, her facial expression on this one photo was, how should I say this, not pretty. Anyway that photo is making it’s way on blog sites totally and unfairly bashing poor Violet. I was listening to a radio station this morning and they were talking about this photo and saying how “ugly” they thought Violet was, and listeners were calling in making the same comment. Once you expose your child like that, she or he becomes fair game, unfortunately, just like her parents are, but her parents are celebrities, Violet is not but she is fast becoming one whether she likes it or not.

Robyn on

People are going to say what they want to regardless of what she does. I personally would not stay indoors because somebody called my child ugly or any other unflattering statement. Truth is she is not living for anybody else and is trying to show Violet what a normal life is, when she has to stay home she lets the paps win. We know they don’t deserve to win, you go Jen.

Robyn on

I don’t think it’s hurt her career too much because she just signed a $1 million dollar contract with Neutrogena.

Southern girl on

My personal thoughts…I love this family and Jen and Violet are too cute! That being said, I realize everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, I would like to think that most people that post their opinions on this family (and all the other celebrity families for that matter) are at least somewhat educated…say…through Kindergarten? Because Kindergarten is where I learned that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. No matter what you think, I can’t beleive anyone would take the time to post and be so rude as to insult an innocent baby…May God Bless you with a life!

Karen on

Southern girl – I could not agree more!! You do have to wonder about the very sad lives some people must lead that they find it necessary to put down a child. I too admire both Jennifer & Ben. As they are obviously making every effort to raise their daughter in an atmosphere that is as normal as possible, in a celebrity obsessed culture. It is clear that the individuals who insist on posting such negativity were not as blessed as Violet is with parents who love and respect them. It is apparent that Jen is a wonderful mother and deserves nothing but our best wishes.

Ashley on

I absolutly love seeing Jennifer and Violet. That little girl is so sweet and so is jennifer. Out of any celebrity, a playdate with her looks like it would be fun. What a great mommy!


Gabriella on

Love this family, so cute