Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead makes an appearance on live television tonight

06/12/2007 at 10:38 PM ET

Larry Birkhead earlier tonight gave his first live prime-time interview since winning custody of his daughter in April, appearing on Larry King Live alongside the absolutely adorable 9-month-old Dannielynn.  Dannielynn is teething, is not yet crawling but is pulling herself up, and she clearly adores her dad — she smiled at Larry non-stop and in a humorous moment even ripped off his microphone completely.  Among the baby-related highlights:

Dannielynn is thriving:  We have no health concerns…She has been to the doctors and is hitting all her developmental milestones on time.  She’s above height for her age, her weight is on target, and the doctor said she’s very alert.  I couldn’t ask for a better baby.

On parenthood:  It’s the greatest feeling ever.  It’s like magic.  I wake up every morning, and can’t wait until she wakes up, so I can see her.  Sometimes I cheat and take a peek at her.  It’s great.  It’s trial and error, and it’s a lot of hours, but it’s a lot of fun. 

On his relationship with Howard K. Stern:  At first it was awkward … [But] we’re getting along.  We haven’t always, but I’m not going to sit around and be an angry person [about the custody battle].  That’s not going to help me; That’s not going to help my daughter.  I’ve always said that anyone who has good intentions can see Dannielynn, and that stands today.  He’s welcome to see her.  I just want Dannielynn to have a loving environment, and Howard loved her.  He asks about her.  He calls and sends emails.  It’s a very unusual situation and a lot of people don’t get it, but it is what it is:  We’re just people trying to do the right thing for this little baby. 

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On Dannielynn’s potential inheritance:  I want my daughter to have all that she is entitled to, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to fight people and sit in a courtroom for 12 years.  That’s not my arena.  Whatever comes to her is hers; My job is just to protect her. 

On the origins of Dannielynn’s full name, Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead:  Dannielynn’s original name was going to be Hannah Rose, but when Daniel died Anna decided to change it to Dannielynn both in tribute to him, and Daniel always called Anna ‘Mommalynn,’ so it also acknowledged his nickname for her.  Marshall was Anna’s married name, but on the birth certificate it was listed as a middle name, so I had it listed as a last name on my petition where I had the birth certificate changed to include my name.  I wanted [Dannielynn] to have a piece of her mother’s name.  It’s only right.   

On what he’ll tell Dannielynn about her mother and brother Daniel:  It’s a hard story.  It’s going to take a lot of thought.  I want her to know that there were a lot of great things about her mother.  I just want her to know the positives.  She helped people, she helped charities, she was a fun-loving person and so was [Dannielynn’s] brother.  She was very misunderstood. 

On his first Father’s Day, and whether he’ll ever get married:  Father’s Day is going to be fun.  No real plans, I’m just going to be a dad.  It’s a special day.  I think it’s going to be very important for me.  Some day I’d like to marry, but I can’t think about anything right now but [Dannielynn].  She’s my only date.  Anywhere she wants to go, I’ll take her. 


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Italy on

Oh my gosh, she is aboslutely precious! So big already. He seems like he is doing a wonderful job being a Dad. And I am glad that Howard can still be in contact with her, I can’t imagine what he went through to have her taken away from him. But she is beautiful and loved.


NausicaaofWind on

I love what he said about the possibility of Dannielynn inheriting millions – something about money corrupting people and making them do things. Virgie Arthur and Debra Opri were both in it for the money, and that caused a lot of issue; Larry doesn’t wish that kind of thing on Dannielynn. Excellent answer.

And Dannielyyn was adorable on Larry King’s table! She grabbed the microphone, the famous microphone – only later will she realize how major that is!

Posh_Fan on

I’m glad little Dannielynn is with her dad now. Larry seems like a great dad and he seems very proud of her and it seems like shes having a very normal life. Something she wouldnt have had, if she wasnt with her dad.

Grayson's Girl on

She’s such a gorgeous little angel! I’m so happy Larry and Howard doing what’s best and surrounding her with so much love. She can’t be loved too much in light of what she’s been through.

ekaterina on

I am impressed by his ability to out her first and allow all the people that love her to be involved
there are not many peple that would do that- after al that has happened…..

Kathleen Tracy on

Larry is such a WONDERFUL DAD and DannieLynn shines on Showing she’s Truly His Baby Girl and has the Best of Anna’s qualities that shine on also. I am so Happy to be able to Keep up on her Progress that Larry is sharing with everybody that has taken such an interest in their Daughter. And not hidden her away. This is such a Healthy way for her to grow up and Document her life with her Father.THANK YOU LARRY

Steffol on

That is so sweet.
It sounds like he’s the best thing the little girl could wish for.
I hope everything will stay this way.

Natalie S. on

What a great father he is and has become! I wish him & Dannielynn the best!

lily on

What a wonderful example of fatherhood and a very decent person in general. Dannielyn is his first priority and they way he bears no grudges is very refreshing. It’s so reassuring to know this beautiful baby girl who has been surrounded by so much tragedy already is loved so much and has a secure future ahead. She truly deserves it.

editorjax on

Some day I’d like to marry, but I can’t think about anything right now but [Dannielynn]. She’s my only date. Anywhere she wants to go, I’ll take her.

That is one of the cutest things I have ever read. Larry seems so genuinely thrilled to be little D’s father that his joy just springs off the page. I am so glad she is getting a chance to be raised in a normal environment with people who love her.

FC on

I’m glad to hear things are going well in all areas, including with Howard. I thought it was cute that she ripped his mic off him. Sounds exactly like a baby who loves to get into everything. 🙂

CArol on

Congrats Larry. She is now a happy little girl surrounded with so much love. One can see how thrilled Larry is and seems to be an excelent Dad. The first pictures we saw o Dannielyn, before Larry entered her life, she seemed so sad. What a difference to see her now. A happy and adorable baby

Erin on

It’s great to see Dannielynn with her daddy – she seems to be very happy with him. It is great seeing her giggle and smile! Such a beautiful little angel!! =)

Judy on

I saw a clip of Larry Birkhead’s interview on one of the celebrity gossip shows. Dannielyn is really a gorgeous baby and Larry seems to be head over heels for her. Dannielyn was so smiley and she has a couple of teeth peeking out. I really hope that this beautiful baby grows up to be a happy.

Kelley on

Does anyone know where I can get that adorable little dress DL was wearing? I’d like to get that for my Goddaughter.

Nancy on

Dannielynn is beautiful, she’s a good mix of Larry and Anna. Larry seems like such a good father and Dannielynn looks so happy with him. I’m glad to hear Larry lets Howard see Dannielynn because it looks like he did care for her a lot.
God Bless you Larry and Dannielynn!

Karin - London UK on

There is a story gathering pace that Larry Birkhead is planning to marry an old school friend – it states they have been together secretly since the Court hearings for custody of Dannielynn. In his interviews he states he could not think about dating anyone since Anna died stating also he does not have time as he had his daughter to care for – hmmm strange all this.

Karin - London UK on

Stories going around stating Larry has a “secret” lover and that they plan to marry.
They have been together since during the Custody hearings. The knew each other since high school.

In his interviews Larry always says he cannot date anyone at the moment as he is not over Anna and her death and has no time as he is looking after their daughter – odd or what?