Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts on Monday morning

06/11/2007 at 01:28 PM ET

After an evening at the Tonys, Liev Schreiber, 39, and Naomi Watts, 38, were spotted out in NYC this morning. In related news, Liev told ET last evening that the couple have wed. He said,

 We are married. You got it first. Break the story!

Of course, Liev’s been known to mess with the press — they spent the rest of the evening denying that they’re married!


Photo by INF. 

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stacey on

ugh…put out that cigarette, Liev!

Jane on

Someone needs to tell Liev that he shouldn’t be smoking around his baby’s mama…

Oh, I know! It should be Naomi!

elismom on

about the cig. give it a rest. they r outside. my hubby has asthma and has a hard time breathing everytime we walk past someone smoking on the sidewalk that is smoking but it is a free world and liev can smoke outside if he chooses. maybe it doesnt bother her for all we know the wind is blowing the smoke away from her. it seems like latelty everybody has to point out what they dont like instead of what they do and it is starting to get really old. it is thier life not ours so y does everybody care so much if they do something that u see as wrong.

millie on

He can’t quit now because of the play he’s in.. his character chain-smokes the entire time. Liev said that he tried to quit when she got pregnant but it didn’t work because of the play. He said he’ll definitely quit once the play is over (June 24). I doubt he smokes in the house.

millie on

I forgot to add: ET news is saying that Liev and Naomi are married!

Krissy on

Why is he smoking around her..? Isnt that bad for the baby?

Callen on

I wonder if she still smokes? Its bad for the baby, but ask some people if they care. You would be surprised, they show you in their actions,more than they do their words.

Am I the only one who thinks their having twins?

Megan on

I just read about the marriage thing and as i was gonna post earlier i thought i saw a wedding band on his finger! LOL I love these two–they may be celebrities but they don’t feel the need to share every single moment of their personal business with the world and I admire them so much for that! They are just a couple having a baby and starting that family…they don’t feel the need to make some grandeose announcment and make the biggest deal…CONGRATS to Naomi and Liev–and cannot wait to see the little one!

millie on

SHE does not smoke! Where did you get this idea? She quit smoking in 2005.

Callen on

Um Millie! thats why I said does she still smoke. I knew she has smoked but I didn’t know if she quit.

Its really not a shocking question sadly seeing many people do that, even while pregnant. I have so much admiration for her as and actress and a woman.I like Naomi she is a great actress;).

PSB on

Am I the only one wishing them congrats?? Liev used to be my neighbor and he’s a nice guy. I think they’re both really talented and down to Earth and I wish them both the best! I can’t wait to see their baby.

TwinMom on

I am saying this as an ex-smoker (10 years ago this fall!), so I hope I don’t offend…

But it’s so gross to kiss a smoker!!! And their hands stink.

And he shouldn’t be smoking around her, in my opinion.

Lauren on

I attended a concert to benefit SIDS over the weekend and was reading a pamphlet which listed a few things parents can do to prevent SIDS was to not smoke anywhere near the baby, whether it is born or not. Even though this baby (God willing) will in all likelihood not fall prey to that, it is extremely unhealthy and insensitive to smoke around a fetus at all. I don’t give a darn whether he’s in a play where his character smokes. Common sense would say the health of his unborn child should come before an imaginary character. Between them riding around on a scooter last week and now this, you can really tell they’ve never had kids before.

lucee on

how is it anyone’s business whether they smoke, ride scooters, or whatever…women have been having babies for thousands of years without being wrapped from head to toe in cotton wool ya know. ;)As a generation, we are completely paranoid parents. He is outside, I doubt very much she is breathing in much of that smoke – it’s in his opposite hand.

amelie on

Ick, I hate seeing a pregnant woman anywhere near a cigarette.

Anyway, I don’t believe for a minute that she has 6 weeks until she’s due.

They probably got married as a way to celebrate her due date 😉

We don’t either! Max 4. Her Pilates instructor told People it was July anyway! So much for Liev’s August 2nd.

Annoynomus on

Callen- I know she looks big, but if they are having twins, wouldn’t they have annouced that by now?

an on


Orli on

WOW she really had slim legs.
Why is he smoking!!!! can he at least not do it next to her. Hoenstly.

Trixie on

Yawn, who could care less if these two nobodies get married, or breed, or poison their unborn child deliberately. What cracks me up is Liev Schrieber telling ET “you got it first! break the news!” as if he actually believes he’s somebody worth breaking news about …

halifaxhoney on

I wouldn’t be too worried about the cigarette, they are outside. I’m more worried about what everyone is breathing in the air. Also I’m sure if she minded, she wouldn’t be walking close to him like that or he wouldn’t have the smoke.

Diana on

I am not a smoker and I am not a fan of smoking, but its not like he is blowing it in her face!!! SERIOUSLY people need to CHILL OUT!

And what is With the twins comment, talk about insensitive. Sorry everyone doesn’t just gain 10 lbs when pregnant!

TwinMom on

Luccee, I have to admit I see your point. Society has become SOOOOOO paranoid, it’s ridiculous. People lived happily and healthily for generations before us without all this fear. Women smoked and drank while pregnant, kids rode bikes without helmets, people ate eggs and butter, etc. I wonder what we’ll be like in 50 years? People will probably have their kids wearing helmets to walk down the street and won’t send them to school in case they get hurt while playing on the play structure. LOL