Harry Connick Jr and daughters at Tony Awards

06/11/2007 at 01:16 PM ET

Harry Connick Jr, 39, brought his two oldest daughters, Georgia Tatom, 11, and Sara Kate, 9 1/2, to the Tony Awards last evening. He and wife Jill Goodacre also have a third daughter, Charlotte, who turns 5 this month.


Photo by INF.

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KF on

Wow, his daughters are beautiful! I’ve never seen pictures of them before.

Colleen on

Those girls are gorgeous!

Monica on

I don’t know what their mother looks like but obviously they inherited their father’s good looks.

Mom’s a model. 🙂

Carrie Jo on

Yeah, his daughter are absolutely beautiful!

Lola on

beautiful family!

tink1217 on

They are such a great mix of their parents!! Jill Goodacre is beautiful and Harry is adorable and sexy! Those girls are knockouts!!!

J.M. on

Wow his daughters have grown up and gotten so beautiful. I remember seeing photos of them on the set of Will and Grace a few years ago and Charlotte was a baby. But they’ve def. grown into gorgeous young ladies!

Leslie on

Harry Connick was staying at the same resort I was staying at at the end of March in Jamaica. I never saw Jill Goodacre, but there were a couple other women and several kids. I never saw these girls either, they are stunning, and got both their parents good looks apparently I assumed he was with other family members. Incidentally, Iman was also there with her daughter Lexi who is beautiful too.

Emma on

How cute they are and they look SO like their mother – who is a true beauty.

SY on

The girls are beautiful and dessed so appropriately, would love to see what Charlotte looks like…

Natalee on

Absolutely stunning girls! Daddy better watch out! The boys will be all over these two in a just a few short years! 🙂

Alison on

Those girls are really beautiful. A credit to their parents!

flower girl on

His girls are beautiful!!

Cassie on

Wow, Harry is gonna have to hold off the boys in a few years! His daughters are beauties!

J-Lin on

Beautiful girls. I bet they had a wonderful time. I think they are dressed elegantly and age appropriately.

Yonni on

Gorgeous girls!!!

Tracy on

They are a beautiful mix of both parents, but I still see a lot more of him in them! Lovely!

Campbell on

Sara Kate is a male Harry Jr., and big sis Georgia looks JUST like momma Jill. By the way, I have alot of Harry’s music… I love him!

ZBella on

Gorgeous. They look like little ladies.

Jennifer on

His girls are gorgeous! Great photo 🙂

sweetdiva on

These girls are stunners already! Ring, ring – is that Hollywood calling? Their faces are ready for the camera.

Fiona on

Wow…what beautiful girls. They must be well-mannered, too, because Harry looks very proud to be with them.

Emily on

Wow, they are absolutely gorgeous!

FC on

Beautiful girls who take after both parents! 🙂

Natalie S. on

Good god Harry and Jill have gorgeous daughters, wow I don’t know why I’m stunned but I am! Beautiful girls!

Aaron Boatwright on

They ARE gorgeous! But really, how can anyone be surprised? Harry’s not a bad looking guy by any means, and their mother modeled for Victoria’s Secret for a gazillion years! Has anyone seen pictures of Jill lately? I’m sure she looks as beautiful as always. I don’t really think the girls look “just like” either of their parents…they seem to be a good blend to me, and have an exotic look all their own!

Anja on

They are beautiful. However, I don’t think make-up is appropriate for their ages. One of them is only nine, and there clearly is make-up on both their faces. Nothing bad, I’m not implying that it makes them look cheap or anything like that.
But I don’t like this idea of making children look so much older than their real ages. They only have a short childhood, why make them look grown-up already.

sarawara on

I agree they are too young for make-up, but they’re at the Tony’s… it’s not like they’re wearing make-up just to go to school or the dentist.

L on

Wow! They are gorgeous.

Anja – I’m sure it’s just for the event. I see nothing wrong with letting girls at 9 and 11 get their makeup done for an event as big as the Tony awards. And it is tastefully done – they look fresh and natural.

If they wore it every day that would be another story.. but I highly doubt that.

Janie on

Those girls are gorgeous!

J.M. on

Little girls have to wear makeup for dance recitals maybe this is their dress up time! Nothing wrong with it if it’s done in good taste….if they were wearing this makeup everday I could see it as being wierd but they’re at a special event.

Lauren on

ITA with Campbell. Georgia looks like a mini Jill and Sara’s a mini Harry. They’re both stunning!

And Anja, normally I would agree with you about their being too young for make-up-I didn’t start wearing make-up until I was in my early teens-but it’s very subtle, their dresses are mature but age appropriate, and they are at the Tonys, so I think it’s fine in this case. Based on some of the photos of other celeb kids, they could be dressed a heck of a lot worse! Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less than perfectly beautiful, classy daughters from Harry.

purplelisa on

Not only are they beautiful, but I love how tastefully they are dressed. So age appropriate but stylishly tasteful.

fumar on

WOW!!! So gorgeous! I don’t really bother repeating myself if others have commented the same thing, but this time I just HAD to!

And not to mention, what an awesome thing to go to when you’re 11 and 9, way to go daddy!

amelie on

I think they’re both carbon copies of their mother! Gorgeous girls.

terri on

Now those are some absolutely gorgeous young ladies.

Gabriella on

Beautiful girls.

erica on

My goodness, both of those girls are GORGEOUS!

halifaxhoney on

Those girls are so beautiful! I don’t think that there is anything wrong with the make-up. I’m sure that it’s not an everyday occurance.

Venni on

They are appealing but Lourdes has them beat!

jule on

Wow! they are beautiful! I have seen one before though. The older one

lisa on

Beautiful mom + Handsome dad = Beautiful kids!!!!

c on

beautiful . so gald to see little girls with clothes on ….going aorund half naked or dressed like a college girl gone wild seems to be the trend here even on the 6 year olds . kudos to jill and harry for raising beautiful well heeled young ladies .

Olivia on

Pretty girls especially the one on the right (his left)…she’s gorgeous! Of course she’s the one who looks JUST like her gorgeous Dad. 😉

Bea K. on

Pretty girls but I think he ought not to push them to sing, because one of them sang with him today on CBS’ ‘The Early Show’, and sad to say singing is definitely NOT for her.