Lisa Bonet expecting second child; out in NYC with Zoe

06/10/2007 at 09:57 PM ET

Apparently, Lisa Bonet, 39, is expecting her second child! This will be her first with Jason Momoa. She was spotted out with daughter Zoe Kravitz, 18, in NYC earlier today, sporting quite the baby belly.


Photo by John Connor for Startraks.

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Katy on

Someone please get that girl a bra.

Alioop on

Wow, only 18 and already sporting the no bra look … and I could be wrong but could they possibly be implants??? Personally, I’ve seen Zoe look much better in past photos.

By the way, I never knew that Lisa Bonet had another child other than Zoe! Wow, you do learn something everyday!

Summer on

if you look closely, you can see that she does have a bra on- not a padded one obviously, but she does have on a bra… she might be cold or something…

i love how that was the first thing mentioned- nothing about how “great” lisa looks pregnant or any information about her son…

Heather on

Lisa had a Son with Yoga Instructor Bryan Kest. His name is Desikachar.

Also, Lisa legally changed her name to “Lilakoi Moon” in 1995

here’s a profile on Bryan:

Ayla on

If you look close enough, you can see that she is indeed wearing one.

Her son was born in the mid-90s, and his father is Brian Kest, but I couldn’t find anything else.

Natalie S. on

Holy I had no clue she had a second child let alone that she was pregnant. Wow, well Lisa looks fantastic as usual as well as Zoe.

Kit on

I love her!!! I always think of her as about 21 (Cosby show reruns) 😆 Gees, I can’t believe her daughter is 19~ wow, time really flies! Both women are gorgeous!

Ce-Ce on

I thought she only had one child.She looks cute preggers.And lil zoe need to put on a bra.

Lilybett on

As another poster has mentioned, Zoe IS wearing a bra (or a bra-like top), but it’s not really doing her any favours. She seems to look much older than 18. Maybe Lisa is just more youthful.

iluvallbabies on

Gosh give Zoe a break!!

Her bra straps are visible- they are sticking out the side of her singlet in a beige/skin colour. Not that it matters too much anyway- we all have our lazy days!

Bohemian_me on

1. both of them look great! lisa´s a beautiful pregnant woman!
2. zoe wears a bra
3. even if she decided that she doesn´t want to wear one, it´s none of our business and i don´t see what´s so strange about it. i´m 19 and when i don´t want to wear a bra, i don´t wear a bra.
maybe it´s an european thing, but we don´t have a problem with that.

Hea on

Looks like she’s wearing a bra but if she’s not, damn she has nice boobs! What’s wrong with not wearing a bra if your boobs are perky enough without one?

Dazzlar on

It is true about learning something new everyday!!! How much does Zoe look like her mum at that age!!

Xan on

Wow, I’m a little surprised at all the bra comments. The first thing I thought when I saw the pic was, “Look at the curves on that girl!” She looks fantastic. And as for her mom, well, she should share her secret, because she doesn’t look a day over thirty!

lizzielui on

Are you folks blind? You can clearly see her bra straps on the side and the imprint from the bra on her shirt. I swear people just want to nitpick at everything. I think both mother and daughter look great. I believe Lisa’s current beau is Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa so I assume that he is the father of the new little one.

J.M. on

okay let’s just say, get the girl a thicker bra. I think going out in public like that is a disgrace and thats just my opinion. But whatever floats your boat.

And I too had no idea that Lisa had another child! You learn something new everyday.

Yonni on

That is a shame that everyone noticed Zoe’s chest over her mom’s belly. Wow…

Lisa looks great. I know she changed her name, but I forget it.

Is Lisa still with Bryan, or are we unsure? Anyway, she looks great!!!

Leah on

Wow ,I actually had to do a double take, they look identical!

FC on

They look so much more like sisters than they do mother and daughter! Zoe is Lisa’s clone, period. I’ve said it before, but I had to say it again. Event their pattern of walking is in step with each other!

And talk about keeping secrets! Lisa looks like she only has a few more months to go! But of course, the last few photos have been of only Zoe and her dad out and about. I guess that’d explain why I’m shocked that Lisa’s pregnant and so far along!

ericka on

wow! people seriously need to get over this whole Bra issue. This picture wasn’t posted here BECAUSE Zoe isn’t wearing a bra! It’s posted because Lisa is pregnant…very pregnant!

I think Zoe looks EXACTLY like her mom did, especially when her mom was young and on the Cosby Show

Aaron Boatwright on

Lisa looks terrific! As for Zoe, she looks a lot like BOTH her parents. Lenny Kravitz is one hot man! She’s gorgeous! I wish I had curves like that at her age!!
I can’t believe how uptight people are about boobs. We all have them, people. What’s so disgraceful about that???!! Ridiculous. Bra or no bra, who gives a rip?! If you don’t like it, don’t look! Frankly it says more about the person who has a problem with it than it does about the person who has nipples. Jeez. Undoubtedly you haters are the same ones who have a problem with seeing a breast as a woman is nursing. Get over it!

esperanza on

I love Lisa’s locs (lol at my alliteration). I can’t wait until mine get that long! As for Zoe, she’s the sam age as me so I have no shame in saying that she’s hot! Ppl need to lighten up on the whole bra thing, everyones nipples get hard, she’s only human.

Gabriella on

Zoe is beautiful she looks a lot like Lisa, but I see some of her dad in her too. She came from beautiful parents, and is a beauty herself. Lisa looks great, she hasn’t aged at all. I was looking for a pic of her son, but didn’t find anything. Anyway hope she announces when she has the baby, a lot of people didn’t even know she had a son. I think she is still with Bryan though. That’s gotta be interesting having an 18yr old daughter, and now starting with a baby again, how cute.

Judy on

Wow Zoe sure does look like Lisa did when she was that age. I would love to see a picture of Zoe without the sunglasses. I would love to know if she has Lisa or Lenny’s eyes.

Katey on

It was mentioned by one of Jason Momoa’s co-stars that he was expecting a baby with his partner, so if it is true he’s dating Lisa Bonet it would be safe to say he’s the daddy.

Of course, the cast of Stargate Atlantis has been going through a baby boom, so none of this is really surprizing.

Rachel on

ActuallyI have heard that the baby’s father is not Bryan Krest but actullay Jason Momoa

gigi on

she does have on a bra you can clearly see the bra straps…

nic on

Unfortunately, I believe this is true, comments about the two were posted on Jason Momoa official fan forum. But no actual statement was made by him since he’s very private about his life.

biracial black and white becky on

yea shes wearing a BRA hence the bra straps, they just happen to b a beige color and it matches her skin a bit too much. theyre both gorgeous women, heck if it werent for lisas pregnancy u’d think they were sisters

erica on

Lisa and Zoe are both gorgeous. At first I thought Zoe was Lisa!
But wow, I didn’t know she had a son!
Either way, Lisa is still beautiful, mind, body and soul.

Acinom#1 on

So she’s having a baby with Jason Momoa this time? He is really gorgeous. I can tell that Zoe is wearing a bra, but apparently it just isn’t a very supportive bra.

pantspartynyc on

lisa looks fantastic. i only hope i look that great when i’m pushing 40.

& so what if Zoe wasn’t wearing a bra? i swear, some of us Americans act like any part of a women’s body that’s not covered, hoisted & hidden is a abomination.

get over your conservative ways & embrace the variety allowed by living in the “land of the free.” not everyone wants to wear “mom jeans,” Keds & sweat shirts.

lilkunta on

Sarah, How do u know Jason is the dad?

Alot of gossip is saying that but no confirmation.

Is there any evidence of them even being 2gehter ? pics of them 2gether?

Simmone(ex fiancee) could just be mad & putting out hate…which is terrible as preg moms dont need stress.

huney on

Just for the record. I’ve known Lisa/Lilikoi since the early 80’s.
She’s only been married once and that was to Lenny. She was never married to Bryan and they never had a child together. Her relationship with Bryan (who is Jewish BTW) was brief.
Lisa and Jason has their daughter by way of home birth at Lisa’s home July 21st. All are well and all are happy. This is her 2nd home birth and second child.
Lisa, Lenny and Jason are really (outside of their fame and fortune) just regular folks who go through some of the same drama and stresses as the rest of us.
It’s easy to be judgemental on someone else’s life because it takes the focus off our own.
I find all the attacking unnecessary.
Let people live their lives and deal with their choices.

buddyluv on

Thanks for the update everyone! I was very curious because I was a huge fan of Lisa and the entire Cosby cast. Zoe has an article in the June/July ’07 issue of Trace magazine and then I saw her mom pregnant on her myspace page and my search for more info ended with you guys. I was curious if Jason was Lisa’s new beau because she has him all over her myspage page.

chris on

Can you give the link plz ?

Cee on

Both of them look beautiful. Zoe reminds me of the girl that played on half and half. I think her name is Ebony something.