Ben and Violet Affleck play at the park

06/10/2007 at 04:13 PM ET

Actor Ben Affleck, 34, plays with daughter Violet Anne, 18 months, at the park on Thursday. Check out those dimples! x17 online has more images.

Photo by x17; exclusively for use on The Celebrity Baby Blog, Inc.

Robeez_1Violet wears Robeez booties in lavender ($37).

Click below for a photo of Jennifer Garner as a child — Violet looks exactly like her!

Thanks to Cherryjam for the pic!

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Katie on

Ben and his daughter look so cute together. You can tell that Ben loves his little girl and he also loves his wife.

maggie on

OMG I havent seen a little girl so identical to her mom, violet is a copy of jen, they are so cuteee, I love those big dimples

Robyn on

Ok, it’s June now maybe too hot for Robeez boots. They have fur lining, I have put ours away. Beautiful shot though.

NausicaaofWind on

At first glance I thought that was Violet in the second photo! How cute! I used to think I could see a bit of Ben in her but now it’s confirmed that she’s a clone of her Mommy. Violet is so huggable; she reminds me of a doll I once had.

Megan on…seriously that is all I can even say…how ADORABLE are those pictures?! The one with Ben holding Vi with her dimples?! OMG that is just pure joy on her face being with dad! And does she look like Jen or what?! This is why I adore this family–moments like this…in the park, having fun like a normal family–it’s BEAUTIFUL to see. I could stare at these two all day long, that’s for sure…LOVE LOVE LOVE the Garner/Afflecks–they are by far my favorite celebrity family–and Violet I swear gets more adorable and gorgeous with every picture we see!

Lauren on

I honestly never thought Violet was a clone of Jen as an infant (I saw a few of Jen as a baby and she was heart-meltingly adorable), but in the two photos above, you can clearly see the resemblance. I wonder who she’ll favor more as she gets older/
And those photos are precious. They are so completely smitten with each other that it radiates through the screen. Now THAT’s a hot daddy!

Jennifer on

Violet looks exactly like her mommy…I think this is the most I’ve seen her look like Jen, and those dimples are adorable! She is such a cute littl girl, and there’s no doubt Ben is a very devoted dad who loves her dearly.

Laura on

No kidding!

NausicaaofWind on

I’ve never seen a girl look so much like her mother.

Cezzie on

You don’t even have to look at the pic of Jen to see the resemblance. Violet is the absolute spitting image of her mother!

yaosa on

She is so precious! Love that family! They seem so grounded and happy!

kyoto-chan on

Robyn – If they’re in LA, it’s actually currently not too warm there. They’re wearing sweaters as well. 😉

Robyn on

The low is still in the 60’s and those boots are lined in fur. Hot little feet I would think.

zakman on

Even baby Jen’s and Violet’s hair looks equally dishevelled! lol

Bren on

Robyn, I think you should really focus more on yourself rather then judge other people. If they want to dress their child with those boots and feel she is comfortable then they are going to, why judge?
BTW: She does looks so much like her mom! I am glad we got to see the photo of her as a child.

Robyn on

OMG Bren, I am not judging her for putting those on Violet. I have a child too and think they would be hot that is all. I am a huge fan of Jen and Violet and would never say a bad word against her. Isn’t this board supposed to be us making comments that we feel? I am in no way being mean by making that observation, I just thought her feet would be hot. Chill out.

Scarlett B. on

Although I do not think Violet is very cute right now..I think she will grow up to be. She looks just like her mom. Dimples and all!

FC on

She truly is her mother’s spitting image, identical smiles and shape of the eyes. I always thought she looked like her and that photo is just solid proof of it!

And that one shot of her with the dimpled grin while she’s with Ben is precious!

JennB on

I never thought Violet looked that much like Jen until now. She definitely has her mother’s smile.

Gabriella on

Violet looks just like Jen, and Ben is a hot dad.

liz on

violet is soo adorable and yes, when she smiles she is jen all over again but if that picture was violet making that serious, thoughtful expression that she makes a lot, she looks like her daddy then. only time will tell. they are a beautiful family. God bless/