Sofia Coppola feeds daughter Romy at NYC park

06/08/2007 at 05:10 PM ET

Director Sofia Coppola, 35, feeds her daughter Romy, 6 months, in a NYC park on Wednesday.


Photo by INF.

Yhst85043251286311_1950_80169093 Romy’s socks are Trumpette’s Mary Jane Brights ($24 for 6 pairs), and she drinks from an Avent bottle.

Thanks to CBB reader Mary Beth.

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e on

did sofia get married? she looks so small in proportion to romy! it reminds me of michelle williams, another teeny mama.

Jen on

WTG Sophie for bottle feeding in public 😉

Christie on

That bottle is an Avent. I used those with my son.

Yup, it’s in the product listing along with the socks!

Natasha on

Wooooo Go Sofia! Set an example for other celebs (not gonna name names :P)

Honey on

Have a question about plastic feeding bottles. Considering that plastics have been revealed to give off dangerous chemicals like phthalates, do Moms feel comfortable feeding their kids with plastic bottles? When I was a kid, they used glass bottles, which were not toxic. Then there’s the rubber nipple.

Stephanie on

Like you have to name names. Geez, Natasha, you can’t just let it rest, can you? An adorable baby, an adorable photo, and you have to start things.

honey on

My last comment got lost. A question about plastic feeding bottles. Since plastics have been known to leach toxic chemicals, are mothers comfortable feeding their babies with plastic bottles specially since the milk has to be warmed before putting in the bottle. When I was a kid, non-toxic glass bottles were used. Then there’s the rubber nipples.

not again on

Why do you women have to make a comment about her bottle feeding?? How do you know it isn’t pumped breastmilk in the bottle? MAYBE she doesn’t feel comfortable nursing in public…MAYBE she isn’t breastfeeding for reasons not known to us and MAYBE it is none of our business. Babe and mom look happy and healthy-isn’t that all that matters??? Come on guys…let’s stop worrying about what the celebs are doing…if you want someone to set an example and promote the wonders of breastfeeding then get out there and do it yourself.

NausicaaofWind on

That baby has a big head. 🙂 That was the first thing I thought when I saw Romy. She’s a cutie. Sofia is so petite, she looks like a teenager feeding her little sister/cousin.

Natasha on

Stephanie, I 100% diasgree with breast feeding children in public without covering up. Let it go? It happened all of 3 days ago.

I was being sarcastic about the naming names part.

Hopefully it will be able to be let go now that everyone has said their piece. We’re not going to allow Maggie post comments into one about Sofia. 🙂

Nikki on

Yes I’m concerned about the Bisphenol -A in plastic bottles. There is a brand called Born Free which doesn’t have the hormone disrupting chemical. I own several of them and love them. They also sell glass bottles but those are pricey!

Jen on

NOT AGAIN, my comment was tongue in cheek.

Yay for breast. Yay for bottle, it’s all about individual choices, neither should be criticised!

sandra on

Seeing a woman bottle feed her baby… my first reaction is “awwe, so sweet”, not like when someone has their entire boob and nipple out for the world to see. Then it’s embarrassment and disgust. Not all of us are comfortable seeing strangers’ genitals. Sorry!

TwinMom on


Breastfed or bottle fed…. IT’S ALL GOOD.

Stephanie on

We have both plastic and glass bottles for my 9-month old daughter, but because of our concern about the chemicals, we use the glass bottles 90% of the time. I think it’s a subject that needs to be discussed more, I’m sure a lot of parents have no idea about the dangers of the chemicals in the plastic.

Autumn on

Yeah I agree with Nausicaa, Sofia does sort of look like a teenager or something feedig a relative or babysitting, lol, but hey at least she’s taking care of her own baby in public.

Anyway speaking of plastic bottles, does that mean then that Playtex nursers (with the baggies to hold the liquid) and those plastic bottles with the hole in the center (like what my mom used in the late 80s for my sister) are totally out?

What type of bottles would you use for toddlers who love to throw their bottles? (Glass would smash on the ground.)

At least the baby bottles of today (even with the plastic chemical threat) are safer than the bottles of a century ago that had a hose-like attachment for the nipple. Murder Bottle, Early bottle

Honey on

Thanks Nikki and Stephanie for the info about the glass bottles. Glad to know those are still around. I myself was never bottlefed because I was breastfed till I was almost two. But I work full time, so when (and if) I have kids, I’ll have to pump and give the bottles to the daycare.

I recently watched a friend warm her breastmilk in a plastic bottle and give it to her kid. That kind of made me uneasy. You are not supposed to heat food in plastic containers because that leaches toxins into your food. And why would you give your kid what you wouldn’t want to consume yourself? What about the rubber nipples though, are those safe?

Sarah on

Here is a GREAT article that reviews all the safe(r) cups and bottles currently on the market:

I personally use the Klean Kanteen sippy and the Sigg kids’ bottles for my 2-year-old; my favorite is the Klean Kanteen.

Aaron Boatwright on

I’ve been told that glass bottles aren’t great for breastmilk because certain molecules in the breastmilk stick to the glass, and don’t stick to plastic. Supposedly this makes what your baby gets incomplete nutrition. I used Avent bottles when I wasn’t nursing my girls…and while I am sure that plastic DOES release harmful chemicals, it’s really not something you can fret over too much, as practically every food item (other than those grown in your garden) comes into contact with plastic at some point. We live in a plastic world!

eliana on

aaron, i think it is something you should fret about. I’m with Nikki. I order all my bottles from