Introducing Felicity-Amore Hull — Keisha speaks about her labor, delivery, and new little girl

06/08/2007 at 10:24 PM ET

01cbbct4Oscar-nominated actress Keisha Castle-Hughes, 17, and her boyfriend of four years, Bradley Hull, 20, introduce their daughter Felicity-Amore, 6 weeks, in the latest New Zealand edition of Australia’s Women’s Weekly.

In the interview, Keisha discusses media attention due to her age, her three day labor, difficult delivery, and talks about returning to work.


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On the pregnancy: Keisha: [I was used to having irregular periods], so I was more than four months pregnant [when I found out for sure]. It was really weird because I’d been playing this pregnant woman [Mary in The Nativity Story] for three months and then all of a sudden I was pregnant. I remember thinking, ‘Maybe I’m imagining it.’ I just got so caught up with Mary.

Brad: ‘I had always imagined starting a family at the age of 24 or 25. So when Keisha first told me that she might be pregnant, I didn’t know what to think. I was a bit blown away. I just wanted to go to the doctor and find out for certain. Then, when we did find out, having it confirmed, I was over the moon.’

On media attention due to her age: I just didn’t expect it. Isuppose I was living in a bit of a fantasy world in my head. I thought,’I’m going to tell everyone, and everyone is going to celebrate.’Absolutely everyone in the country had something to say about it. Ithought, ‘At the end of the day, I am going to be the one looking afterthis baby in the middle of the night and it doesn’t affect you.’

Peopleoverseas were really supportive. I had lots of letters of support frompeople I had worked with in America and friends over there. Then wecame home and it was just like a small town. I expected there would bea small story inside the paper about it, not that it would be all overthe front pages and on the six-o-clock news. It was hard for my friendsbecause everyone was talking about it on the radio and it made themangry. And it was hard for my family because things that were said werereported completely out of context.

People have said to me, ‘Youare only 17, what will happen to your life?’ But I’m not like most17-year-olds. I have only lived 17 years, but I have already done somuch. In the last four years alone I have done more than a lot of40-year-olds have. I’m about as ready for this as I could ever be.

Yes,I was scared when I found out I was pregnant. But if I got pregnantwhen I was 27, I would have been scared too because it is a huge step.
Being ‘over it’ by week 39: Most of the time I felt really good, although by week 39 it was driving me nuts. I was over it. I used to go shopping all the time for the baby, but by then I didn’t want to go near another baby shop.

Her labor: Keisha was a week overdue when her three day laborbegan. After two days of mild contractions, the third day was tougher, but Keisha labored at home until her contractions were sixminutes apart. Keisha says, ‘I was planning to have a water birth at home. I wanted so much for it to be natural and I didn’t want any pain relief.

However, after a morning visit to her OB, the decision was made for Keisha to be admitted to the hospital. She says, ‘Theyhad booked me into Middlemore Hospital under another name. The plan wasto smuggle me in. I was going to pretend I was having a contraction andhold a pillow over my face as I went into the hospital so that no onewould recognize me…by the time I got to the hospital I was screamingfor the epidural.’

On the birth: After two hours of pushing, the baby’s head wasdeemed to be at an awkward angle and preparations began for ac-section. Keisha wasn’t happy, but says she understood. ‘At thatpoint I was really upset because everything was going so wrong. But Iknew that I would do anything to make sure my baby was healthy. Ifsomeone had said to me at that point, ‘The only way she is going tocome out healthy is for you to chop off your head…I would havechopped off my head.’

Happily for her, Keisha did not end up needing the c-section, butthe birth was still difficult. She had a high forceps delivery [thismeans the forceps were applied when the baby’s head was not fullyengaged — many doctors prefer to do c-sections instead of using mid orhigh forceps].

Immediately after the birth, Felicity-Amore’s breathing wascompromised by a wrapped cord, so she was taken away to be checked.Keisha says, ‘I was really upset by then because I thought, ‘I havedone all of this work and I can’t even hold her.’ Then they brought herover and it was just the most amazing moment. For the last three days Ihad been in the worst agony of my life and right then I forgot everysingle minute of it. I just thought, ‘I’d do this all over again.’

On names: ‘When I first found out I was pregnant, I liked less conservative girls’ names like Fifi or Lulu.’ ‘Dog names,’ Bradley interjects. ‘But then we came up with Felicity, which we both liked. We didn’t really talk about names for a long time after that. Then, when she was born and they asked me what her name was, I said, ‘Felicity-Amore.’ She just looked like a Felicity and it seemed right. I didn’t even know it meant ‘happiness’ until a few days later when Mum looked it up in a book. And Amore? Love, of course!’

Brad as a dad: Keisha raves about Bradley — he even gets out of bed in the middle of the night to bring Felicity-Amore to Keisha to breastfeed, so she doesn’t have to get up!

For Brad though, it took awhile to believe that he had a daughter. He says, ‘When we finally brought her out to see [our mothers] I broke down and cried. I was just so emotional.’

Baby blues: The midwife came to me on day three and said,’You might have a baby blues day soon,’ and I thought, ‘I feel fine.’Of course, the minute she left I was a mess for the next 12 hours. Ifelt like I couldn’t do anything right. I’d change her nappy and itwouldn’t fit properly. Then I’d feed her and she wasn’t latching onproperly. Brad was saying, ‘What’s wrong? Why are you crying?’ and I’djust keep crying and saying, ‘I don’t know what’s wrong.’ Then the suncame up and I was fine again.

No sleep: I’d be up checking, checking, checking, being paranoid. I remember when one of my friends had a baby she said it was like that in the first few weeks. And I said, ‘If I had a baby I would just sleep the whole time and I probably wouldn’t even wake up for it.’ But it’s so true because this little person relies on you and I know if anything happened, it would be my fault.

On family: At the moment, I think, ‘What would I do if I wasn’t at home and I didn’t have the support of my mum and my family?’ I think it helps that I’m not at home by myself during the day. I’m lucky.

On staying in: When I was pregnant, people would come up and touch my stomach. I don’t really want to have to deal w
ith people wanting to touch Felicity-Amore all the time. It’s just an invasion of your personal space.


More kids?: I don’t need to create any more siblings forher because she has plenty of kids to play with! I’m a real mum to mybrothers and sisters [Rhys, 15, Liam, 11, Maddisyn, 6, and Qyade, 11months]. I’m really protective of them and I think that’s because Mumand I are so close. She’s more like a sister to me, and both of us lookafter the kids together. Of course, I am still their evil big sisterand they don’t always get their way. Sometimes, when they’d wake me upat six in the morning, I’d think, ‘I never want to have kids becausethese ones are driving me nuts!’ [laughs]

Going back to work: I have already established a career that I can go on with and, contrary to what a lot of people think, I don’t think a child is going to stop that. There are millions of women in the world who work and who have children, so why have I been singled out? Having a child does not affect my acting at all. If anything, it’s going to make it better because I have this experience to relate it to. When I played Mary I played a mother and I’ve thought since that if I played that role again, I’d do so much of it differently.

Just because I have a baby, it doesn’t mean that my career is going to go kaput. I have a really ambitious streak in me. I want to do it now more than I ever did. I want to do it because I love it, not just to spite other people.


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Heather on

what a beautiful baby. Keisha looks so happy I wish them the best.

Lola on

oh so so lovely. love the picture with her kissing felicity.

Tracy on

Wow, she looks AMAZING for just having her little one! I think that she looks a lot like the Dad in the close up of her face! They are all so lovely!

Grayson's Girl on

What a pretty baby! She looks just like her daddy! It does my heart good to see them being responsible and raising their daughter together. At their age it would have been easy for him to walk away. They’re young, and probably could have waited but she’s here, and she’s beautiful, and it looks like she’s got wonderful parents. Congrats to them!

tan on

Now isn’t she adorable.They seem to have took on parenting well.The baby looks just like the dad.Keisha looks amazing to have just given birth not too long ago.I wish them the best.

fumar on

I love seeing photos like that, they all look so happy and healthy. Not to mention the baby is beautiful! Congrats to them!

Megan on

Oh wow–she is absolutely gorgeous…perfect really! She’s got that face you could just stare at…and the one of Keisha kissing her–too cute! They look like an adorable family and so incredibly happy…and who wouldn’t be wakin up to that beauty everyday…absolutely breathtaking!!

denisse on

omg this baby is so gorgeous, they looks so happy with the baby i dont like so much the name lol but she is gorgeous

tink1217 on

what a beautiful baby girl! They look so happy together.

Devon on

She’s adorable! The whole family is beautiful. Keisha looks fabulous and so in love with her daughter.


Andrea on

What A BEAUTIFUL baby… and a GREAT looking couple. I wish them the best…

Cassie on

She looks so adorable! I love the first picture with her and Keisha. You can see both of them in Felicity-Amore. They all look so happy! Congrats!

melissa on

She is a pretty baby. 🙂 And it’s not too hard to bounce back from having a baby when you’re 17!!

Ashley on

What a beautiful family!

e on

so beautiful! they look very sweet together. they’re really young, but they seem to be a happy little family.

Jeanette on

Those pictures are adorrrrable. I especially love the one of Keisha smooching Felicity-Amore and the one of mom and baby gazing at each other. Lovely!

Sarita on

Wow, gorgeous baby! They look happy too, congrats to them 🙂

julia on

Aww, she is absolutely adorable! Such a precious little face….The three of them make a simply gorgeous family!

Jenny on

Talk about domestic felicity. What a beautiful child.

amanda on

What an absolutely beautiful little girl!! congrats to the new family

Ashley on

AWW! She is beautiful, I see a little bit of both parents in her. Congrats to them all and I wish them the best.

Texas Mom on

How lovely…

Beautiful baby and her parents both look happy to have her.

Don’t ever believe it won’t work for some so young. I met my husband when I was 15 and he 18. We married when I was 17 and he 20. Our son was born nearly 2 years later.

We are still here and together after nearly 24 years. Granted, we were mature for our ages, and we never felt “too young” to have our son.

Congrats on Fellicity, and continued good luck in the future!!

FC on

I can’t say who Felicity looks like yet, but she’s a beautiful baby. And she and her parents look content, seem to be fairing quite well. I wish them all the best!

Hilda on

Gongrats! Beautiful pictures! Little Felicity doesn’t look too happy on the cover! After all the controversy, I love that they named her Felicity. It’s like they’re telling the world, yeah we’re young and had a baby, so what! I wish them all the best.

jing on

what a beautiful family, and keisha looks amazing. congrats to them!!

sweetdiva on

What a sweet little baby!

Christine on

Lovely – what a beautiful baby!
All my best to them!

Denise on

The baby is adorable and I wish them all the best.

I do worry that this glamorizes teen pregnancy which already and terrible problem.

Chrissy on

What a gorgeous baby! They are so young. I sure hope they make it. Best of luck and best wishes that they do.

Mé on

Good for her. It is nice seeing a celeb being a positive role model for others.

greenmtx on

wow. that is a gorgeous baby!

Jo on

I loved the film Whale Rider! Keisha played her character so well! It also made me cry….ALOT!

And I wish her and her boyfriend, Bradley all the best of luck for the future!

Kimber Christian on

What a beautiful picture! No matter what, that baby was meant to be here for some reason. I wish this family all the best.

charsmom on

This is one of the most beautiful celebrity baby pictures I have seen. Congrats to their whole family on the birth of their beautiful baby girl!

Amber on

Stunning…is the only word that comes to mind

Julia on

She’s a beautiful baby. Look at those big eyes! I wonder if she’s getting a nickname, Felicity-Amore is quite long!

Shannon on

Oh. My. God. Felicity is simply too cute for words!

I have to admit that I was taken aback when I first heard the news about Keisha’s pregnancy but now that I have a better understanding of her culture, I can be nothing but happy for her and Bradley. I wish all three of them the best and send out my congratulations.

Laura on

She’s too beautiful.

amy on

Gorgeous…and ditto to what Shannon said!

LaTonya on

Now she is just to cute!!! Aww so adorable!

katie on

Wow, I can’t help but notice her fingers are so long.

Beautiful baby

Roise on

Beautiful baby, and I can’t believe Keisha had a baby six weeks ago…she looks great. How is “Amore” pronounced?


KarenC on

These are truly beautiful mother and baby
pictures. The baby is breathtaking!

roxy on

wow…she is an absolutely beautiful baby, that felicity-amore. they look like such a happy and loving family. i wish them all the best.

Bindy on

I’m so happy for her! That baby is adorable!!!

Success Through Play on

Congratulations, she is so beautiful. You make a wonderful family.

Jennifer on

What a beautiful baby girl! They all look very happy together. The photos are lovely, and the one of Keisha kissing Felicity is so sweet. I wish them all the best 🙂

Melea on

I LOVE these photos and I LOVE her attitude. I was 17 when I got married and was trying to get pregnant then. We ended up needing IVF to have our son when I turned 20 but if he would have come at 17 I still would have been an amazing mom, just like I would have been at 30. Everyone is ready for kids at different ages and it’s not right to judge. People can have opinions but trying to force them onto everyone else is wrong. Good luck girl and just enjoy your baby!!!

Breanna on

awww this famliy is just the cutest.. yeah when i first found out about her getting pregnant i wasnt sure because of her age.. but now that i know more about her and her boyfriend then i think its fine.. i loved her movies..

Aura on

What a cute baby!!! 😀

Nina on

The photos are gorgeous, as always, but I’m most impressed with Keisha’s replies. Lovely, well thought-out responses from a level-headed young mum.

Hysterical to think that this woman’s almost a full decade younger than Paris Hilton, isn’t it?

tink1217 on

after reading the highlights of the interview I have much respect for this girl. Not only did she endure a labor for 3 days and a difficult forceps delivery but she is breastfeeding. I know she says she is ready, but she seems to be proving it too! Its great she has such a supportive boyfriend and family. She seems really happy!! Congrats again!

brookefan on

Beautiful family and a happy ending! I was worried about her youth, but she is so mature, as is her boyfriend. Just a great story, and one I wish more people could learn from.

Stephany on

What a beautiful baby! I loved Keisha’s interview. She seems like such a well-rounded and happy individual. I wish her and her family all the best!

Maria on

She is beautiful! I am so happy for Keisha and Bradley, I’m sure they make wonderful parents! Keisha is such an inspiration to me and best of luck to the three of them!

mom4bob on

“… Hysterical to think that (Keisha) is almost a full decade younger than Paris Hilton, isn’t it?”

Posted by: Nina


LOL Kudos, Nina – I couldn’t have said it better myself! I guess one’s level of maturity DOES have everything to do with societal norms and expectations.

Ms. Castle-Hughes posesses a composure that’s been delegated to generations past, at least as far as many of the young people here in the US are concerned.

Lola on

She sounds very intelligent and aware of what she needs to do. good for her.

Teba, CBB Reviews Editor on

That is a gorgeous baby!

Emily on

I remember seeing the story when she was first born, and thinking that little Felicity-Amore and I share a birthday. Welcome to the world, little Felicity.

LiamzMummie on

i wanted to cry reading ths, wat a gorjus baby mann, havin a baby is soooo magical and its sooooo orsum to see a young mum in the public eye showin every one how orsum it really is…. makes me very proud to b a teen maori mum 🙂

Zbella on

The close up of Felicity-Amoure is amazing. So are the ones of mom & baby profile shots. They are so beautiful and happy! Congratulations!

I have no problem with her age. She is a mature and wonderful mother. Good for her!

jaq on

it’s so nice to read this- this girl comes across as a wonderful mama, mature and responsible. baby is beautiful, and they’ve left a good mark for teen parents, here. i was one, myself, a few years back, so i do know that it can be hard to be taken seriously. big congrats, i was so excited for them, and am so proud of how these two have handled the publicity! bravo.

jaz on

She’s young no matter what she says. She’ll make it through. But they’re kids, look at them! She has a lot of makeup on to look more grown up. I don’t care how mature you are, at 17 you are still a child raising a child, I don’t doubt she loves her family and will do a great job, however I don’t necessarily think teenage pregnancy is something we should ENCOURAGE like ohhh it’s fine, it’s not a big deal having a child at that age. While every circumstance is different, in GENERAL i think it’s healthier for parent and child if the child is had later on in life. Late 20s early 30s when both parents REALLY know who they are and about life, that takes EXPERIENCE.

Em on

She and the baby are beautiful!

I know I’d rather here about a 17 year old girl who has given birth instead of being in rehab for alcoholism & drugs!!

Amillia Henderson on

OOOOOHHH that mommy-baby kiss!!!

This young lady is very mature for her years. I am so very happy for Keisha and her family. Congrats!!! I also love her daughter’s name.

Natasha on

That interview is wonderful. I was 16 when I had my daughter and 18 when I had my son. Just because your in your late 20’s or 30’s doesn’t mean you know what you want out of life. Some people still don’t know, even then.

Kat on

Jaz: there’s always got to be a few holier-than-though, self-righteous whiners, doesn’t there? You know, she might have been wearing makeup because it was a PHOTO SHOOT involving bright lighting, etc – just a thought.

Neural on

Parenting is hard no matter your age and this girl seems to be more mature than a lot of 17 year olds. She certainly has more resources than a lot of 17 year olds, so I think they’ll be fine.

kasia on

What a beautiful baby, and family. I think its amazing how some people are so concerned with age. You could be 16 and be a great mother, Just as you could be 40 years old and a terrible mother. Ive seen it many times. I wish all the luck in the world with the baby and family. I wish i could meet keisha she just glows. A beautiful soul

yo momma on

keisha castle-hughes is one of my favorite actresses. i’m actually watching “whale rider” right now! when i heard of her pregnancy, her age didn’t even shock me. she strikes me as a very mature & responsible young woman. look at all these “adult” women going out & partying weeks after giving birth! what does it matter if she’s 17? she has sense enough to put her child first & that’s more than you can say for these other hollywood “mothers”. congratulations, keisha & bradley! you have my full & unending support! and thank you for choosing to breastfeed!

GaWjUsS on

well mum and baby are both gawjuss…..congrats Keisha….no matter what age she is she will be a great mother….you can tell…..she may only bee 17 but its not like she will be the youngest mother ever so i dnt see what the big deal is aye….
well congrats on the gawjuss baybee

Jade on

i love the baby she is soooo cute,
at the m0ment i am d0ing a project on whale rider. i love the movie tho!!!
i love how they all love the baby and at first i thort wow she is having a baby at 17 but now i think well they seem to love each other very much!!!!!!
she puts her child first and she has a goood sence of humor!