Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's reps deny another adoption

06/07/2007 at 02:16 PM ET

E060548aRepresentatives for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have denied a widely-circulating rumor from The Sun, which reports that they have been paying regular visits to a Catholic orphanage in Prague and plan to adopt a child from there. The report had said that Angelina had chosen a boy, with Brad flying in from Canada to meet the child and orphanage officials over the weekend.A source close to The Sun said:

Her maternal instincts are in overdrive and she felt a bond with the kid straight away. She called Brad and said she had found a child who would fit in perfectly with the other kids. If everything goes smoothly, Angelina will have an Eastern European son to add to her brood.

The Sun is reporting that Angelina and Brad have flown back to the United States while Czech authorities complete the adoption paperwork. Again, reps deny that this is true.

Source: AOL

Thanks to CBB readers Mary Beth, Aline and Bella.


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NausicaaofWind on

Warning: Speculation – I don’t think they’ll adopt again within this year. Angie might get pregnant within the year, but I’m guessing they’ll hold off on adopting until 2008. Pax must still be adjusting and is learning English, so they must have their hands full with him and the others. This is just my guess, of course; only they know how much Pax has progressed, and I’m sure they know what’s best for the family. I’m enjoying seeing this family grow and change.

Heidi on

I agree with everything you said, Nausicaa – I think they’ll wait before adopting another child. They’re planning a year off and I think that’s when they’ll focus on adding to their family.

TracyG on

I saw on the cover of In Touch (not reliable I know) magazine that Brad and Angie had TWO more on the way. The article speculated that they had another adoption in the works and that Angie would announce a pregnancy in the very near future.

Mind you, I didnt get to read the whole thing, I was in line at the grocery store! LOL..

Interesting that the Sun is speculating too.

Personally, I think it’s also too soon to add another. Shiloh is just turned One and Pax is still adjusting. The kids need time to get to know each other better (with Pax I mean) and Angie herself said that they have trouble spending time together alone. Throwing another child into the mix at this time, wouldn’t benefit any of them. Kids need one on one time with Mom and Dad too..(I’m sure they try to do that)

heather on

I am betting they will adopt another African or black child next, probably a girl. Angelina has made a big deal about adopting children so that her existing children will have other people that ‘look like them’ in the houshold (since Shiloh looks white like Brad and Angelina). They adopted Pax in part because he is asian like Mad, and I bet they will do the same for Zahara next.

Liz on

Personally, I think they need to stop. Enough is enough.

pink.lioness on

“Personally, I think they need to stop. Enough is enough”.

Well Liz, since Brad and Angie agree that they want to adopt more kids, as well as have more biologically, I guess that’s what they are going to do – whether you like it or not.

Personally, I think they should adopt lots more, and not leave it too long so all their kids can more or less grow up together. Their commitment and effort to raise their beautiful children in a loving family is admirable.

Christina on

Seriously, enough is enough. Leave these poor kids who otherwise might not have a shot of you know, eating and receiving medical care, much less growing up with the love and affection of a good family with any and all of the necessary resources to raise them, right where they are – in orphanages to rot until they die or turn 18, whichever comes first.

Liz – YOU going to start plucking these kids out of poverty all over the world to give them some kind of future? You ARE? Yay!


lanie on

Christina – I’m not going to lower to your level of sarcasm, didn’t your mother ever tell you it’s the lowest form of wit? I would suggest you learn to disagree with people without belittling them. πŸ˜‰

In my opinion, which I am entitled to, I don’t believe it’s necessarily in a child’s best interests to become part of an ever increasing baby collection, chased worldwide by intrusive photographers, moving home constantly, and with parents who have already admitted that they struggle to balance out their time for the four they already have. They need to spend a good year or two settling Pax in, spending time with all these kids in a stable location, and then consider adopting again if that’s what they want to do.

It’s incredibly simplistic (not to mention arrogant)of any first world nation to assume that whipping a poor child out of his or her country and his or her culture is automatically the right thing to do every time. Poverty and means to well-being aren’t measured as simply as the amount of food on the table.

I wish them the best but in my humble opinion they need to focus firmly on the well-being of the kids they have now rather than looking for more.

sigh on

Baby collection?

And what is the arbitrary number at which parents reach a “baby collection”? Does this apply to multiples?

Christina on

Lainie – Are you Liz, too? I don’t understand why you are responding as if I were responding directly to YOU. My mother taught me a lot of stuff, none of which is any of your business. And most people I know find my sarcasm HILARIOUS so I guess lots of mommas failed to teach that particular lesson in “wit” – to each their own. I think I’ll disagree with people using whatever tone and method I choose, but thanks so much for the suggestions.

I’m pretty sure Angelina Jolie doesn’t give a whit what you firmly believe, and to that I say THANK GOD. Leaving a kid in an orphanage – anywhere in the world – instead of adopting them and giving them a loving home is NOT better for that child. It’s the height of conceit to assume that a child has to be raised within the culture into he or she is born in order to produce a happy, healthy child. Brad and Angelina obviously love these children and do everything they can to give them amazing lives and an amazing home. The only people who really have a problem with that are the people who have a problem with THEM, and it’s pretty amusing to watch those people justify it with their “amazing insights” on how other people “should” be raising their own children.

You are right about one thing though – everyone is entitled to their opinion, however misguided.

Campbell on

“Personally I think they need to stop”? Tell me I DID NOT READ THAT? Sweet Lord.

Liz on

Yep, I said it.
Can’t they start in the US? And Christine, or Christina or whatever it is, Lanie is a separate person than me. I agree with he though. I think they use their children for pubilicty. I am against Angelina’s tactics, and you cant change that, I’m sorry. Why not love the children they have instead of wanting more?

Sophie on

I think they have stopped (for a while), so no worry. Personally I would like to see if they are capable of adopting a caucasian child.

Annoynomus on

Sophie- Why would they adopt a Caucasin child when they have given BIRTH to one and can CONCIEVE another one if they want to?

Annoynomus on

I also want to add: What in the world is wrong with them adopting African and Asian children? Personally, when they do adopt it again, I think it will be an African sister for Z (since they mentioned wanting to balance out the races and recently adopted Pax, and Asian brother for Mad).

Care on

Liz, at least I agree with you, raising a child to become Lindsay Lohan to me is the same as leaving them on the streets of Cambodia. I have just read an article where Brad is admitting that kids are hard work and I don’t think they should collect any more. They look overwhelmed and haggard and whatever their intentions let them just give financial assistance to orphan’s relatives or try not to hop these poor kids from country to country like normads.

Annoynomus on

Okay, after reading some more of the comments posted here, I have to comment again! Laurie, I cannot believe you said that Angie and Brad use their kids for publicty! To me, they seem like the last celebs on Earth to do that! It is obvious that they love their kids very much (haven’t you read Angie’s recent interviews?). It is also obvious that they do not, in fact, appreciate their kids being out in the public eye all the time. After all, Angie was fiercly protective of Pax after adopting him. After the offical pictures (which, as I’ve said before, I’m sure she had taken so that the paps wouldn’t be going crazy trying to get the first photos of Pax), we didn’t seem him again (except for once when he and Z were being taken to or from daycare, and it was pretty obvious that Brad and Angie did not want that photo taken) until the family went to Prague for Angie to film Wanted. Also, after Shi’s offical pics, we barely saw her again until she was six months old. So, obviously, Angie and Brad want to shield their kids from the public eye as much as possible.
All of that said, Brad and Angie are two of the LEAST egotistical celebs I know of, and they do not seem like the type to be trying to gain publicty all the time.
Finally, as for starting in the U.S. ….If you want to see an American child adopted so badly, why don’t you do it yourself? Yes, there are babies and kids in the U.S. that need to be helped, but babies and kids in other parts of the world are A LOT worse off. For example, had Angie not adopted Z, she almost certainly would have died in the orphanage. Not only that, but, after adopting Z, Angie mentioned that she had seen two other babies in the orphange that were no better of than Z…and both of those babies died within days of Z’s adoption. I am not sure what the situation was like for Mad, but for Pax, it is very possible that he would have been facing his entire childhood in the orphanage had Angie not adopted him (the sad fact is, most people who adopt want to adopt a baby, not an older child like Pax).

sigh on

This all reeks of racism and ethnocentrism.

I hope Brad and Angie adopt children of color from outside the US exclusively, for no other reason than to irritate the people who are so mad that they aren’t adopting (and she isn’t giving birth to) white American kids.

lanie on

Christina, sarcastically belittling total strangers just because you disagree with their opinion? I don’t consider sarcasm funny when it’s intended to put someone down for stating their opinion, but hey, your mileage varies and you have that right.

Of course Angelina Jolie doesn’t give a whit what I think or what you think, or what anyone else on this board thinks. Although since you appear to be speaking for her now, I am interested in the way people here choose to fall back on “Well, (insert celebrity name here) doesn’t give a whit what you think!” as if that substitutes for creating a solid argument and having a decent discussion.

You missed my argument – where exactly did I state that Angelina and Brad don’t love their children? I am a fan of this gorgeous couple and always have been.

What I am stating that it is arrogant of a first world nation to assume that in EVERY CASE the right action is to remove a child from their country and culture. There is no such thing as a successful blanket policy in something this complicated. No, a child absolutely doesn’t have to be raised within his or her own culture to be happy, successful and healthy. (Where did I state that?)

But nor should a child be removed under EVERY circumstance as though that is the only option, swooping down and ‘rescuing’. Because that is just as conceited now isn’t it? The world has moved on from top-down development as it used to be – thinking that intervention was in _every case_ better that helping countries to help themselves.

As an example, if Brad and Angelina took the money they spend on adoption and put it into paying for an orphanage they would save 20 kids instead of three – but people adopt becuase they want a child first, and because they want to ‘save a child’ second. Which is perfectly understandable, human nature, and I’m not saying it isn’t. But it’s not as simple as considering adoptions overseas the one-fits-all solution to the problem.

I have no doubt that those four kids have a loving home and no doubt that Brad and Angelina are great parents, but I have personal experience with a brother whose first adoptive home adopted several toddlers and older kids one after the other without bothering to settle any of them in before adopting the next – and then wondered why they all had serious trust and attachment issues. My brother ended up with us – some of those others weren’t lucky enough to acquire permanent homes.

Brad and Angelina _need_ to look to these four first, before taking on more children.

Now would anyone care to agree or disagree with me in an reasoned manner – as opposed to deigning my opinion “amusing” and “misguided” instead of intelligently responding to it? πŸ˜‰

Stephanie on

I think it’s incredibly arrogant of people to assume that they know what Angelina Jolie is doing, thinking, or planning. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who “collected” kids. Plus, children for publicity? WOW. If Angelina Jolie wanted publicity, all she would have to do is wear a vial of blood around her neck. Or maybe kiss her brother in a way that might seem inappropriate. Or sneeze. Oh, wait. To say that she is “collecting” childen for “publicity” is the most ludicrous statement I have ever heard. And further, to say that it would be nice to see if she could adopt a caucasian child, OMG. There are really no other words for how hateful and shallow some of these comments are. I have been a mostly silent reader of the CBB, and I love reading about celebrity babies, and reading the discussions that take place on the blogs, but I have to say I’m a little sick over I’ve been reading over the last few weeks. I’ve seen comments that say women who bottle feed are failures, that women who breastfeed in public are a menace, and that Angelina is collecting children for publicity, just to name the few that really stick out in my mind right now. And all of these comments are coming from women, most of them mothers! How embarrassed would you be if someone accused you of having too many children too soon? Or if they said you were just having children for attention? Or how about the words, “Are you capable of adopting a white child? Or do they all have to be Asian or black?” I truly can’t believe some of the comments that are spewing freely from some of your mouths. Opinion is one thing, and it’s fine to have one, but the extent that some of these comments go to are outrageous, and horrible. I would be devastated if someone accused me of the things some of you are accusing Angelina Jolie of doing, and of some of the things people say on here. I am frankly embarrassed that women on this blog find it acceptable to post things like that, and can only imagine how you are making the subject of these discussions feel if they read what you post. Unfortunately, the specific comments in this post are a perfect example of how cruel women are to other women, and it makes me sick.

Christina on

Ok, Liz…so no one should have more than four children because there isn’t enough love to go around? I’ll tell my grandmother who managed to give much love to all five of her children…why can’t they love as many children as they like? Are every couple incapable of loving more than four children at a time, or just Brad and Angie? Please note I managed to get your name “or whatever” right, btw, and it’s ChristinA with an A.

Lanie – didn’t your momma teach you it’s impolite to talk smack about other people’s mommas? Just wondering.

Adore1 on

All the people sitting on their rear typing crap….. why dont YOU adopt an American or white baby… Last time i checked B&A are free to build their family which ever way they please…..

And as Angie has said she doesn’t give a CR*P what what ANYONE THINKS ABOUT HER FAMILY and that INCLUDES the people on this thread!!!

lanie on

Christina – that was two posts ago honey. If you can’t hold up your end of a reasoned debate, feel free to get out of it. If you would like to hold a conversation minus the animosity, I’m all for it. πŸ™‚

Annoynomus on

Sigh, those are my thoughts EXACTLY! And Lanie, I see your point, but it doesn’t appear that any of the Jolie-Pitt kids have trust or attachment issues because they were adopted/born one after the other (well, Pax might, but that’s because he is still adjusting to his new family and country). IMO, Brad and Angie will probably have another biological child sometime next year, and then adopt an African girl in 2009. Anyway, I am sure they know, and are doing, what they feel is best for their family.

Annoynomus on

Care- I highly doubt that Angie and Brad are raising their kids to become Lindsey Lohan. They are definently not that irresponsible. Also, they certainly do NOT collect kids! I have never heard of or seen ANYONE that does, if you want the truth! That said, Brad and Angie have both said that they want to have and adopt more kids in the future, so, I’m sorry, but it sounds as if they will be expanding their brood no matter what the rest of us think.
As for going from country to country with the kids…Angie has stated that both she and Brad will be taking next year off from work. Therefore, the kids will obviously be staying in one place next year. Not only that, but, judging from the pictures I’ve seen, the kids certainly don’t look as though traveling from country to country is having any negative effects on them. Personally, I don’t care how many more kids Angie and Brad want to have/adopt. If they can give them a good, loving home, then I say go for it!

Lorus on

All I can say is wow.

Only Angie and Brad know their family and what is best for it. Who are we to say enough is enough? Some people have trouble handling just 2 kids while other families easily manage with 6. Every family is different and just because YOU PERSONALLY think they should stop adding more babes to their family doesn’t make it the right choice for THEM.

Audrey on

I think its great they are adopting and taking care of these underprivileged children, but I just think they are doing to way to quickly, they only just got Pax. I don’t think they should stop, just wait a few years and concentrate on caring for the children they have. Having alot of money to be able to afford these children doesn’t compensate for love and care, now I am not AT all saying they do not care for they’re children, they do, they are great parents, but with that many kids and work ect, being celebrities and very busy, and having a completely different and hectic lifestyle compared to the average persons lifestyle, I think they should have they’re holiday first before going into another adoption.

Nikki on

I also rarely comment, but after reading all this I absolutely planned to. But Stephanie, you already said it. I completely agree with you. Some of these women are just mean.

terri on

Sophie, why would you want them to adopt a caucasian child if you believe they’re “a couple that won’t last”?
That’s what you wrote very recently (see the post about Angelina commenting on co-sleeping and couple-time before children).
Seems to me that you don’t like Angelina (which you’re entitled to) and try to stir up stuff wherever you can (which is just stupid and childish)

Adore1 on

I see stupidity is still reigning here…. According to the tabs, which alot of peopele on this site seem to believe, by now B&A should have adopted 20+ children. Have they? NO… But i guess its easy to believe the negativity as always. Carry On!!!

brodie on

wheres the child with the same coloured skin as shiloh or will that child be left out again. everybody talks about how they have adopted pax for maddox, and they will adopt an african girl for zahara. i have never heard anybody suggest that there will be a child with the same skin colour for shiloh. why is that?

Probably because they’ve already indicated they’d like another biological child?

Melissa on

I love the fact that so many celebrities are adopting, there are lots of children who need good homes out there. My only concern is that so much media attention is put on international adoptions, that there are millions of children right here in the US that are stuck in the foster care system because they can’t find homes. I wish more celebrities, like Sheryl Crow, would adopt from the US. My husband and I plan to adopt a nine year old girl out of our county’s foster care system as soon as the paperwork is finalized. Words can’t express the joy it brings to a child to know that there is someone out there who wants them.

Patricia Dischler on

As a birthmother, and author of “Because I Loved You” I can tell you that I think it is fantastic that so many celebrities are adopting, and appalling that so many fans feelt they have the right to judge it – or even to make comments regarding what race they should consider! There is a large percentage of celebrities adopting because THERE IS A LARGE PERCENTAGE OF AMERICANS adopting! It is a reflection of our overall culture. It is also a very personal decision, one that others certainly do not fully understand until they have been touched by adoption as well. Birthmothers, like me, place their child for adoption in the hopes that they find a better life than what we can provide. This is true for children left at orphanages as well, many of their birthparents make this choice so their child can avoid starvation or disease. It shouldn’t matter which country the adoptive parents come from – as long as someone comes to take this child into thier home and love them. That’s what counts. As for how many should they take home? My Grandmother had 16 children, and every one of them felt cared for and loved. Go for it Angelina!

Care on

I think it is naive to think that Angelina does not know how much publicty she gains from these adoptions, yes she wore a vial of blood and kissed her brother but how much attention did that get her. May be she wants to make a difference but she is not the saint you people think she is. Sggesting she should adopt from outside the US to irritate critics is foolish as children are not adopted to irritate others or as a bet, they are humans and parmanent delicate fixtures.

If the kids who were with Z died afterwards, why did she leave them there in that condition when she knew they would die? May be it was inevitable but in her place I would have financed the best treatment for them and improved the orphanage conditions instead of flying in and out in a private jet scooping one orphan to take to live in luxury. I know you fans never like anything negative said about your hero but adopting a child, changing his name and flying him from country to country is rather irresponsible and insenstive. My guess is that it would be hard for Angelina to adopt from the US with her history or even from Cambodia with the current laws. I adopted my daughter from Mexico and am glad there are safeguards in place to protect children who are being adopted. I adopted her because she has a delicate health condition and she was living in an orphanage at the time. Initially I scheduled three months off and six months of part time work but in the end I had to take a year off even when she got better for her to adapt to a new country, new people and a new language. It is not as simple as many of you imagine, and I can imagine Little Pax jumping from country to country with no routine or parmanent home but hotels and strangers every other week.

It is good to help children but we have to know that their welfare is important and just because you take a child out of a worse situation does not mean it is acceptable to give them any kind of life good or bad as long as it is better than an orphanage. Running around the world with those children like that is unfair to them and most celebrity parents slow down their schedules to accomodate their children. Neither her or her partner have slowed down and since she did not keep her promise to take time off after Pax, what makes you so sure she will keep it this time. I know you will all be full of excuses for her and saying she was misquoted for the a thousandth time but remember that there are delicate children involved and their welfare is paramount and just because they came from worse situations does not mean that any crumbs given to them will do.

She also should try and be more private and stop saying such private things about her children all the time. They are people not trophies or brochures for advertising her goodness and new image. I don’t know how old most of you are but you seem all too hot headed to be objective and look out for these children. I bet if they decided to add 6 children next year, you fans would still shout and applaud but every child is special and even orphans deserve the best not ‘better than the orphanage.’


Christina on

Lanie: It’s going to be hard but I think with a lot of therapy I’ll learn to live with your disappointment and love myself again. Oops! Sorry, was that sarcasm? And I’ll respond and “keep up my end of the debate” at whatever pace I see fit…I love how I can’t reply “two posts later” but it seems just fine for you….hi pot! meet the kettle…try to keep up. No one who is concerned for a child, or for children in general, would advocate leaving them in a third-world orphanage, or suggest that perhaps parents should “seek out white children” to adopt as others have…. You, Lanie, are letting the ONE similar situation you know about (your brother) set your opinion for what ALL adopted children and households go through, and as sure as I am that you know all the intimate details of the specific dynamic in the Jolie-Pitt household, I am going to have to defer to the judgement of the PARENTS in the decision making process of when to adopt (or conceive) another child. Also hilarious? That none of you have managed to see that the story is FALSE but you are going on and on and on as if it were true. LOL. I’ve never met a bigger bunch of judgemental people in my life than the people who like to weigh in on what Angie and Brad are doing “wrong” with their family. It’s unreal to me.
If you don’t think my replies, dearest Lanie, are “intelligent” *wink* I will again, have to find a way to live with myself (shan’t be easy!) and suggest, perhaps, you not reply if you feel it’s so “beneath” you. Lates, “honey”.

Liz on

All of you guys telling me—I dont see you adopting them—maybe you should reconsider your motives. As a matter of fact, me and my husband HAVE considered biological children, but chose instead to ADOPT–thats right, I have adopted 3 beautiful girls RIGHT HERE FROM THE US. So please dont tell me I’m not doing my part.
But sadly, I dont have the money to ship the kids away to nannys as so many celebs choose to do.
I think celebs are having kids because its the new “fad”

Dakota on

Well hey, IF they are planning on it, all the more power to them.

IMO I think they should wait longer. But it’s not my life to live.

Katie on

Melissa: I highly doubt that Sheryl Crow adopted her child through the foster care system. Her child is a newborn not an older child. A lot of people seem to be under the impression that America has tons of babies sitting in orphanages or foster care: We don’t. The marjority of children in foster care are older children, and most of the celebrities who have adopted internationally have adopted babies: which is 100% their choice and no one elses. I commend those who adopted from the U.S. foster care system, but I do completely understand why someone wouldn’t want to go that route considering how screwed up the U.S. foster care system can be.

T. on

“Unfortunately, the specific comments in this post are a perfect example of how cruel women are to other women, and it makes me sick.”

Stephanie, I completely agree, with that and your entire post. While I think it’s great that CBB doesn’t allow the kind of cruel remarks that many other sites do, the judgmental posts that many CBB readers leave are sometimes bit too much.

I have my own thoughts about B&A, but whatever they do certainly isn’t going to affect my life. If they want to have 20 kids, that’s their business, and more power to them.

Christina on

I’m sorry Lanie, but I am going to have to take exception to the notion that your brother’s adoption experience informs all other multiple adoption homes. People sometimes abuse or even murder their adopted children – does that mean adoptions should come to a screeching halt? ONE person’s experience in a multi-adoptive home does not mean that’s “how it is” in all homes – my neighbors, for instance, adopted four children all of whom are wonderful people. All of the adoptions were within a year or two of each other. Clearly your brother’s experience was unfortunate, but it’s hardly “proof” that adoption of multiple children into a home without an extended break “don’t work”.
And if I want to respond “two posts” later or more I think I am more than entitled to…”honey” *emoticon*

Essie on

Patricia, my mother had 13 biological kids and fostered four others. None of us ever felt left out!!! We had no money and lived in a small house but we were happy then and we are all happy now. I say good for Angelina. Raise as many kids as you want.

Brad said once (after something Michael Douglas said about Zahara) that he thinks part of the objection to he and Angie adopting non-American kids is racism. He’s probably right. There are a lot of people out there who don’t like seeing white people with dark-skinned kids. Sad and stupid but so true.

Christina on


Sorry about the double post! Wonky computer today….I’m sure you’ll chalk it up to my inability to debate Lanie *emoticon* *wink*

sigh on

Well I’m still waiting to find out from lanie, Liz, Care, Sophie and the other experts out there just how many kids is “too many” or a “baby collection”? Two? Three? Four? Five?

If I go back and check posts about the Duggars, will I find these same charges from the same posters leveled at that family too?

katvond on

Christina – chill, hun. Why are you letting Lanie get to you like that? Seems like you’re on the warpath! It’s kinda funny but don’t drag it on too much πŸ˜‰


I’m more bothered by the absolute refusal of these two to simply settle down than the number of children they adopt. If they’re up to it they can adopt 100 kids for all I care. I think the number of kids only becomes problematic when you insist on adding one child after the next while alternately dragging said children from one country to next, changing schools, homes, friends and environment every few weeks. Have any of these kids gone to the same school, had the same friends and stayed in the same house for more than 6 months at a time? Doubt it. If they want a brood, fine but I think they owe it to their kids to provide them some stability.

Christina on

πŸ˜‰ Thx for the advice sister katvond…honestly, my ‘puter crashed this AM while I composed the first response and I didn’t think it went thru. I just hold adoption as one of the highest forms of kindness and selflessness and to have anyone argue that a child is better left in an orphanage than in a loving home…I just know and love too many adopted people/children to understand that kind of thinking. It’s very upsetting to me.
Plus the whole Angie and Brad bashing thing has taken on ridiculous proportions…but you are right – it’s time to let go. I have new books to mail to my nephews, anyway πŸ™‚ *winking* *emoting*

Lauren on

I find it hysterical that the Angelina fanbots are bitching and moaning about how “nasty and judgemental” other posters are being (ironically the ones whose opinions they happen to disagree with) are the ones hurling juvenile insults regarding the intelligence and family lives of those whose opinions they dislike, with one (in another thread) even going so far as to brag that she is going to live longer than people who dislike Angie because of her “optimistic attitude.” She sure has some fantastic fans, doesn’t she?
Liz, Lanie, Care, et. al-don’t let these people bully you into backing down. Letting them have their tantrums and thus expose themselves as the truly intolerant ones is all that needs to be done. They obviously missed the day in kingergarden where their classmates were taught how to disagree with others respectfully.

Cassie on

There is no need to get all hysterical, Lauren! So you don’t like Brad & Angie? Such a shame. I’m sure MILLIONS of people all over the world will be really sad and disappointed because of that *lol*
I just hope Angie never finds out that you don’t like her. How would she possibly get over that shock? *wink*

Lauren on

“There is no need to get all hysterical, Lauren!”

You call my post hysterical, but apparently can get through Christina’s with a straight face. Unbelivable.

“I’m sure MILLIONS of people all over the world will be really sad and disappointed because of that *lol*”

Clearly, many people ARE really sad and disappointed that I don’t like Brad and Angie. Why else would they pounce on myself and others who express distaste for her and get nasty simply because we don’t think Angelina’s the second coming of Mother Therea?

“I just hope Angie never finds out that you don’t like her. How would she possibly get over that shock? *wink*””

Propably same the way she would get over the shock of finding out that you do like her. If she truly doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her besides her kids, that means she doesn’t care what her fans think, either. So your opinion of her is as worthless as mine, in her eyes.

Jill on

It is sad that some people cannot act like adults when responding to something they do not agree with. I wonder if some of the people responding have children of their own becuase just one child requires alot of love, time and work. I do see how with their lifestyle and the children they already have how the can give them all the amount of time and attention they DESERVE and not just need. Just because you have enough money to feed, cloth and provide nannies for children does not mean that you SHOULD have or adopt them. There is more to raising children than these superficial matters. They should be happy with the children they already have and stop collecting them as if they were piggy banks from their travels abroad.

Cassie on

Lauren, just to clarify two things…
first of all, who said I got through Christina’s post with a straight face?
Secondly, who says that I like Angelina?
Stop making up little fairy tales about other people, hunny *lol*
and if there is something else you don’t quite understand, please let me know. I’ll be happy to explain it in simple words, just for you πŸ™‚

Steph on

It saddens me to see how there are so many judgemental people in this world.
There are so many children in this world who aren’t lucky enough to have loving parents, a home or food. Kudos to Angelina and Brad for adopting children and giving them an opportunity to be loved and have wonderful opportunities they may not otherwise have.

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

Since this has denigrated into readers insulting one another, we need to close the post.