Natalie Maines checks in with Beckett Pasdar

06/06/2007 at 11:19 PM ET

Concerned mama Natalie Maines, 32, checks in with son Beckett Finn, 2 1/2, after seeing a movie in LA on May 19th. Dad is Heroes star Adrian Pasdar.


Photo by Bauer-Griffin.

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Jen on

Wow, he is a blonde Adrian! How cute is he?!

ally on

Wow, Finn is such a Natalie clone, while Slade looks so much like blond Adrian (IMO). Cute family, it’s nice to see pics of them!

Aura on

Natalie’s sons look a like her – Especially Beckett.

Shauna on

he is cute I had no idea she was married to nathan from heroes. Speaking of heroes and comic books does he have some kind of comic book themed pants on thats what they look like to me. They look like they have comic book characters on them.

Liz on

I’m sorry, but after she made that comment about Mr.President I have never looked at her the same way.

J.M. on

I think one thing that we have to look passed is the fact that she’s HUMAN and she’s a wife, a mother, and imho didn’t deserve some of the criticism she got (esp. the death threats to her family).

So people dislike her comment which they have the right to but then again it’s her right as well to speak freely as she wishes. And the issue was years ago. I think it’s time that the American people moved on. This is a beautiful young women with a beautiful family. People should just not comment if they don’t like her. Simple as that. She didn’t beat her child, she didn’t committ a crime, she hasn’t killed millions of civilians…she’s just a mother who happens to fight for what SHE believe in!!

Her baby boy is gorgeous as is she. And I def. think Beckett looks so much like her!

FC on

Cute! And Beckett is her clone, from the eyes, the mouth, the hair. He’s adorable. 🙂

As for having a problem with what she said about that man in the White Office, I had no problem. Not everyone has to love the president–I don’t. I still have plenty of problems with how he’s been running the office ever since he first stepped up.

It shouldn’t be held against her.

Phoenix on

I think she’s awesome. And Beckett looks just like her.

Hortense on

I’ve seen a few pictures of Beckett, and his hair is always parted funny. He’s an adorable baby, though, and I love the family.

Tiffany on

Wow have you guys not seen Adrian? That little boy is his clone! That is just too cute.

TwinMom on

Liz, ITA! I’m not the biggest fan of President Bush, but she made a fool of herself when she mouthed off about the President. It’s fine to have your opinion, but to stand up in front of a huge crowd who came to hear music (and not her ranting) and spew her opinions in such a rude manner, she was just asking for trouble. She didn’t stop with the concert comment… she proceeded to go on and on about her opinion in interviews and then tried to evoke sympathy by putting out a song about it. She strikes me as a trash-mouth, opinionated person, so I don’t care much for her.

J.M. on

This is a forum though about celebrity babies and their parents. So maybe the political stuff should stay out of it in this scenario. The topic is like beating a dead horse! Nothing more can come of it. What’s done is done and getting into a debate over the man in the white office isn’t even worth it 🙂

Let’s just take the time to realize that no matter what we’re all human and we all make misakes. Nobody is perfect.

And I must agree w/ above poster…I don’t care for his hair style either but if I remember correctly Slade had a huge calic in the front of his forehead as a baby and his hair was always parted funky. Maybe Beckett has the same problem and mom’s not ready to shave it like big brothers just yet.

Julia on

Aww Beckett looks just like Natalie.
I have always liked Natalie, I think she makes beautiful music and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.
I have no doubt she’ll raise her sons well.

kyoto-chan on

You live in the United States. It’s called free speech. If you don’t like that people are given the right to free speech (via the US Constitution) and are allowed to express their opinions (even ones against the government) then go live somewhere else where no one is allowed to say anything bad about their governments lest they be arrested or put to death.

Anyway, I had no idea she was married to Adrian Pasdar.

Dakota on

well i love natalie cuz shes not afraid to stand up for what she believes in even if it effects her in a bad way.. enough of that now… beckett is so adorable hes a mini-natalie and natalie looks great..

LaurieF on

Beckett is totally cute. Natalie is NOT pretty in my opinion. And that has nothing to do with her comments. I don’t like Bush, either. I just don’t find her attractive.

Hilary on

beautiful little boy. 🙂

Wayne on

I love Natalie – She’s Awesome!