Maggie Gyllenhaal: Recent "controversy" over her public breastfeeding has obviously not affected her

06/06/2007 at 01:30 PM ET

Maggie_2Maggie Gyllenhaal went out for coffee and with her friends and breastfed daughter Ramona Sarsgaard, 8 months, outside of the West Village cafe, Bonsignor.  If she’s even aware of the recent "controversy" over her public breastfeeding, it obviously has not affected her!

It’s interesting to see her top-of-the-shirt method- I’ve only done this when I wear a nursing tank. Do you nurse from the neckline or the shirt hem?

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Please note: We already had the whole "should she or shouldn’t she" discussion about nursing in public and whether or not Maggie should use a nursing cover.  Unless you have something positive to add, please do not post a negative comment or say that Maggie should cover up — it won’t be published because it’s not constructive or productive AND it was all said before.


Photo by Splash News,,

Maggie_gyllenhaalPeople has an additional pic of Maggie feeding Ramona baby food. For more photos, visit Just Jared.

Annabean_1948_50643046Ramona is wearing Kinderware’s Infant Gripper Socks in pink ($24 for 7 pairs).

Bugaboo_cameleonIn other photos, Maggie has a Bugaboo Cameleon in grey with blue fabric ($899) topped with a breezy sun canopy in blue ($40) parked in front of her.

She has a Not Rational Fab diaper bag ($517).

Thanks to CBB readers Jessie, Melanie and RB.

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NausicaaofWind on

I find that extremely rude and distasteful. By all means, breastfeed in public, but chances are nobody wants to see the boob. Why doesn’t she cover it up with a shawl or a blanket or something? It reminds me of a time when I was at a restaurant and a lady changed her baby’s diaper right there on the table. People eat there! That’s nothing short of disgusting.

Colleen on

I love her for nursing in public!! She is clearly a great mom who will feed her child when she is hungry. WTG Maggie!!

I’ve only nurse from the shirt hem myself.

Ashley on

Good for her!! Im personally too shy to breastfeed in public but Im glad she’s not letting others discurage her.

Heather on

Wow, that’s a lot of boob! LOL More power to her though if it doesn’t bother her. When I’m in public, I wear a tank top and a t-shirt. Then I pull the t-shirt up and the tank top down. So I nurse from the top of my tank and the hem of my t-shirt. You can see nothing and I still don’t have to cover up w/a blanket.

Emily G on

I haven’t nursed in a couple years – but I just wanted to say Horray for her! I think she could have covered up a little bit seeing as she has cameras on her constantly but other than that I think its wonderful and really puts breastfeeding in the spotlight! Good for you Maggie!!

UWSMom on

Curious as to why anything negative about public breastfeeding wouldn’t be posted. Aren’t there two sides to every argument? And, before we all make assumptions, I breastfed exclusively – in public even.

talooly on

ouch! looks more like pulling the nipple then nursing. Hooray for her for nursing in public…but why not do a more descreet pull up method though? Maybe that’s how she was taught to breastfeed?

Rachel on

Maggie G. is my HERO now!!! I think this is soooo cool!!!

MsCarla on

Bravo Maggie! Hallelujah! I breastfed my daughter for over a year and she hated to be covered up not to mention, it was difficult to be discreet all the time. Anyhow in Europe, this is the norm. Personally, I used both methods depending on the shirt I was wearing. Whatever was easier.

Mama. on

Oh that is so ausumn that she just doesn’t care! Negative attitudes do affect me- I wish I had her courage, so I could just not bother with the annoying nursing shirts. They look so happy! What a great pic.

Teba, CBB Reviews Editor on

I too am so happy to see these photos. I personally always nurse from the shirt hem. I have never really seen anyone do what she is doing unless they were wearing a nursing tank.

cara on

i nurse from the top as i would rather show boob than tummy flab, plus my daughter can’t stand to be covered up.

Saddie on

Yo go Maggie. I do the same thing, because my daughter cries when I cover her up with a blanket. Love the site, Keep up the great work.

Jennifer Kountz on

I wish all moms were this comfortable nursing in public. People would then realize just how natural it is to breast feed your child. TEAM MAGGIE & RAMONA!!

ekaterina on


I too nurse from the top- and sometimes I wear a tank as well to show less πŸ™‚

I usually try to not wear dresses without somethign else ( as that really shows too much!) LOL but now that my son is older it is better-

otherwise nursing can really limit your wardrobe!

Katie on

I am sure this subject will be a hot debat… I think there is no big deal to breastfeed in public. More power to Maggie! esp. knowing there could be people taking your picture.

I use the “top-of-the-shirt” method all the time to breastfeed. It’s easy plus I can wear my normal shirts everyday…

bridget on

i nursed for 13 months and seeing a picture like this brings back so many happy memories for me. I have big boobs so over the top would have been impossible in public. My nursling just turned 7. I wish I had some nursing shots taken back then.

Keila on

Hehehehe…. I absolutely LOOOOVE HER!!!! This is so neat to see. Moms do it all the time, but b/c she’s a celeb and has got cameras all around she’s gotta cover? No way! Go Maggie. And as for the shirt you ask? I’m with Cara – Sometimes I rather show a little more boob than my flab + love handles + some of my back!! And now that I’m pregnant again I usually do it from the top, no need to see my big belly, lol. But when my daughter was younger I did try to be more discreet and wear more nursing friendly clothing, but now I try, but I don’t kill myself over it. :o)

Terra on

I think it’s great! A lot of women won’t do that in public and I think it’s great that a celebrity has the guts to!! She is setting an example for all women! WTG Maggie! Ramona is adorable too!

Anne on

I never would have thought of nursing out of the top of my shirt. But then when DH and I traveled to Brasil when our DD was 7 months, I saw a lot of women doing it! And honestly, after that, I did find it a lot more comfortable.

KellyGirl on


I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. Why is it alright for us to see women’s boobs all over the movie screens (as Maggie has shown hers before on screen) but somehow it becomes taboo and risque when she is doing something as natural as feeding her child.

B on

Good for her!!! I would’ve pulled the shirt UP instead of DOWN, but whatever. It looks painful though… I’m surprised she’s smiling. I wish there were more pictures like this (celeb moms bf’ing in public).

Shmoo on


jennifer on

Seeing this picture doesn’t bother me at all. Actually it makes me want to breastfeed my children when I have them. Good for her, because she makes it “ok” for women who aren’t mothers yet.

alexp on

I love that she feels free to nurse in public, and like some have already mentioned, I find it hilarious that you can watch TV, go to the beach, or just walk down the street showing just as much skin or more and nobody complains, but when it comes to nursing a baby people throw a hissy fit. I’d have thunk it’d be the opposite, but what do I know?

Lilly on

It is controversial otherwise you wouldn’t limit the comments to only the ones that agree with you.

MommyX1 on

Awesome! It is so refreshing to see her breastfeeding her child without any qualms about what people think. Go Maggie!!!!!!!

leslie on

anyone think maybe this is for publicity? she is an actress who’s name needs to be kept on the tips of our tongue.
i have nothing against feeding babies in public but blantant disregard for other people is interesting….it may be the norm in Europe but we dont live there.

dardania on

Good for her! Not my personal method for NIP but kudos to her for breastfeeding her child.

preesi on

I say there should be a National Breast Feeding day!
Breast feed OPENLY, like Maggie, ANYWHERE you can!
Its the most natural thing and not DIRTY!

Katie on

It’s only natural, so why shouldn’t she do it. If she feels okay with breastfeeding in public that should be okay. It’s up to her entirely.

But seriously, it looks somehow quite uncomfortable. Not that I would have tried it (yet), but I can’t imagine it as fun right now.

Mary on

WTG again Maggie! I wish there were more brave people out there like you. I’m not one of them though lol. I wish I could be.

Γ‰milie on

She’s too cool for the school.

Mignon on

What could be more natural and beautiful than feeding your baby? I think it is so crazy that these celebs take off all their clothes in the movies but if they are feeding their babies it is considered controverial! Our society really has things backwards! She looks so beautiful feeding her baby! It is so wonderful to see a celeb nuturing their baby! Thank you Maggie!!

Desiree on

GO MAGGIE! She rocks. I nurse from the top too…I can wear dresses that way plus I lost weight after having her and have a saggy skin stomach and I’d rather my boob show than my saggy stomach. HAHA!!

Lynn on

I thought the baby was supposed to have the whole aerola in their mouth to latch on correctly?

I think it’s great. I personally would want to cover up in public. But at home, it’s a free for all!

I am 3 months along with my first baby & plan to breastfeed. I hope to do it for a year. I don’t think I’d feel comfortable if I looked like Maggie but if it works for her, who cares?


Michelle on

Way to go Maggie and Ramona. I can’t have kids but if I did, I doubt I’d have the confidence to be so free. Good for them.

Autumn on

Good for to be able to nurse that publicly. Her daughter’s eating what’s probably the best for yer, mother’s milk, so that’s cool too.

My only question is, shouldn’t baby Ramona be nestled down lower/laying down more? At this angle it just looks like she’s pulling at the nipple more so than drinking very well, but maybe she is? Who knows?

flower girl on

I love Maggie now! Good for her for sticking with something she knows is the best thing for her little one even though some idiots gave her a hard time for it. It is a beautiful, sweet picture!

Honey on

Good for Maggie. I don’t have a kid, but I would prefer for Moms to feed from the top rather than the bottom. A friend of mine feeds from the hem and I can see her huge belly with all the stretch marks. I think a partial view of the boob would be more palatable.

Principesa on

WAY TO GO, Maggie!!!!

I think it is AWESOME for any mom to breastfeed but there is an extra dose of admiration and girl power when women do it in public.

Laura on

WAY to go Maggie!!!! I find absolutely nothing wrong with nursing in public.

Sarita on

I have no problem with her nursing in public and besides that I love Ramona’s socks, so cute πŸ™‚

LaurieFarrell on

That’s a very one-sided blog. Only publish the comments you agree with.

Maria on

Good for her for putting her child first! I had my baby in Germany, and I spent the early months breastfeeding there without incident, which I think really aided in my comfort, so I do it everywhere now that we are back in the U.S.

How I nurse in public depends on the shirt I am wearing. Obviously if I am wearing a nursing tank, it is super-easy. If I have a t-shirt on, I nurse from the hem. If I am wearing a button-down, I nurse from the neckline.

amygeekgrl on

kudos to her. πŸ™‚ i love the way she seems so comfortable and at ease in this photo. i wish more women felt as comfortable nursing in public as she so obviously does. that might help make it more “socially acceptable.”
i tend to nurse from the hem of my shirt, but have done it from the top a few times as well. i say whatever works!

Cassie on

I WISH that breastfeeding was as natural in North America as it is in Europe and other parts of the world! No one looks twice in Europe, and women are free to nurse anywhere, inside or out. Good for Maggie for not being afraid to feed her daughter when and where she’s hungry!

Liesl on

I’m so proud of her!!!!! You go, girl!

Jodie on

This is AWESOME! I am a NYC mother who nursed my son for 10 months (often in public). We need more brave people to make up for the few ignorant ones (like the cafe waitress who asked me to stop NIP as I was “bothering” the other customers). I didn’t give up NIP, but I did give up going to that cafe πŸ™‚
I have only nursed from the shirt hem but with my next I might try this way too.

Sandra on

ok not to seem weird but is this photoshopped? i mean she is really exposed there and when i see moms nursing in public they are wayyyy more modest about it and trying to cover like no other. but i think that is so great she is nursing in public. we hear about so many celebs who nurse but never really know, ya know? Kudos to Maggie!!

Callen on

I think its disgusting that the Paparazzi’s want to take pictures of a woman feeding her child. Although in public, she still needs her privacy!

AugsburgDaisy on

Bravo Maggie!

H on

I just got back from 2 yrs in Europe and saw this all the time and no one thought anything of it!

WAY TO GO MAGGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aunt Beast on

Fantastic! Way to go Maggie & Ramona!

When my little one was tiny, I nursed from the bottom. As she grew and could sit upright, I learned that from the top was just easier and more comfy for us. (Something I figured out from wearing her upright in a sling.)

FC on

Ramona seems to cut her mother’s job down to just a one arm hold. She has the whole feeding thing down to a science, lol. It really does seem like Ramona is like, “Look, Ma, no hands!” hehe And her little socks are adorable…just like her.

As for the papz, well, I’d say they’re just showing how desperate they are for money as to go so far as to get more pictures of her breastfeeding. It says a whole lot about the respect, or what little, they hold for some people.

Mrs Ross on

I love it!!!!!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I applaud her for being a public figure and promoting breastfeeding it is beautiful and natural i respect her so much more for that I have breastfed 4 kids and intend to breast feed the one i have due next month i always said if my babies are hungry in the middle of mardi gras Im gonna whip it out!!!!!
I love this mentality!!!!

Gia on

Photos like this just further the NIP cause – awesome! I am sure MG didn’t set out to be the postergirl for NIP, but she’s doing a great job of showing that mothers shouldn’t be bothered by any attention paid to their NIP.

Personal note though: Ramona looks like she’s playing at the breast. I think I would have ended the nursing session at that point… but who knows what MG did.

daisy on

I’d breastfeed in public, but not let it all hang out, and without any effort to be discreet. At the end of the day, it’s still my breast that’s out there, regardless of whether or not a baby is attached to it.

And I think that the “controvery” part of this dialogue is misleading. Breastfeeding in public is not nor should it be controversial. I think I understand the controversy to be whether a mother chooses “open-air” breastfeeding like Maggie versus being more discreet or covering up when breastfeeding.

Shelby on

I am so excited to see this picture! I’m only 19 and not planning to conceive for at least another 3 years but this gives me hope. My mother breastfed me until I was 18 months old without regard to anyone else (except her mother in law), mostly for the pure fact I never took a pacifier or bottle and went straight to sippy cups. I was with my boyfriend’s family and we were talking about children, and his cousin just stated how she stopped breastfeeding her 3 month old. I had a little tizzy about how could she do that it’s so important and she said well i wasn’t eating enough and the doctor didn’t think it would be good….hello eat more and breastfeed but she was soo quick to get on that formula. Not to mention the baby is tiny and could use a little more of mom’s goodness. We got into the convo about it and I stated I wanted to breastfed until my children were a year old, and my boyfriend’s mom said well it’s really only until 6 months that they need. If I have this wonderful gift to my child I should just give it up!? I said I had hoped to breastfed until 18 months and I got a lecture on how inappropiate this is and how a child shouldn’t be asking for the breast….disguisted me. What a natural and beautiful occurence that I plan on doing for as long as possible. I suppose she’ll have to get used to it if she plans on being my mother in law….breastfeeding is beautiful and natural and I cannot wait until I can share such intimacy with my children…and do it in public because my child deserves the best.

Elaine on

I am breast feeding my 5 month old daughter as i am reading this. How I feed her depends on what I am wearing – I lift up t-shirts, and unbutton from the top blouses/shirts with buttons.

Good for Maggie feeding in public. My attitude is that its more disturbing to others to listen to a screaming baby, than to see a woman feeding her child.

Red on

I think that this is wonderful. My husbands grandma who is 90 years old always told me to make sure the baby get what it needs! It is a beautiful thing and who could complain. It is very natural and God given thing to do. That is why God gave us the ability to nurse – to provide for our children. Plus – we see more on T.V. and magazines than what she is showing and nobody complains about that.

SM on

Good for her!!! She is clearly a great mom.

Kathy on

Oh come on obviously the negative ones are being weeded out even this one will be. I am neither pro or con but a little discretion would be preferred children do stare and ask questions she should be a little more considerate.

skeptical on

Yeah, that pic is obviously photoshopped. Notice the blurry kind of soft light that is on her boob? and if you imagine a shirt covering her chest, it looks like she is just holding the kid in her arms, beacause no one breastfeeds in that position. Anyways, I do applaud the breastfeeding in public, even if this shot is fake! :B

It’s not photoshopped. There are different sets of photos on different agencies, all of Maggie nursing. The position doesn’t seem all that strange to us…

Erika on

I think it’s great that she’s NIP. I do it often with my 9 month old (gotta live my life!)- I just bought some nursing shirts, but before that, it was hem up. Good for Maggie! Maybe now nursing in public will be more accepted.

TwinMom on

No offense, but I’m sure Maggie didn’t even know about the controversy of her NIP on CBB or any other blog. I doubt she reads them.

Amanda on

Yay Maggie! I’m glad she’s not letting all the negativity affect her parenting. When I nurse it depends what kind of shirt I’m wearing, if it’s a lower neckline crossover shirt I nurse from the top otherwise I lift my shirt up. If it didn’t wreck my shirts to nurse from the top I’d do it more often, my daughter hates having anything touching her face while she’s nursing. And the position doesn’t surprise me LOL The older they get the more creative you get with positioning.

Jennifer on

I find that I breastfeed my now 13 month old daughter in the very same way. I’d much rather expose boob than belly, so I’m always whipping it out over the top of a tank top, or through the neckline of my shirt. I stopped trying to cover up with a Bebe Au Lait (or other device) LONG ago. I’ve rarely felt awkward about this and appreciate that Maggie is equally as comfortable. The more we do it, the less anyone will care!

Melea on

I don’t see the big deal. If you don’t want to see a nursing mother in public then don’t look. Her daughter was hungry so she fed her, end of story.

Me personally I never had the guts to do it other than one time in the food court at the mall behind a HUGE tree and a blanket AND nursing top. I wish I had the guts she does and maybe I will with number 2. The more women that nurse in public the more common it becomes and less of an issue. Just the same as seeing a baby sucking down a bottle in public.

And about the position of her nursing, my son nursed like that and many other stranger positions as he got older. There is not a right position for nursing, it’s whatever works for you and your child.

TwinMom on

I didn’t nurse for long, but that doesn’t look like nursing to me. Why lift your shirt in public just to have the baby chew on the end of your nipple?

If you look at the pics at Just Jared, she’s definitely eating! We just liked that Maggie was smiling so we chose this pic.

jaQ on

i have a 14 month old girl who i breastfeed, and i *always* pull my boob out the top. i’ll put her in the shopping cart, stand on it, and have my boyfriend push the cart while i feed her, and boy do people look and comment it’s completely out, i’m not trying to be discreet, because i don’t have to be. maggie’s becoming one of my personal heros, hehe.

CCsMom on

I see nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public, but the way some of the posters on here get so over-the-top excited about this picture is a little creepy IMO. It should be a non-issue and you shouldn’t have to post pictures of a woman breastfeeding her child and have people comment on it. It just seems like voyeurism when the picture is posted and then a bunch of people are acting like it’s the best picture they’ve ever seen or saying they love Maggie because of this.

JR on

Awesome! I almost always nurse “top-down” like Maggie. I’m usually wearing a tank top, but it just seems to work so much better.

Yay Maggie!

Lynn on

Aren’t you supposed to have the whole aerola in the babies mouth? Or does that change as the baby gets older?

Amy on

Good for you girl!! I cover up when nursing in public (personal preference), but I’m so glad she’s giving everyone a “public” view of her BF’ing. It’s such a wonderful thing. πŸ™‚

Judy on

For me NIP was sitting in the back seat of the car nursing from the shirt hem. Attitudes were different back in the early to mid 1990’s when my kids were babies. I am from a small town, so I am sure in some of the larger cities people might have been more open about NIP even back then. I admire the young Mom’s of today who can nurse in public and not care what other people think.

I don’t think it bothers Maggie to have her picture taken while nursing. Breastfeeding is such a tender moment between a mother and baby!!! I wish I had pictures of myself nursing my girls! These are such beautiful pictures, if I were Ramona I would be cutting these pictures out for little Ramona’s scrapbook.

Nicola on

Maggie is an incredible role model. Gorgeous and famous, fabulous husband, and not afraid to mother her child. She rocks! Thanks for showing the world how its done, Maggie!

I often nursed my son that way when wearing a button-up shirt. They don’t stretch like a t-shirt and aren’t so easy to pull up. Plus, my guy hated anything touching his face while nursing and this was the perfect solution.

amy on

as a nursing mother to a 10 month old, i’m so glad to see a celebrity actually nursing in public! hopefully this encourages other moms to do it, too!

sigh on

I think Ramona is the cutest celebrity baby, hands down. And I love that they don’t dress her in frilly things! Her outfit here is so adorable.

Maggie is awesome.

Christina on

I think it’s awesome that she’s still nursing at 8 months! Also, I think it’s such a great example for her to nurse in public so the young girls of today will associate breasts with feeding babies rather than just bottles.

Sophie on

Many people would feel uncomfortable, so as a respect towards those people, just use a thin silk cloth to cover yourself. The baby can breathe and see through it. I couldn’t care less if every breastfeeding mother on the planet did this it would not bother me one bit – but not everyone is like that.
Also support your breast while your baby is eating. It looks like she’s playing really.

Amber Smith on

If we were out in real public I wore a tank top under a t-shirt and pulled the shirt up and tank down. If we were out around family I just wore the tank top and pulled it down. Even around my husband’s extended family that we see less than once a year, I just didn’t care much who could see my beasts.

Robin on

She makes me want to have a baby just so I can nurse it in public. Yay for breastfeeding, anywhere, any time, any amount of coverage!

Jody on

Ah, folks asking about latch — by the time you’re nursing an 8 or 9-month old baby, you are dealing with the “look, ma, I’m nursing — wait, Ma, I’m distracted by that thing over there — wait, Ma, my teeth hurt, I’m biting you!” over and over and over again.

The on-and-off thing can drive a girl bananas.

Anyway, as someone who was nursing triplets at nine months, I can say that this scene is very familiar to me. And also probably why Maggie chose the top-down option, since any baby that distractable would just be tossing a face-covering aside anyway.

Some moms won’t nurse if the baby’s distracted, some moms figure the baby’s still hungry, every mom has to decide that (along with her willingness to nurse in public, assuming her baby will take a cup or bottle) for herself. I myself, up in CT at that time, was pretty open about nursing in public.

And since it was triplets, no one ever really felt free to criticize. (At least not the breastfeeding. The comments about my presumed sex life and whether I had my hands full and whether multiples were cause for suicide were another issue at that time altogheter.)

I am relieved, honestly, to know that Maggie has not been scared off public nursing. I know I would have been a little freaked after the brouhaha last time.

J Sanders on

Good for her. I to nurse from the top of most of my shirts. I wear a tank under all my button downs. It is just so much easier when you are nursing a 21 month old. And has anyone ever tried to keep a 8 month old under a blanket when it is 92 degrees outside. I doubt even if she tried she could stay completely covered. She and Ramona both look content and comfortable with the situation as do the other people with her. So what does it matter to anyone else. If they dont like it then they can look away.

Moonmoth on

Yes breastfeeding in public is fine with me. With my first son, I was shy, but I still breastfed him exclusively I just didn’t go out much. With number two I’m breastfeeding exclusively again but I’m way less shy about it. I dare anyone to say anything to me in public about feeding my child. It’s not legal to ask breastfeeding women to move out of sight or go somewhere else. Also I should add that the photo of Maggie breastfeeding in public has been photoshopped.

Actually, it hasn’t. Numerous photo agencies have different sets of these photos — there’s no way they went through and photoshopped them, because they could be sued.

Success Through Play on

Go Maggie Go! I have traveled all over the world and this is a normal site. I think that it’s fantastic that Maggie is doing what is best for her baby and does not appear to be concerned what people think. She looks like she is a natural at Mothering.

monkey booby on

yay for maggie! she is awesome. i nurse my 4 month old in public all the time. and i nurse from the top or the hemline depending on what I’m wearing.

Heather on

Awesome! Looks pretty much like me on any given day, lol. When my daughter was younger she only liked nursing on her side (either in a sling or laying across my lap). Now that sh’s older she’d rather be sitting up, and it’s easier to do the “over the top” thing – in fact, I don’t think I own a higher-neckline top anymore! Most of my shirts are v-necks for this very reason.

DIneen on

It looks like she thought her jacket would give her coverage on the other side. The baby gave her plenty of coverage between herself and her companions. It’s just probing photogs with telephoto lenses that are the problem!

Maggie, if you happen to be reading, good for you, Mama, for nursing when needed, photogs be damned.

sarcastic journalist on

She totally rocks. When I NIPed (not so much in public now) I usually wore a tanktop underneath so I could pull shirt up and whip boob out.

I’d much rather see Maggie’s boob than Britney in a thong anyday.

territ on

I don’t have a problem with public nursing in the least, but ouch that looks like it hurts. I’m a wimp so I’ll try not to remember that picture when it comes time to nurse my own babies.

Casandra on

It depends what shirt I am wearing, sometimes i nurse out of the nweckline and sometimes from the hem. Maggie is wearing a jacket over a tank and in that situation I would most likely nurse over the neckline as well. Easier, especially when you have a babe who is getting to the wiggly stage, or a toddler.

amy on

I love the fact she is open to breast feeding. She has every right to feed her baby any way she wants just as the women do who feed using bottles. I never breast fed either one of my children but I really applaud women who do. My aunt would breast feed in public without a care. She breast fed her daughter at my wedding reception and some of the guest were shocked and I dont understand that. I really do applaud Maggie for not caring.

MommyB on

Wow!! Good for Maggie!! If she is comfortable letting it all hang out…More Power to Her!! Breastfeeding is nothing to be ashamed of!! Neither one of my sons liked to covered up…they threw a fit if you covered their heads!! So consequently…I nursed with no blanket!! Keep up the good work!!

Tess on

While I think it’s great that she is breastfeeding when her daughter is hungry I really think she is going too far by not covering up a bit. It is just plain inconsiderate! I don’t mind if people know she is feeing in public, but it is so easy to do so in a way in which nothing is really showing. One almost has to go out of there way to reveal so much while nursing!

Lanna on

I love it! It’s nice seeing other moms bf in public (discreetly or not, I don’t care).
95% of the time I nurse over the shirt. Although I typically only wear tank tops around the house and during summer, and my other (few) shirts have a decent sized neckhole. My boobs are a lot nicer looking than my flabby stretchmarked belly though, that’s part of my reason (oh, and easy access). πŸ˜‰

maureen on

I usually nurse from the hem, but that’s just my style. Hooray for Maggie for nursing in public!!!!!

Shay on


I typically nurse out from underneath the hem of my shirt because I almost always wear Tshirt.
Maybe I’ll be inspired to go out the top next time. I live in the South, so they just love that sort of thing around here πŸ˜‰

Sarah on

Im sorry, if your child was hungry WHY WOULDNT you feed them? I completely support her decision to nurse in public! Kudos Maggie…=)

lola on

i cannot believe anyone is offended by breastfeeding. it’s a freaking boob. there’s plenty more to be legitimately offended by in this world!

thaproem on

I LOVE HER. These are wonderful pictures.

I find fake breasts way more disgusting than breastfeeding. There is a difference between feeding a baby and exposing a tit to satisfy a man’s sexual ambitions. I’m sad that this society seems to believe that it’s some sort of sexual thing. It’s far from it.

WOW on

It’s ridiculous to hear people complain about breastfeeding when they don’t seem to object to naked boobs on huge billboards advertising cars or beer!

Good on Maggie.

Susan on

I think these pictures are absolutely beautiful. Hopefully this will get more new moms to consider breastfeeding.

hobieluv83 on

Don’t have kiddos yet, but will definitely nurse in public. I have been born and raised in America, but I don’t agree with this stagnant puritan outlook concerning so many natural things. It’s a freaking boob, get over it. Way to go Maggie, I’ve always liked your indie spirit, this just ups the ante.

karolina on

i think it`s great. i have a one year old daughter and still regularly feed her 3 to 4 times a day- anywhere. we live in prague, czech republic, and people around seem to be quite comfortable with it.

amelie on

I doubt Maggie even knows of the silly furore which erupted last time she breastfed precious Ramona in public … I hope not anyway. She’s got better things to be doing (like snuggling that baby) than worrying about what a few small minded women think. Really – you see more boob at the beach, and they don’t get on their soapbox about that (or maybe they do – I don’t live in the US, so I don’t know if there’s a big movement to ban bikinis).

I’m so sad that there’s a lack of healthy, respectful attitudes towards womens bodies – it’s awful that a disclaimer even has to be written and that negative comments have to be moderated.

Dawna on

Whoa, if I saw that I’d be like dang that’s gotta hurt! Reminds me of how monkeys suckle their young (after all we are related!), lol.

Frankly, a nipple is a nipple whether male or female. If it was a grown man instead of a baby we’d all be saying “get a room you pervies.” There’s a difference between breasts being used as sexual objects or as a food dispenser.

Anyhoo, I’ve seen naked “man boobs” in public that were far more shocking and would elicit an “ewww, cover them up” from me. If we allow such displays of naked male breasts in public, then why is there a double standard for what Ms. Maggie doing?

Erin on

Good for her…The more women nurse in public, the more commonplace and normal it will become for all women. Doing what is best for our babies should not feel uncomfortable anyplace, anytime.

Heather on

Good for her!

I think it’s awesome to see a breastfeeding (and cloth diapering) celebrity! She’s awesome!

Personally, I only nurse from the top of my shirt when I’m around friends. In public I usually nurse from the bottom of my shirt or wear a nursing tank. Of course it’s hard to be discrete with twins no matter what you’re wearing!

judew on

Just the most normal and natural thing in the world!

Natalie on

Wow! I love her! I use a nursing shawl – Bebe au Lait – just because I am insecure. I wish I had her confidence. Maybe someday it will be more acceptable for women to nurse more openly in public. Go Maggie!

Jaime on

Beautiful! The older babies get different positions going and it is not rare for them to pull as they are eating and make it look like they are stretching your nipple out. It isn’t painful or weird though πŸ™‚ My babies nursed in some strange positions, this sitting up position is tame compared to some of the positions my girls got themselves into πŸ™‚

Madeline on

I breastfed both my children – my daughter till 8 months so I love that she wasn’t afraid to feed her girl while still having a social life herself. Although, I’m not sure that I support her showing it all out – why she didn’t opt for one of the many great nursing coverups or shirts that are better than the old skool blanket over the baby method? There is definitely a more classy way to do this than flashing the whole boob from the top of the shirt down – that’s in more private method! (BTW- I don’t think I’d be laughing quite so hard if my baby was pulling out my nipple like that! Oweie!)

chatty cricket on

I give Maggie BIG kudos for proudly nursing in public. Clearly she’s making a commitment to Ramona, and she’s comfortable nursing. Good for her!

Liza on

Ive done either. As a large breasted woman, I found that its actually easier for me personally to do it the way thay Maggie is, depending on what Im wearing.

Great job Maggie!!! I love you!!

Nicole on

I am so proud of all the women that commented on how great this is! I breastfed my daughter in bathrooms sitting on a toilet because someone told me in a mall to cover up. But now that I have lived in Europe for the past 2 years I know better this time around! This next baby will be fed at the store, mall, and resto as soon as we return next year and I will do it with pride. We all need more women to stick up for each other especially on such an important issue as this! Way to go GIRLS!!!!!

claire on

I think it’s great that she doesn’t seem affected by negative press. It’s just nice to see a celeb who is natural about it.

Personally I nurse from the top if I am at home and depending on the top. If I’m out I try not to expose myself too much for respect of others.

erin on

Why is this such a controversy to some?
Nursing is the healthiest means of feeding your baby. It is also beautiful! GO MAGGIE!

Lorus on

That is such a sweet picture. Good on her for not caring about all the naysayers.
I breastfed my daughter like that on occasion and never felt like I should hide. Even if I tried to my daughter would always pull open my shirt anyway! Babies that age don’t like being covered.

KellyC on

WTG Maggie! I personally bf from the shirt hem. I started bfing in public when my ds was 2-3 days old. While walking.

sarawara on

Uhm… I eat MY dinner at the table, not in a bathroom. I don’t see why babies should have it any differently. I breastfeed my children as discreetly as possible whenever they are hungry wherever we happen to be.

I am really, really sick of folks chastising women for THE most natural act of womanhood: nourishing your child.

TwinMom on

Sarawara, I don’t think babies should have to eat in a bathroom either…. that’s just gross. But I don’t think Maggie was being “discreet”. I’ve seen a lot of women breastfeed discreetly and this was anything but. Doesn’t even look like breastfeeding to me… looks like she’s using her boob as a pacifier or a teething ring.

Ms. Anonymous on

I always hesitate to chime into the “breastfeeding in public debate” but… Sure, women have the RIGHT to breastfeed out in the middle of Times Square if they want, and they shouldn’t have tomatoes thrown at them in horror. πŸ˜‰ BUT in my humble opinion (as a mom who happily breastfed for 15 months), it’s a beautiful, warm, fuzzy thing that is best done in a private area or covered up a bit, for your own peace of mind. It’s about having a little respect for others in a public place, too. I know breastfeeding is NOT sexual, but the boobies are, my friends. And although I know it’s comparing apples to tractors, there are plenty of beautiful and/or natural acts that are probably best done in privacy: from passionate kissing to having sex to doing a #2. =) Kidding about the #2. Anyway, you CAN breastfeed anywhere, in any way, at any time. There shouldn’t be any law against it, so nurse away. But I think that it’s VERY disrespectful to do what Maggie did and let it ALL hang out. I just don’t think it’s considerate of others, but she’s a Hollywood actress…what does she care about the little people? πŸ˜›

Melissa on

I think it’s great that she nurses in public!! If I wasn’t so nervous to do it, I would so I give her mad props!! I usually just lift up the bottom of my shirt to nurse, or if I’m wearing a tank I’ll lift the top down πŸ™‚

Christy on

Good for her! I’m so proud of young mamas for not being scared to nurse in public!

Leslie on

The only reason you guys put Maggie G on here at all is because she flaunts breastfeeding and that seems to turn you people on. Maggie G isn’t the least bit pretty or talented. What a lame reason to report on a so-called celebrity. And what a boring topic overall. It’s like covering a story about farting or peeing…

stephanie on

In response to the comments about nursing in public being common in Europe –

which European countries are you exactly talking about? “Europe” has dozens of countries and not all are the same or have the same level of tolerance for breastfeeding mothers. I’m from Germany originally but I’ve been living in the UK (midlands) for the past 8 years and I can honestly say that in neither country have I ever seen a mum nursing her baby in public.

Maybe it’s more common in Southern European countries? Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal?

I’m 100% pro-breastfeeding, but I’m wondering what part of Europe it was that people were talking about here.

Annoynomus on

Stephanie- It seems to me like the people who mention NIP to be more acceptable in Europe were referring mostly to Eastern European countries. For example, a mother from Prague, Czech Republic, commented on how nobody looks twice when she NIPs.
That said, I am extremely happy to see Maggie NIP! I think that it is a perfectly natural, normal thing to do, and I don’t see why women should have to cover up while NIP. After all, I don’t eat MY dinner covered up, so I wouldn’t expect a baby to, either.

Nicole on

In response to “What countries we live in Europe?” I live in Geneva, Switzerland and spent a lot of my time in France. I see moms all the time in the parks and cafes breastfeeding without shame! But I have been to Berlin recently and very distinctly remember a mom brestfeeding on the steps of a museum. So I am surprised that you have never seen this happen in Germany. At any rate, it is a known fact that people in USA have issues with moms feeding their children in public. But I loved the ladies comment above….that she eats at a table, not on a toilet! Women should not have to go to a restroom to feed.

sandra on

Annoynomous, you don’t eat your dinner in public with your boobs hanging out, do you?

Also, can I ask how many times this picture is going to be posted on here? This is the third time in a week. I am all for breastfeeding in public, but it’s tacky when you don’t even try to cover up. And you can’t say that Maggie was trying to be discreet here.

TwinMom on

Nicole, it would be unreasonable to expect a mom to breastfeed in a bathroom. I wouldn’t eat food anywhere NEAR a bathroom, nor would I expect my baby to!

I think the issue here is more with discretion. If you’re breastfeeding discreetly (as I have done), it should be very difficult for a bystander to see anything more than the baby’s head and maybe the top of your boob. Maggie was pretty much showing it all here.

Mom2TwoCuties on

GROSS. No one wants to see an homely woman’s boobs. Put that thing away!

stephanie on

Thank you Annoynomus and Nicole for replying to my question. I never saw a lady nursing in public anywhere in Germany but I’m not from Berlin and I’ve only been there a few times myself. It’s possible that it is different in the big cities.

Maybe Londoners are also generally more tolerant than the people around where I live now (Boston/Lincolnshire). Could it be that in the larger US cities tolerance is also higher than in, say, small towns? Just a theory. Since I’ve never been to the USA I wouldn’t know. Anyway, thanks again!

Christina on

Way to go Maggie!!!!
I nurse over the top of my shirt every time I nurse my son. Its easiest for me. and I am glad to see she isn’t buckleing under pressure to cover up as much as possible or not NIP at all.

pink.lioness on

It doesn’t bother me in the slightest to see a woman breastfeed her baby in public. If a mum is as comfortable with it as Maggie, then that’s cool. Whatever works for her.

But I couldn’t do it that way, with strangers around me staring. It’d really stress me out. I like the idea of mummy/baby booths in restaurants…. like one or two tables that are a bit shielded from the main area, and allow more privacy. I imagine some women want to breastfeed but aren’t comfortable to put it all out on display for everyone to see. Such special booths would make sense for them. I’d definitely use them myself! They could be put in other public spaces, as well… parks, museums, shopping centres. I don’t know.

Women could use them if they wanted, or not… it’d be entirely their decision.

But going to the restroom shouldn’t be the ‘only’ option for those among us who need some privacy to feed our babies. If I was asked by a waiter to breastfeed my baby in the restroom, they wouldn’t see me in that restaurant ever again.

Bella on

This is just a normal thing between mother and baby. As far as covering up I believe it is a personal choice and good on Maggie for feeling comfortable enough to breastfeed in public.

Having said that, I read this site every day and I have to say that I am really disappointed to see the additional comment on the post:

Please note: We already had the whole “should she or shouldn’t she” discussion about nursing in public and whether or not Maggie should use a nursing cover. Unless you have something positive to add, please do not post a negative comment or say that Maggie should cover up — it won’t be published because it’s not constructive or productive AND it was all said before.

Yes, a lot of comments have been should she or shouldn’t she (not so much in this post but in the last) but that is what comments are about – people giving their opinions. As far as “AND it was all said before”, there are at least 50 comments above that are almost identical. I understand moderating comments so that nothing offensive is posted but I don’t think this site should censor only one side of an ‘argument’. There have been plenty of other posts that have attracted many diverse comments and gone (mostly) un-edited. The fact that only positive comments can be posted on this topic doesn’t support the open expression of opinions and discussion of parenting options that this site has seemed to promote. No offense intended at all. I just wanted to express my disappointment.

Rita on

I hope that one day, we are not even entering into this conversation – whether we are pro or against nursing – in public or otherwise. This is the most natural thing in the world and sheesh, where else are you supposed to feed a baby? Well done to her, as a celeb NIP while she knows paps will be watching.

I nurse in public *i am in australia* and my theory is the more we do it, the less “taboo” this will be. YAY for NIP mothers πŸ™‚

Beth on

I have no problem with NIP, but she could at least try to be a little more discreet. It seems a little trailer trashy to be sitting there with your boob hanging down and a baby chewing on the end of it.

If we all just relax and let all our guard down, then is it ok to have sex in public? Sex is after all, a “natural” act…. What about going to the bathroom? I mean, we have to do it to survive, right? We could all just be like animals and pee and poop wherever we happen to be. πŸ˜‰

My point is, in society, there’s a certain code of behavior. Breastfeeding is 100% natural, but there’s way to do it without drawing attention to yourself.

I was at a meeting at my daughter’s school last week and the woman beside me was breastfeeding. I didn’t even know it until the baby spit up and the woman started rifling through her diaper bag for a a cloth.

If people notice your boob, you’re showing too much skin!

Hanna on

There are tactful ways to breastfeed in public. She is feeding into the stereotype that makes people so uncomfortable with public breastfeeding; most women don’t have their ENTIRE BREAST hanging out in the wind.

haylz on

good on her i reckon. i have a photo of me very similar to that at a family bbq. i either nurse from the top or bottom, depends on what i’m wearing. i’ve never covered my son whilst feeding him. i don’t throw a blanket over my head while i eat and frankly i’ve seen some adults with much worse table manners who should be covered up. if people don’t want to watch, they can look away. go maggie!

Nicole on

Personally, I don’t think you should breastfeed with your boob hanging out in public.

Christine on

Good for her! I think it’s wonderful and people in the US should be more open to this natural, God-intended way of nourishing our babies. (Not everyone can breastfeed, so that comment isn’t to bash formula feeders). I am still nursing my 9 1/2 month old and plan on doing so until she self-weans.

Aaron Boatwright on

Kudos to Maggie! I’ve nursed 2 kids for four years combined, and another on the way! I’ve never felt the need to use a nursing cover…I’ve never owned a nursing cover, nursing shirt, nursing bra, or any of that kind of thing. I say, whip it out! I’m totally shameless about it. Nobody has ever said anything to me about it either, though I have gotten dirty looks from women at times.
I’ve nursed both ways…frankly I am more comfortable nursing from the top, just because no one can see my stretch marks that way :)! Plus, I have a totally great rack, and I’d rather let it have some time in the sun before gravity takes hold and pulls it all to the floor.
Sometimes I see young women trying to nurse their new babies in public, and they look so scared and embarassed. I just want to give them a slap on the back and say, “Good for you! Don’t give a thought to anything the dumbasses say or think!”, but I’m not sure how a stranger would react, ha! Heck, it might make them MORE scared to NIP!
To the girl whose MIL said that nursing an 18 month old was gross, she should be thankful that you’re contributing your genes to her future grandchildren, because clearly she’s deficient in some areas! It would have taken a lot for me to not tell her she was an idiot for saying that babies didn’t need to be nursed after 6 months.

Orli on

Good for her. she’s doing what’s best for her daughter. If someone doesn’t like it, they shouldn’t look….and Paparazzi should have some sense of decency. Breast feeding should be encouraged not discouraged.


It is sooo refreshing to see Maggie as a mother and not a big time celeb. I think it is so important to show that they are people too who are normal like everyone else.

Many praises for her breastfeeding in public. It is the world that has made something natural into something taboo. This is why women have breast everybody!!

Valerie Maynard on

Equally impressive is the lack of pink (except the socks) on her daughter…. no dress either. Nice.

Maggie is just too cool.

kate on

Way to go, girl!!!

I love nursing my 14 month old and now that we’re just down to bedtime, I miss it so much. Although it’s nice to have my body back and be able to wear what I want.

I always nurse from the hem, because I was trying to be polite for other people. I had my son in May, so during the hot, summer months, we would both be dripping in sweat if I tried to cover up. I would usually just go to my husband’s office to nurse in between errands.

Obviously Maggie doesn’t care, so I hope none of this gets to her. There’s lots of us who BF and know that it’s the best for our babies!

Heather on

Love it! People really need to get over the boob thing – she’s doing the right thing for her child and if anyone is offended – LOOK AWAY. Otherwise, you’re just a pervert for continuing to look!

Becky Lucas on

The baby needs to feed! Part of life, in some parts of Africa, people walk around nearly naked, breasts hanging out and nobody says a word about it. The babies feed off their mothers breasts which are completely out for anyones viewing, and still, not a word said.

Angela on

Oh, I love this photo. I wish I would be so comfortable in public, I wouldn’t be constantly adjusting my clothes when my girl is nursing. I usually nurse from the bottom of the shirt but it’s almost always being held up by little hands, exposing my belly.

Glormus on

I am always up for seeing t*ts(word has been censored to avoid being to explicit, even though this picture is delightfully explicit) whipped out in public, but usually not with some kid sucking on them, that’s just kinda gross. If I were the guy sitting next to her I would be divided on whether or not to say “heck yeah!” and start taking pictures or if I should be disgusted.

Bec on

Good on her. Who cares if kids are watching, If my kids were to see it & ask I would be happy to explain. In fact i’d like them to grow up witnessing acts like this. I hope my daughters will confidently BF in public when they are Mums.
I BF from top also. I’d rather show boob than my post-baby tummy!!
& to the person who mentioned someone changing a bubs bum at a restaurant table – um, how are they related?! yes that is fairly un-called for. (could have changed in a pram at the very least)
I proudly BF in public!

Caz on


Next time you eat out, would you please cover your head over. I find the way you eat extremely distasteful.

A baby breastfeeding, is a baby eating. They have a right to eat and feed wherever, whenever, just as much as you have a right to eat where you like.

It’s any wonder society sees boobs as a sexual thing. It’s comments like yours that make it like this. They are only boobs for crying out loud. Yep just a big thing of fat that do one job and one job only and that is to nourish and feed a child.

If you don’t like seeing a breastfeeding mother in public who isn’t covered up, DON’T LOOK!

happychick on

Yey! I’ve no idea who she is – I don’t “do” celebrity (I came across this on a different site!) as it’s usually too depressing – but good for her. I am an over the top breastfeeder too as I found it much easier and accessible and, for those for whom it matters, more discreet.

I have never been questioned/chastised for breastfeeding in public – I fed my eldest until he was a year and my daughter is still going strong with no signs of stopping at 14 months – obviously, I am not a celebrity πŸ˜€ but wonder what it is that makes people feel they can voice their feeings about it. A woman feeding her baby is natural but is also in a pretty vulnerable state in some respects and it is incredibly hurtful and ignorant for those people to approach the women even if they do have strong feelings on the matter.

Anonymous on

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