Kate Hudson and Ryder in Santa Monica

06/06/2007 at 03:54 PM ET

Kate Hudson and her son Ryder Russell, 3, were snapped going to lunch at A Votre Sante in Santa Monica on Tuesday.


Photos by Flynet.

Thanks to CBB reader Mary Beth.

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A Questioner on

Hey..I just saw these photos and was wondering if it’s possible that Kate’s pregnant? I know that not every bump or bulge=pregnancy, but she is usually stick thin and in the 2nd picture, she sporting a rather suspicious bump…???

FC on

Ryder doesn’t seem very happy. He seems to be either pouting or getting ready to have a fit over something, or he just had one. But those snakeskin cowboy boots slay me. 🙂

Maria on

He sure does look like Chris.

Rebecca on

Ryder is so cute. Love his boots! =)

Jen on

He’s probably not very happy because he looks like a girl.

He’s baby Kate’s twin.

Jessica on

I thought there was a rule about posting nasty comments on this blog, especially one directed towards a toddler?

Anyway, Ryder looks cute (as usual) and the boots are awesome. From this shot he looks like he has a little attitude! I don’t mean that in a bad way, my own 2 year old girl has a ‘tude on her too like most toddlers. I bet he keeps Kate on her toes a lot! I can just picture him with his little hands on his hips with a stern look on his face. 😛

We posted in the above comment in the hope that the poster meant he looked like Kate and that it wasn’t rude to a 3-year-old

FC on

Okay, if I hadn’t known that was a shot of Kate when she was a baby, I would’ve thought that was some candid photo of Ryder as a baby. He really is the spitting image of her when you look at him and then at that baby photo of Kate.

Liz on

I think they need to cut his hair….would be much more cuter.

Diana on

I don’t think they are going to cut his hair, get over it!

J.M. on

Unfortunatley like Sadie Sandler I don’t happen to find Ryder all that cute (yet)…maybe it’s the hair I don’t know. I just don’t look at him and go “what a gorgeous little boy!” But Kate’s beauitful and he does resemble her so maybe he’ll just grow up to be handsome as ever!!

Lauren on

ITA with J.M. (except for the part about Sadie Sandler-I actually think she’s pretty cute, at least in recent pictures). I admit that I don’t think Ryder is a cute child at all, and I can’t stand long hair like that on boys. However, he looks EXACTLY like Kate did at that age, and judging by how she turned out, I think he’ll be okay. I cannot believe how much he looks like her as a child.
On another note, looks like mummy forgot to put her bwa (as my neighbor used to call it) on. Hehe!

Kate on

Even though I dislike it, I’m over the hair thing. It’s obvious they are not going to cut it.

I do, however, have an issue with the fact that this kid is ALWAYS being held. He’s 3.5 years old for God’s sake… he can WALK!

TwinMom on

I don’t think he’s cute at all. And PLEASE! Cut the hair! I think it would actually make him look a little healthier. He looks like the lead singer of Pursuit of Happiness. LOL

sandy on

Am I the only one more bothered by the fact that these two look REALLY uncomfortable about the photog. being taken (INSTEAD of what his hair looks like or if she has a bump)???. That is SO far from important when they are geing hounded for a picture for us to spy at!~