David Caruso and Liza Marquez share a kiss

06/06/2007 at 04:04 PM ET

CSI: Miami’s David Caruso, 51, and his girlfriend Liza Marquez share a kiss in Miami on May 11th. Their second child is due this fall — baby will join older brother Marquez Anthony, 20 months, and sister Greta, 23.


Photo by Bauer-Griffin.

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Laura on

Don’t know . Looks like a “show-kiss” to me. This pic makes me wonder again if they are really happy ever after or just pretending. Just recently he admitted that he has no plans to marry. Hmm…

saraleanne on

What a great picture! What a great couple! David and Liza have my best wishes and love always!

saraleanne on

and poster “Laura” is actually David’s stalker, Vuxen, aka Heidemarie Schnitzer.

Liz on

They look uncomfortable in this picture.

jen on

I agree with Liz .I think it is just a show-off for the cameras.

Anon on

Definitely not a very happy couple. I wonder what happens when they are not in public.

Laura on

??????? I don’t know what problem you have but you should get help.

Anyway, madly in love looks different to me.

saraleanne on

UNCOMFORTABLE? Are you nuts? They looks like any regular couple, happily in love and expecting, who had a serendipitous moment and shared a sweet kiss.

Why can’t you be happy for David and Liza? What have they EVER done to you? Nothing. Get over yourselves, for heaven’s sake.

And Vixen, take the train, would you?

Best wishes to the Marquez-Caruso family!

Anon on

That may be your point of view. Other people think different. I see a highly uncomfortable kiss too – nothing sweet and serendipitous about it. Looks like they are eager to proof to the world (and themselves) that they are “happy” . Madly in love? Hardly.

Annoynomus on

While I certainly wouldn’t say that they look “madly in love” in that picture, I certainly don’t think they look uncomfortable, either. They look like a happy, loving couple to me. When you think about it, they have been together for at least about two years (judging by their first child’s age), have gone through childbirth and raising a baby, and are now going through pregnancy for the second time. I mean, come on, why would they have gotten pregnant for a second time if they weren’t planning to stay together? Also, I don’t know where people get the idea that they are not happy together. We have never heard so much as one word about them being unhappy together. It hasn’t even been mentioned in tabloids, as far as I know.

Annoynomus on

Oh, I also want to comment on the “he’s said he has no intentions of marrying”, Brad and Angelina have also stated that they have no intentions of marrying each other, and yet is pretty obvious that they are happy together. For another example, look at Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. They have been together for over eight years (I am assuming that their seven-year-old daughter Lily-Rose, who is seven, will be turning eight this year), and nobody can argue that they are perfectly happy with one another. The fact of the matter is, some couples simply choose not get married. No, it’s not the “traditional” way of doing things, but it’s not a crime, either. Just because a couple decides not to marry each other doesn’t mean they are not happy together!

Anon on

And where do you get the idea from that they are actually happy? It is just a kiss (he doesn’t even touch her). Nothing more.

Jesus! We all know HOW EASY babies are made. It is no rocket science. You just have to have sex and that’s it. Just because they kiss on the street doesn’t mean that they are the happiest couple on this planet either.
And don’t tell me you know what is going on behind closed doors. Caruso is a guy with a lot of issues and I doubt if his fourth relationship will last. After all he met this woman while still being married to his third wife (of eight years). A man his age doesn’t change his ways.

Caruso may have his reasons why he doesn’t marry this woman. After 3 failed marriages I wouldn’t marry again either. Too much trouble if things break apart -again.Kids or not. And to compare them with Depp and Brangelina (Brangelina HAPPY? I doubt it.) is laughable. Those are totally different couples, different people etc.

To me it is just a show-off for the paparazzi. The kiss looks a bit forced. Disagree? My opinion

Anon on

Just because the tabloids don’t report about their fights and disagreements means they are not having them? Just because they share one single kiss in public means that they are happy?
Not with the baggage that Caruso carries around.

Pia on

I have to agree with Liz who observed the same thing I did when I first came across this picture. It looks a bit forced. I’m sure they knew that they were being photographed. I call it “a kiss in passing”

Frankly, if they are happy or not can’t be told just because of a single kiss. A divorcee myself I’m always a bit cautious about people displaying emotions in public.
Who knows, maybe she just had an errand to run and that was her away of saying good-bye?

I also agree on Brad and Angelina. Angelina is collecting kids like mad and Brad often looks overburdened with the daily growing brood. The are not the best example for “happyness”.

Annoynomus on

Pia- Oh, so it is only Angelina that “collects kids”? You honestly think that Brad has no say in the adoptions? Also, I can’t believe anyone thinks that Brad and Angie (I REFUSE to use the term Brangelina, as I cannot stand it! They have their own names, and people need to learn to use them!) aren’t happy! Haven’t any of you read Angie’s lastest interviews? It is obvious that they are a close, happy family. And all the pics we’ve seen recently of the Jolie-Pitt clan also show that they are a happy family. In their case, I really don’t think they are doing it for show or for publicity. It is pretty clear that they are among the few celebs that strongly dislike having the paps follow them all the time. This is evident in the way that Angie has been depicting protecting Z, Shiloh, and Pax in photos of them when they were newly adopted, or, in Shi’s case, only a few months old. Also, Brad even said in one interview that, when they were in Prague, there were always lots of paps waiting outside their rented villa to get pics of them. He even went on to say that he didn’t understand why they are allowed to have their space when they are in their New Orleans home, but not when they are in other places filming movies.
Finally, how do we know that Brad is overburdened by the brood (which certainly is not growing daily, that is a huge exaggeration if ever I heard one)? Maybe the pics where he appears to look like that were taken at a time when the last thing he wanted was the paps taking photos of them?
Getting back to David and Lisa- Do you people honestly think they’d have a second child if their relationship wasn’t stable?

Pia on

Again, kids are made so easy. They are no indication if a couple is happy or not. It may have been an accident, it may have been planned. Couples do have problems – even with kids on the way. (Charly Sheen anyone?)Just to say someone is happy because of a single coincidental kiss on the street with a lot of photographers around doesn’t say anything about a relationship. He already had a kid once and left the woman.

Angelina is the boss in this relationship. They are not married so Brad legally doesn’t have a say. She would go on herding kids around her (she an adoption maniac) – if Brad agrees or not. I don’t speak about pics of them together. I speak about reports of them that their relationship is strained.

Anyway, it is just a superficial kiss. No big deal.

soccer-ma on

Isn’t “Anon” the same girl who posted as Hannah and Myra on another Caruso-related entry on this site from back in March? I lurk this site all the time and it sounds an awful lot like her, only back then she randomly implied that David Caruso got Eve La Rue (Young and the Restless) pregnant! She seems to have a ax to grind with Caruso’s real fiance because she’s said some horrible, even RACIST things against liza marquez and the babies they’ve had and it’s all kinda weird.

Anonymous on

You are right, Angelina and Brad are the worst example for a “happy couple”.
However, I agree with the rest of the posters. Just a small kiss. Nothing more. Are they happy? Shrug. Maybe – maybe not.

Anonymous on

If you want to see a really happy couple search for Heidi Klum & Seal. They act naturally – even when cameras around.
The above pic is just a “Look-we-are-being-filmed-so-let’s-show-off-a-bit”-kiss.
But I guess there are always romantic soulds around who see much more than that in a simple kiss.

Neo on

I’m sure celeb couples couldn’t care less about the fact that any given anonymous websurfer would bother wasting precious time, of all things, on proving that a celebrity kiss was fake. Seriously…Seal, Caruso and Jolie don’t know you exist. Get over it. Worry about things that actually affect you and let these celebs worry about their own kids. Go show interest in the 21 thousand kids worldwide who die of malnutrition, instead of your meaningless preoccupation with how celebrity kiss each other. I mean, what utter silliness.

saraleanne on

wow, folks. way to get up in arms. and soccer-ma, you are so right….same bimbo who ALWAYS has hateful, nasty, racist things to say – her name is heidemarie schnitzer and she is from austria. she posts under lots of names: vixen being the main one. she’s poison.

listen, i am friends with liza’s family (truth) and i can tell you David and Liza are adorable together, very loving, playful, sweet and cuddly. They kiss often and touch each other frequently. It is a love-relationship all the way. David is very supportive of Liza and Liza’s family, and they all love him to pieces, too.

an awkward picture is NO indication of anything. that they are a private couple who dont sling words around at anyone should tell you that they are good decent people, just trying to have their life and be happy in it. Their little boy is precious and the new baby will be, too.

vixen, take the train. get over yourself.

lisbeth on

Liza’s hometown is Texas and I have seen pics and heard stories of how they interact with eachother and if it is an act, they would have caught a pic of them unhappy by now. You can only keep the “act” for so long. A true persons character is always revealed. Liza is a BEAUTIFUL woman. I have read peoples stories of when they ran into the couple in Texas and EVERY SINGLE ONE says that woman is beautiful and kind. In my opinion, she is the best looking he has dated yet.


awww they are a cute couple. 😛

cynthia on

Heidemarie Schnitzer from Austria, is the sick David Caruso stalker. She poses as several different names to pretend there are several different people who are as hateful as she is and the truth is, it’s hard to find people who hate David as much as she does.

julez on

Now how in the world can you tell in this pic they are faking a kis? COME ON PEOPLE you must have quite an imagination.

Who is this Heidemarie Schnitzer person?? What a horrible, ugly human being!

Lisa Grannis on

People do not understand that just because someone appears on TV and in the Movies does not mean that we have any right to know what goes on in their “PRIVATE” lives. I understand that people try to live vicariously through their favorite stars but give me a break. All of the talk about whether a kiss is staged or real, if people are happy in their relationship or not, unless you are a part of their friends or family you will never really know what is happening and even then people are capable of showing others what they want to see and sometimes people only see what they want when the truth is right in front of them. While you are all correct that pregnancy can be planned or accidental we do not know anything except what they tell us and we have no right to question what they say. I actually hate the fact that people think we have a right to invade into lives of others just because they are a public fiqure. IT IS NOT OUR RIGHT, what about their RIGHTS TO PRIVACY. I know I would not want to worry about a photographer being around me all the time and as far as getting married or not. I have been married for 23+ years and as all relationships do mine has had it’s ups and downs. On the other hand my brother has been with his girlfriend for 22+ years and they have 3 children together and they will never be married because they both feel that they do not need a piece of paper to make their relationship real and they both agree “why ruin a good thing?”.
Everyone has a right to live their lives as they see fit and these two, as well as the others you have mentioned, are no different. Personally I feel as my mother always taught me, “If you do not have anything good to say, then say nothing!”. Does bashing on this couple help you feel better about yourself? If it does, then you need some help.
Take care David and Liza, good luck and God Bless!
Just a fan

Marcel on

I have personally met David and Liz while at the Getty Museum, USA and they appeared to be happy. I respected the fact that he was (as I) wanting to enjoy time out without any fans therefore I kept my distance, however, he was polite enough to start a conversation, inviting my friend and I to some disney bash in LA. He did so in the company of Liz who didn’t seem to mind at all – they were content and relaxed in each other’s company.

Anonymous on

I just came acroos another picture that clearly shows that kiss is nothing but STAGED. They were strolling across town and suddenly photographers approached them and asked them to kiss. They complied. After that they went separate ways. I witnessed it and I’m sure that they are just together because the lady agree to have his kid. Caruso is seeing someone on the side. And please aren’t we ALL friends with celebs and their families. BTW I saw David Caruso and a very attractive non-pregnant woman a few days leaving his place on Ocean DRive, This realtionship is just a show.

Anonymous on

I know real happy couples who don’t have to show off that they are “supposedly” in love.
And don’t forget that this “sweet” woman entered an intact relationship and destroyed a marriage. He just stays with her because he doesn’t want lose contact with the kids.
And BTW those people have chosen a life in public. So if they don’t like to be approached by people they should stay at home.
And I know this person who claims to be friends with the extended family – that is not true.

Anonymous on

I heard Caruso is seeing Eva la Rue and is only staying with his GF until the baby is born. At least she won’t need to work anymore.
And sorry, but lacyleanne, sarahleanne,lisbeath, Sue Hellen and Cynthia are ALL one person. Wow, no thing like trying to get an opinion known, right? They don’t look happy . It is a relationship of convenience. The guy has been married 3 times – he’ll think twice before he ties the knowt again – children or not.

Anonymous on

Yesterday I met David Caruso and his GF in Brentwodd and they had a huge fight. Caruso stormed out of the shop leaving his girlfriend behind. Obviously, Caruso was busy talking with the good looking shop assistant instead of helping his girlfriend chosing items. Happy ever after – I doubt it.Pregnancy doesn’t garantuee a happy relationship.

Monica on

I saw the rest of the pics and his girlfriend looked annoyed. Then David spoke with her and she reluctantly agreed to this kiss.

Erin on

I’ve seen the rest of the pics and madly in love looks different. It is just a show to keep the photgraphers at bay. Clearly no romance there.

Vivian Lee on

Why is it that some people can’t live without making nasty remarks about others..
If and intelligent man like David he likes having Liza for his live-in gilfriend an having his babies with her..he must know what he is doing..if he were not happy with her bearing him children..don’t you think that he will be doing something about..and about the comments made about her looks..she is not more or less ugly that women of other nationalities walking down the street..

Beatriz on

So I heard David has become a daddy again..and is a GIRL !! hope one day become a very nice young woman with reddish hair tall and slender long legs like Rita Hayworth and of a radiant beauty..and perhaps she will find her way into the movies..

cover on

DAMN I say how about he can come eat some crackers in my bed I won’t yell and yea I think he should just be single so I can jump on him LOL well I guess he doesn’t need to be single to do that. He don’t look good with her only because I love his hot ass and think he should come give me a visit, i’ll make some babies with him LOL

Jan on

Hey, folks,
My advise to the negative coments on David and Liza. How about letting Mr. Caruso live his life and you live yours. Liza and David are normal folks just like you and I. The only difference is they are in the public eye because of what he does for a living. Celebrities have it pretty rough in my opinion. Cameras following them everywhere. Put your self in their shoes. How would you feel if every time you stepped outside your door reporters were there snapping your pictures and sticking mics in your face? They also work more hours then a nomal 9 to 5 job. I’m speaking for all celeberties. they have no privacy to speak of OK. Keep the chin up and let these people live their lives.

Maggie on

Well.. I think everybody look uncomfortable in front of the cameras
but that doesen’t mean the they are unhappy
my best wishes for them.
the defenly look appy, what do you guys have to do with that. Only they kn if they are happy, in love or not.

bri on

whatever… kiss or not.. you don’t know if they are a happy couple. see, when ever there is a celebritity around to talk about, you ppl start assuming things. everybody has hard times, good times, HAPPY times, sad times, mad times.