Brit stars Katie 'Jordan' Price and Peter Andre are expecting a girl

06/05/2007 at 09:26 AM ET

Although known for her preference to be surprised in the delivery room, Katie ‘Jordan’ Price has found out the sex of her third child at the last minute — and it’s her much-hoped-for girl.

Due in just 4 weeks, Katie made the decision to find out the sex after her husband Peter Andre‘s bout with meningitis recently. Peter had been abiding by Katie’s wishes not to find out (with their son Junior, 23 months, Peter found out the sex and then had to keep it from Katie!), so Katie decided that revealing the sex would be an excellent get-well present.

It’s a girl. It’s been such a shit year [with Peter’s sickness and Harvey’s accidents] and Pete’s been wanting toknow the sex the whole way through so I thought, ‘You know what, let’sfind out.’

After wanting a girl for so many years, Katie can’t quite believe it, and says she’ll need it proven to her.

I feel it’s too good to be true….For me the best bit is still to come…When she’s born, I’ll be like, ‘Show me her bits.’ Because that will prove it to me. At the moment I’m only used to willies!


Click below to see what she’d like to name the baby, and her plans for the next few weeks.

As for plans for the next few weeks, Katie says,

I’m really looking forward to going out andbuying all pink stuff and making her room all pink and girlie. I’m very excited. I’ve got my three boys and a little princess.

The baby is due to arrive the first week of July. Contrary to popular reports, Katie denies that she is planning to call the child Crystal.

Source: Yahoo UK and MJ Kim for Getty Images.

Thanks to CBB reader Kitty.

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Lissette on

Aww! I’m so happy to hear she’s getting the girl she’s been wanting considering how much she’s been through recently. It’ll be interesting to see how she dresses her up-probably in lots of pink! Congrats to them!

ellen on

congrats to katie and peter! their son junior is adorable, so no doubt their daughter will be too.

Devon on


I’m so happy that she is having a girl. She’s definitely a girly girl and it’s great that she is going to have a daughter to share that with.

I totally feel for her, going through one thing after another, and this is a nice way to come out of it all.

Congrats Katie, Peter, Harvey and Junior!

Chloe on

Glad that this Brit couple are getting their “girl” before the annoying Beckhams’ do!

Amber Smith on

Doesn’t she have a daughter already, or am I thinking of someone else? I thought she already had a daughter with another man.

She has a son with a guy who left her. Peter raises him as his own.

Emma on

I am so happy for them, obviously a healthy child is the priority but after two boys a girl is wonderful.

I did read she denied wanting to call her Crystal, no doubt it will be very girly.

vicky24c on

I got to admit I live in the UK and I love Jordan as a person. I remember her saying in an interview years ago that if she ever had a little girl then she would name her “Pink”. I am glad that she has changed her mind now.

She needs some good luck after the year she has had!

dore on

Chloe, that’s no a very nice comment. “Before the annoying Beckhams do”? This isn’t a race, you know. At least I hope it isn’t.

TwinMom on

I’ve got to side with Chloe. I find the Beckhams really annoying. Victoria has done nothing of note since her days of being a Spice Girl, and even then she was in the background. She’s only known for her possible anorexia and trying to be a fashion plate.

Angela on

I am very happy for Jordan and Peter. They were hoping for a girl. Junior is so cute, he got his dad’s dark looks (peter is greek-cypriot). I bet the little girl will be the image of Peter as well.

Amy on

That’s lovely for them to have the chance to experience a daughter.

I am expecting my second son and I do have to say that boys are fun, though I do oogle over the girly clothes when I am out shopping LOL

Chloe on

Just my opinion dore– agree with me or not… I, for one think that the Beckhams’ talk way too much about wanting a daughter- they should be happy with the three healthy boys’ they have- to me, that is annoying~

Devon on

Chloe, the Beckhams have never said that they weren’t happy with their boys, just that they would like a girl as well.

They have every right to want to have a little girl after three boys.

When I have children, I’m not going to be upset either way, but I definitely have my heart set on having a daughter since my mum and I are so close. And, in truth, I’ll be a little disappointed if I don’t have a daughter.

I imagine this is how David and Victoria feel.

Chloe on

Well I respectfully disagree== I myself have 3-boys’ and not once have I felt as if I was “missing” anything or something by not having a girl… I am quite content and blissfully (although exhausted~!!) happy having my three little men… we all have differences of opinion- that’s all…

Bebe on

I agree with Chloe – it’s actually pretty distasteful when people express a preference for either sex. If the Beckhams have another boy who grows up to read his parents’ old interviews, how hurt would he feel to know that they had wanted a girl?

Annoynomus on

Ellen and Angela- How come you only mentioned Junior? Katie has another son, you know! Yeah, Harvey has several problems, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t just as cute as his brother! Also, just because he is not Peter’s child doesn’t make him any less special than Junior.

kendrajoi on

I kind of hate to admit this, because I don’t consider them to be the “classiest” of couples, but after seeing a couple of episodes of their reality show, they kind of grew on me. Katie is really beautiful and they seem to be really in love. I do hope they name their little girl something other than “Pink”, though!!! LOL

ekaterina on

ok I am sorry but she loooks liek a drag queen in that picture

I still dont get why people care about this person????

but there you go

ellen on

i mentioned only junior because i was saying how peter and katie’s son is so cute, their unborn daughter is sure to be beautiful too, ie: they make cute kids together. i didnt mention harvey, because pete isnt his bio dad so the new baby wont look anything like harvey, but he will look like his younger bother.

i know Katie and Peter have another son together, and that peter raises Harvey as his own son, i watch the show, and i think harvey is adorable too. dont read so much into peoples responses.

Leigh on

Oh! I am so happy for them!
I LOVE their show, I didn’t
think that I would but after
watching it I totally fell in
love with them.I wish them the
BEST of luck andam really happy
for Katie and Peter. Congrats on
the new baby girl!

Charisse on

God Bless…She’s had a really rough year with all the hospital visits and things going on in her life. It’s about time she have something pleasant to look forward to. CHEERS!!!

drea on

Katie has denied she is naming the baby Crystal. Source (relevant quote at end)

“Jordan has revealed that she is pregnant with a baby girl.

The new arrival will be the third child for the model, aka Katie Price, and her second with current husband Peter Andre.

“I’m very excited,” she said. “I’ve got my three boys and a little princess.”

Contrary to popular reports, Price denied that she was planning to call the child Crystal. “

territ on

Goodness, it isn’t right or wrong to want a girl or a boy. It’s just a preference. My mom had 3 girls and she said that’s exactly what she wanted – though the last daughter was a surprise bonus.

Linda on

Well congratulations to them.

I am rather confused as to when the Beckhams have actually said they want a girl ? If I remember correctly, in all the interviews I’ve read or seen, they’ve just said yeah a girl would be great when ASKED about whether they would like a girl. Otherwise when asked about would you like to have children they’ve always said .. well we have 3 healthy children and we’d love to have another but not at the moment. The whole girl thing is more of a media myth in my opinion. You should read Katie’s quotes about how she has always been dying to get a girl and cannot wait and this is the most excited she’s ever been about being a mom. Why not jump on that then ? It seems like that would be the same “case”.

Becky on

I’m so happy for them! They deserve some good news after the awful year they have had what with Harvey’s accident and Pete’s illness. I live in the UK and am a big fan of the family, they are lovely and so down to earth. I think the name Crystal has come about because it is the title of Katies new (may I add fab!) novel which was released last week. So maybe the name Crystal was mentioned for publicity reasons? Congratulations to the whole family!!

Ali on

The Beckhams love their 3 boys dearly, as I’m sure they would love any of their children that they have. Victoria always said that she would be happy if she and David had a daughter, but never said that if she had a son she wouldn’t be just as grateful. Victoria and David love all of their kids, no matter what their gender is. As for Katie and Peter, I am ecstatic for them, after the rough year they have had, this is a wonderful surprise! God bless all of them!

J.J on

I’m really happy it’s a girl this time. After what Katie went through several tough times, something that she wished for, that made her happy, had finally come true-a baby girl. Plus it’s nice to have a daughter after having two wonderful sons. This way, you would have experience in how it is to raise both little boys and little girls. It’s also much for fun to have both sons and daughters rather than having only sons or only daughters because then you will missing out alot. You learn how it is like to raise children of different genders by experiencing their little worlds, from sports to going shopping and picking out cute clothes. That’s why it’s much better to have both boys and girls. And luckily Katie and Peter will have that experience and hopefully the Beckhams will too when they have a little girl one day to add to their family. I do not think that just because Katie and Peter, and the Beckhams want would like to add a little girl to their family dosen’t mean they do not love their sons, as some people think. There are people who are like that, to be honest, but they are not among them. I heard about a couple who has four daughters and are expecting their fifth child and first son in September. This may sound wrong and is a shock, but they are not happy with the fact that it’s a boy this time as they had wished for another girl just because they want a “house full of girls”. I don’t why, but I’m feeling bad for the soon to be little guy. I’m a little afraid his parents won’t love him as much as his big sisters, but I hope they realize when he’s born that he’ll bring as much joy and happiness to them. But this is not the case with Katie and Peter, or the Beckhams. They love their sons to death and will love their future kids as well. For them, they would like to have a little girl because they want to feel the experience of raising a daughter, in my perspective, and both of them DID say that even if their next child is not a girl, they will still be delighted, as having a healthy child is more important than what gender you have.

Just a question I’d like to ask to those making comments, what’s your opinion and insight about the couple I mentioned who is not happy about not having another daughter? Do you think it’s their priviledge to be unhappy, or are they going too far?

Lauren on

I have to add in David and Victoria’s defense that regarding their desire to have a daughter, it is mostly the tabloids that droan on and on about it. Victoria did say once that “A girl would just complete our family,” but she also said, “Our boys are phenomenal.” Personally, I think that if they do want a daughter so badly, they should adopt one of the plentiful little girls out there without families of their own instead of becoming pregnant with babies that may or may not turn into boys, but that’s jmo.

Kayleigh on

Stop going on about David and Victoria Beckham, this page is supposed to be about the Andre’s! I have read both Victoria and David autobiographies and although they are extremely happy with their family they have both said they would like a girl next. Victoria has said she cant wait to dress a baby girl up and she is living in a male household so a girl would be nice. None of the comments stated that the Beckahms were unhappy with their 2 boys just that they would next like a girl!

Anyway congrats to Katie and Peter, I
wish you and your family health and happiness for the future!

P.S I must say I do prefer the Andre’s to the Beckhams. They are so much more down to earth and are true Brits. As oppose to the Beckhams who seem to be constantly looking for good publicity. Both Katie and Peter dont care what they say or do as its who they are!

lucy on

i read she wants to call her princess

katie on

huge congratulations to katie and peter that they are having a girl.

i would also like to say that since watching there programme how devoted katie is to her 2 boys. specially harvey, he is a wonderful boy and both katie and peter are doing a fantastic job……………..

best wishes to all of them


wendy on

I’ve read the comments posted and as a mum of two boys I can think of nothing worse than people assuming you’re’missing out’by not being ‘lucky enough’ to have a girl to ‘make you’re family complete’.get real!
i had my children because I wanted a family and was so happy they were healthy. i’m sure Katie and Peter want their kids to be healthy and couldn’t care less if they’d had another boy. they are great parents and oviously love both their kids.
I wonder how many people who have posted on this blog have had kids themselves. Anyone who is disappointed at having a healthy child of either sex doesn’t deserve the priviledge of being a parent.
As for Posh and Becks-give them a break!
By the way my boys are now 20 and 17 and I can honestly say I’ve never missed not having a daughter. Oh well, there must be something wrong with me…..

claire from swansea on

well i think katie is a fab mom and peter is a fab dad to there 2 sons harvey and junior and i think they will bee fab parent to they new baby girl katie as been thought a lot and still is with her son harvey i dont know how ppl can be so horride some time goodluck katie and peter and kids hope everything goes ok with the birth of your third child and i hope she as many more

jodi on

I am really happy for them both and, and im pregnant as-well and shoked to say that my first baby is a boy and im due in the 2nd week of july and that katie is due in the 1st week of july love them both

catherine on

I am a mum of 3 gorgeous boys and would never have swapped them for the world, but i always thought i was missing out on having a daughter because the clothes for girls are much nicer! how pathetic is that??? i now know different as i have my own `princess` !my daughter is 11mths old, i don`t love her any more or less than my sons but i have to admit i am looking forward to doing `girly`things together like shopping and having our hair done. but with 3 older brothers she`ll probably grow up to be a tomboy!! lol. I understand totally how happy katie must be. i thought i was complete before i had my little girl but she is just the icing on the cake and completes our family ! i wish katie,pete,harvey, junior and `baby andre`all the love in the world xxx

Becky on

I am a new fan of Katie and Peter in the US. I think they want their children to be healthy. I am sure that they were hopeful that they would have a daughter. Not to be the first or to feel complete. When I was expecting I hoped for a daughter. I am so thankful for her and ifshe would have been a boy I am sure that I would feel greatful for that as well.

I will pray for them and the safe delivery of their child. Congrads.

Sally on

Katie is very pleased to be having a girl but she almost feels as though it is too good to be true after what had happened this year which is a real shame! I read a recent article in OK & she is half expecting something to go wrong. I just really hope for her that this starts a string of good luck for her & the whole family. It also said in the article that they both really liked the name Crystal but they felt they couldn’t now call her that because of the book’s name & it was too late to change it.
It is a bit unfair to always compare people as well the Beckham’s are the Beckham’s & the Andre’s are the Andre’s good luck to them all.
Here’s to the Andre’s having a happy, healthy little girl & to things starting to go their way!!!!!!

aimee on

Katie n Pete’s news that they are expecting a girl is fab they shuld b really happy its bin a tough year for them both so this has proberbley cheered them up!!! congrats to them n i hope that Harvey and Junior are both really excited to know that they are going to have a baby sister instead of another brother!! anyways i hope they enjoy her as i am in the opposite position of katie and peter i am 8 months pregnant wif my 1st boy and i already have 2 girls!! n i am dead excited that i am finally gettin a lil prince! Good luck Katie n Peter xxx

angela chumbley on

so glad pete and katies daughter has arrived safely and both are doing well, I know wait to hear what they are calling her…

vicky and billy on

congrats on having you’re baby. we are all so happy for you, my sister has read all about you through her pregnancy as she is also due anyday and is hoping for a boy.
we all cant wait to find out what you’re calling her. xx vicky and billy from beverley

LEA on

CONGRATS to both of you on the birth of your beautiful baby girl, i myself have 2 girls and it is great being able to dress them up all girly and do their hair and give them very beautiful names. I can’t wait to see what she looks like, hurry OK and get those much awaited photos!!!

sheila smith on

I would like to say what a great couple Katie and Peter are, and what fabulous parents. Their dedication to their children is wonderful. I think Katie is so strong, and copes remarkably well in the face of adversity. Their down to earth attitude is a joy to watch. I wish them luck in every thing that they do

niki on

she looks pretty

emma on

im so glad that she has had a little girl!!! the name is lovely to!!! i must be katies biggest fan ever!!! i try and get to all her book singings…i have all her books!! i meet her at derby house last week-end and loved every minuate of it!! anyway good luck in the future babe because you deserve it with everything you have been through this year!!! i love you sooo much and wish i can meet you in person 4 a whole day!!! love you loadz babe!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Jill Hamill on

Katie, one day i would love 2 be like her. And also i’d like to meet her and just have a general chat with her about modelling because i’ve always wnated to be a model from i was about four! And now im fourteen. x