Update: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt make time for family

06/05/2007 at 01:58 PM ET

Ang_blog_5Update: Additions made.

Originally posted 8 am: In an exclusive with Parade Magazine, Angelina Jolie expanded on earlier statements in which she indicated that she will take a full year off from her burgeoning acting career in order to be with her family.  Angelina said partner Brad Pitt also plans to take the year off, and in the interim, the couple will be alternating acting projects so that one parent is always a full-time presence for their four children:  Maddox, 5 1/2, Pax, 3 1/2, Zahara, 2, and Shiloh, 1. 

On time off: Brad and I are lucky that we are in a position to take turns, and one of us can be home with the kids, and so we kind of have the plan of who is doing what…Basically we’re going to try to take a year off and just be with the kids.  So certainly, we’re trying to find a few projects that we love or that we think would be good to do for one reason or the other.  But mainly our focus is ‘OK, lets look at our schedule, and try to figure out when we’re going to have family time.’

Balancing it all: Brad and I have a lot of kids, and we want to have more kids. And theydemand a lot of time. It takes a lot just to get all of them fed andclothed and out the door to different schools on time. It’s fun, and welove it. But you can’t balance everything. I think both of us only planto work for a few more years. We’ll try to just stop sooner or later,so we can be home and travel, and just live.

What others think about her family doesn’t matter: Whether people’s thoughts about my family are positive or negative, atthe end of the day, I get to come home to these four little people whoare the greatest things in the world.

Sources: Parade.com and Us Weekly.


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Melanie F. on

Wow I’d hate to have to explain everything I say in interviews; over and over just to clarify a few things.

Roger on

Agreed, Melanie. Not only that, but to be denied the basic prerogative of changing your mind or altering plans without someone calling “foul” or using that as proof of some deep character flaw. I’m still blown away at the intensity of emotion generated by this couple, and how negative so much of it is. That said, I think they’re cool.

estrell on

It’s so awesome to have their life style but,they pay too high for it.
For what they go through to explain to the media what they are doing constantly and still they get scrutinize if some odd reason they don’t or can’t follow through the plan.
If they need to change the plan or just change anything different, it will be for sure in the front page.
They have it tough but it seems they know how to dance with it. I sure admire this couple.

leni on

I agree with the previous posters…

I hope during their break next year, they can have some sort of privacy.. of course that won’t stop the tabloids from printing lies about them, but maybe they can get a break from the paps.

NausicaaofWind on

[Whether people’s thoughts about my family are positive or negative, at the end of the day, I get to come home to these four little people who are the greatest things in the world.]

I LOVE that. She has a great attitude. I’m glad she’s not letting the controversy get to her; she’s too busy living life to the fullest.

Nicole on

“Whether people’s thoughts about my family are positive or negative, at the end of the day, I get to come home to these four little people who are the greatest things in the world.”

This is what I love about her… not only is she so proactive and doing GREAT things for the world, she’s happy & content in the decisions she has made and with her life that she can say this and not worry about it at all.

It must be awful to have to tell the media the same things over and over again. And, have to defend a relationship the way she & Brad have to defend their’s (whether by staying united or by calling out the false tabloids in interviews). She truly is a great woman, one that I hope I will continue to see and continue to hear about for a long time.

Kaley on

I love her last comment about how all that matters are that she has her wonderful children, it’s nice she doesn’t let what the media says bother her.

popi on

All has been said above ^^
She handles things wonderfully, one more reason to have admiration. She has her priorities straight annd focus on the most important.
She is great 🙂

Lizabeth on

Actually, I have to disagree. I absoluetly do not like this family. I am SOOOO sick of hearing about them. It makes me sick to my stomach.
Honestly, I think she should adopt children from our own country before she considers another one. There are plenty waiting for a home!
I also feel that she shoves the kids “cultures” down their throat. Maybe they don’t want to be African or whatever…what about being American?
Also, I will never forgot what happened with Jennifer, and how Angelina swooped down on her man.
Sorry, but I hope we dont have any more posts about Angelina.

Care on

I think she should make an effort to be more private. She may not mind the negativety but the kids will in later years. I hope she tries to be private when she takes time off.

Annoynomus on

Care- From what I have heard about her and Brad, they both seem to WANT to be private. Other commenters have even said on past AJ/BP posts that they are a very private couple. The fact of the matter is, they are both very well-known and popular celebs, so of course magazines and the like are going to come after them for interviews and the paparazzi are going to keep taking photos of them. It is obvious that they do not exactly relish all that attention all the time.
Case in point: When Angie adopted Pax, it was obvious that she (and Brad) was being very protective of him, and she in fact apologized for bring the paps and such into his life (true, she did release pics of him right after the adoption, but it was ONE photographer who took them, and she more than likely did that so that people wouldn’t be going crazy trying to get the first photos of Pax). If she refused to give interviews, then people would be complaining that she is being snobby and impolite.
As for the kids disliking the “negativity” when they grow up: I seriously doubt that Shiloh is going to be hurt because her mother called her a “blob” (after the INTERVIEWER suggested the term, mind you!), or that Z is going to be hurt that her mother called her a “smartass”. I am also sure that, by the time they grow up, the kids will realize that unfourtnately, having the details of your family made public is part of being a celeb or a child of a celeb. I also want to point out that, no matter how private Angie tries to be, the tabloids will ALWAYS be printing riducilous lies about her family (look at Johnny Depp, for example. He is one of the most private celebs I know, especially when it comes to his family, and still the tabloids try to marry him and Vanessa Paradis at least once every year!), and unfourtnately the kids probably will read some of them when they get older.
Finally, I want to say this: Do you ever see anybody saying that Gwen Stefani (who called her son a “blob” BTW), Gweynth Paltrow, Katie Holmes, Britney Spears, etc. should be more private? I must ask, why the double standard?

Annoynomus on

I forgot to add that I have never heard anyone say that Brad should be more private, and he talks about the kids (and Angie) almost as much as Angie does.

stephanie on

Anyone saw her Dateline interview? She basically said that she doesn’t care if the tabloids says she’s a bad mother, that’s for her kids to decide. Which is so true.

liz on

Angelina is so full of her self! I don’t believe any thing she has to say
some one told her to say this stuff! Its not her! She will do any thing to be in the news!

sarah on

I love what she said about pax and his dressing ideas! My son and daughter (twins) have the same problem and their slightly older than him! I agree with her about the task being frustrating!

stranger on

u r great mom but a man stealer (whore, slut)

Liz on

Personally, I’m getting kinda sick of hearing about Angelina.

Annoynomus on

Liz- Then don’t read the articles about her!