Hugh Jackman on Supernanny and being embarrassed by his kids!

06/02/2007 at 10:46 AM ET

Hugh_jackman_070519_21_cbbHugh Jackman, father of two, who is in Australia filming the new Baz Luhrmann film, Australia, spoke to Foxtel Magazine about fatherhood and some of the most valuable advice he has received, as well as his kids embarrassing him (or lack thereof). The couple have two children, Oscar, 7, and Ava, almost 2.

Hugh and wife, Deborra-Lee Furness credit Supernanny for helping their daughter sleep.

I can tell you something I got from the Supernanny [Jo Frost]. She is so good. The sleeping thing, when you have a kid who is about nine months, put them in a cot, sit next to the cot and don’t look at the child. Don’t say a thing and, every two minutes, move away to the door. Within three nights my daughter was sleeping. Supernanny – click on her, that chick is unbelievable.

No matter what his kids do, they never embarrass him.

I’ve had my children crap on floors and on me. I never get embarrassed, I kind of love it.

Source: Foxtel Magazine, June issue

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Natalie on

awww… i LOVE Jo Frost, she seriously is a supernanny!

and it’s so cute that Hugh never gets embaressed of his kids lol

I love this family! 😀

Renae on

Bah…I can’t believe he’s promoting Supernanny. Sorry, but I refuse to take advice from a person who’s never had children of their own. Just because she babysits a lot doesn’t make her an expert.

Jessica on

Jo Frost is awesome! My husband and I have tried a couple of her techniques with our 2 1/2 year old when it came to sleeping issues and getting her to give up the bottle. Love her, and love, love, love Hugh Jackman.

Dee on

Don’t like Supernanny. naughty step doesn’t work.

Samantha on

Why not just lay with your babies? Let them feel secure and loved. I hope that you dont think that CIO is really good for babies.

Sara on

Renea: There is a difference between babysitting a lot and being a nanny – many nannies are doing 90% (and sadly even in some cases 100% of the raising of the children) so they end up having just as much experience in raising a child as someone who has children. And I know tons of people who do have children who have no idea what they’re doing. Having a child does not automatically make a person good at raising one. Jo seems to have a firm grasp on what it takes to raise a child well – and she has more experience in raising children than most of the people she is helping.

Kat on

the sleep method he’s describing is a no-cry solution… you’re tending to the child… just not doing anything that causes the child to awaken or stimulate so they can ease into sleep… they get used to falling asleep (with you right there) in the crib and then you ease into them doing it without you… very gently.

We love Supernanny. My first son coslept and when he and I were ready to transition him into his bed full time, I was lucky enough to see an episode showing a great way to do it. We talked about it for a week prior, about big boys and their own beds, that kind of thing, and the first night, there was some crying, but I just calmly walked him back, tucked him back in and calmed him, and after that first night, he never came back in my bed.

Cheryl on

I love the Supernanny show too! I find it funny though when people think that she is the brains behind the show (the comment about her having no children does not make any sense). All the techniques have been researched by univerities in pysco-social development and behavioural studies for years — mostly getting their data from observing successful families. You can credit smart balanced families and researchers for coming together and making the valuable information available, and for the TV programs — like Supernanny — for making it entertaining!

Cheryl on

Sorry, one thing I realise that didn’t come across in my comment above. I realise that Jo Frost uses a lot of techinques she has learned “on the job”. Even though she may not have directly looked at research for her info., she has been socially influenced by research whether she knows it or not — it is apparent in her techniques. I am aware that some of her information is outdated (ex. breastfeeding), so don’t take everything she does as the best and only way to deal with a situation.