Henry Samuel gets a lift from grandpa Klum

06/02/2007 at 10:03 AM ET

Henry Günther Ademola Dashtu Samuel, 20 months, hitches a ride with his namesake grandfather Günther Klum, who’s visiting from Germany. The whole family — minus Seal —  was spotted going to get ice cream in New York on Friday. More photos at Just Jared.


Photo by Hector Vallenilla for Pacific Coast News. Thanks to CBB reader Jessie.

Elizagran823_lrgHenry wears Eliza Gran’s Ezra shirt ($48 — sizes 12 months to 7 years).

676Henry also wears Birkenstock Jawa Camo Boys Sandal ($64).

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popi on

Aww that’s a sweet picture!Henry is cute as usual.Heidi’s parents seem to be very present and close to their grandchildren 🙂 It’s the 1rst tim I see Heidi’s dad.
PS Why did you write Henry’s COMPLETE name?Lol!

We usually write the child’s first and middle names, but we skip it most of the time with Heidi’s kids because they have so many. Because this is a photo of Henry with his namesake, we included the whole thing to show the connection.

sage on

what a cute little man henry is.

Anna on

Cute picture! 🙂

Just a tiny correction, Heidi’s father’s (as well as Henry’s) name is actually Günther (you can spell it ‘Guenther’, if you can’t type the umlaut). It’s not that important, but it just looks a little wrong for a German speaker as in German Günther and Gunther are two seperate names with different pronounciations.

Thanks, I’ll copy and paste what you wrote. We don’t have the umlaut on our keyboards!

Roger on

Heidi looks so much like her dad.

Bev on

That guy is wearing an unbelievably fabulous shirt

emmalee on

Henry is darling. I wonder what he’s looking at in that picture. Maybe his sister? I saw another picture from this set where Leni was fast asleep in her stroller.

Émilie on

Oh, I always thought that Heidi looks like her mother Erna, but in this picture, I see a strong resemblance with her father.

Henry is so cute!

lucee on

does that child ever close his mouth?

He seems to have an issue with pushing his tongue out. He may not be able to help it, he’s been doing it since he was a newborn.

Gesine on

Heidi once said: He has four names and then his last name. My husband is English, but he is from Nigeria originally and they all have a lot of names. So he has one of Seal’s names, he has one of my father’s names and then he has a funny name that Seal really liked and then Samuel.

“Dashtu’s the funny one. It is unusual. It is a dash and two, but we write it out, because Seal really liked it that Henry goes after our daughter, LENI.

“It’s kind of like a war term, when the first plane goes, there’s always another plane following and it’s called dash two: ‘Dash two is on course, dash two is following the first place!’ I thought it was really nice so I went with it.”

Looking at Henry he will be able to protect his sister Leni from any dangers! 🙂

PSB on

How old is her dad? He looks like he could be her brother! Heidi has some good genes!

Anna on

Thanks for correcting the spelling. Much better. 😉

Eille on

Henry looks a lot like his grandfather. He will grow up to be a cute boy.

Gesine on

Nan on

I want to see this little guy with a big smile on his face! All we ever see is the open mouth – although I’m guessing he will be gorgeous!

J-Lin on

Do they ever comb his hair? Heidi can stand to pick up a few tips from Will and Jada or even Brad and Angelina. Carol’s Daughter products would work well with Henry’s hair type.

Christina on

The kid might not be able to help the tongue thing.

This guy who writes a family blog about Alaska reported a similar condition his son had.

victoriaQ on

I like Henry’s shirt. I think it’s Eliza Gran.
This look like it?: http://elizagran.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=21_27&products_id=66

FC on

Heidi has moments where she looks like her mother but I do see a lot of resemblance with her and her father, from her eyes to her mouth.

And the photos are lovely. Leni is so cute knocked out in her stroller. But seriously, I love any photos of this family. 🙂

edna on

Number one, Heidi needs to get his hair trimmed down….two, the tongue out of mouth could be a sign of a neurological problem and should be looked into, if she has not done so yet.