Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber out for sushi with Presley and Kaia

05/29/2007 at 04:38 AM ET

Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber took their two children, Presley Walker, 7 1/2, and Kaia Jordan, 5 1/2, out for sushi and ice cream over the weekend in Malibu.



Shoes_iaec1039947_2Kaia wears Geox Jodie’s in pink sequins ($57).

Shoes_iaec1017136Presley wears ‘es Kids’ Accelerate in black/grey/royal ($50).

Photo source: Flynet Online, with permission

Thanks to CBB reader Jessie.

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Lisa on

Look on the boy’s right that a tat? I’m assuming it’s fake but still.

Stephanie on

I agree that it is probably a (Fake) tattoo, and I think it’s cute. I used to wear those stick on tattoos all the time. Granted, when I was a kid a decade and a half or so ago, they didn’t have full sleeve stick ons, so I feel a little bit short-changed.

Your comment, Lisa, at the end, saying “but still” is a reminder of the stigma that still surrounds tattoos. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with tattoos. My parents were adament that there would be no body art in our house until my siblings and I were 17, and then my mother took us for the 1st “ornamentation” of our choice, so that she could ensure we went about it responsibly, and safely. No back alley ink pen tattoos for us!!! I was taught from an early age that while a tattoo was permanent, it didn’t have to be a big deal. It was simply a way we could decorate our bodies and make a statement about ourselves, as long as we took it seriously and understood that it was forever. To this day, I have never gotten a tattoo that doesn’t mark a significant event in my life, and I always draw them on first, so I know that I can live with the tattoo I choose.

I think it’s great that Cindy and Rande’s kids are learning early that tattoos aren’t a bad thing, as long as you’re responsible about it. Besides, when you’re 7 or 8 years old, tattoos are harmless. They’re fun. Kinda wish it was still cool for me to wear them. Cuz I’d definitely wear one of those little sparkly butterflies again.

pink.lioness on

It looks like Kaia said something cheeky that shocked her daddy a little judging by the way he looks at her in the first picture 🙂
Yes, it looks like Presley has a fake kiddie tattoo on his arm. I remember back when my ds was 6-8 he was crazy about those tattoo stickers that came with comic magazines – he was always covered in those stickers of dragonball or pokemon characters. Now he is 16 and couldn’t care less about tattoos. It’s really no big deal, just a bit of fun for kids.

Angela on

Kaia is so pretty. She looks just like Cindy. Presley’s hair is so blonde! It’s lovely.

cassopolis on

its a tattoo sleeve. but i think her boy looks bad, long hair and stuff

Olivia on

Its a ‘sleeve’ on his shirt, popular with older children. He seems a bit young to me to be sporting something like this? I guess he’s a little skater dude…

Michelle on

I can’t believe how much Kaia looks like Coco Arquette!! They look like they could be sisters!

FC on

Kaia’s a beautiful girl, and looks a lot like Cindy, and she seems to have a personality to her, judging on the photo of her grinning about whatever it may be. Presley, I’m still trying to decide who he looks like.

Cute kids, nonetheless.

yaosa on

Beautiful family! One of my favorite families and I love Presley’s style. They seem like such a cool, collected and down to earth family with style of course! Kaia is getting so tall! Gorgeous children!

preesi on

Judy on

What a beautiful family. This is the first close up picture I have seen of Rande. No wonder their kids are gorgeous, they have good genetics. It looks like Presley has found his own unique look. There is nothing wrong with that.

ht on

Its a tatto sleeved shirt that preston is wearing. Very similar similar to what this site sells:'S+Long+Sleeve+Tattoo+Shirtshtml.

I don’t see what the big deal is whether or not he’s wearing fake tattoo sleeves.

Brooke on

Kaia is beautiful, looks just like Cindy. Between Kaia and Brooke Shields daughter Rowan, they are 2 of the prettiest girls around their age range for celebrity kids IMO. Both girls have their pretty mom’s model looks. Presley not sure who he looks like.

patty on

Both kids are beautiful. But I wonder about combining sushi and ice cream. Doesn’t sound good to me….

Gigig on

Kaia is tooo cute, looks like mommy. The other little blonde girl, who is she? Common Cindy, you can afford to give that kid a haircut, he looks ridiculous!

jackie on

Haha, looks like Kaia inherited her mommy’s love of smiling for the camera. She’s grinning at the paparazzi in both pics! So cute! Great looking family, nice to see them out 🙂

Alexis on

is it just me, or is she super tall for a 5 1/2 year old?
she’s gonna be really pretty, she already is