Sheryl Crow gushes more about Wyatt

05/25/2007 at 02:13 AM ET

Sherylcover_cbbSheryl Crow briefly spoke to US Weekly about her new life as a mom to Wyatt Steven, 3 1/2 weeks. The singer, who again mentions waking up next to Wyatt in disbelief that he’s actually snoozing next to her, admits to feeling some fatigue, but nothing can bring her down from her new high.

I’ve had some late nights with the baby, but I’m feeling great! It’s more wonderful than I would’ve even imagined. It certainly brings direction and focus to life.

Wyatt is already a giving son, having gotten his mom quite the Mother’s Day present.

It was fantastic – Wyatt bought me a new car! I’m kidding. He was my present.

Source: US Weekly, June 4 issue, pg. 120

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Meela on

Very happy for another child to be given a loving home however I did have one concern about her cancer. It’s doesn’t seem that long ago but I imagine that she must be in remission. All the best to her!

Marie on

Sheryl is such a great mother! I love the babys names!

Justine on

Children are the ultimate accessories to get attention in hollywood.

Annoynomus on

Justine-I can’t believe you said that! Your comment was mean and uncalled for IMO. It doesn’t seem to me like Sherly is using Wyatt just to get attention. In fact, judging by this and her one other post-Wyatt interview, it sounds like the absolute last thing she would ever do is use her precious little son for publicity or attention. It is obvious that she loves him very much, and wants to do whatever she feels is in his best interests. I am shocked that anyone would believe she is just using her son as an accesory and for publicity and attention!
All of that said, I also want to add this: To Meela-Yes, Sheryl is in remission. It is my understand that she has been in remission for awhile, and luckily breast cancer is one cancer that can almost always be cured if it is caught early.

Sophie on

You can say whatever but many people share Justine’s opinion.

Annoynomus on

Sophie-Unfournately, I believe it. It seems like a lot of people seem to forget that, just because they are in the public eye doesn’t mean that celebs cannot be good mothers or fathers. True, some of them definently aren’t good parents and DO use their kids. However, Sheryl is definently one of the ones who DOES seem to be a very good mommy and WOULDN’T use her son. I think people should try to put themselves in Sheryl’s shoes before they claim she is using her son for attention.

Cale on

Hey, Justine, out of curiousity, how old are you? Your comment makes you sound like one of those rude, mannerless, ignorant teenagers.