Marcia Cross and Tom Mahoney carry their babies in Baby Bella Maya style

05/24/2007 at 02:59 PM ET

Marcia Cross and her husband Tom Mahoney made their first public outing with their daughters a stylish one with help from Baby Bella Maya, the creator of designer slip covers for baby front pack carriers. Marcia carried one of the girls in Baby Bella Maya’s Tangerine Dream cover and Tom carried the other in Ocean Mist. Both covers are part of Baby Bella Maya’s couture line and retail for $46 at

Created by Marta Sala-Rothwell when her own search for a cover for her carrier left her empty-handed, Baby Bella Baby’s covers combine function and style. Soft fabric makes the slip covers comfortable for babies and a variety of beautiful fabrics give parents an easy way to stay fashionable with babies on their chests.

For ultimate convenience, the machine-washable covers are also reversible. If your baby has an accident while out and about, the cover can be easily removed, turned inside out and slipped back on the carrier to conceal the spit up or other baby mishap. Offered in a variety of fabrics, from silk to faux mink to camouflage, Baby Bella Maya covers compliment any outfit and coordinating blankets and adorable Mary Jane-style booties are available to complete the look.  They also offer coordinating car seat covers.

Exclusively for Celebrity Baby Blog Readers: Save 15% discount on all orders through June 20 when you use coupon code BBM507 at checkout.

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sarawara on

They are TOO CUTE!! Don’t they just look like the perfect family? And how gorgeous are those maya wraps?! They look SOOO lusch.

Annoynomous on

The FIRST public outting with their daughters? I am very confused! I am postivie I saw a post here on CBB not too long ago with pictures of Marcia out with the girls!

Those photos were taken after these ones were. These pics are from last month.

savanna on

poor kids, I hope she’s not ruining their hips with those carriers 😦

Annoynomus on

Savanna, why would Marcia and Tom (keep in mind that he is carrying one of the babies as well) be ruining the babies’ hips with those carriers? I have seen plenty of parents carrying their babies in similar carriers (the Baby B’jorn seems to be one of the most popular), and none of those babies appeared to be unhappy in the carrier. In fact, they seemed quite content!

savanna on

that kind of carrier IS bad for the child’s hips. it doesn’t support the natural way that their legs should be held (meaning knees on the level of the bottom, in a 90°angle and NOT hanging).

about being happy: kids are more than happy if they get sugar, chocolate and other stuff… but it’s unhealthy, too. little kids don’t know what is good or bad for them… that’s why it is important to inform yourself about kid’s anatomy, before you put your baby into a carrier…

I just think it is sad that celebs carry their kids in bad carriers and people don’t get informed before they buy that stuff because the people on TV buy those carriers too and they are hip and trendy etc… Baby Bjorn is one of the worst carriers available. better carriers are marsupi plus oder the ergo baby carrier, they keep the baby’s leg in a good, healthy position. google them and you will see the clear difference.

Annoynomus on

Savanna-I think you need to do some more research. I Googled the Baby Bjorn and found the following in a description of it (on a site that happens to sell it, in case you are curious):

The classic BABYBJORN® Baby Carrier Original makes it easy to keep your baby close and secure while you go about your daily activities. Developed with the help of both parents and medical experts, the BABYBJORN® Baby Carrier Original helps position the baby comfortably and at the same time provides the proper support for the infant’s spine and hips.

Notice it says that MEDICAL EXPERTS helped design the carrier and that the carrier provides PROPER SUPPORT for the infant’s SPINE and HIPS.

There’s research to support savanna’s points as well. Ergo carriers (and others) place the baby in a natural seated position, while some parents have concerns about stressing the baby’s spine because in a Bjorn they are not seated in the carrier — their crotch/spine is where the weight is focused. Of course, any amount of babywearing is great, but some parents have definite concerns about using a Bjorn for their children due to the positioning. You can read more here.