Anthony Kiedis and model girlfriend expecting first child

05/24/2007 at 12:31 PM ET

Rumors have been swirling for months, but these photos of Anthony Kiedis patting Heather Christie‘sburgeoning belly prove that the Red Hot Chili Peppers rocker, 44, andhis model girlfriend of two years, 21, are expecting their first child.

In an interview for the March issue of Blender, Anthony told the magazine in February that, ‘On paper there was no reason whatsoever we should have gotten along. But when I hung out with her, I didn’t wantto hang out with anybody else.’

Anthony also tells the magazine, ‘Yes, I wanna have kids’ — looking back, he and Heather had probably just discovered that they were expecting.

Thanks to CBB reader Annabelle.

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Natalie S. on

Congrats to them both, but wow Anthony she’s really 20 years old? Really? M’kay.

Hea on

I thought he dated Jessica Stam?

Yes, she was his girlfriend previous to Heather.

gala on

She’s not even half his age, but huh, I guess sometimes it doesn’t matter.

maz on

natalie, had to backtrack there! my dad’s not even 42 and im 17! still congrats but i heard that he is a serial player

Mimi on

She’s 20 now, and they’ve been dating for two years? That means she was 18 when they started dating? Is that true? Congratulations to them anyway. I’m sure the baby will be loved a great deal!

Yes. The RHCP song ‘She’s Only 18’ is about Heather.

Amanda on

Weird? I always Anthony was gay? I guess not. Congrats to them both. And wow, that IS quite an age difference…

Maria on

Yay! Finally! I always thought he would ba an excellent father. Congrats to both.

Emma on

🙂 Can you imagine being the mom or dad of an 18 yr old girl who tells you she’s dating a 42 yr old Anthony Kiedis? I guess the fact that they’ve been together 2 yrs already is good though – maybe she’s the one to finally tame him! Good luck to all 3 of them.

Louanne on

Yah…44 and 20 eh, I gotta say that I just can not get into these celebrity couples that are decades apart in age…I find it rather disgusting…But, who am I to judge I guess?

Sasha on

Congrats to them! But wow. They’re the exact same ages as my father and me. I couldn’t even imagine.

Isis on

Oh no!

That love child was SUPPOSED to me MINE!!!!!!!!

I don’t care how old he is. I am having ANTHONY’S baby!!!

He is so hot. Ohhhhhhh I am so jealous!


Congrats to them! I love Anthony Keidis, this child is going to have GREAT genes! Anthony is so active, and HOT who cares about his age.

heather on


Me too….

cat on

aww, i`ve always loved anthony.. he´s really hot hehe and i´m sure he´ll be a great dad… good luck to them!

TracyG on

While I personally think what could they POSSIBLY have in common and it really is gross that he is probably the same age as her dad, I guess if they love each other, it really doesn’t matter (even though he was done COLLEGE when she was born EWWWW)

I wish them good luck. I hope he sticks by her.

Ashley on

Well, considering that he never went to college, I guess its not that much of a problem. She hasn’t either. Living the priviliged life.

icdiamonds on

Enormous amounts of money can overcome any significant age gap 😉

Lola on

I find this weird. I’ mean congrats and all that, but there’s a bigger age gap between them than she is old. She wasn’t even a foetus when the Chili Peppers were becoming big. He had a heroin habit while she was in nappies. Although I have to say the thing that bothers me the most is that Anthony’s bandmate Flea has a daughter who is just two years younger than Heather Christie. But then he’s hot, she’s quirky, I guess if nothing else, they’ll produce a cute rock baby!

Ashley, I don’t think anyone can accuse Anthony of having a priviliged life. He might be rolling in the money now, but at least half his life was spent with very little. Maybe he’s reliving his childhood now. I don’t know.

But congratulations to them, I hope all goes well with the baby!

Stacey on

isn’t she 21 now? anyway, congrats to them!

FC on

The age thing is hardly as bad as some. I still have the late Anna Nicole’s oil tycoon husband’s age in my mind, and I can’t forget Hugh and his three women. Honestly, twenty years age difference is small fries.

Honestly, they’re both consenting adults, no matter who disagrees with the age difference or what…including other extreme May/December marriages/couplings/romances. As long as they’re happy with each other, that’s all that should matter. *shrugs* And I’m sure they don’t really care who approves or not.

I wish them luck with this pregnancy, but now my dream of giving him his first child is gone, lmao. 😉

DrFunkentein on

i guess now weel have to call him daddy psycho sexy XD

Charlotte on

OMG! Anthony is gonna be such a great dad wish the child was with me lol but CONGRATULATIONS to them both!

Anthony cheated on me! Haha on

Okay I’m sorry but I think that is totally disgusting I mean, he’s old enough to be her DAD. She started dating him when he was 42 and they’re not even married. Do I smell a gold digger? Everyone says that she’s in it for the money but who knows. I personally think Anthony should’ve stayed with Demi Moore but the again she’s way too normal for him haha. By the way, Don’t bash my opinion cause everyone has their own. (not saying that you will but be considerate)

nicki on

Is anyone really sure that there is a baby on the way? Before we all get excited maybe we should wait for an official announcement.

Lola on

Nicki – Anthony’s father Blackie has confirmed it on his myspace page. As far as I know, that’s the only confirmation so far. I don’t think anything’s been said from anywhere else within the Kiedis camp. I wouldn’t be certain that they’ll ever make an official announcement. The RHCP have never really been the kind of band who are chased by the press. I don’t remember hearing announcments about Flea or Chad’s babies and although Anthony might do things differently, I wouldn’t be surprised if nothing official is said.

Pam Pardy on

Who cares about the age difference, if she is old enough to know what she is doing than it should be fine. Anthony is adorable and has the experience to be a great father. He also doesn’t take things to serious and is awesomely creative so he will be a wicked dad. She is so beautiful. They seem like they are truly in love, but then again, he has been in love with every girl he has previously dated and realized she wasn’t right for him…but who knows? She could be it. lol. It was supposed to be me!!! :@. lol. j/k. Congradulations to them both and I hope they have a beautiful, happy and talented baby. x0

annish on

That so cute!!! I have vaiting to hear that. I kow hes hot but i’m happy for him!

amber on

anathony and heather

maybe you dreamed of this all of your life
maybe it never crossed your mind
still your heart skipped a beat the day you got the news
excited scared so confused, could blowa fuse

the emotional,pyhsical and majical transformations
the ride of you life a permanant vacation
to hear the heartbeat for the first time
music, perfect rhythm, perfect rhyme

memory loss,backaches and that glow
perpare youself to wonder in the yo
to be so close to life and death
pure uncondtional love, nothing less

body resting up for the blessed day
mother nature at her best, what can i say
you pray the light is a the tunnel at the end
it’s a boy, it’s a girl, no fear it all sinks in

to tired, but you cant wait to hold this life your brought into the world
the baby in your hands neat to your heart, you are now a woman, not a girl
everyday you will be reminded of who you were and where you need to be
god bless on the birth of your beautiful baby.

this is just begining,embrace this momet

Tiphaine on

woow this is soooo great all this time he’s been saying he wanted a baby. it is really cooool ! and im really looking forward to see the baby’s face !! (l)

(some people here really neeeed to read Scar Tissue … Anthony did NOT have a priviliged house and he DID go to college, at least a little…)

az on

WHAT? He’s not gay??? wtf? and what do you talk about with someone who is that much older than you? seriously? it’s like, when kiedis was 20 she was being born.

adriana on

this is amazing he has always wanted kids and i’m happy for both of them!
congrats i hope all goes well..
but i wanted to give him his first child..
oh well i just want to meet him and thank him for all the great music him and the band have brought to us.
a <3

Natalie J on

Oh my god im so gutted in sooooo in love with anthony in only 21 myself and the age thing would make absolutly no difference whatsoever he is so talented and sexy !!! like many girls i just wish it was me !!!

belEN on

nooooooooooooooo-. no quieroooo no quierooo che sera verdad que va a ser papa¿¿ mmm.. no se e. la verdad que no creoo..
noo puede estar enamoradoo de esa mina que es horribleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

lauren on

lola, he had a herioin habit LONG before she was in her nappies. she was born after they had 4 reccords out. this is crazy, anthony’s been through so many women and when he finally has the child he’s been wanting for a while, it’s with a girl less than half his age?? i guess love is strange sometimes but congrats to them anyway. what a lucky girl.

Aley on

Oh Dear It should have been me!

I’m soooooooooooooooooo jealous but I also think he’ll make a fantastic DAD – just hope he’s happy

I’ll still have dreams about him.

jackie on

=( I’m jealous
i love him
i’m so in love with him
i’m crying
i’m 17! so if she is 20 I would be able to be his girlfriend…

Anthony i’m waiting for you!


Anthony and the band have matured so much lately and have really taken time to realize the more important things in life. He will make a great father and I wish him and the band the best.

erica on

He is adorable and his book is inspiring. I think it’s fantastic. He’s been through some hardships.

Ilani on

Hey Congrats, no judgement here, it is what it is ~ whatever works; life happens.
Anthony need an already happily married friend(23 years); I’m only a year younger than you. If either of them need parenting help or whatever, I’d love to be there; supportive. =)

Polyana on

Congratulations Sir Anthony
I wish him,baby and band the best things of the world.
By the way,come to Brazil soon!!!!

kookiehoe on

wow congratulations to you both.just sad that mr.kiedis will be dead before his child reach puberty (considering his past-drugs n all, rockstar life….)you should have had children along time ago mr.kiedis.BUT I HOPE YOU GET TO SEE YOUR CHILD GROW UP(both of them if you get my drift) AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PULLING OUT OF THE LIVE EARTH CONCERT IN SOUTH AFRICA FOR NO REASON… wonder you aint selling shit in south africa

Mary Dunn on

WOW – congrats to anthony and heather – having kids is the biggest buzz in life!!!
I saw anthony in Paris recently and heather’s a lucky girl

Penelpope on

Wow i could not imagine my 15 year old coming to me in three years time and telling me shes with a man in his 40s.Better someone else than me!!!!!But i wish them all the love and success in the world and espeacially the bubba.The disease is very hard to shake and i would never have known if it wasnt for THAT damn stupid book,imagine my first identifier is with a book,totaaly weird.Anyway lots of love and kisses to all the people.

Jennyfer on

oh! my god. it is so terrible for me. i love
anthony but with new mother is imposible. que se valla al carajo aunque lo quiero mucho .congratulationes por ese nuevo bebe en sus vidas que un papa rebueno le una lastima creo que voy a cambiar de amor platonico. arriba RHCP.

Jennyfer on

felicitaciones para la nueva pareja de pApas.heather que tengas suerte con tu embarazo tienes fortuna de tener un hombre como anthony a tu lado.

Natalie R. on

i am very surpriesd at anthany is dating a 21 year old! i don’t know what to say so i’ll say congrads to the new couple. i hope you guys will be vvery happy with your new child.

natalie rini

kittie on

*worst wishes*

julie from ankeny iowa on

I love you anthony…i am happy that you are having a baby…i wanted to have your baby…we would be so hot together…love you baby…julie from iowa…

claudia cantero on


me encanta mi amor platoniko! jaja!

felicidades para ellos!
seguro ke everly será un super rock star =)*


futuerthinker on

I am very happy for them both and hope the baby turns out great but I pictured me with him but I am young and when I am 22 he will be 55 but anthony will be a great father i hpe I still have a chance with him