Tallulah Willis with Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore at premiere

05/23/2007 at 01:11 PM ET

Actors Ashton Kutcher, 29, and Demi Moore, 44, pose with daughterTallulah Belle Willis, 13, at the Mr. Brooks premiere last evening in LA. People.com has an additional photo.


Photo by Kevin Winter for Getty Images.

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Mae on

Wowee, I saw Tallulah’s dress from a different angle on People. My mother would have never let me out of the house in that at age 13, or 16… or 18!

PSB on

Ashton really is a fantastic step-dad. On Access Hollywood tonight there were shots of him kissing Lula on the head and it was adorable.

However—not a big fan of the headscarf. The only person who can (barely) pull this off is Apolo Onho, and that’s only because he’s an athlete and uses it to hold his hair back.

Kim on

On People.com they have a better photo and I’m sorry but I think that dress was very inappropriate for a girl that is 13 years old. I wouldnt leave the house in something like that and I’m 24!

Doreen on

WOW! She is WAY too young for a ‘sexy’ dress like that…omgosh!!

xxxx on

Talluah looks beautiful. She is dressed appropriately for a premire.

Mary on

I saw them on entertainment tonight and demi kept yelling at her to put her jacket on. Why on earth would you even allow your 13 year old daughter to wear that?

pink.lioness on

They look cute together but I just can’t see Ashton as the girls ‘stepdad’ (although he technically is), but I think he’s more like an older brother or friend who looks out for them rather than another parent (Ashton is only ten years older than Rumer). And they already have a great dad. Just my opinion, of course. As for Tallulah’s dress, it does seem a little revealing with those side openings but girls dress differently these days and it’s not like she was there by herself.

Lola on

Wow, that girl is certainly getting beautiful. But I guess with her genes, that was inevitable! I can’t help thinking that she looks a lot like Frankie Rayder, the model/Red Hot Chili Peppers wife.

brass on

I’m a mama, so I have to comment on Lula’s dress. It is a stunning outfit, but not on a 13 year old little girl…perhaps I’m already out-dated, (I’m 30!)!!

However, I do need to comment on Ashton’s security as a new husband and maybe as a man…allowing Bruce to be so active in their lives is a mature and great thing to do. Good job Ashton!!

NausicaaofWind on

Am I the only one who sees resemblance between Ashton and Tallulah?? I think she could pass for his biological daughter!

I love the name Tallulah. I’d definitely name my kid Tallulah. As for the dress: I think it all depends on the individual. If the child is mature enough, why not? Then again, I’m not a parent yet, so maybe I shouldn’t be the judge of this.

Hea on

1. How can they let her wear that?

2. She’s definately the prettiest sister.

3. She will grow to be a gorgeous woman!

Judy on

I don’t see the dress as “sexy,” it is not like she is revealing anything but her arms. I asked *my* thirteen year old what she thought of this dress and she said that it was cute but she would not wear it anywhere around here. She did not think it was sexy she thought it was “kind of older looking.” Even my daughter recognizes that there is a difference between the way teenagers dress around here (midwest)and the way they would dress for a Hollywood premiere.

As the mother of three teenage girls I would like to say that the reality of raising teenagers is much different from the perception of raising teenagers. *Raising a teenager is not the same as being a former teenager.* I have seen many comments on this board from Mom’s who would not let their kids put blue streaks in their hair (Isabella Cruise) or would not let their teenagers wear certain clothes (Tallulah Willis.) The reality is you can not rule teenagers with an iron fist unless you want a heck of a rebellion. Parents have to set priorites (like good grades in school) and pick your battles on the rest. I am not trying to insult anyone I am just trying to point out that raising teenagers is a lot harder then just saying “no you are not going to do that, because I am the Mom and I said so.”

Gianna on

Tallulah looks a lot like Bruce, and Ashton looks like her brother instead of her stepdad lol.

brittany on

I think she is a very pretty girl and she does look nice,but she is still a little girl.I think she is still waayyy to young to be wearing such a short dress.I’M only 17 and I wouldn’t wear that now.I seen this other pitcure of her with bruce and she had shorts on where whole her butt was showing.but I guess it’s how and where your raised?