Rumor: Tom and Katie making plans for baby #2

05/23/2007 at 01:57 PM ET

Is Suri Cruise going to become a big sister?  Yes, according to a rumor being reported today on MSNBC.  One of the seven bedrooms in the $35 million Beverly Hills estate recently purchased by Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is being converted to a nursery for a new baby, according to a ‘friend of the family,’ who told Life & Style

He told her how much he loves (Suri) and how he wants to have another baby when Katie’s ready … She told him she’s ready.

Suri, 13 months, is the first child for Katie; Tom has daughter Isabella, 14, and son Connor, 12, from his previous marriage to actress Nicole Kidman. 

Source:  MSNBC via Life & Style


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homemom3 on

I had a feeling this was coming. Still wonder if she isn’t already pregnant.

Heidi on

Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. They do make beautiful babies!

sarah on

yes, i’m sure katie and tom told the media themselves…people have been saying this since Suri was born haven’t they. It’s amusing, the rumour will keep going around and around, then when she has another (whether next year or five years from now) everyone will say “i told you so!” lol…

Nineveh on

Off topic, I know, but look at these Halle Berry pics:

Is it her top or is she actually pregnant this time? Even that side shot looks ambiguous. Could just be the ruffles of her shirt or a baby bump.

Dawna on

I did not need that visual image of Tom and Katie having sex for the second time. LOL. My apologies to Tom fans, but he just does not “do it” for me in the sexy department.

Annoynomous on

Homemom3: I seriously doubt Katie is already pregnant. For one thing, she certainly has not looked pregnant in any recent photos. For another, the rumors about her being pregnant started right after she and Tom married. Considering that was in November, the whole world would know by now if the rumors really had been true. She’d be about six months along, and there’d be no mistaking the pregnancy.
Dawna: I am sure that when and if Tom and Katie do create another baby, it won’t be only their second time having sex. I am sure they have had sex several times since Suri’s birth.
All of that said, I really do hope that Tom and Katie do have another baby soon. I mainly hope that because, if that baby looked like Suri, it would hopefully put to rest the rumors about Suri being adopted, Tom not being her biological father, etc. to rest for good!

Dawna on

Annoynomous, that’s why I put the LOL. I’m sure you’ve read all the conspiracy theories and stuff. I was not serious about the second time sex, but I was serious about not finding Tom attractive.

Nina on

To each their own, I have always found Tom Crusie attractive especially his sexy butt. I think another Tom Kitten would be nice because I have nejoyed Suri immensely. I also would like to see how it turns out and whether he or she will have as much Hair as Suri. Fingers crossed we do not have to wait for wrong. Conspiracy theories though sometimes funny can get a bit boring especially if they are made with malice. After years of reading that Tom was sterile, any child of his would cause questions and conspiracies. But am glad he has a child of his own. I always wondered what his biological child would look like and I was not disappointed. She is the most exotic thing that I have seen and she is so different!

TwinMom on

Dawna, LOL, I totally agree with you on that one. I used to think Tom Cruise was attractive (back in the days of Risky Business and Top Gun), but since all his scientology preaching and general bizarre behaviour, my opinion has changed. I also realized over the years how incredibly small he is….. short guys just don’t do it for me. LOL

Allison on

Annoynomous, no need to take Dawna’s comments so seriously. I agree Dawna, Tom is not as attractive as he was back in the day and to be quite honest, I’m over the whole “Tom and Katie” hype/phenomenon. Suri is cute though!

ccmushroom on

I think she’s pregnant simply because my daughter and Katie seem to be having mirror families. They both have 13 month old daughters, they got married the same day and my daughter is now pregnant again, due in November, so….. :-). BTW she doesn’t look pregnant yet either!

Annoynomous on

I wish people would stop judging and criticizing Tom because of his religion! I happen to be the daughter of a minister, and I strongly believe in freedom of religion. I would never, ever, ever judge or criticize someone because of the religion they choose. Even if I might think that some of their beliefs are strange and maybe even wrong, a person should have the right to practice whatever religion they choose without being criticized or judged.
I am certainly not a follower of Scientology, but Tom chose it as his, and I am certainly not going to say mean things about him because of it. I also think that all the comments about Scientology not being a “real” religion are down right cruel and nasty. I mean, how would YOU feel if somebody claimed that YOUR religion wasn’t “real”?
One other thing: I find it very odd that Katie is also a Scientologist, but yet she never gets bashed for it.

TwinMom on

Annoynomous, I can’t speak for others, but my dislike for Tom stems from his shots at moms taking anti-depressants for PPD. I, myself, never took them, but sure as hell don’t like some preachy little runt who knows SQUAT about medicine trying to dictate what a woman should and shouldn’t do about PPD.

I’ll admit I think scientology is really “out there”, but it’s more about strange, idiotic stuff Tom Cruise has said and done over the last couple of years than his religion.

Gianna on

Good for them they they have anther baby, Tom has always seemed like a good dad to all his kids and so does Katie. Suri is gorgeous, so I’m sure their next baby will be a cutie too.