Charlie Sheen brings daughters to Getty museum

05/23/2007 at 08:38 PM ET

Actor Charlie Sheen, 41, and his girlfriend Brooke Mueller took his daughters, Sam, 3, and Lola Rose, 23 months, to the Getty Museum earlier today.

Shoes_iaec1038883Sam wears Havaianas Kids’ Top Tod/Pre in Blush Rose ($15).
Maf06547_2Lola wears a Hello Kitty strawberry print tank ($45).

Skech175032_29427_jbLola’s shoes are Skechers Stoics in white/red ($29).

Source: Flynet Online

Click below for two more photos.

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lisa on

Nice to see Charlie out with the girls. SO do the girls stay with him or does he have visitation and they come see him and then go see mom?

Megan on

Sam and Lola just get cuter and cuter every time we see them! They always look absolutely adorable…and there is just no question who their parents are…LOL They are the perfect combination of both Denise and Charlie…so cute It seems as though Sam is a little bit annoyed with the camera…I love that little pout on her face…too freakin cute!

FC on

I wondered when I’d ever see recent photos of Charlie and the girls out and about. Nice to see them so comfortable with Brooke. At least there’s no conflict there.

I love the photo where it seems like Charlie is trying to explain Lola’s little pencil it looks likes, with a stuffed animal atop it. The way she’s holding her hand under her chin, and that look on her face, it just cracks me up. It’s like she’s thinking, “Uh-huh…I’ll just act like I know what he’s telling me.” Cute!

Leanne on

From what I understand, Charlie has them one day per week for a limited number of hours, alternating between a week day and a weekend day.

Looking at these pictures, he still exudes an incredibly creepy quality when around the children. Maybe it’s those repulsive glasses but something about seeing him with the children makes me feel so uncomfortable.

Sam doesn’t look comfortable to me at all, and Lola just looks completely confused as someone else pointed out.

Maybe it’s me but I dont think those pencils are age appropriate.

Bella on

Gorgeous girls. It is good to see them out with their dad since we nearly always see them with Denise.

As far as the pencils not being age appropriate – I was too busy looking at the cute girls enjoying a day out with their dad to have that critical an eye. I am sure they are supervised playing with them and I always think parents are the best judge for what is appropriate for their kids.

Leanne – I don’t mean this personally, it’s just that in general I have noticed how critical a tone some of the comments have taken lately and I wonder why it seems that people are so quick to critise or at least judge from what is a very small picture of what happens in the day to day life of celeb kids? JMO

Noelle on

Aww, so cute! I never believed the rumors that Charlie was a bad father. He truly does seem like he’s a changed man. He’s very sweet around them and I’m glad him and Denise are no longer saying bad things about each other. (It’s very sad when that happens, and is traumatic for the children. *cough cough* Anne Heche & Coley Laffoon)

sarawara on

Yeah… I’m sure that his one and three year old kids loved the MUSEUM… much better than going out for cupcakes or going to the park like they’re usually doing…

Kelly on

Sarawara – Kids should be exposed to different activities throughout their childhood, especially museums. They do cupcakes and playgrounds with their Mom, and this is something else they are doing with their Dad. Who says that Charlie doesn’t do those things with them also. Unless you have had a chat with the girls, try to stop speculating & being so judgemental.

sarawara on

I can’t help but judge the looks on their faces, and it doesn’t look like they’re having a good time. Thant’s all I meant. I applaud Charlie for spending time with them.

And we expose our children to many diverse age-appropriate activites. Thank you for asking.

HollyCate on

They all look a little tense to me……. The way you see Denise and girls pictures almost everyday on this website, and others makes it seem as if Charlie is a more “occasional” parent. And Charlie’s gal just looks sooo uncomfortable, (like she is not around them much.)

lizzielui on

Come on ladies. It’s a snapshot that reflects a few seconds out of their lives, nothing more. How can you tell if they are having a good time based on that? They could be tired because it is the end of a long day. They could be sad that they are going home. They could be hungry. As parents we should all know by now that kids, especially toddlers, are very fickle with their attitudes. I am sure if people took random snapshots of all of our kids throughout the day they would not have the “happy face” on them at all times. Sheesh!!

Callen on

Okay before anyone jumps on me. I just want to say I know it’s not what it looks like. But the third pic truly sickens my stomach. Im not saying Charlie’s girlfriend is a sex offender.But that third pic gives me chills.

Jessica on

Oh my Callen I wish you hadn’t pointed that out

I recoiled in horror

I almost feel like crying, I know or at least I HOPE that its not what it looks like BUT this lady is not the childs mother. Pull her skirt down or make her sit more appropriately but do NOT put your hand ANYWHERE NEAR someone else’s child like that in such a manner

Where was the nanny who is meant to be supervising?

Even the insinuation has made me feel sick to my stomach and shaky.

terri on

Charlie Sheen is disgusting, but I don’t like the insinuation that his girlfriend is behaving inappropiately with his daughter. It doesn’t look like anything to me. Her hand it just there on her leg, not between them. Don’t be disgusting.

Sarita on

Please there is nothing wrong with that last picture! The way you respond to a completely innocent picture makes ME sick. That is what wrong in the world today…people seeing sex in everything, even in an innocent photo of a little girl with her stepmom. And why should a nanny be supervising? The girls are out with their dad and his girlfriend=no need for supervision.

Also Sam doesn’t look uncomfortable at all and neither does Lola. She looks like she’s listening with all her attention to something her dad is telling her, all cute pics here!

xxxx on

How could anyone take something so innocent and make it out to be so vulgar and disgusting. I think those who made such remarks really need to do a check of themselves. I am sorry but they all look happy and comfy. Charlie’s girlfriend seems to be happy. Who are any of you to say he is not a good father. Do you know him?

Callen on

Sarita: If the comment was directed to me, all I have to say is I dont see what sex has to do with this. If you read my comment I just said, I know it’s not what it looks like. But it bothers me a bit. I dont know this women nor am I judging her. I just dont like the pic. And I would never put sex and child in the same sentence unless

@) the sex of the child

b) When a child is conceived

Im sure that she means no harm.But that has nothing to do with how the photo looks. She is simply just holding the child in her lap. But the pictures say otherwise, and thats what was bothering me.

Kelley on

Wow. Amazing how some people really don’t have a clue.

Anyway, I am so glad to see Charlie out with his girls. They look like they are all having a great time. The pencil is very age appropriate and so is the museum. I have taken my kids to museums since they were little and they loved it. They see things like that in a different way then we do. As for the comment about the last picture? Sickens me that people can take something so innocent and make it dirty. Pictures take a shot of a MOMENT in time. She could have been straightening her skirt, or adjusting her on her lap and the camera caught that. Either way to turn that into something ugly shows what is wrong with the world these days.

sage on

It’s great seeing the girls with charlie, and he is being the father figure they need.I think its great to take children to the museum cause I think it is a fun, and great learning experience.
Also I don’t think the girls look tense at all. I remember far back that people were always comenting on how sam never smiled while with denise, was she bored then while she was with her mother. Just, because in the last couple days you see pictures of the girls smiling and posing with their mom,which I was shcoked by cause I never saw them snmile in any pix before. Then people asume by looking at four pictures that they weren’t enjoying themselves. Just because some of you have a problem with charlie doesn’t mean that his girls don’t love spending time with him.

Gianna on

Those girls are so cute, always dressed adorable too.

fynn on

Callen, Jessica. Wow! I think you must have a tough time looking at anyone with kids because ‘oh no…her/his hand is somewhere near the kids lower parts, so that person must be disgusting and a child molestor’. Just get over yourself. Have you never held a squirmy kid? Let them be. I just feel sorry for you that such a thought can even enter your minds!

ix on

Why are so many people so judgemental? He’s spending the day with his girls and probably wants them to get to know his new gf, so it isn’t awkward for them to be around her. So what he’s taking them to the museum? You know if Bragelina did this everyone would be congratulating them for it. And how can pencils be “age apporpriate”?! And there is nothing wrong with the last pic. It’s all quite innocent until other people make sick interpretations about it.

shaina on

The kids look thrilled to be at the Getty Museum. There has to be more kid friendly places that are more age appropriate than the Getty Museum.

Heather on

Simple fact is, I would not want anyones hand near my child in the manner that Brooke is doing with Sam.

She is not the childs mother. She does not spend that much time with the child. It is completely inappropriate.

I have my own children and have looked after many children in my time. Never ONCE have I ever held a child like that to stop them ”squirming”.

ally on

@ Shaina and others, there is much more to the Getty than just the museum. There is the Getty Family Room which is for kids of all ages and their parents. There’s all sorts of fun activities (drawing, painting, cool exhibits just for kids) for them to do and it’s geared towards parents interacting and having fun with their kids. I really don’t get all the judgement and assumptions being thrown around from viewing these four pictures – it just looks like a parent spending time with his kids to me.

Callen on

Fynn: Dont feel sorry for me Hun. You clearly have taken things out of context. And for you to call me out like you know me personally is kind of foolish. I will say this as I said it before. I have nothing to say about them. Just the picture! Read my first comment. To make accusations like the one’s you said are not only uncalled for but foolish because no one has said they were guilty of anything:)

Annoynomus on

Heather-As one other poster mentioned, Brooke could have been getting Sam adjusted on her lap or she could have been fixing Sam’s dress so the paps wouldn’t see her underwear. I am sure she wasn’t doing anything inapproprite. Remember, these photographs show one second in time. We have no idea what she might have done after the photo was taken. Probably she finished adjusting her or fixing her dress right after the photo was taken. I am sure Charlie would not let the girls near Brooke if he thought she was some sort of pervert.

pink.lioness on

Brooke isn’t exactly Charlie’s new gf, they’ve been together since May 2006. A year is like an eternity for such young kids. They most likely don’t even remember the time their daddy wasn’t with Brooke.

To ‘that’ pic – it looks like Brooke has put her hand there to stop Sam from sliding from her lap, like a safety barrier. But it doesn’t look good, it really really doesn’t. If Sam wore trousers or if she was still in diapers it would be different but… all I want to say is, if that was my kid I wouldn’t be happy about such a photo NO MATTER how innocent it might be. I wouldn’t be surprised if after seeing those pictures Brooke wished she’d held Sam in a different way as she most likely wasn’t aware how a photo of that situation would come out. The blame should be on the paparazzi who will always go to great lenghts to catch celebs at the worst possible moment and make them look bad.

Val on

All I know is, if that were my little girl and I saw that picture, I would be having a detailed conversation on appropriate ways of holding my children.

I would be furious; I’m furious even looking at it and I’m not a parent myself.

Doesn’t matter if its a split second shot, there are still important things you must teach a child about acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour from an adult, especially with touching, and this is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable.

I am astonished that people are saying that picture is fine.

It’s not. The lady is holding that child in a manner that is concerning. I’m absolutely horrified.

Annoynomus on

Val-I think everybody is forgetting one very important thing: It is very possible that Brooke doesn’t have any kids of her own and has never before been a mommy. Therefore, she may not know that much about how to raise/take care of children. In otherwords, she may not know the “proper” way to hold a child. Considering Charlie was there, I am sure he would have stepped in if she had done something that was truly unsafe for either of the girls. All of that said, I have a feeling that in reality, her hand was probably in that position for less than a second. It was more than likely one of those “blink and you’ll miss it” moments.