Angelina Jolie taking a year off for family

05/23/2007 at 01:20 PM ET

Angelina Jolie, 31, has decided to take the next year off from work to focus on her family. While promoting A Mighty Heart in Cannes, she said,

I’m working this summer. I’m in Prague for a few months, then I take two months off, then I work for two months. And then I take a year off."

Asked if the time is meant for her family, she simply said, "Yes."

Angelina also talked about her pilot license and flying the family,

I wouldn’t fly the kids at this moment. I would only fly the kids if I had been actively flying for a few months and when I’m not at all rusty."

She also commented upon her time in France with her family, saying, "It’s lovely. It’s been lovely."

It is not known whether partner Brad Pitt, 43, will also take time off to take care of children Maddox, 5 1/2, Pax, 3 1/2, Zahara, 2, and Shiloh, almost 1.


Thanks to CBB readers Aline and Maya.

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Lauren on

No offense, but I’ll believe it when I see it. This is the same woman that adopted a child from another country and insisted that she would be staying home to help Pax adjust to his new life only to jet off to Prague a month later. Do “home” and “hotel” mean the same thing now?

madison on

I believe it. I agree that the comment at the time of Pax’s adoption was a bit misleading. But I’m sure she just meant that she was not taking on any additional commitments. I’m sure she’s been committed for some time to the Prague movie and whatever this next one is in the fall; the pipeline for casting and production has to be long. So that comment was probably just a little early – she is going to take a year off, just not quite yet.

Nina on

She lies a lot this one, I don’t believe her and am sure when she takes on five projects next year her fans will say her comments were again taken out of context. Besides, it will not be the first lie. But she does need to prioritize those kids. Pax especially.

Lorus on

I agree with Madison. Actors can’t just drop everything and take time off. If they have previously agreed to do a movie they have to follow through otherwise they’ll get sued.

Tearra on

Yes, home & hotel could mean that same thing because home is where the heart is!

Annoynomous on

I agree with Madision and Lorus. And FYI, they are not staying in a hotel in Prague (they are actually in Cannes right now, yes, but will be back in Prague soon for Angie to finish filming the movie)! They are staying in a private villa! A villa is definently different than a hotel. And even when they do stay in hotels (like they are doing now in Cannes), I am sure they are nothing at all like the hotels us non-celebrity folk are accustomted to. Plus, judging from Angie’s recent interviews and the pictures of the Jolie-Pitt clan in Prague, Pax seems to be adjusting just fine! All that said, give Angie a break, will you? She wouldn’t out and out lie about taking a year off! From what I’ve observed from her interviews, she is one of the most honest actresses there is! Like Madison said, I am sure when she made that comment after Pax’s adoption, she simply meant that she would not take on any additional commitments. It is obvious that Angie loves her family and would do anything for them (remember, this is the woman that more than likely literally saved Zahara’s life and gave birth to Shiloh in Nambia so that the paps wouldn’t be shoving cameras in her little face right away)!

Adore1 on

But when she adopted Pax, she said “I’m NOT working right now, i will help Pax adjust….which she did…but ofcourse the media never gives the full story…Like this People blurb, she said “We are getting work out of the way”, but this isn’t mentioned, is it?

MaryLou on

I don’t trust her after what she said on adopting Pax. She had commitments but remember that adopting does not take a day. Am sure she made these commitments well knowing that she intended to adopt. I hope she follows through with this

Annoynomous on

MaryLou: Of course she will follow through! I am quite sure she was committed to Wanted (the movie she is filming in Prague) long before she knew she was adopting Pax. She may have even been comitted to it before Shiloh was born for all we know (and the adoption process for Pax was not begun until after Shiloh’s birth). From what I have heard, celebs often get cast in movies long before they actually start shooting. And even if she did know she would be adopting when she committed to the movie, I am sure she had the intention even then of taking next year off. I must ask, WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD SHE LIE to the interviewer about taking a year off work? I mean, come on, it is obvious that her family is her number one priorty, and she loves spending time with them (in fact, at the premire festivities of “A Mighty Heart”, she was mentioned that she and Brad had just spent some downtime playing with the kids and planned to “go right back to them” as soon as the premire was over.)! Cut the woman some slack already! Oh, and before anybody says anything, I am not a HUGE Angie fan or anything like that. In fact, I have never watched any of her movies. However, I admire her because I think she is an awesome mom. In fact, I think she is one of the best, most devoted celeb moms out there!

finnaryn on

Wasn’t the interview where she made the comments “I will be staying home” translated from her speaking in English, to written in Vietnamese, to being translated back to English for the American public to jump on? If you have ever played around with a computer translator you can see what can happen with the twisting of words: (my computer can’t read Vietnamese characters so I did two other languages.)

English: I love reading Celebrity Baby Blog!
German: Ich liebe Messwertberühmtheit-Baby Blog!
Back to English: I love measured value celebrity baby Blog!

English: I love reading Celebrity Baby Blog!
Portuguese: Eu amo o bebê Blog da celebridade da leitura!
Back to English: I love the Blog baby of the celebrity of the reading!

VERY easy to twist those words around!

Shmoo on

Re: hotels

Children have grown up in nomadic societies since the beginning of time. There are other ways to provide security for a child than unchanging physical location.

Fynn on

MaryLou, of course adopting doesn’t take a day. BUT, unlike a pregnancy, which takes a standard amount of time, adoption timelines from the beginning of the process to bringing a child home vary widely. It’s reasonable to expect Angie would have commitments that need to be honored but that she stopped making new ones once she knew Pax’s adoption was imminent.

TwinMom on

I’m not a real Brangelina fan… I’m Team Aniston! But I believe Angelina. She’s someone who works really hard and obviously cares about people. She’s been through a lot lately, too, so maybe she threw herself into her work a bit for distraction. But good for her. And I hope they have another baby together. Shiloh is (in my opinion) the prettiest celebrity baby ever!

meela on


You may not be aware of this but I believe that the teams have been disbanded but yet fans continue to carry a grudge against Angelina, I just don’t get it. It’s really no one’s business and these people have gone on to find happiness, let it go it’s not high school.

Annoynomous on

Am I the only one who hates the term “Brangelina”?

me on

Thank YOU Meela! I completely agree with you.

This is real life, not high school. There are kids involved and the people involved have moved on, so should the public AND the media.

Annoynomous – no you’re not the only one who dislikes the term “brangelina”. I think it’s so disrespectful to do that to any couple. Each person in a relationship are individuals with their own identities so I find it offensive when the media calls them Brangelina. They have separate names, people should learn to use them.

Gianna on

Who cares if she takes 6 months a year off or nothing. Why does she even feel the need to share that, like it makes a difference what she does with her family to anyone. She really feels the need anytime she has a movie out to promote to talk nostop about her adoption plans, if her bio was planned or not, if she will or won’t stay home lol. Just promote the movie, rather than saying the same stuff over and over again. I like her as an actress, love almost all her movies. As a person though, she seems to love attention whether it was in her wild days in the past or now by constantly talking the same stuff.

Annoynomus on

Gianna: IMO it is very good that she says that stuff, because it helps to clear up a lot of rumors. For example, explaining that Shiloh was planned puts to rest the “Angie doesn’t love Shiloh because she was an accident” rumors. Explaining that she will be staying home helps explain the comment she made after Pax’s adoption of staying home. If in fact Angie says the same stuff over and over, I think it is because she wants attention given to the causes she is passionate about, such as adopting orphans.

??? on


When Amanda Peet was promoting her movie, didn’t she talk about her new baby and we read a lot of quotes from her. Every celeb talks about their kids and life when they promote their movies.

What’s so wrong if Angelina does the same? She can’t control it if it gets posted on some website. Again, why the double standard when it comes to Angelina Jolie, time and time again???

Sara on

Gianna: When a person is promoting a movie they don’t get to control the questions the press ask them. She is doing her job and answering the questions the magazines ask her. I’m sure if she refused to answer then there would be people accusing her of being a self-important snob. The woman just can’t seem to win no matter what she does.

Annoynomus on

Sara, I couldn’t agree more! It seems like, to some people, Angelina can’t do anything right.


I don’t know how to reach the staff, so hopefully one of you will read this.

Could you put up these two pictures.

This is the first one:

The source is TMZ. Marianne Pearl, widow of journalist Daniel Pearl played babysitter to Maddox. Maddox, Marianne and adorable son Adam enjoyed the Mediterranean weather and frolicked in the waters off the French Riviera


And here’s the second source:

The second picture is of Angelina Jolie and Pax. I don’t know the original source but I got it off the JJB message board and I gave you the link above. Here’s the picture:

The caption for the picture is:

“Angelina Takes the Kids to Marineland
No Portugal Antibes, France May, 24 2007 EXCLUSIVE The actress takes a break from the glam at the Cannes Festival and enjoys some quality time with her kids.”

Thanks. If you can’t post these pics, then no problem. 🙂

Gianna on

I have nothing against Angelina, she is a good actress, but my personally opinion is everytime she has a movie out, she makes sure she discusses her adoptions to Ann Curry on dateline. Not even like she is on other talk shows like Leno, letterman, Conan, where your actually promoting your movie and yea you discuss your a personal life for a few minutes, but not on going. Sharon Stone is an actress always in good movies, she adopted 3 children just like Angelina and everytime she has a movie out, I don’t see her discussing her adoptions or children, neither does Lauren Holly also with 3 kids. I saw Gwen, Jennifer Garner, on the talk shows too, and they answered when asked about their children, but not so much detail. Just a cute little story here and there. To promote her movie there are plenty of talk shows, she doesn’t need to have a sit down discussion on dateline about her kids, brad, adoptions, etc, discussing the same things she discusseed a few months before. That’s my opinion, but I feel she just loves attention. I’m sure for her next movie, the only show she will be on is dateline again, to discuss the same stuff.

! on

So Angelina does one sit down interview and talks a little about her family. Other celebs go on a couple of shows and talk about their family. Same difference, no?

Jennifer Garner did a magazine interview with Instyle when she doesn’t even have a movie to promote.

If you saw the interview, Ann Curry kept trying to ask personal questions and Angelina kept going back to talk about Marianne Pearl. Atleast, learn the whole story.

TwinMom on

Meela, I don’t really need to “let it go”. I’m not bothered by the Brad, Angelina, Jennifer Aniston thing and quite frankly, never was. When I used the term “Team Aniston”, I was only referring to something I have seen many times. When Brad and Jennifer split up, I felt bad for Jennifer. And I like her from her days on Friends. So I have always been partial to her. That’s all. I have nothing against any of them.

So you can relax.

Annoynomus on

In my earlier post, I forgot to mention one important thing: Angelina probably DID talk about the movie itself. However, since CBB is a site about Celeb Babies only, they obviously weren’t going to post any non-baby/kid related parts of the interview.

Annoynomus on

It makes me mad when people claim Angie talks about her family because she wants attention. I mean, come on people, it’s obvious that Angie is one of the LEAST egotistical actresses there is! Also, as ! said, it was Ann that was asking the personal questions, and Angie DID keep trying to go back to the movie. In fact, this isn’t the first time that Ann has done something like this. In very recent post here on CBB about another celeb mom (I can’t remember who exactly, but it might have been Sheryl Crow), it was mentioned that Ann kept rudely interupting the celeb to ask more personal questions.

Annoynomus on

I also want to add that, just a month or so ago, Toby Maquire was out promoting Spider-Man 3. What (or rather who) was the main thing he talked about? That’s right, his baby daughter Ruby! So in otherwords, it is definently not just Angie that does this (and, IMO, Toby was just as detailed, if not MORE detailed, when he discussed Ruby as Angie is when she discusses her kids, adoptions, etc.)